Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour de Bowness

Who's in for the Tour de Bowness?

MC - Dallas
Women - 2 - Sandra (The Elusive Quad), Kelly (Crit, RR)
Cat2 - 5 - Keith (Crit, RR), Trev (Tour), Jared (Tour), Carson (Tour), Dennis (HC, RR),
Cat3 - 3 - Ryan (Tour), Stephen (HC, RR), Harley (Tour)
Cat4 - 5 - Rob L. (Tour), Clarke (RR), Thomas (Tour), Joel (Tour), Dan (Tour)
Cat 5 - 14 - Tom K. (HC,RR), Matt (Tour), Darcy G (Tour), Rob. W. (Tour), David M. (Tour), Mike Hoang (Tour), Darryl (HC, RR), Mike C. (RR), Mark (Tour), Carl (Tour), Chris Hooper (RR), Rick (Tour), Paul R. (RR), Peter Verburg (RR)

[Editor] OK, guys... a short Hill Climb like this requires a massive warm up with some short intense small chainring intervals prior to the start. I will try to get there early and set up my mag and be warming up early. Let's warm up 'en-mass'. I love warming up while listening to dudes that have just raced, with the 3-up format, there are some fun stories. We don't have a tent or truck this weekend due to the 70.3, but just look for me (Trev).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tour De Bowness Crit Preview

A first person ride-through of the 2009 Le Tour de Bowness Crit Course to get you pumped to race this weekend!


[Editor] Another thing to get you pumped. We are currently FIRST Road Team in Alberta!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's on !!

Here are our two posters for our events. If you have the capability, print them out and start plastering them everywhere. Tell your friends and workmates we have a Citizen's Class again!! I want that dude with the paniers to show up again.

Sponsorship for the JayLap

Guys, does anyone have any experience with asking companies for 'help' in return for advertising. I am looking at asking companies that will directly help our bottom line. Like: does anyone have a relationship with Tim Hortons?? Last time we bought everything, but would they be willing to throw the food to us in return for there logo on our wicked awesome poster (which is coming soon). Is there a company that can donate some prize money? Is there a company that can donate 5 vans for follow vehicles? Is there a motorcycle club that wouldn't mind riding with the racers to take video or something cool like that? Please come forward if you can take on one of these tasks.

I will be making up a detailed schedule of events in the next few days that will detail where and when we need people. Then you guys will have the opportunity to sign up yourself or your volunteer.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

24 Hours Solo update.

His name is Dallas Morris and I suspect he's tougher than you. Having conquered the Race Across the West, Dallas decided to use the 24 Hour Solo World Championships MTB race as his cool down. You may be sickened by this but rejoice in your mere humanity as Dallas is clearly a bike riding machine sent back in time to ride bikes. But to those who know him the story is much different, in fact they would tell you that this is just another day in the life of Dallas Morris. Racer, Teammate extraordinaire, Cycling Advocate, Volunteer, Teacher (to the newer racers), etc. Once Cross season is done there are rumors that Dallas will make his UFC debut with his newly honed fighting style of 'Bicycle Kicking' and 'Bear Stalking'. Dallas, congrats I toast you and your recent victories. I hope you understand why I will never do the cabin ride with you. ;-)

Congrats to the rest of the Speed Theorists that were competing. I look forward to hearing your tales.

From the 24hrs Site:

DALLAS MORRIS: “This was my cool-down from the Race Across The West.”

Vic Armijo

Every solo rider at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin Solo World Championship finishes with some physical remnants—saddle sores, blistered feet or hands, general fatigue and “dead legs.” But fifth place rider Dallas Morris (CAN) started this event with all of the above. See, just over a month ago he raced and won the Race Across the West, the sort of “junior” version of the Race Across America that “only” goes from Oceanside, California to Taos, New Mexico; a distance of 1141 miles. “If I hadn’t done the Race Across the West I would have been up with the leaders here. I coulda been a contender,” he said after crossing the line here today. “I was already fairly battered when I got here,” he added.

