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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Follow up from Jenn Turcott's talk at the AGM.

Please show  your support for Cycle Tracks!

On April 16th, the recommended Cycle track network will be coming to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit and members of Calgary City Council will be voting on it.

Council passed a motion to ask Administration to provide Calgarians with more transportation choices in Calgary’s busiest area—the Centre City—and to determine an updated East-West-North-South separated Cycle Route Network through the Centre City. Funding for this transportation plan has already been allocated

This is an extremely important vote. If it loses, it will set back safe cycling in Calgary for years.

Unfortunately Council has been hearing a lot of negative and false information from their residents regarding cyclists. They are being told that cyclists do not pay taxes because we do not own vehicles (vehicle registration is collected by the Provincial government and none of that revenue goes to cities); that we live in a car city; that winter last six-months of the year and people shouldn't ride bikes in winter to very hostile comments of people saying that we should be run down.

Council is leaning towards not supporting Cycle Tracks. This is where we NEED your help:

Contact your Member of Council and the Mayor—we need to let our members of council know that cycling is important to Calgary. It will provide safe and alternative modes of transport in the Centre City.
·         Contact your Councillor
·         Contact the Mayor

Tell your friends to write/call too!

Visit the City’s page on the recommended cycle tracks

Join the ‘Calgarians for Cycle Tracks’ Facebook page

Calgary cannot build anymore roads into the Centre City and alternative modes of transportation are desperately needed. The Cycle Route Network will provide 3% of transportation funding to cycling which currently contributes to the 3.5% of people commuting into the Centre City via bicycles.

Providing cycling infrastructure is extremely cost effective and saves on infrastructure repairs and is dramatically cheaper than building a c-train line or a grade separated interchange (approximately $80 million per).

Furthermore, more cyclist will be encouraged to commute into downtown through the separated cycle tracks—cars, bikes and pedestrians all have their place and are separated creating greater safety for all three.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and contact your Member of Council.


Shot from Harley's ride in the NW today.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First 'On the Road' fun of the season, Crankmaster 20km ITT, THIS Sunday. April 6th 11am. UPDATE!


Steps to race on Sun if you are an STC member:

1.) Realize there are going to be a ton of people there doing this for the first time, so if you are one of those people, don't be intimidated to come and try it out. If you are a club member and have done this in the past, and you see someone who is obviously a first-timer, introduce yourself and give them a hand. You DO NOT need STC jersey or shorts. Wear whatever you want.

2.) You need to get a Crankmaster SECONDARY membership. This makes sure they know you have the right insurance in place to take part in these events. This secondary membership is also the entry fee for the amazing 15-event Wednesday Night Series. So once you lay down $35, you are good to show up at 17 races! Now THAT is a good deal! Follow this link and purchase the SECONDARY membership. They also have a great social night at the end of the series to celebrate another year.

3.) On Sunday, pump up your tires, check your brakes, and show up at Hamilton Blvd and Highland Park Ln, just north of 567 and east of highway 2 in Airdrie. It will be obvious once you get there. Try to get there no later than 10:30am.

4.) Have a great time and go hard!

Don't worry if you haven't been on the road yet this year. Most of us are in the same boat. Come up to Airdrie for this year's first 20km Time Trial.

If you are new to the club and would like an introduction to cycle racing, this is the perfect opportunity. In a time trial, you start at 1 minute intervals and cover (in this case) 20km as quickly as you can. There is no peloton riding and drafting isn't allowed. It is perfect if you want to get outside, meet people, and test yourself at the same time.

Dan is going to ride from Calgary, do the event, and ride home. Dan, do you want company? If so, post it in the training forum.

Don't worry if you feel like you are in no shape to race yet, everyone is in your situation. They hold the exact same race on Aug. 8th so it is really cool to see your time difference after a summer of riding outside.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LOTOJA 2014 Janet wants company!

