Friday, April 30, 2010

Midweek Mayhem 2010

The crew over at Midweek Cycling Association have finally received word from the City that their permit is in its final stages! They are planning to have their first crit on May 11 (weather permitting), with the B race starting at 7pm. Registration is through Karelo (visit the above link to find your way there). After registered, you can pick up your numbers at Bow Cycle on May 5 between 6:30 and 8:00pm.

For those of you new to crit racing or racing in general, racing in these crits is a great way to gain pack racing experience, and not to mention fitness, really quick. Last year was my first year racing a bike and these really helped me gain confidence...just be smart, hold your line through corners, know where everyone is around you, and don't use your brakes unnecessarily. These can be tough to learn, but you should be able to catch on quickly.

I'm not a crit expert by any means, but feel free to ask me any questions on here or if you see me at the course.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp Days 4 and 5

Day Four
Today is a rest, fun day. There are two options. We can ride to Okay Falls, lay it all down on “The Wall” to see who earns the title of “Super Hill Climb Champion Cyclist of the Universe”, head to Highway 3A via Area 51, descend the Yellow Lake climb, swagger up Green Mountain Road, cruise down to Penticton and saunter along the bike path back to the homestead. Click here to see the ride map. Orrrrrrr, we take the day off, sleep in, and spend some time introducing ourselves to a number of wineries in the area. I choose option two.

Day Five
Today is the second of the three hard rides of the week. What makes it hard isn’t the distance (~190kms), but the terrain. Both ride categories will begin the ride together. We head south to Oliver and then climb the road to Mt. Baker ski hill. Once the paved road turns to gravel, theRad category turns around and heads back to Penticton. This ride will come in around 120kms. Don’t underestimate the distance as the climb is substantial. It was by far my biggestwhiny day during last year’s tour. I actually went back and finished it with Jared on the last day because I quit during the first attempt with Trevor and Frank earlier in the week. Once on the gravel road, the Awesome-Rad category will don the face masks and continue on. This ride will take the crew to Highway 3 and then descend down Anarchist into Osoyoos. After a donut or six at Horton’s, the ride heads north back to Penticton.

Just as a heads up, we’re about 19 days until we meet at the Denny’s parking lot in Penticton at 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 16, and embark on the Day One ride. Get booked. Get your transportation in order. More importantly, get on your bike and get some miles in before the Penticton trip. I know, the weather right now is begging us to strap on the downhill skies and head for the slopes, but keep your focus and get on your bike. You’ll enjoy Penticton that much more. That last part was more of a self-pep talk because I was (and still am) intimidated with the focus and drive the swarm of cyclists exhibited at the Prairie-Roubaix. Except for Carson- I can never be intimidated by Carson.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Velocity Stage Race: Team Dinner

For those going to Velocity, we're planning a team dinner at the South Edmonton Common Boston Pizza following the Cat 1/2 crit. Jugs of brew and appetizers are on the team (that's what Trev said); you're responsible for your meal.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Spectacular report

Somehow, not sure how, I managed to make it to Edmonton/Devon yesterday morning, on time to race the Spring Spectacular, and with a mechanically sound bike too! It was a chilly morning and threatened to rain, but I don't think that was what kept the masses away because I think that's always what the weather is like up here, right? Regardless, 15 or so cat A's and a combined cat B/C field headed off on the flat, square circuit to contest the third and final of the Spring Series races.

There was a good bunch in cat A, including a provincial champion jersey and a squadron of ERTC. I responded to a surge late in the first lap, only to look behind me and find that the two of us were off the front. So I passed the start/finish line first (hands weren't in the air, but I was tempted...) and after quickly getting caught, my race went pear-shaped (apparently the Woolley tactic works as badly in cat 2 as it does in cat 5): I was caught napping on one of the surges and had to work like crazy with another dude for half a lap to catch back on. As soon as we caught on he says "let's not do that again!", and immediately the pack put the hammer down again... Funniest point in the race though, was when we had to wait for a couple of cars at a stop sign (since this was an "unofficial training ride") and as we started up again, someone yells out "Let's go, Bruce [Copeland, I assume] has almost caught us!" and the pace hit like 60km/h for the next 5km. haha Poor Bruce. Anyway, I was pretty shattered by the mid-point, couldn't respond to a surge, rode another lap and picked up my dropped Powerbar (those suckers are expensive!), then watched from the sidelines while Blaine Richter opened it up and rode everyone off his wheel in the home straight.

Good times. Thanks Shaun Adamson and volunteers for putting it on!