This race heaped more torture on his already damaged carcass, “I bashed my feet on some rocks and think I may have broken a toe,” he said. “Really, you think you broke a toe?” I asked. “Let’s find,” he said as he sat down and pulled off his cycling shoes. “No,” he said as he examined his obviously abused feet, “But that toe nail is going to come off. And it’s just barely grown back from what I did to here last year!” And then there are his hands, which both bear blisters on top of the calluses he developed at R.A.W., despite him having taped them up, motocross racer style. “This course is fun, but it pounds your body in ways you’d never think possible,” he said, “You’ve got to be sharp all the time or there are going to be bad things happening—the rocks, the roots, the holes, it’s all tough.”

And then there are the large carnivores, “I saw a grizzly bear this morning, about a two-year-old, a scruffy little guy.” Morris sorta fed the bears early this morning too when a meal that he had in his pit didn’t sit well. “I’m almost a hundred and ninety pounds, so I need some real meals. I’d had a Mr. Noodles and a Coke, I had some rice mile and some chocolate covered espresso beans and about half-way up the first climb and—release the demons trail side! I felt a lot better after that. I even ended up doing a really fast lap afterward!”

But despite the toughness of this event he says that “We ain’t sweatin’ this twenty-four thing, because look what we did last month. After doing that 1100 mile event, this is like my cool-down, you know.” Still, Morris said that his race season is effectively over, “I need to heal up and recover completely. Last year I did this event and then two weeks later I did Trans-Rockies. Not this year.” But for a bike obsessive like Dallas Morris, the break between seasons is short, “The first cyclocross races of the season are at the end of the month,” he said with a gleam that revealed his true anticipation.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dallas competing solo at 24 Hours of Adrenalin.

Dallas will be fighting off some of the best off-road, two-wheeled, endurance athletes in the world in Canmore tomorrow ... and through the night into Sunday. 24 hours website.

Usually this event is big enough that the solo guys are covered on Cyclingnews and VeloNews.

Good luck Dallas.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cloverlawn/Keephills ITT seems to be cancelled

FYI, the EMCC ITT scheduled for next weekend (July 25) is not on the ABA calendar anymore... and the EMCC website doesn't mention it either.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photos and Videos from last night.

Don Huber of the Highwood Cycling Club took some photos and videos of the race last night.

Thanks Don.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did you get a weird email from 'Blogger' ??

It seems that everyone on our 'Reader List' got an email today that Blogger thinks we are a spam blog. Not sure why we got singled out, but I have sent in an 'Unlock Request', so please disregard this email. Thanks, Trev.

Friday Ride and Social

I'm a single man for a week so I get to do stuff not normally afforded a married man with kids.

I challenge all Speed Theory Cat 5/4 and women to kick my sorry ass. If I lose, I'll buy the 1st round of beer at my house after. (In other words, expect a free beer at my house). All others can unofficially race amongst themselves.

Here's the plan:
6:30pm - depart from 22x and 37th street SW
Head S on 733, W on 549, N on 22 and E on 22x (about 53km) AKA, the Road to Nepal loop #1

[Editor:] Also look on Training Ride Forum for a ride posted by Trev for this Sat.


Sorry for the delay, I didn't want to announce anything until all our ducks were in a row with the ABA, Alberta Transportation, etc.

Stoney Trail Constructors (Lorie Holte) have agreed to completely suspend all work on the entire section of NE Stoney Trail for the weekend of Aug 22nd and 23rd !! This means that we have approximately 21km of completely finished double carriage way 5 lane highway for the ENTIRE WEEKEND. (This makes for 42km of closed highway)

I didn't want to let an opportunity like this get wasted, so we have decided to put on a 3 stage Stage Race, beginning with the Provincial ITT Championships on Sat. morning, then a wicked Criterium in the evening, then an amazing Road Race on Sunday.

Stoney Trail Constructors have said the highway will have its final coating of concrete and will be mostly painted and completely signed by the end of August. This means that we will be racing on completed highway!