Strawberry Summit
"At Dawn on Sept. 6th 2014 over 1,500 cyclists from across the U.S. and five foreign countries will pedal away from Sunrise Cyclery in Logan Utah for a one day, 206-mile (328km) journey to Jackson Hole WY in the 32nd Annual LOTOJA Classic. Held every year since 1983, the popular, one-day bicycle race has cyclists ride through some of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming’s most challenging, yet spectacular terrain. They climb three mountain passes within the first 110 miles that total nearly 10,000 vertical feet before crossing the finish line at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort within sight of the iconic Grand Teton.” (taken from a Mountain West Cycling Magazine).

Registration is done by LOTTERY and it opens TODAY until April 9th, it would be so cool to have a Speed Theory Possé down there. I have trained in the area and the Teton pass is spectacular, the climbs are nasty good and the descents fast and pretty technical with 1500 riders. What does Janet hope to do it in…? 101/2 - 11 hours and “Sucking a lot of Wheel”. I scoped this out last year and my intention is to fly down 2-3 days before the race to get acclimatized and then perhaps fly out of Jackson the next day, they have a small airport right there, accommodation at the start line is good at the Best Western, I will be booking my room later this week as the rooms get booked quickly and you can always cancel.  I will be trying to organize a support vehicle, so if you go to www.lotojaclassic.com and you want to jump in use my name. and as a support vehicle info. ML 350 license # BCM 0290, dark grey. It is a lottery your card is only charged once you are accepted.

This is the Strawberry Summit that I climbed solo last year in 42C it was a gooder and the descent is fast, I guess during the race this is the one to attack on both ends to separate you from the pack and stay on a wheel.  Then you only have Geneva Summit, Salt Water Pass KOM and then a few canyons to climb out of that make Norquay look pretty doable…., Giddy Up!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Update on Clothing Order. May 2nd is the day.

I just heard from Champion-Systems that the clothing is scheduled to ship from the fine craftsmen of Italy's best clothing house (read: China) on April 28th, and will be arriving on May 2nd. Which is perfect, since you will get in a few rides in your new shorts and jerseys before hitting up Penticton!

I will need some help that weekend with the sorting. Do you want to make it May 2nd evening? It would take me all day, but with 4 to 5 people it takes like an hour. The club will provide the beer and wine to make it go more smoothly! If the weather sucks, we can do it in The Engine Room and then hammer on the bikes for an hour or so watching a Spring Classic after and kill two birds with one stone.

Who's in?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Penticton STC Training Camp!

STC Penticton Training Camp 2014

Classics season has started! Belgian spring has arrived! Time to start planning our Penticton training

Dates will be May 11th - 17th 2014

Ride ideas welcome! Please send any ride ideas that you would like to see to Harley

We talked about Penticton at the AGM and it seems a TON of people are going! There will be more info on this as the time draws closer. For now, keep an eye on the webpage for Harley or Ernie to post more info in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

STC AGM / Get together

Club, our Annual Meeting / Get Together is March 20th at 7pm. The get together will be at Speed Theory Calgary, which is at 735A 10th Ave. SW.

How we do our annual meeting is more of a 'party' than a 'meeting'. Free food and beer/wine and good company!

If you are thinking of joining the club, please come down and meet us! We use this get together for people to see if they like our vibe!

I give a quick year in review, what worked, what didn't and then:

1.) Harley and Ernie will talk about the awesome Penticton training camp in May (below's post).
2.) Darcy will talk about the Third Race in the JayLap weekend (Aug 8th - 10th).
3.) Marie will talk about the women side of things.
4.) Trev will quickly talk about the state of our awesome Jason Lapierre Memorial Public Fitness facility.
5.) Harley will talk about his now famous Thursday night skills sessions. (Which are probably the best opportunity for Masters to learn real road group cycling in Alberta)
6.) Mike and Ernie will talk about the Wed. Night Series. (May 21st - Aug. 27th)

It seems like a lot, but we approach it like a conversation in a party, not like a condo board meeting, so plan to attend!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today's "casual ride at an easy pace"

Yea right. We were like 6 caged animals busting loose at Bearspaw this morning. Harley led us out of the parking lot and around the first corner at a very casual pace. Then boom! We were moving at 42 kmh right away. I was thinking, this is not the early season Harley and I got suspicious. At the first hill Harley moved aside and we had our second surprise of the morning. Sarah dropped all of us on the hill and when she slowed down at the top and we caught her, our questions about her secret winter training was met with "you will never know".

