Monday, February 20, 2017

Fun turnout for #2 STC Race Night!

We had a great 'invitational' on Feb. 18th to do the 20.1km Course made famous on the Kevin Costner's best movie 'American Flyer'. The Coors Morgul-Bismark lap!

We had representatives from STC (of course) and Velo Cafe and The Crankmasters!

Thank you to Gilles Brassart for organizing his club and to Marie for hosting the fun evening.

The front row:  Cranky, ST Mechanic, Velo Cafe, STC VP....  great to see everyone racing together!

Gilles would have been faster if he was actually trying hard!
Great to see families cheering on in the background

Baby Jane made an appearance, but wasn't quite sure if it was fun.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Next STC Party / Race ! Feb it!

Sign up here !!

Date:  Feb. 18th
Time:  6:00pm
Course:  Coors Morgul-Bismark 20.1km
Type:  Rolly to Hilly
Family Friendly, bring your kids. Bring a DD if you are planning on drinking.

There was some feedback on the 'Beer Rule' and needed clarification.

Update to the Beer Rule:

Beer needs to be in a can and 5.0% or higher so it is still deemed 'beer' and not 'juice'. You can open the beer before the race, but not much before. You get a 2 min bonus for every full beer you drink inside the time confines of you completing the course. You get a 1 min bonus only if you drink the full beer but lose it up to 10 min post-race.

Additions to the Beer Rule:

Several riders want a 'Wine Rule' and a few have asked for a 'Crown Whisky' rule. We are in to that. Let's figure out an appropriate amount since the carbonation of the beer is one of the challenges that doesn't exist with Wine or Whisky.    Let's hear your feedback on this!

I've invited Crankmasters, Peloton, and the new Velo Club to come and have some fun with us!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

STC Part / Race Wrap Up

Great times at the STC AGM/Party/Race last night.

It is well known that I am a terrible Beer Miler, but I may have finally found my calling:  Beer Bike Racing!

The rules were simple:   10km Rolly TT. Fastest time wins.  Bonus 2min if you drink a full beer inside the race and keep it down. Bonus 1min if you drink a full beer inside the race and don't keep it down.

What I seriously lacked for in watts compared to about 7 cyclists last night, I made up for in beer consumption!!

Fun STC party,  Trev hitting a 'Beer Breakaway'.

Keep you eyes on this page for the next event in a couple weeks!  

We'll also be posting the clothing order here soon.

Thank you to everyone who came last night. See you all soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let's Ring in 2017, STC Style! (UPDATED with sign up link for Sat.) (UPDATED, FAMILY FRIENDLY!)

Now that the chaos of the holidays is but a distant, frozen memory, let's get pumped for the season ahead!  Hold the date;

January 21st, CRUSH-FEST, AGM and PARTY
Marie and Trev will have their kids there.

Let's start 2017 right.  Plan to be in The Engine Room at Speed Theory at 5:30pm for an evening of Crushing it!  Riders up for heats of a flat(ish) 10km TT on the Computrainers.  (Sign up link here.)

We will plan to hold an efficient, concise AGM to lay out some of the plans for the club this year as well as an update for the new and improved JLap.

Then we can kick back, and enjoy some bevy's, snacks and the wicked company of teammates.
If you have a friend that is considering joining, please bring them along.  They will get a great feel for our club's culture.


Membership link for 2017 is live.  Sign up here!  That way you can continue to use the blog to post training rides and get togethers.  (Yes, some of us ride outside all year long... it's a denial thing.)

Monthly indoor races/rides will be scheduled starting with our January AGM, and continuing until the weather beckons us to take the trainer tires off.

January - Flat(ish) 10k ITT  (Sign up here)
February - Rollers all the way
March - Hill Climb mega challenge
April - Circuit Course with drafting turned on

Clothing orders will be taken shortly.  We typically do two orders, in Febuary and June. With so many of us riding later in the season and testing the waters of "Cross" don't forget to add a fleece lined winter kit in there!

This year we are hoping to offer skills clinics and a bit more formal guidance for new and newer racers.  The Women's "Learn to ride and race" weekend will happen in April.  We would like to also add in Men's Cat 5 "Road Race" and "Crit Race" clinics in addition to the ABA learn to race weekend that they typically offer.  If you have any other ideas for what you may be interested in or would like to offer, hunt one of us down at the AGM or shoot us an email!

