Monday, February 8, 2016

Field of Dreams (cyclist's cut)

Scene: A young pre-disgraced Lance speaking to his elder Aussie team mate (Phil Anderson) Lance: "is this heaven"
Phil: "Nah mate, this is New South Wales, Westhead Road"
Legend has it that Tony Abbott, the last PM of Australia and an avid cyclist, had this little used National Park road paved. It may be legend, but on any weekend hundreds, if not thousands of cyclist descend on this little piece of heaven. It's like being in Area 51, but with prefectly smooth riding roads! Stats: 25 KM, 400 meters round trip with plenty of side options to jam up the mileage and meters!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pictures from the AGM Race action!

Beer me !!  Fat Tire Belguim in the bottle cage!

Jose Soriano was on hand Sat night do his best to make us look fast!  (But there is only so much a good lens and Photoshop can do ?!?!)

Here is a link to his Facebook album covering both heats.

Jose is a professional photographer based in Calgary. His website is linked here.

Thank you Jose!

Heat 2 just getting started.

Everyone is smiles before the start.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lessons for you Amateurs from the Pros

G'day to you Newbies from Down Under. Here's your lessons for the day: 1. Forget all that fancy nutrition mumbo jumbo, here's Orica chowing down on pressed ham sandwiches with the soigneur bringing the espresso about 10 minutes before the start.
2. Hot day? Sunny day? Rain? not sure what to wear - just cut the top of your new cycling cap off so the elastic is intact and your visor will be snug into place. Don't worry, you can always get more kit for free! Matty Hayman to the left studiously cutting, then showing his style!
3. FOLLOW THE PROS FOR THE BEST COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! Drapac, UHC, Sky and Dimension Data (Cav's inside) all here in pic 1. Showing off the Speed Theory cap to IAM in pic #2. BTW - Refer to point #1 - IAM chowing on bacon and egg sandwiches mid ride the day following the race.
4. Yer a sprinter - you'll never survive three finish circuits with a 20% kicker! (AND - don't cheer Cav when he has been dropped. We got the dirtiest look you could give through Oakley's by just saying "Go Cav".)
That finishes your lessons for the day - go ride.

Fun club night. Good racing and Thanks to Darcy for handling our '10 minute AGM' !

Fun times last night. We started the evening with about 21 club mates completing a 10km rolly course. Then after crushing 12 pizzas and hanging, Darcy was limited to 10 minutes for the AGM! the jersey presentation was almost overlooked, but was performed near the end of the night! 

Heat 1 nearing the finish of the 10km.

Lumber Jersey winner, Slayer Dan fits a medium perfectly!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Saturday at 6pm. Beer, wine, pizza, and some cheering!

For the fun cycling event we are having during the party at 6pm on Saturday before or during the beer, Speed Theory has donated special 'Canadian' style jerseys!

LumberJill and LumberJack prize jerseys!

So, a long time ago I remember reading a fact list about Lumberjacks and I remember seeing fact #6 was 'Lumberjacks win most competitions they enter'. Therefore, it is only appropriate the the 6th cyclist in the women's and men's heat on Saturday wins the jersey!

So, if you aren't riding, come down at around 6pm to grab a beer and cheer on your club mates, and then stick around to hang out. If you ARE riding, then bring your bike around 5:45pm and we'll split the gang into two heats and let them loose!

During the evening, at some point Darcy will quickly go over the year in review as well as a quick synopsis if what STC's plans are for 2016!

If you are thinking of joining the club to gain riding buddies or possibly entering events, then come on out and see if you like the atmosphere.

If you are competing in the 10km rolling race, you get time bonuses if you hammer back a beer hand-up!
Adam Hansen beer hand-up!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 30th Party !

Club... don't forget to email Marie that you are riding in our fun pick-up bike race before the party.

What do you think? Should we challenge The Cranky's to a throw down that evening? Or maybe the new Puncheur club?

If you are waffling about emailing Marie, don't think it is a 'serious' race. Sure we'll go hard, but the best thing about the trainers is that everyone is in the same place! There is just as much possibility of getting beer split on you while in 1st or 15th !!  Also, you are allowed to have beer in your bottle cages, no Commissaires!  Do it... just do it.  Email Marie.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Congratulations to Matt and Jenn Joss!