Things settled down for a few minutes however changed abruptly when Glenn Miles suddenly joined the group having time trialed solo from downtown Calgary. The pace never let up again after that. Chuck was always up to the pace and kept things moving along into the stiff south west wind. Our sixth rider, Ryan showed some good pace and was able to stay with Glenn and Chuck on the hills.

On our way west, we settled into two groups. Glenn, Chuck and I seemed to have a similar pace going except for the hills of course where I usually get dropped. We had a good echelon going along Horse Creek Road where the west wind gave us some challenges in staying tight. Chuck almost got sucked into my vacuum at one point. Some random cyclist dared to pass us when we thought we were going really fast and of course Glenn had to bust out of the formation to chase him down.

That rider decided to drop a few gears when he heard Glenn wheezing behind him and he took off again. On Cochrane hill Glenn and Chuck dropped me again and were nice enough to wait for me at the top. I was having none of that politeness and took the opportunity to get up to full speed as they watched me go by. The 30 kmh tail wind on the 1A got me up to a good 50 kmh time trial speed and I tried to stay away from the two. It worked for most of the way, they caught me with a few km to go, Glenn went by me with snot pouring from his face, we had fun!

Harley said he fell apart on Cochrane hill, Sarah needs to share her winter training protocol with him. It's really no surprise that after being on the trainers so long through this tough winter that an opportunity to test the legs on the road results in a good hard ride.

Let's see some more people out and keep an eye on the Training Ride Forum.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Commissaire Course March 23rd 2014

Club, there is a commissaire course coming up on March 23rd in Calgary. It is a one day course where you learn the rules of road, track, and CX racing to a level you could act an official. As a club that hosts several events throughout the year, and advocates volunteering for the community, we always offer to pay the registration fee if you want to take the course.

If you sign up, just shoot me an email and I will refund you the registration fee. It is an interesting course for sure. Last year Thomas, Marcy, Stephen and I all took it and we found it to be extremely interesting and useful.

Here is the link to the ABA calendar of events where you can sign up.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Sad News and a Loss for Calgary and it's athletic community.

On Friday morning I woke up to an email from my friend Kathy Taerum informing me that one of the pillars of Calgary's athletic volunteer community had passed away.  Jim Clampett was embedded in the Calgary athletic community devoting endless volunteer hours at the finish line manning the timer and handling the results at numerous running events including the Calgary Roadrunners Cross Country Events, The Saint Patricks Day 10km and the Ice Breaker.

I talked to Jim last Saturday about Calgary Road Runner political stuff, racing, and so on. One of those conversations that never ends, it just picks up and drops off at every event or function we crossed paths, which seemed like all the time. A conversation I didn't know would have such a sudden end.

Jim timed my event, the Nose Hill Cross Country 4/8km race. I volunteer host this for the Calgary Road Runners each year. The most recent was on Feb. 8th two weeks ago. It was bitterly cold and extremely windy. While I was flagging the course, through the back of my mind I was hoping that all my volunteers would show up for marshaling, manning the community hall, and helping with registration. One volunteer I didn't even have a single second thought about was Jim, who arrived early as always and was there right to the end.

Jim was a tireless advocate for athletics and a person I would always point out to my daughter for his never-ending volunteering and enthusiasm for being able to help out. I will miss Jim and hope I can continue to lead by example the way he did right to the end.

I model Speed Theory Cycling in a lot of ways after the Calgary Road Runners, the club Jim was intricately a valued and long-time board member.

Many in this club will want to know when the memorial service is. The Calgary Road Runners will update their announcement page here as soon as the details are announced.

Jim at the timing station on the left. Weaslehead XC race Feb. 22nd 2014.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

World Championships

Cali Colombia is hosting the Track World Championships right now! You can catch most of the action live on the UCI Channel on Youtube. Here is the link - http://www.youtube.com/user/ucichannel?feature=watch

The track has a roof over it yet the sides are open so weather will be a factor in most of the events, maybe that disc up front isn't such a great idea!

