Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos / Video / Race Reports from JayLap / Results

Here are some links submitted by some racer/spectators.

Womens Crit: Here

Cat 1/2 Crit: Here

Cat 3 Crit: Here

Cat 4 Crit: Here

Cat 5 Crit: Here and Here and Here and Tom K's Road Race Report

Misc: Here

Video of weekend from Bryon Howard.

Results: The Provincial Championship ITT is here. Note Gideon's fantastic time. Claire Cameron is a BC rider, so Kelly-Lynn is the new Provincial ITT Champion, winning over Tanya Soloman by 0.3 seconds ?!?!? Tight race!
The results to the Crit, Road Race, and Omnium are here.

James Janzen (a previous race), Sonia Utting, Stephen Lund, Cody Godlonton, Dale Hildebrand, Michael Hoang, Bryon Howard, Chris Hooper, and Michael Waldhuber will all have their prizes sitting at SpeedTheory as of this weekend. Please pick up at your earliest convenience.


Steve P said...

'Dawn - Pink Chick' from flickr has a photo set that covers up to the end of the Cat 5 race: link

Rick C said...

I know I finished the crit somewhere in the middle, but I don't see my number there. Too late to complain?

Rick C said...

Checked the video - It looks like I was 8th.

Steve P said...

More Cat 5 pics!

Rick C said...

Another 2 upgrade points down the drain.

kelly.ot said...

Congrats to Marilyn who finsihed 4th in the womens omnimum. Highest speedtheory women!!

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