Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our team for Velocity

Cat 5Cat 4Cat 3Cat 2
Mike CA-TrainKristianTrev
Rob WThe CruxJasonSteve
Rob L


Mr. Kenny

Mike G

Our plans have yet to be fully finalized so please keep checking the blog throughout the week for updates. Failure to do so will result in a great deal of ridicule and public shaming.

The general plan at this point is as follows:

Friday Night (Operation Friday Night Lights):
Everyone will be heading up to Edmonton at different times. I would suggest immediately going to Velocity Cycles, submitting your license and signing the waivers. From there, grab a bite and head to Fort Saskatchewan to our humble lodgings. If we all arrive at a decent time, I propose a quick meeting then tune up your rides and get some much needed sleep.

Saturday (Operation Lactic Acid):
The TT start times will likely be posted at Velocity Cycles on Friday, if not no need to panic as we should all head to the TT together. I suggest bringing your own breakfast food because Fort Sask is a little short on culinary outlets, there is a timmies. We'll warm up and crush the TT they cool down. Keep sharp because we have to depart for the Alberta Research center for the crit. I propose heading directly to the crit from the TT. There are some lunch spots available but time is tight again, bring something you can scarf ahead of the crit. When the crit is completed we will head up the road to Olive Garden for a bite, plan out the RR and then back up to fort sask for some sleep.

Sunday (Operation Pain Train)
Sunday is pretty simple, get up, eat go to road race, win road race, go home. At any rate this one is the easiest planning-wise.

Stuff to bring (this is not an exhaustive list sprinkle in some common sense please)
1) Your Bikes and all associated biking stuff: Helmet, jersey, shoes etc.
2) Bring all of your on bike nutrition, you won't have time to scrounge for any up north
3) Bring bike gear for warm weather.
4) Bring bike gear for cold weather.
5) Bring bike gear for snowy-rainy weather.
6) Bring some street clothes you're comfy in. You won't be refused service at Olive Garden in your kit but you will get beaten up.

RobW and Trev will be bringing tools and such, please remember to bring your own flat kit for the road race (if you wish).

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cat 5 Ride #4

Email from Dan Sigouin:


I wanted to send a quick congratulatory note to all those that raced yesterday in Strathmore. The conditions were good with a challenging head wind coming home to keep you smiling.

It would be great to see a good turnout this week for the Cat 5 training ride. I don’t have access to the blog site during the day time and it would be easier to advertise there, someone may have to forward the invites there for me.

Barring last week, we have had moderate attendance to what everyone thought would be very important training sessions. For us to really be successful at races we need to be confident in our skills at pacelining, drafting and matching accelerations etc. This week is not good for me because I have to build a bird house with my son for father’s day. It’s my present from him.

I would like feedback from everyone on the time that I have suggested. I will not be able to continue riding on Tuesdays because of my teaching commitments at SAIT starting on May 7th. My schedule will not allow me to ride Tuesday and Thursdays until after June 12th so I am proposing that we select another evening if the training rides are to continue with me as a participant.

To summarize, is there a better evening that will work for more people?; do we want to have a different start location and time? We will not be able to satisfy everyone so it will have to be organized based on the most numbers.



p.s. Hey Mr. Healy, get better soon, we’re thinking about you!

Velocity Registration


Here is the link

This event sells out sometimes... register now to secure your position.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bici ITT Race Report: Supplemental

This weekend marked the shortened Bicifest race with a 18.3K ITT out in Strathmore. Speed Theory arrived in force armed with some newly acquired skin suits (thanks James T). What started as a windless sunny morning soon changed into a typical prairie day as the local winds kicked up to a surging tempest of doom. Not to be deterred our team put down some serious hurt:

Results found here

Cat 5: Steve Kenny 2nd, Mike Godfrey 4th and the rest of the Cat5s rounding out the top half of the results.

Cat4: Alex Shaw 1st, James T 7th.

Cat 3: Rod 'I don't like Time Trials' McAlister 4th, Jason rode a heroic 18K with a wonked out wheel that would have reduced most men to tears and still beat RobW.

Cat 2: Steve G hammered and placed top 10 ( I believe)

Trev also posted a blistering 10K time in Cranbrook, however RobW did manage to finish his TT faster and will not be kicked off the team for being a slow-ass. In other news, this was a great day for the team and really puts us in a great spot for Velocity next week. We've got some firepower and solid team effort. For those Speed Theory-ians who made their racing debut today, congrats on a strong showing.