The Provincial ITT Championships: This will be a 40km event with one hairpin at 20km (this will be an 8 lane u-turn, so hardly reason to slow down). Racers will have 5lanes in EACH direction to simply put their heads down and hammer. This will be a PB course and a true test of just how fast you can go for 40km. The only significant elevation change will be going over the 16th avenue interchange, which has about 10meters of vertical. This event will be part of the stage race or a racer can choose to race this individually. There will be a citizen class just like for Race the Ring, so even non-ABA members can come out and give this unique course a try.

The Metis Trail Criterium: This will be a completely unique opportunity to incorporate highways and interchanges into a Criterium. We have devised a course that utilizes the on and off ramps of the new Metis Trail / Stoney Trail interchange to make for a super exciting Criterium with slight elevation changes and a 5 lane highway sprint finish! This will be ultra spectator friendly and should be a safe and fun course. We are going to label this race 'The Equalizer' as we will give time bonus' for lap primes and finish so the non-ITT specialists are motivated to try and destroy the ITT guys and make back time.

The TdF style Road Race: Here is the super awesomeness. The road race will be approximately 130 - 160km for the Cat1/2s (successively shorter for each Cat down) and the peloton will enjoy the ability to race on the ENTIRE highway. There will be no center line rule. It will be as if Columbia-HTC just signed you and you are free to form a lead-out train or Saxo Bank just released you to go on a crazy break. We have a special great section that includes a trip around the 16th avenue fly-over interchange clover-leaf that will introduce several short steepish climbs on each 40km lap.

I am really excited to be announcing this and hope this club and all other clubs embrace this event as it should go down as one of the most unique opportunities for Albertan cyclists in a long time.

(We are giving the Prov. TTT Champs to Jasper)
(Thomas and I will have a detailed volunteer list up soon to sign up for)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got this email today.

Dear Club Presidents.

The Recreation and Transportation Committee of the Alberta Bicycle Association is seeking the views of Albertans, both members and non-members of the Alberta Bicycle Association, regarding cycling in the Province of Alberta. We want to use this information to advocate for the needs of Albertans to improve their cycling experiences.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes. We greatly appreciate if you can forward the following link to your members or can post it on your website.

Start Survey

Kipp Kaufmann, Executive Director, Alberta Bicycle Association

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stampede RR 2009- The Womem's Race

First of all, I want to congratulate Amanda for completing her first RR!! It was great to have another female teammate to ride with. As for the race, it was great! My race tactic was the same as always- stay with the group and have fun! And that's what happened. The 6 participants started out together, but half way around the first lap we split up into two groups. I managed to keep up with the "Big Girls" (more experienced riders) until the middle of the 3rd lap, when I dropped my chain on the series of hills along the back side of the course. Unfortunately I had to stop to put it back on, and despite my efforts, was not able to catch up to them.

I big thanks to the bici and synergy ladies who layed the hurt down and made me suffer! Also, great to see so many other speed theorists out there!

More Tales from Sunday's Stampede RR

Just to add to the dittys penned by Trev and Dan, Sunday was great! Nice work to all Speed Theorists and supporting casts...
As for the A race, a few of us had been plotting what to do and when (thinking that we would be able to control the race like the Elite guys did so admirably), however, the wheels of any plan we had well and truly fell off as the main bunch rolled past the feed zone on the second lap and a couple of fast looking Bici lads made a jump with two Synergy guys quickly bridging the gap to make for a breakaway! Not wanting a good group to get away without Speed Theory flying the flag in there I leapt off to catch them up. Six of us worked together pretty well and maintained a good gap on the rest of the riders. Things began to spice up a little on lap four with a couple of riders testing the water and turning the screws a little. By lap five the six men became four. I wasn't keen on a sprint finish so tried to drop the other guys twice on two separate climbs on the backside of the course - alas, it was futile as there was no fooling them of my intentions. Looked like we were going to duke it out to the bitter end. The final few km saw the tempo up a little, the four men became three, one of whom (not I) tried one last desperate attempt at glory and shot off with about 2km to go. The remaining Bici lad and I got back onto his wheel, and the sprint was now on as we all battled for position. There had been reminders called from the side of the road earlier on that it was an uphill finish so be wary! I attempted to bide my time, but with momentum and excitement on my side I began to roll beyond the two other guys and had to jump start my sprint way out!!!! Neglecting to realize that not all Brits sprint like Cavendish (especially not the skinny stick men like me) I thought I had it easily, but those last fifty metres seemed like miles to the old legs and I imagined that Bici lad was coming up quick. The wobbly legs just managed to squeak me over the line in first (phew) and so a good outing for ST in the race!
Obviously the elite fellers did an incredible job too, and it's always just great fun to be riding around a nice course with a bunch of team mates.
On a final note, here's the musings of Scott Martin about why cycling is what it is and why we do it.....