Velocity Stage Race: Request for Assistance

Those of you in the Cat 5 Road Race at the Jay Lap last year will remember the two juniors from Saskatchewan that raced with us. I know the family from my time working at Briercrest College in Saskatchewan, so their dad, Barret, contacted me last week.

The boys, Jalen and Joshua, along with their mom Bridget and younger brother Jacob, are coming to Velocity Stage Race this weekend, but Barret's going to be out of the country. So, Barret asked if Speed Theory would be willing to provide on-site technical assistance if needed (i.e. making sure wheels are on properly, numbers on right, minor tune-ups, etc, etc.). I said no problem: just look for all the guys in black and red. The boys aren't part of the Saskatchewan team, so they're happy to be the unofficial Speed Theory junior team for the weekend.

So, keep your eyes out for a dark blue Dodge Caravan (with SK plates) pulling a white cargo trailer, and make the racers feel at home!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Velocity Stage Race

Who's going?

Note: You can't race in the crit or road race if you don't compete in the previous race(s).

Women: Emilie, Marylin, Tanya H., Natalie, Laura
Cat 5: Darcy G, Jevon A., New Rob W., Mark J., Tom K., Old Rob W., Mike Hoang, David M.
Cat 4: Clarke, Michael G.
Cat 3: Harlee, Thomas
Cat 1/2: Lockie, Dennis, Charles B., Trev

[Trev's addition] The club has 2 medium skin suits for club members to use for ITTs. Let me know who wants to use them and I will get them to Velocity.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Clothes are in. (UPDATE)

I just received 100lbs of clothing. They look good.

I will print out the order spreadsheet and so when you come to pick it up you know exactly what you are getting. I will post some times on here when you can come pick it up. Next time will probably Tues evening, but I will post a time.

I have one short sleeve full zip race cut large jersey and one short sleeve full zip race cut x-large jersey in last year's styles still in original packaging. $50 each, let me know.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

United Cycle on P-R

Found this nice report on the United Cycle site:

Wow. I am still in awe of what Speed Theory put on Sunday. For a spring training event, it was HUGE!! There must have been at least 100 people there, no joke. Ever been to the Pigeon Lake RR and seen all the people milling about in the parking lot? Yeah, it was like that except on a secondary road outside Airdrie. Three groups went off on the 14km loop that was pretty much all either up or down and sometimes sideways. Yes, sideways. The gravel section lived up to all the hype and racers were sliding and skidding all over the place. It was definitely one of the deciding sections on the race course. Wind picked up partway through, but was otherwise a beautiful day for bike racing. Look for some pictures online somewhere and you'll get some idea of what was going on.
Great race course and organization by Speed Theory. Thanks guys.

Canada's First RBC GranFondo Whistler Cycling Event To Roll Out in Vancouver

The organizers of the RBC GranFondo Whistler, Canada’s first European style mass cycling event, will hold a ceremonial start of the bike ride.

VIPs who will be participating in the kick-off of the RBC GranFondo Whistler include former Vancouver Canucks' team captain Trevor Linden, now an avid cyclist, Simon Whitfield, Canadian Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, triathlon (Sydney and Beijing Summer Olympics), Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, also an avid cyclist, Mayor Pam Goldsmith Jones of West Vancouver and Mayor Greg Gardner of Squamish.

The kick-off event will take place on Tuesday, April 20, at 11:30, at which time GranFondo Canada will announce RBC as the title sponsor of the RBC GranFondo Whistler as well as a major charity initiative associated with the ride. Following the introduction of the title sponsor, cyclists and mayors will saddle up their bikes and participate in a ceremonial start of the GranFondo.

The RBC GranFondo Whistler takes place on Saturday, September 11, 2010 starting at 7 a.m. It will be a spectacular, 120-km ride along the Sea To Sky Highway, featuring all the magnificent scenery of Howe Sound and the Coast mountains – along with 2400 metres of elevation along the route.

This event is such a hit with the cycling community that it is already sold out! More than 4,000 cyclists will be participating in the RBC GranFondo Whistler on September 11.

GranFondo: The full 120km from Vancouver to Whistler travelling in a dedicated lane. The course provides an extreme challenge with 2,400 meters of climbing, 1,750 meters of downhill and pure exhilaration at the top.

Medio: 60km from Squamish to Whistler still offers plenty of challenges as the lion's share of the hills are in this second half of the route.

Giro: A competitive race for the top riders in top shape. This division is the full 120km at race pace. Licensed riders in Category 1 through 3 females and males are welcome. Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each gender.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three things. The PR, the Clothing Order, the May 30th ITT.