Also, teammates Kyle Marcotte, Jared Green, Mike Chewy, and Ryan Murray competed in the Police Half Marathon on Sunday. Ryan is continuing to lay down great results in his build for IMC this year. Results. Unfortunately, Kyle had to pull out due to a calf strain suffered close to the 7km point. Reports seem to indicate that cash was seen transferring between Scott Jensen and a henchman armed with a bb gun prior to the race. Coincidence?

[Edit by Trev] Here are a few photos I found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/lungsnot/

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bici TT. 'The SpeedTheory TEAM'

The team will congregate in the Strathmore Civic Center. Please bring a trainer and warm up inside with the team. Try to get to the civic center early to get your race numbers and have plenty of time to warm up without being in a rush.

The vets will go through some warm up advice for the Cat4/5 guys. For a race of 18km, a long warm up is in order.

Race technical guide found here.

Several teammates are going to head out from Strathmore for a ride after the TT. I believe Stephen Kenney and Lachlan are the guys to see about that while you are warming up.

Good luck guys. I will be hammering a 10km running road race in Cranbrook at about the same time you guys are hammering your 18km TT.

No holding back on this one guys.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bicisport Circuit Race CANCELLED

[From the ABA website]

Race City staff has informed race organizers that the road course still has snow and ice in some areas and the drag strip needs a couple of day of warm sunshine to dry out and be rideable. (Drag strips have a coating that becomes extremely slippery when wet, very bad for bikes).

Since the weather forecast is for cold and possible snow until Saturday, it is doubtful that the track can be in a safe condition for racing by the afternoon even with the promise of warmer temperatures. Therefore Circuit race will unfortunetly have to be cancelled for this year.

The Time Trial however will proceed, and the start time will be moved up to 11AM. Registration will continue on-line until Friday, and the start list posted on Saturday on the BIcisport website. The cost for everyone will be $20.


This is too bad guys, but I am glad they are making the call early so we can all adjust our weekends accordingly. Hope most people can make TT on Sunday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Team Hotel for Velocity.

Most hotels are sold out around the Velocity Stage race area. I found one that isn't. It probably isn't of the highest 'quality', but it'll do.

I am going to call and book a place right now. Please leave comments if you need a place or would like to room with someone.

BOOK NOW ... this is a small community and they sell out.

Park Avenue Motel, Fort Saskatchewan
1 780 998-4468

So far:
Trev's room: Trev, Rob W., Alex, Frank (full)
Rod's room: Rod, Lachlan, Steve G., Mike C. (full)
James room: James, Mike G. (full)
Stephen K.'s room: Stephen and his family. (full)
Mike Healey's room: Mike, wife, and dog (full)
Ryan and Mark are staying at a different location.
Jason is staying at a different location.
Kristian is staying at a different location.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

And so it begins.

The next two weekends consist of goal races for the club.

Bici and Velocity

Bici (on Sat.) is awesome to bring spectators as it is on a closed small loop with grand stands. So spectators feel like they are really part of the action.

Velocity requires driving up on Friday evening to Edmonton. I will be sending out an email asking who is going and tell you which hotel to book into. It would be good if the whole team stayed at the same hotel.

Please respond to my email stating which races you are doing. We will warm up as a team, race as team, rejoice as a team.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

'This card is HUGE !'

Mike Godfrey says:

I would suggest getting there closer to 6:00 or 6:30, this card is hugely popular and they (Melrose) have been getting a ton of calls. They will have a table set up for us but if there are a ton of people it will be tough to hold it til 8:00. I am going to get there around 6pm.


Alex says:

Tom Boonen could take on both of these guys at the same time !


Kyle says:

I love how G. St-Pierre wears short tight spandex shorts and kicks really high lots.


Dan says:

I bet Matt Serra listens to Shakira to pump himself up before competing like I do.


James says:

I'm only coming if they wear skinsuits...... long sleeved skinsuits.


Jaya says:

Georges so fast !!

Friday, April 18, 2008

UFC 'on' / 20km ITT 'CANCELLED'


We have a table at Melrose for UFC. Try to get there between 7:30 - 8pm so you don't walk in front of me while there is a fight on. See you there.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cabin ride

It was great to see the SpeedTheory showing at the cabin jam last night. There were four of the red and black jerseys out ripping it up (including Steve in his retro wooly).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slayer's Devon Weekend Cat5 race report.