"To be a cyclist is to be a student of cycling's core lies pain, hard and bitter as the pit inside a juicy peach. It doesn't matter if you're sprinting for an Olympic medal, a town sign, a trail head, or the rest stop with the homemade brownies. If you never confront pain, you're missing the essence of the sport. Without pain,there's no adversity. Without adversity, no challenge. Without challenge, no improvement. No improvement, no sense of accomplishment and no deep-down joy. Might as well be playing Tidily-Winks."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The team at Stampede. UPDATED with Slayer Dan's recount of the Action !

Well, we had a great turnout for the Stampede Road Race today. The Crankmasters run this unique event every year where it is split up into age categories instead of ability categories. However, racers have the option to enter the 'Elite' race if you are Cat1/2 or 3 regardless of age. For the Elite race, our team consisted of Dallas, Alex, Frank, Thomas, Keith, Trev. For the Master's A race the team was Simon, Harley, Slayer Dan, Ale, Darcy, and Chris Hooper. For Master B we had Darryl and Rick. For Masters C we had Mike G and Mike H. For women we had Amanda and Kailee.

I can talk about the Elite race, and hopefully someone will pipe up with accounts of the others.

Elite Race Report: The Short: Team Awesomeness

The Long: We went in with a plan. The plan was to get Dallas into a break in the latter half of the race, and since Brian Robinson was the next strongest guy, it would be good if he was in it too. The rest of us would be super aggressive and wear people down until that time. Then we'd cover for Dallas. The plan was laid to perfection, which almost never happens, so it was ultra cool to be part of it! Frank started things off at about kilometer 2 with an attack on the uphill section about 10min after the neutral flag was dropped. As soon as he came back our team just attacked and attacked and attacked. How fun is that?? !! Frank was absolutely amazing!! It was his massive break on lap 3 that created the decisive move. As soon as Frank came back, Dallas got away with Brian and with the help of Bow Cycle (Brian's team) we shut things down. We let two riders go once we knew Dallas and Brian had the win locked up thinking they would come back, however they put in a monster effort and caught up to the guys and contributed to the breakaway's success. So we just locked everything down knowing that Dallas can handle himself in a sprint !! Alex and I had done our jobs and were smiling when we dropped off the shredded chase group. We stopped at the finish line to watch the sprint and screamed like crazy when Dallas took the sprint !!

Good work to Brian for almost defending his Stampede title. That guy is getting stronger and stronger and I am looking forward to watching him progress.

The Lantern Rouge Post from the Masters A Group


Wow, what a tough race yesterday! At the start, Simon and I were discussing some of the points of the course and the types of climbs they were and positioning within the peloton. Our goal was to be in the leading positions at the first sharp corner leaving Dog Pound and then get at the climbs.

The first lap was uneventful, checking out the road conditions and observing the group. The winds were testy and it was good to see the best lines on the road.

Lap 2, Simon, Alejandro and Harley broke away with a group of riders and I could not join them. They all looked super strong and climbed away from me. I was able to bridge up to a single rider that got dropped and we worked together to pick up another 2 riders. Within half a lap, we had an excellent echelon going that had 8 riders and we could see the leaders. We were working fairly well together and making some time back. I have mentioned in the past in race reports regarding the lack of riding skills and basic techniques of wind riding and positioning. Once again I find myself as the "Paceline Coach" telling riders where they should go, how long they should pull for, and why it doesn't make sense tactically to ride solo, when a group of 8 could make serious time gains.