We will post the finish video showing all the CatC's, most of the CatB's, and 3 of the CatA's finish. This video is in Slow Motion High Definition though, so I have to compress it like crazy and host it. So pretty soon.

Also, Thomas just gave me the tracking numbers for the clothing order! It has been officially shipped and is due to get to my house on Friday !! There is just shy of 100lbs of lycra coming our way ?!? CRAZY !! I will let you know when it is here and ready to be picked up. So you will be able to wear the shorts in a bit before the club heads up to Velocity.

I need a race director for our May 30th ITT. We may downgrade this race to a big club event, so the 'directing' will be significantly reduced. I don't want to, but we need to here back from the MD for permission first. Also, I will do everything in the background so I just need someone to coordinate the course/safety/BBQ/food/atmosphere. I will help you.


CatA report for PR

I was thinking of calling this post "Would I be finished yet if I didn't have team mates?"... ;)

From my point of view, the A group went something like this: moderate pace for first of five laps, but 4 guys attacked and were a minute or two up the road. However when the peleton got to the gravel section the pace went ballistic. I didn't quite hang on to the lead group of 15, but right after the gravel Trev luckily paced me up to the lead 15, while the other 20 guys in the race strung out behind in some fashion - to be honest I never looked back, because turning my head took energy I didn't have to spare.

Half way through the second lap I attacked and tried to bridge up to the breakaway 4, but only made it three quarters of the way before the course turned into the wind. I foolishly/fruitlessly kept working to bridge, and got caught by the pack just as we hit the gravel. They went hammering by. I then time-trialed by myself in the wind for a lap before getting caught by a chase group containing team-mates Simon and Trev. Trev basically stopped on the start-finish hill so I could catch up (but apparently not hearing Jared's calls to wait a sec :) ), and again, he was a monster, this time for a whole lap, and left Simon and I just a couple hundred metres to make it to the next group. Simon then ground out some crazy pulls and we caught the next group, but in doing so Simon and Trev were popped.

By this point there were really only 5 guys, chasing the lead four who were way up the road. My group of five consisted of me, Scott from Rundle Mt Cycling Club, and three guys from the Bow Cycle team. Those three guys work us over pretty perfectly and cinched 5th and 6th, leaving me in 8th. Dallas, I hear, rode the entire friggen race solo and won, and Mark McDonald, Bunnin and Dan Wood worked together until the gravel descent into the finish.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Series #3, anybody?

Hey guys & gals,

I'm going to be in Edmonton all next week, and so I'm thinking I'll drive up in time for the Spring Series Spectacular, Edmonton's version of the Prairie-Roubaix. It's this Sunday at 10am. Anyone else going? I'd be totally stoked if I had a team mate to ride with Sunday, and my wallet would be stoked if someone wants to split a room.

Also, get on the forum to start planning you car/hotel pools for Velocity...because I KNOW you're all going to that one!


Penticton Bike Tour - Day 2 and Day 3 Rides

Day 2 Rides
Day one is done and the legs are warmed up for the first of what I consider three hard days over the next week. Today, both groups will hit the Ironman course. The Rad category will stick to the course (minus out-and-back) and get in around 160kms. The Awesome-Rad category will ride the Ironman course to Green Mountain Rd (just before the Yellow Lake climb begins) and then hang a left. The group will follow this road 24 kmish up to the junction. Trouble will then ensue as the climb gets significantly steeper to the Apex ski resort. Don’t be fooled by what may seem like a short 11km climb.

If I can pin point one moment in time to give context around why Lockie soloed an ice climb half way into his 150km off-piste ride a few weeks ago through Waiporous, it is the Apex climb. He obviously wanted to avenge the partial death of his body by the hands of Apex’s eight to 12 per cent grade access road during last year’s bike tour.

Day 3 Ride
Day 3 is your first “rest day” with an approx. 100km spin. Both groups will ride south to Oliver, hang a west, ride up the hill and then follow White Lake Road to Area 51. There are a couple of minor hills, but this day should be kept easy. We should be back to town early afternoon at the latest so there will be time to storm around the Okanogan, check out some wineries, lay on the beach or whatever. Feel free to take this day off if you so desire. No pressure today.

While we’re on the rest day activities, visit the Oliver Twist winery just outside of Oliver. It’s fairly new (2 years old I think) and has some unique whites you won’t find around many other places. Specifically, their viognier and kerner are super fun, but they have the usual reds and whites as well. Their gift shop also has some quality stuff to check out.

Finally, if you are not an ABA member or member of another provincial cycling association and would like to ride with us for the week, click here for the link to purchase the insurance you need. It's $35. See you for Day Four rides ‘n stuff next week .

Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp Day 1

There are two ride categories from which you can choose each day: Rad (shorter ride) and Awesome-Rad (longer ride). But before we get into the Day One rides, let’s cover the insurance hullabaloo.

If you don’t have riding insurance, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to pay. The cost to you is $35, and you can’t ride with us unless you have it. If you are a member of the Speed Theory Cycling Team, the Alberta Bicycling Association OR a member of another Provincial CYCLING association (i.e., BC, Sask, etc...) you already have the insurance coverage and don’t need to purchase this additional insurance. If you are not a member of at least one of those organizations listed above and want to ride with us in May, then you need to purchase the insurance. Click here to get the insurance.

Day One Awesome-Rad category: Anarchist; approx. 180-200kms. This route will take us south through Oliver and then we hang a west at Osoyoos. The climb from here is long but moderate and fairly gradual. Jared and I did this climb last year and we were able to chat it up pretty good without being too winded. Where you turn around to come back down (deer, eagle, sasquatch, etc…) will determine the distance.

Day One Rad category: Area 51 loop; 75kms. Both groups will start out together, but at “Okay” Falls, the Rad category ride will split off and head up Green Lake Road. The ride highlight is definitely the “The Wall”. It includes a short but steep, winding climb that leads you to the See Ya Later Ranch winery. The scenery is also pretty cool just past the winery and once you get back to the Astrophysical Observatory. Mmmmmm...astrophysics.

While we’re mentioning the See Ya Later Ranch winery, make sure to head back there for some tastings. It’s a great place to stalk up on your whites for summer drinking. They’ve got a great Pinot Gris; a wine called Pinot 3, which is made up of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir; and one called Jimmy My Pal, which is a Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Semillon blend. All three a super fun and super yummy, plus the view of the valley from the winery is pretty cool.

Next Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp update will include Day Two rides and a couple more things I haven’t thought of yet.

Penticton Bike Tour - May 16-22, 2010

Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp Summary
Here are some final points for the Penticton trip:
  • We’re meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 15, at the Tim Horton’s in Revelstoke for a couple hours of riding. If you’re passing through during that time or are staying in Revelstoke Friday night, you’re more than welcome to join us.
  • Day 1 of riding is on Sunday, May 16, 2010. We meet at Denny’s in Penticton at 9 a.m. Here are the rest of the meeting times: Day 2 (Mon), 5 (Thurs), 7 (Sat): 7 a.m.; Day 3(Tues), 4(Wed), 6(Fri): 9 a.m.
  • I switched the Mt. Baldy ride (turns out I’ve been calling it Mt. Baker all this time) and the Day 5 rides. The reason for this switch is Trev and Lockie, who did the Mt. Baldy ride last year, want to be part of it this year and they won’t be in town to ride until Thursday.
  • Bring food and drink on the rides. We’ll be on the road for up to 6-7 hours sometimes and always over lunch (pack a sandwich). Grab a couple of cheap boxes of bars and gels from Costco, Super Store or MEC and remember to eat breakfast.
  • Make sure you have the gear to fix flats and know how to use it: pump, CO2 cartridges, CO2 dispenser, tubes, patch kit, mini tool kit. There is a bike shop in Penticton in case you need last minute supplies.
  • The rides are not hammer-fests. BUT, expect to be by yourself during some of the rides. Be okay with this. Embrace it. Bring an IPod or bring someone who’s your pace. The group will make sure no one gets lost and we’ll wait for everyone at certain points during each ride.
  • Bring every piece of cycling clothing you own. Dress for the weather and understand that we’re riding for seven days straight.
  • Wear sun block.
  • Don’t feel pressured to ride every day. Vacation first, riding second. Always. Diana and Karalee will be in town to ride from Thursday on, but want to focus on some other rides and do their own thing (crash a number of wineries). That’s totally cool. Here is a low-key ride to consider: You can follow Naramata Road for a while, or you can turn around whenever you want. It is super scenic and a great place for wineries. We can help with more rides like this one if you want.
  • I would, at the very least, like for everyone who is in Penticton to ride together for the Giant’s Head/Summerland ride on Day 6 (Friday). It would be great to ride as a full group at least once.
See you on Sunday at Denny’s (Burnaby Avenue, behind the convention centre) for 9 a.m. Here is a recap of all the ride posts and who we know is coming and when:

Here are the rides!!:

MEET AT DENNY'S PARKING LOT AT 9am if the scheduled ride is <> 150km.