Cat 5 Race Report
The battle of Dan’s good shoulder angel Hans and bad shoulder angel Franz

My mission going into the weekend was to secure two points to get my upgrade to Cat 4. I had a really good time trial and secured the points so the road race on Sunday was strictly for fun and race experience. This is the breakdown of the race and the argument between my shoulder angels and Team ERTC.

At the start of the race on Sunday morning the sky was grey and it looked like we were in for wet weather. One of the Cat 4 Pedalhead riders comes up to me and says “Hey, what does that tattoo say on your calf.” Hans, quite sociable says “Good morning, can you read Chinese?” His response was no so Franz pipes up “It says I am going to pound these Cat 5ers into schnitzel poosies!” I was pretty late in intervening on that one and Hans was mortified.

The race starts and we are cruising along. There were a couple of camera time for the guys that are going to get slammed attacks and I am trying to organize the guys into riding into a pace line as we were heading straight into the wind for 20km. I got the usual response from the guys around me like “Pace line, what’s that?” So I initiate some surges and get some guys riding in an echelon line trading pulls. Hans says “It’s really nice of you to show these independent riders how to ride properly and you are using a nice tone.” Franz yells “Attack these poosies, they are nothing to your pumplitude!”

The ERTC guys come up to me and tell me that there strategy is to do nothing and I am wasting my time. Normal Dan’s reply was “Dude, this is a race, we are currently riding at 15km per hour, you have to be kidding!” That is when one of the ERTC guys surges ahead. The guys says to me, “See, my guy is in front, why would I bridge up to him?” Franz yells at him, “Hey poosie man, he is 30 feet in front of us travelling at 17km per hour, you are a girl and should be embarrassed!”

We got to the first KOM and I finally got some help from Team Cranky and we tempoed right after the summit. We hit the turn around and I blasted off the front for a solo flyer. Hans was quietly talking to me saying “Steady pedaling, watch your effort.” Franz was yelling “Make these poosies SUFFER. (Do I have to quote Stephen Kenny here?) Hit them like the Panzher tanks in the African deserts, GO GO GO GO GO.” I was alone till the middle of the second KOM when I was caught by the chase group and we had secured our breakaway.

With the wind at our backs we hammered. There was 12 of us in the group and we were really gunning for it. Teams were trading pulls, and every chance the ERTC guys could wheel suck, they did. Hans told me, “They look tired, we should let them get more rest.” Franz yelled, “Someone tell those sissy pants they have to work or go ride with the girls!” Dan started yelling (Do I have to quote Michael Godfrey here?) “Hey sausage tits, do some work or get off my wheel!” Hans didn’t like that one, I could hear Franz yelling like a cowboy at Stampede, laughing his a$$ off.

The Velocity boys were really working hard with me and the two independent guys were also strong, we just couldn’t shake ERTC and there “Suck the chrome off a trailer hitch” race plan! Finally after I lead the 77km lead out to the finish, the ERTC guy says, “Dan this our race, let’s go!” That is when Franz yelled back “good work poosie man, never taking a pull and sucking the chrome off my rear derailuer all day guy!”

The end result was me and the boys coming in 8thy place. It was an extremely nice gesture of the Velocity team boys and the independents and the race winner from Cycle Logic to stop after the line and come up to me each one individually to thank me for the work that I did, upping the pace, driving them harder and making them race. They were really cool and want to make sure they can work with us again at the next race, they had a blast. Ryan and Geoff from Velocity were great. Hopefully I can race with those guys again and I know that if my path crosses theirs, they will work with me because we had so much fun and it was a race.

As for the ERTC guys, we were all somewhat disappointed with their lack of effort and intensity, they had the numbers and they should have dictated the race to us, not wheel suck.

I got some great advice from Mr. Stephen Kenny on the way home yesterday. The points will come, the focus should be learning how to race, if you learn how to race and learn the tactics, you’ll get your points. At the end of the day, I knew that I had nothing to lose and I wanted to race. Having 45 guys lolly gag and set up for an entire field sprint finish to me sounds dangerous and after Pigeon Lake, incredibly boring.

To all the guys in Cat 5, pace line riding, echelon riding at supporting each other as a team is the only way to succeed. Learn the tactics from the big dogs like Jared, Steve German and Trev and practice things. The points will come and you will be more satisfied that you went in and you raced the race and not wheel suck and hope to outsprint at the end.

Thanks for a great weekend to Jason, Alex, Michael, Lachlan and Stephen.

‘Slayer’ Dan and the boys.

UFC and 20km TT weekend.