Also, Richmond Virginia has been selected to host the UCI Road World Championships from September 20 to 27, 2015. Make your plans soon - maybe a week of cycling in between the TT and Road Race which are a week apart. The road circuit has been used many times in bike races and features some nasty cobbles


Monday, February 24, 2014

Team Member Laura Bennion Inducted into the UBC Sports Hall of Fame!

Club, I wanted to publicly congratulate Dr. Laura Bennion for her amazing accomplishments for which she is now being recognized!

Here is the news article outlining her achievements in developing women's University CIS hockey.

Congratulations Laura.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sebring 24 Hour Bike Race Report

Race Start

The Sebring 12/24 hour bike race took place Saturday, start time 6:30 AM. I came down here last year and did the 12 hour event. My overall impression was that I would never try the 24 hour race, it seemed out of reach. The weather in central Florida in February can seem quite nice from the perspective of a Calgary winter, in 2013 it was cool and windy, by 6 PM it started to get really cold. All day the wind was up, around 25 mph. It was good to get off the bike and have a hot shower.

In late 2013 I decided to do the race again and signed up for the 24 hour race. I felt I could always stop anytime and didn’t have to go 24. And we all know the other reason - do it because it is there. There are 2 categories in the 24 hour race, a draft legal race and a RAAM (non draft) qualifier. The RAAM qualifier is hard core, to qualify for RAAM the minimum mileage in 24 hours is 400 and you need to be fully supported, no stopping for lunch! When I arrived in Sebring on Friday evening I looked at the race roster and noticed everyone in my age group had signed for the RAAM qualifier, so all I needed to do was show up on Saturday and I would win my age group!

This year’s race had a lot of elite competitors including Marko Baloh, holder of a few world records for endurance cycling. The forecast was for a sunny and windy day with temps dropping to about 5 degrees C at night, winds up to 20 mph during the day so probably not a day for breaking records. The 24 hour record for draft legal race is held by Chris Ragsdale at 502 miles.

Already riding solo
A few people have asked me why I signed up for the 24 hour race, the easy answer is I’m trying to find my endurance limits, that seems to satisfy their curiosity. And it’s probably a fair answer. Stephen Kenny introduced me to the world of randonneering last year and I did a 200, 300 and 400 km series which seemed to go ok. Two weeks before Sebring I did the 300 km Gila Monster in Arizona so I felt I was in good enough shape to try the 24.  In the motorsport scene, Sebring is known as the most punishing track in the world, if something is going to break, it will break here.

Nothing really broke for me. I was tired, all contact points were sore, my gut was angry, but I seemed to be able to just crank out the miles at a reasonable pace for a long time. I found my limits - I just could not stay warm. The temps dropped by about 1 degree C for every hour after sunset, by midnight it was single digits. Sometime before midnight I stopped riding and took about 45 minutes to get in my car, warm up with some soup and change clothes. I brought what I consider winter riding gear for Calgary and I put on about 4 layers of thermal clothing, more than I would wear on a minus 15 degree commute in Calgary. Yet I still shivered and could not retain heat. Eighteen hours on a bike can do that I guess. Possibly dehydration related?

I didn’t have a clear goal going into the race, as the race progressed I thought I could get to 550 km, I adjusted that goal to 500 km sometime after midnight. My Garmin shut down after 18 hours use and my brain had trouble calculating as well so it all became a bit fuzzy and I really didn’t care in the end. The format for the last 12 hours is to ride around the 3.5 mile Sebring road race track. Everyone’s support crew was located in pit lane so food and bottles were handed off to the guys who didn’t want to stop. For those of us who welcomed a break every now and then, we just zip into the pits and refuel.

On Stephen’s rando rides we stop for a break and some food about every 100 k and that seemed to work well. That became my plan for this ride.

The format for the Sebring 24 is to start the day with 3 laps of the track then go out into the central Florida flatlands for a 100 mile out and back through mostly orange groves and farmland. There are almost no hills and almost always wind. Then there is an 11 mile loop around Sebring which you repeat until close to 5:30 PM when you are directed back into the race track. If you are doing the 12 hour ride you may only get 3 to 5 laps in before 6:30 PM however if you are doing the 24 hour race you could be doing anywhere from 30 to 80 laps depending on your speed.