Long time club members and supporters (the Pallisades Capital logo on your jersey), Matt and Jenn successfully had twin boys this morning. Mom and boys are reported to be healthy and recovering! I will post updates and pictures as I receive them!

2016 Fun Race, AGM, and Party JANUARY 30

Happy New Year!!! 

It's time to celebrate a great race season in 2015, a successful J-Lap, and the onset of another exciting year.  We know everyone is super busy (and I don't just mean Darcy) so we've decided to combine our party with our AGM and a little something extra....  So don't dust off your stilettos and suits just yet. 

How about a little 10km ITT on the Computrainers?

For those of you with a little race fire in your bellies, we will be running 2 heats at the Engine Room (Speed Theory 735A -10 ST SW)
Nothing like beginning your season with a room full of your teammates yelling at you! Am I right?

Heat 1 can begin warming up at 5:45 and we will hit start at 6pm.  As soon as the bikes can be pulled off, Heat 2 can begin their warm up.

After the mayhem subsides, we will hold a brief AGM and State of the Union. We promise to keep it WAY shorter than Obama did. We'll aim for right around 7 pm for those of you who can't make it earlier to race or cheer.  There may be some fun awards... Please let me know if you are presenting any!  The award for "the best hair after a race" goes too....

After that it's a casual get together to reminisce and get hyped!

Pizza will be ordered and the beer will be cold.  There will also be a selection of wines and snacks a plenty.  Please bring a DD if you're planning to drink.  In fact, an excellent strategy would be to bring a friend whom you think might be interested in joining the team, as your DD.  Its a great way to get a vibe on what we are about. 

Reply to this post or email me ( and let me know if you are IN for the ITT. I will post the heats Friday (29th) night so you can mentally prepare for Saturday.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Marie, Darcy, Trev, and Dennis

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Suchaet says this place is available for May training camp.

Some STC club mates are already starting to book their rooms for the training camp in May. Suchaet has booked a guest house for him and Andreas. Apparently the club had the whole place booked last year and it worked out really well.

Here is the link to the place:

We can talk more about the training camp at the party if you are a new member or new to thinking about attending the training camp and want more info.

Monday, January 11, 2016

STC descends on Phoenix for a brevet.

Mike Healy flew in from Dallas, Paul and I flew in from Calgary, and Stephen drove up from Tucson to meet for a chilly 200km Brevet this past Saturday. It being Phoenix and all, Paul and I thought we were escaping the cold for two days, but on the morning of the Brevet, we were greeted with 1 degree and thick water-enveloping fog. Yikes!   But throughout the day the fog burnt off and we got the course completed. The next day was the highlight of the trip as we drove a little East of Phoenix to a place called Apache Trail and rode to an old mining town called Tortilla Flats. The scenery was spectacular and the traffic minimal. Here are a few shots of the weekend:

Stephen, Trev, Paul, and Mike at Canyon Vista lookout near Tortilla Flats.

Just another ride in the desert ?!?!?!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Club Membership is up.

Well 2015 was a good year!

Marie is busy planning a party tentatively scheduled for January 30th. We'll confirm in a couple days.

Membership fees have come down since we have applied for subsidy for the Criterium and will hope to hold it in a 'cheaper' location if it doesn't go through.

Club Membership form is here.   Sign up soon and we'll be able to do a clothing order soon so we have it before the May Training Camp or maybe even the April Spring Classics.

If you plan to race any ABA events in the summer, here is the Race License registration page.

Thank you everyone. Block Jan. 30th on your calendar for now and we'll update this post soon!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Addition to the Junior Team

A new story is brewing...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Classy move from an STC club member in Squamish yesterday.

I just got an email from a BC rider who thanked someone from the team for lending him a wheel yesterday at the Squamish CX Provincials. It allowed him to complete the race. Cool. He said it was an STC cyclist, and not an ST cyclist from Vancouver, but didn't catch the name since he was delirious at the finish.

Anyway, thanks for being a great ambassador whoever you are!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

The race between the races.

It was great to watch all the STC'ers out racing Beans and Barley yesterday. I got a hoarse voice yelling at everyone.

Just in case people had left, or were warming up for the next races, here is a shot of the next generation of competition! Here is Taylor crushing a set of barriers. Wait until she turns 3 !

Taylor making a move on the barriers.

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