Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crankmasters ITT is on Sunday September 30

I just checked their website - they are going ahead with the TT Sunday September 30 -same time same place as last weeks cancelled event.

Anybody going?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Vancouver International Half Iron

A brutal ocean swim, and rainy tough 84km ride, and a nice flat 19.5km trail run.

Our own Paul Connolly finished a great 9th male overall and 2nd in his division in this inaugural event.

Full Results found here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

May the wind be always at your back

Hey guys.

Just wanted to drop a quick note and give a huge shout out to Trev and Alex, congrats you guys on some awesome results!

I arrived back in Calgary a few days ago from my trip to Hamburg for World's.

Quick turn around as I'm all packed up and am leaving tomorrow to start Chiropractic College in Potland OR.

I was hoping to do a proper race report about my experience at World's but I fell short on time.

If anyone is on Facebook I have heaps of pics posted. Feel free to add me as a friend: Peter Lawson .Calgary Network.

It was by far the hardest Triathlon I have ever done. 16C water temp caused some bad cramping on the swim. We had ~ 700-800m run to transition from the swim exit. My legs were pretty beat up once I got onto the bike.

The crowd support was spectacular and their energy helped carry me to a PB 10km split and the honour of bringing home a Silver meal for Canada.

It was a blast getting to know you guys and doing some road racing this season.

All the best to everyone and I look forward to reading about some good results for next year



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday Night Ride

We're not going for anything extremely hard here. We just want to get out and enjoy riding before the weather turns cold. The more people that can come the better.

We'll meet at the Extreme Bean around 6:15pm. I believe Steve and James are already in. Post a comment if you can come so we don't leave without you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Masters Provincial Champion.....Trev Williams

Well, Speed Theory now hosts two Provincial Champions this season as Trev repeated as Masters Champion in Crossfield yesterday.

The day started with perfect riding conditions, sunny, clear, +15, and moderated wind. By days end it became a scorcher thanks to the wheels of Trev Williams, who torched the course and left those attempting to hang on in udder disarray.

A two man break took off almost right from the beginning with the pack staying in check. Then towards the end of lap one Trev decided it was go time and by himself began to reel the two leaders in. Only a quarter of the way through the second and final lap Trev had caught the twosome. However the pleasantries would only last temporarily as Trev turned it up another notch and at the halfway mark of lap number two he had shed the two riders and had about a 2 minute advantage. He continued to pick'em up and lay'em down cruising to a victory that saw no one in the distance. Although waiting for the official results the estimated time before another rider crossed the finish line was about 5-6 minutes. Total domination!!!

Congrats Trev on an epic ride.

Full Results Here

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Old Guy Provincials and Norquay 5km TT Hill Climb

Guys... I am signed up for the Masters A race this weekend. Who else is?

Mike H., haven't heard from you recently, are you racing this weekend?
Kirk and Carl...where the hell are you guys?

The Norquay Hill climb is next weekend on the 16th. A great little race you can bring your family too since it doesn't take long, then you can hit banff for lunch ! Who's doing it?

I am heading to Vancouver to race the Half Iron there so I won't see you in Norquay, hope to see most of you this weekend in Crossfield.

Monday, September 3, 2007

40km TT in Cloverlawn

Keen to collect some points in Cat4 and try to go under 1 hour for a 40km TT, Alex convinced Fast Legs Frank and I to head up to Cloverlawn for the 4th and final ITT in the Provincial Race Series.

The start list was posted and I was to go second from last.... directly in front of Alberta's ITT Godfather, Bruce Copeland.

As my countdown was getting closer and closer to zero, I was trying to psych myself up for a whole lot of hurt keeping Copeland off for as long as possible. My plan was to completely throw pacing myself out the window and just try to keep Copeland behind me for 20km. I shot out of the start gate like a rocket and hammered with fury and fear.... he passed me at 14km.

All in all, a fairly successful day out there:

Alex 4th in Cat4 at 59:44 (He beat one hour !!)
Frank 3rd in Cat3 at 56:55
Trev 2nd in Cat2 at 53:23

Full results here

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