The usual mix of cyclists and equipment was evident at the start line. Regular bikes, full on time trial bikes with discs, recumbents, old school and very high tech bikes. There was one fully enclosed recumbent style bike, he did close to 500 miles, every time he passed me on the track cruising at about 42 kmh it sounded like a Prius. I wondered what kind of motor it had!

My Roubaix seemed like a sensible choice for the 24. Clip-on aerobars were absolutely necessary, for the aero advantage and to facilitate a riding position where you can rest your hands and arms. One thing that would have been great is Di2. My hands got very sore from changing gears all the time (first world problem). Both GoPro and Garmin need to cater to the ultracycling community and offer longer battery life.

Anyway enough of a preamble and on to the race report.

The girls in pink were too fast
At the start of this race, as with many races, the pace starts off really fast. A few groups of riders try to shake off the wheelsuckers and then the pace settles. I had no hope or interest in being in the lead pack, the second pack was also too fast for me and even a third pack was a little on the fast side for a 24 hour race. So I settled into a no-pack solo race right from the start. I rode with 3 other riders for maybe 25 km, it seemed like a perfect pace until these guys stopped for their support crew and took a break. That was really it for pack racing for me. The 100 mile out and back was uneventful and I rolled back into Sebring in under 6 hours. I felt good even though fighting the wind a fair bit.

My 6 or 7 loops around Sebring town were also uneventful and I was back on the racetrack at 5:30 PM looking forward to 13 hours of riding on the track. I stopped to eat, add a layer and put on some lights. A big shout out to Dallas Morris and his support crew Trev and Brad, those guys also became my support crew and helped me through the night.

 I don’t know how many laps I did and I would also say it was not monotonous at the time, there was always something going on, the front of the race became quite interesting and as they lapped me every so often I had a front row seat. I was also amazed to see the hard core RAAM qualifiers racing, they seemed to never get out of their time trial position and just kept cranking the laps probably 10 kmh faster than me. It was just the cold that got me in the end. I had enough after 23 hours knowing I had gone over 500 k and I didn't have any competition in my age group. I had no idea I was high up in the overall race. I had no reason to ride for another hour.

It was interesting that my heart rate for the first 100 miles was up in the 150 range, I tried to limit it but at the same time not conserve too much. I also tried to limit my power output and not surge much. Then for maybe the last 8 hours, riding solo around the track my heart rate was at 132, no more, no less. My legs could probably not work any harder.

Dallas won the 24 hour solo event logging 464 miles. He spent the last few hours riding with the second placed guy who was one lap down. I’m sure he will have his own race report. I managed 6th overall with 315 miles. Currently not contemplating any long distance events.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Clothing Order ! First round for 2014. CLOSES Feb. 22nd at midnight.

Guys, we have our first round clothing database up and collecting orders!


We are keeping the same overall design as the last few years, so if you still have a couple jerseys in great shape then you don't need to get new ones.

Please realize that the club does not stock 'extra' clothing. When you make the order, the clothing is made for you and shipped to my house. Then a few of us volunteers sort it all and make it available to everyone. So please read the sizing charts carefully and realize you are purchasing a custom made garment for you specifically. We make a 'buy/sell/trade' forum available to club members if they end up with something that doesn't fit and members usually can sell their kit to someone who missed the order or just joined. So please realize you can not simply 'return' these items. This club has nothing to do with the store Speed Theory when it comes to clothing. This clothing is not available at the store, it is only available to CURRENT members of the club!

The clothing order ends on Feb. 22nd to give us some time to get the order together and send it to the company and have it before spring outside riding. We have to close the order this early so people get their stuff. There will be a second clothing order in April, but those clothes won't arrive until June sometime.

Steps to order:
1.) Read above paragraph.
2.) If you not a current member: Register here
3.) If you ARE a current member: Order clothing here!

Note:  I use this opportunity to collect orders for my own company called 'The Doctrine Training'. If you are an STC club member, you require an STC jersey and can order anything else as desired. Most people order STC short/bibs to go with their jersey for example.  The Doctrine kit, and Doctrine Women's kit is available to you, but not required at all to purchase when simply joining the club.

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