Sunday, January 22, 2017

STC Part / Race Wrap Up

Great times at the STC AGM/Party/Race last night.

It is well known that I am a terrible Beer Miler, but I may have finally found my calling:  Beer Bike Racing!

The rules were simple:   10km Rolly TT. Fastest time wins.  Bonus 2min if you drink a full beer inside the race and keep it down. Bonus 1min if you drink a full beer inside the race and don't keep it down.

What I seriously lacked for in watts compared to about 7 cyclists last night, I made up for in beer consumption!!

Fun STC party,  Trev hitting a 'Beer Breakaway'.

Keep you eyes on this page for the next event in a couple weeks!  

We'll also be posting the clothing order here soon.

Thank you to everyone who came last night. See you all soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let's Ring in 2017, STC Style! (UPDATED with sign up link for Sat.) (UPDATED, FAMILY FRIENDLY!)

Now that the chaos of the holidays is but a distant, frozen memory, let's get pumped for the season ahead!  Hold the date;

January 21st, CRUSH-FEST, AGM and PARTY
Marie and Trev will have their kids there.

Let's start 2017 right.  Plan to be in The Engine Room at Speed Theory at 5:30pm for an evening of Crushing it!  Riders up for heats of a flat(ish) 10km TT on the Computrainers.  (Sign up link here.)

We will plan to hold an efficient, concise AGM to lay out some of the plans for the club this year as well as an update for the new and improved JLap.

Then we can kick back, and enjoy some bevy's, snacks and the wicked company of teammates.
If you have a friend that is considering joining, please bring them along.  They will get a great feel for our club's culture.


Membership link for 2017 is live.  Sign up here!  That way you can continue to use the blog to post training rides and get togethers.  (Yes, some of us ride outside all year long... it's a denial thing.)

Monthly indoor races/rides will be scheduled starting with our January AGM, and continuing until the weather beckons us to take the trainer tires off.

January - Flat(ish) 10k ITT  (Sign up here)
February - Rollers all the way
March - Hill Climb mega challenge
April - Circuit Course with drafting turned on

Clothing orders will be taken shortly.  We typically do two orders, in Febuary and June. With so many of us riding later in the season and testing the waters of "Cross" don't forget to add a fleece lined winter kit in there!

This year we are hoping to offer skills clinics and a bit more formal guidance for new and newer racers.  The Women's "Learn to ride and race" weekend will happen in April.  We would like to also add in Men's Cat 5 "Road Race" and "Crit Race" clinics in addition to the ABA learn to race weekend that they typically offer.  If you have any other ideas for what you may be interested in or would like to offer, hunt one of us down at the AGM or shoot us an email!

See you at the AGM!

Trev, Michael, Marie, Dennis and Darcy

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