Day 1 Sunday
Day 2 and 3 Monday and Tuesday
Day 4 and 5 Wednesday and Thursday
Day 6 and 7 Friday and Saturday

Monday, April 19, 2010

B report for PR

First big pack ride of the season you could sense the nervousness & excitements in the peloton for the B group. A few cyclists (Old Rob W no pun intended with age) right off the beginning had an abundance of enthusiasm & wanted to gap & did. The peloton then rallied about 1/4 into the first lap & caught the lead pair. Nice try Welchie said!! & then he went off the front like an angry warrior!. The main group quickly stretched out & cyclists began battling for mini groups based on how the hills were treating them. A group was forming near the front & a gap was opening up so I made a concentrated effort to catch the back end. When we turned onto Willow road we caught a very proud Welchie that was given his well deserved honour! The front group of 9 men consisted of 3 bow cycle guys, a bicisport rider, myself, a few team jersey riders I didn't recognize & an independent rider. When we turned onto Glendale road the front boys laid the hammer down to establish a discouraging gap. As we finished the gravel section & began our uphill climb to begin the 2nd lap I saw Clark trying to bridge so I pulled out of the main group for a few seconds dropped back & paced him up. We than began turning up the screw again once we took a sharp south turn onto Locheed road. Clark displayed enormous courage to stay in the pack however expended much energy from bridging the gap & got dropped before the turn onto willow road. The main group eased up on the gravel section for the 3rd lap & everyone seemed like they were wanting to recover for the final gravel sprint. On the 4th lap right before turning onto Willow road the Bicisport rider had a 30-45m gap from the other 8 riders. He seemed to not be pulling for most of the ride so most riders assumed weakness however he was strategically playing fatigue mind games & displayed this sabotage late in the course! I decided to bridge the gap & in doing so taxed myself somewhat & left what was most likely my last energy for the sprint if the main group caught back up. We had the gap but our legs didn't hang on & we swallowed our pride & faded back into the back of the group. Onto the gravel section for the 4th lap. All hell broke loose. Everyone attacked & there was now 2 lines to follow & I was near the back & kept hopping from whichever line looked stronger. The 9th rider popped off the back & there were 8 of us to determine the glory of the first hosted Speed theory PR B cyclists! 5 riders got a gap & left me in 6th place trying to bridge. the 2 riders behind looked like they were fading however as soon as the gravel ended & the uphill finish began they put the hurt on me. I tried letting it all out on the sprint but had nothing left & finished 8th place. All in all a hard course & a well fought first season battle for Speed theory! Jevon

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Race Forum & Racing & Strategies Forum

Thomas recently requested that we add a couple of forums to our team forums (Training Forum + Buy/Sell Forum). The first is the Race Forum. In this forum you can add messages about who is going to what races, organize hotels and car pools. If there is any interest, we can make the forum a members only forum and it can then be used to discuss tactics. This forum is not meant to replace to blog in terms of psyching people up for races or posting race reports. The Second Forum is the Racing and Strategies Forum. In this forum, you can ask your racing related questions, post any interesting articles on racing or riding. Thomas has already posted a couple of awesome articles... let's fill it up and make a real library!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tucson Saturday Morning Shoot out


That's the sound of me being spit out the back end at the 35km mark.
The Saturday morning shoot out leaves early from the University every Sat. morning. It's a 90km loop with the 'race' portion on the way out. The first 12km is through town and the group, all 100 or so of us, stay together. It's not until after the last stop light does it pick up..... and man does it pick up. The road is not exactly smooth so you just have to hold your line and hope your teeth stay in. I managed to hang on to the main pack for 35km before the little surges took too much out of me. After the blood left my eyes, I looked up and was 10 feet off the back. A perilous position that I tried to remedy but another surge came and I was 20 feet off the back and on my own. I rolled up one guy, then two, then three and before I knew it we had about 18 guys working together. We never caught the main group but we were surprisingly not as far behind as I thought we were. 18 guys rotating through at 40-60km/hr was totally awesome.

Clay hung on to the main pack and rode strong. He said he was feeling like a truck ran over his legs at the end but he made in with the big guns. If you're in Tucson, you MUST do this ride even if you get spit out, it's still way fun to ride with some high caliber men and women.


Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd - Kitts Peak Observatory

Chester & I teamed up with two other Calgary riders here in Tucson (Reid and Frank) to ride Kitts Peak. Kitts Peak is a 185 km return trip ride. The 12 mile climb up Kitts Peak is relentless and ends just shy of 2100 m (almost 7,000 ft).

We had an amazing ride and Reid and Frank were awesome to ride with.

We made great time and worked hard.

One more day of riding here for me.

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