Mike has reserved us a table at Melrose to enjoy UFC. Meet us at around 7:30pm for a great line-up of fights. UFC, being held in Canada for the first time, have managed to get a Canadian in most fights, which is cool. We know who to cheer for.

More info on the UFC fight line up here.

The 20km TT is not a 'focus' race for the club, but is definately recommended as it will be great practise for the upcoming Bici TT and Velocity TT. It will whip your butts into shape and should be a good time if it's not snowing.

For Sunday morning, meet at 10:20am in the specified parking lot. Bring your trainer. We will go through a group warm up, as a proper warm up is very essential for a short TT like this one. We will try to sign up 'enmass' so we all line up together and go into battle together.

More info on the race here.

Recommended heart rate monitors?

What's everyone using for a heart rate monitor? I guess it makes a big difference whether I plan to run with it as well, right? I'm not terribly attached to my current bike computer, so perhaps a new cadence-speed-hrm bike computer is the way to go. Polar, Suunto, Garmin, or something else?

Photo Finish from April 6th

Two of our teammates finished about a half wheel apart on April 6th at the Moment of Truth 20km TT. Exciting finish. Who said TT's were boring to watch !

Stephen will be sporting his new ST Cycling gear this Sunday so the photo ops will be much better.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speed Theory Wool Jerseys

New to Speed Theory are the classic looking high-end wool jerseys. The jerseys are available in both long and short sleeved. These jerseys are now being sold at the store. I bought a long sleeved jersey.

Will A-Train make his winning move in time?

We all know about A-Train's obsession with cycling's current top-hero Tom Boonen. Old news.
We all know A-Train is going to make his competition beg for mercy this year....
...or will he?

What some may not realize, or may just choose to block out of their conscience, is Tom's secret to success. For A-Train to emulate his hero, he better get growing ........ and cutting.

Here is a shot of Boonen making others fight for second:

And here is the result:

But let's take a closer look at that famous hairdo:

That is called a 'North American Traditional Mullet, paired with a Traditional Euro-Hawk'. There is a lot of tradition going on there, and maybe that's why it works.

Here is Tom's hero and mentor Laurent Brouchard, notice any similarities?

So Tom's mentor is a World Champion. A-Train's mentor is a World Champion.

Ergo, for A-Train to succeed, he must get growing..... and cutting.

Note: A-Train usually pictures Tom like this in his head.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Paris-Roubaix Contest Results!

A huge congratulations to Mike Healy who is this year’s wise man of Paris Roubaix. Mike picked four out of the top five guys. Very impressive.

Both Rod and Nyah were very close as well, both picking three out of the top five. We should all feel a little ashamed that a 6-month old has more cycling knowledge then we do.

Should all donations come in, we will have raised $210 towards the scholarship. Mike will be awarded with a tax receipt in that amount and Timex training shirt.

Rob W made an extra donation. His excuse for not actually picking a couple of teams was that he’d been drinking. Rob... when in history has alcohol led us to make poor decisions? Poor excuse :)

Team Mike Healy 130
Team Rod#2 120
Team - Nyah 120
Team Rod#11 90
Team Myles 90
Team Marcotte#1 90
Team – Coeman 90
Team - Jason 90
Team Frank #1 90
Team #1: To Hell (Trev1) 50
Team Alex#1 50
Team Alex#2 50
Team – Tanya 50
Team – Jared 40
Team - German 40
Team Marcotte#2 30
Team Frank #2 10
Tean #2: From Hell (Trev2) 0
Team Sean Kelly 0

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paris-Roubaix Contest

Here's the list for the Paris-Roubaix thus far.

(please note, I've been out of town so the and have only had access to my yahoo email, so the final results and contest entries won't be posted until Monday.

Team #1: To Hell (Trev)

Tean #2: From Hell (Tev2)

Team Alex#1
Tom Boonen
Filippo Pozzato
George Hincapie
Juan Antonio Flecha
Bernard Eisel

Team Alex#2
Stuart O’Grady
Fabian Cancellara
Nick Nuyens
Johan Van Summeren
Magnus Backstedt

Team Rod#11

Team Rod#2

Team Mike Healy
Alesandro Ballan
Tom Boonen
Fabian Cancellara
Stuart O Grady
George Hincapie

Team Sean Kelly
Leif Hoste
Manuel Quinziato
Juan Antonio Flecha
Roger Hammond
Pippo Pozzato

Team Myles
Filippo Pozzato
Juan Antonio Flecha
Fabian Cancellara
Tom Boonen
Philippe Gilbert