See you at the AGM!

Trev, Michael, Marie, Dennis and Darcy

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Winter or perfect Cyclocross Weather

With the recent change in weather just a reminder that many of your teammates are still going strong racing and training for cyclocross. This weekend was no exception with absolutely perfect cyclocross conditions up in Edmonton. Below Andres, Alan and Chuck represented SpeedTheory at Velocicross on Saturday. Between races we are still meeting up for weekly training sessions. Keep your eye on the training blog or feel free to post a training option. See you on your CX bike!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

STC at Haute Route

Congratulations to Trev, Tom, Paul, Scott and Nelson for a great 7-day stage race from Geneva to Venice!

And not totally unexpected, Trev placed 5th *overall* and was also the fastest North American.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CX Training!

The last couple of weeks has seen the establishment of a cadre of August STC'rs honing our CX skills and fitness.  It's very informal and doing laps of the course means it's open to all skill levels - go your own speed, because honestly, we're all trying to keep our lungs in our bodies, and somehow that's a lot of fun!  Keep an eye on training blog, there's a ride posted tonight.


Monday, August 29, 2016

17 STC Members and counting in Midweek Mayhem !!

Club, the registration for Midweek Mayhem's CX Series started this morning and is already filling up. Remember to sign up soon!  We have 17 so far!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Recipient of the 2015 - 2016 Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship and beyond..

For those club members that were in the club back in the days when we were fund raising for a perpetual scholarship in Jay's name at the University of Calgary, here is the info from this year's recipient. It is great to see the scholarship still going strong.

In the year's since the creation of this perpetual scholarship we have focused on the creation of physical memorial in Jay's name and that is now just coming to fruition at the end of this summer. I will keep everyone up to date on progress from that initiative.

Below is the statement from the 2015-2016 recipient:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Confederation Park to hopefully become a winter Cross Country Ski facility.

With the COP facilities for Cross Country Skiers and MTN bikers being eroded in the hunt for added revenue, local clubs are finding new options to ensure athletes and active families have a spot to develop, experience the outdoors, and play. One of our long serving club members wanted me to share this new release from the Foothills Nordic Ski Club who hope to make Confederation Park a locally accessible nordic facility for Calgarians. Please consider supporting this initiative to ensure the Foothills Ski Club has a home in Calgary, to support the healthy lifestyle that our kids have/will come to enjoy, and provide access to a network of reliable inner-city cross country ski trails to all avid cross country skiers (see link at bottom of the news release).

Here is the link to the New Release.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Cyclocross Season is Coming!

Is it a test of athletic prowess or just a test of pain? Come practice the former on Tuesday nights. We are going to try and have a "pop-up" course set for your cross pleasure. Practice or learn new skills. Check the training blog page for locations. All welcome!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tour de Bowness Registration Deadline is Thursday at Midnight.

Bob just emailed to remind us all that the deadline is fast approaching.

This is a great race and extremely well organized. The Criterium is associated with a big street festival again this year as well !!

If you can make it to this race, DO IT !!

Register here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wednesday Night Series Wrap-Up

Team, our commitment to the Crankmasters Wednesday Night Race Series is complete. As the series transitions to Peloton Racing pb Northern Backup I just wanted to thank all team members and volunteers for their support. Although many races were rained out, the ones that weren't were enjoyed by all.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Great news !!! It's finally happening!

I received word from the Calgary Parks Foundation that after quite a few years of planning and scheming between us, Jason's Memorial is going to become a reality.

The final spot for Jason's Memorial is going to be directly on the south side of the Edworthy bridge and will be a Fitness Park for adults located close to the Children's Playground. It will also have a piece of art containing a plaque describing Jason and the idea behind the Fitness Area.

I will post some drawings of the area and will be announcing a date when we can do an unveiling!

We will use any proceeds from this year's JayLap Memorial Cycling Weekend (we still haven't received final bills yet) to ensure we have a balance in case anything last minute is required. Thank you to all Alberta Cyclists for supporting the now classic JayLap event. It will be great to see something physical result from it and hopefully create an increasingly healthy atmosphere for families using the Edworthy Parks!

A special thank you to the Crankmasters who have continued to support this with us as well.

I'll have updates soon!


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