Team Marcotte#1
Fabian Cancellara
Tom Boonen
George Hincapie
Thor Hushovd
Magnus Backstedt

Team Marcotte#2
Mark Cavendish
Magnus Backstedt
Nick Nuyens
Alessandro Ballan
Stijn Devolder

Team - Nyah
Tom Boonen
Juan Antonio Flecha
Fabian Cancellara
Fillipo Pozzato
Allesandro Ballan

Team – Tanya
George Hindicapie
Juan Antonio Flecha
Lief Hoste
Tom Boonen
Filipo Pozzato

Team – Jared
Steven De Jongh
Kurt-Asle Arvesen
Thomas Fothen
Nick Nuyens
Fabian Cancellara

Team – Coeman
Leif Hoste
Stijn DeVolder
Tom Boonen
Fabian Cancellara
Filipo Pozzato

Team - Jason
Leif Hoste
Tom Boonen
Stijn Devolder
Fabian Cancellara
Thor Hushovd

Team - German
stign devolder
oscar frier
george hincapie
jaun flecha
fabian cancellara

Team Frank #1

Team Frank #2

Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Sunday Ride (Not to Out Do A-Train)


I sent an email this afternoon about a ride I was planning to do on sunday. I have to get out earlier in the day so that I can get some road training and mountain bike training in. I am planning a 75km road ride on 1A to Big Hill springs Road and then back on Bearspaw-Burma road. I am leaving the Royal Oak Walmart at 10:00am. After that I am heading to Nose Hill for 2 hours of intensity training. I've got do everything I can to see Trev's vapor trail at Transrockies this summer.

If you want to leave a comment that you would like to join me, please do so. It will be much easier then riding with A-Train. He's a savage, takes no prisoners and likes to make me cry!

Slayer Dan

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday Ride

This City has crazy weather!

Anyways, unless Mr. Forecast has this wrong as well, it is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Therefore I'm going riding and anyone is welcome to join. I plan to leave the Extreme Bean on Parkdale Avenue around 1:00pm and head out west somewhere.

Leave a comment if you are going to join so we don't leave without you.

Here is map to Extreme Bean.

Paris-Roubaix is coming!!

Make sure to read all the new posts today !! There have been quite a few.

Great Commute

This mornings commute was awesome! Big fluffy snow flakes and stuck cars everywhere.

I am thinking of returning my TT helmet after looking at my helmet today.

Bike to work day

Friday April 11th is Calgary's "Bike to Work Day." Join Rob W by commuting on your P3C with aero helmet and win the commuter Olympics.

More information can be found at:

UFC night ... at Melrose

One of our better connected team dudes is getting us a table at Melrose for April 19th for the most anticipated UFC line up of the year !

This is great opportunity to watch some entertainment and get us pumped for the TT racing the next day. We need about 7 people for Melrose to agree to reserve us a table. Please comment here if you plan on coming.

The fight card is totally awesome ! Even Jason Macdonald from Edmonton is fighting!

Rides this weekend.

Guys, the weather is supposed to be awesome.

Can several of you 'vets' post group ride start times and locations as posts so people wanting to join can comment on them that they'll be there?

To everyone:

Thanks for coming out last night and picking up our gear. We had 23 of 27 members make it last night.

We are also a club of 28 as we got a new member too ! Lachlan Holmes has bolstered our Cat5 rankings as of last night. He competed in the Cranky 20km TT and posed a 32:05 for his first TT ever. Nice.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CLOTHING ! Please pick up Wed. night from 6pm - 9pm.

Our clothes have arrived and we will distribute in conjunction with ST's special ST Cycling Sale.

They will be available to pick up Wed. April 9th at the store from 6pm - 9pm.


Just a heads up: You get the awesome price on everything you PRE-ORDERED. After this you will get a good discount on gear, but not the early-bird awesomeness price. This was an incentive to joining the club early and I want to keep it as a 'reward' for people who joined the club early.


This pick up is NOT for SKINSUIT, RR HELMETS as these have been made on special order.

Any questions? If so, you are probably not the only one, so leave it in Comments and I will answer it for everyone.

Membership ?

I have had several requests from people interested in joining our club now that the weather is nice. This is great. However our initial membership package doesn't really apply anymore, as you will have to send in your membership license directly to the ABA and then provide the club with the appropriate things.

You can get a hold of one of our club at:

Here is a link to the original 'Membership Package' as all the commitments will still apply (e.g. volunteer commitment).

Great to see our club is attracting new members. We had such a great group at the first TT I hope we can continue to build as a TEAM and race as a TEAM. That's when it gets super fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moment of Truth, Crankmaster 20km TT #1 / Glencoe Icebreaker 10km run

Well, it was the first race of the season, and SpeedTheorists gave a great showing today as they dusted off their racing legs and gave a rolly 20km TT a try. In previous years, the Crankys have chosen flat TT routes, not so anymore. Check out the elevation profile, provided by our Andy Hill.

The conditions were excellent. A moderate head/cross wind on the way out, and a tail/cross on the way back.

It seems 'the teacher' managed to hold back one small shred of knowledge, but only managed to squeak out beating A-Train by ONE SECOND !! I must now realize that I will probably get destroyed by him in subsequent TTs. But I will NOT go down without a fight :) I have already logged 2 high intensity workouts in the time between the race and posting this (4 hours after the race).

Trevor Gunderson demolished the field with a very impressive 26:22 for this time of year. Lev continues to impress everyone with his speedyness in Master D.

A big THANK YOU to the Crankmasters for hosting a great event.

Here are our club results:

Trev Williams 28:35
Alex Shaw 28:36
Stephen Kenny 30:20
Rod MacAlister 31:13
James Tallian 31:19
Rob Lukacs 31:32
Dan Sigouin 32:13
Steve German 32:30
Mike Healy 33:08
Rob Woolley 35:32
Andy Hill 39:34

Full results here

You can click on these photos to make them larger. They show Andy, Steve, A-Train, and Rob heading out from the start line.


There were several members of our club that competed in the Glencoe Icebreaker 10km this morning as well.

Kyle Marcotte had an excellent time of 34:28 finishing 5th overall.
Jared Green pushed his daughter Nyah in a titanium ultra-light Chariot for an unbelievable time of 39:05 (That boy is fit). However, the judges are still looking for photos as it is believed Jared cut two legs holes in the chariot and allowed Nyah to assist him by pushing Flintstone-style.
Sandra Yaworski finished second in her age-group with a 43:24.
Frank Woolstencroft ran to a 'faster-than-last-year' performance of 35:31
Trev ran a 35:14 which is a minute slower than last year :(

The weather was perfect for the run. Dry streets, calm winds, and perfect temperatures.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Predicotr for the Paris-Roubaix contest?

Ronde van Vlaanderen is this weekend. With many of the big name riders racing, the results from this race could be a good predictor to help choose your riders for Paris-Roubaix contest.

Check out the start list.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BBQ This Saturday!

Speed Theory BBQ is this Saturday April 5th!

Menu is to be burgers and smokies, Dan will have salads and all the fixings. some chips and other snack stuff as well.

Where: 33 Arbour Stone Rise NW (Click me for google map directions)

When: 4:30-5:00pm start.

Who: Everyone is invited and bring your kids. If you have any special diet requirements please let me know in advance.
1) leave a comment in this post
2) email speedtheoryteam@gmail.com
3) Contact Dan: 366-6119


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prepare for Sunday's TT with this New Zipp Product

From Zipp, press release: (Speedway , Indiana, April 1, 2008.) Zipp products today announced the release of the Zipp Speed Weaponry Aerodynamic Dimpling Device (SWADD). " The effect of dimpling rims was so great, it was logical to take this technology to other parts of the bike, team car, furniture, etc." Said Steve Hed, senior engineer at Zipp. The head is solid CNC'd titanium with a high modulus carbon fiber shaft, also molded with nanotubes and new proprietary picotubes. "We tried femtotubes, but the cost-benefit at $100,000 per gram seemed too high".

This technology is optimized for aluminum, steel or titanium frames, further wind tunnel tests showed striking results, bikes caught fire from air friction.

This device will now cross over into the new line of "Zipp Weaponry", combining speed weaponry with military weaponry. "We hope that with technology like this, we can save enough drag such that a rider can theoretically win a race by just rolling to the start line." The SWADD weighs 1.2kg, this summer Zipp is releasing the SWADD-SL RED at twice the price for 1.18kg, but only 600 will be released, and you can't have one.
Available at Speed Theory Calgary store only on April 1, 2008.

Cat 5 Ride #4


I am on a course all day at SAIT today and will not be able to access email or internet till after 5:00pm. Is there anyone interested in braving the cold tonight. If yes, post that you are meeting me at the Royal Oak, walmart. If there are no responses then we will skip it and wait till we have some warmer weather. Like NEVER! Departure time will be 7:00pm.


Full Calendar