Well on Lap 3 my hard effort of organizing the 8 riders went bust. Team Bicisport attacked on the north section, splitting the chase group apart. I was at my limits trying to match the surges and at the hard east corner, I started suffering. As I made the climb, the group surged ahead again, by Bicisport and I was done. When the elastic snaps, it really snaps. I was laying in the ditch like I had just been hit in the face by a bungy chord!

I was able to ride back to the golf course with Thomas. I was hoping that my well mannered jokes and witty remarks would motivate him to continue riding with me. He went straight (chicken!) and I turned for the start of my completely solo, no water, no nutrition final two laps.

I suffered, boy did I suffer. It was fun to continue though and focus on spinning and building some endurance. On my last two laps I saw only two riders moving forward. One of the guys from the High River club and Harley's girlfriend. Can't remember her name (sorry). My family came out on the course and saw me on some the sections. It is always cool to hear the encouragement from your kids. I'm not sure if they could tell how much the daddy was suffering though. "Mommy mommy, is daddy's face supposed to be purple like that?"

In all, very tough race, and those short steep climbs really took in out of me. I'm not sure if riding the course 1 full lap as a warm up was a good idea. Sometimes I don't deal with peer pressure well. Thanks Mr. Healy!

Also, next year, I'm not going to drive Dallas to the race. The last 2 laps I kept thinking to myself, "How can I drop out of this race with a healthy DNF and drive the guy that just won Ride Across the West home, he's going to think I'm a tool!"

Good job to all that raced. Everyone looked really strong and fit. Simon and Dallas, you guys are freakin awesome!

Slayer Dan

Friday, July 10, 2009


I mean, really... if you're chunky and you happen to win a mountain top finish, at least zip up !

Click on the picture....yikes.

Thought you should know.


I just wanted to let everyone know that last night a co-worker of mine was doing hill repeats at Edworthy yesterday, and some broke into his and is riding partners cars. Some stuff was stolen and thief attempted to make some purchases right away on there credit cards.

He felt it was more than just a random brake in since the locks on there cars where popped with a tool and every car in there riding group was hit. So someone might have been watching them.

Just thought people should know so they can protect themselves if leaving your car while doing a workout. He has reported it to the police, so hopefully this helps stop this in the future.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


There have been quite a few posts lately, here are the essentials:

1.) BBQ at Trev's from 4 - 7:30pm this Sat. Map to Trev's house.
2.) UFC at Dallas' from 8pm - whenever Lesner wins. Map to Dallas' house.
3.) Stampede Road Race July 12th. Go hard.
4.) Big news still coming. But make sure you have a volunteer lined up for Aug. 22nd/23rd for the JayLap races.

A couple deals from SpeedTheory for the team.

To the Speed Theory Race Team

For a limit of time, Speed Theory is offering the following discounts on Argon 18 bikes.

Please note that all bikes are only available with the listed wheels and Shimano Dura Ace/Ultegra mix of components unless otherwise stated. Check out for more information.

Gallium with Mavic Elite Wheels $3399.99

Gallium with Mavic Equipe Wheels $3279.99

Krypton with Mavic Equipe Wheels $2639.99

Krypton with Mavic Aksium Wheels $2439.99

E-114 with Mavic Aksium Wheels $3999.99

E-122 with Mavic Aksium Wheels $2959.99

Electron – Framset only $722.49

Arsenic with Mavic Aksium Wheels and $2159.99

Shimano 105/Ultegra mix

All offers are only valid for the duration of the Tour de France and special prices are subject to availability. For more information and a complete list of components and available sizes call or email the store.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Darcy Bell - Manager

ST Racer Upgrades

The ABA has updated the Alberta Road Cup spreadsheet. Congrats to:

- Keith B. and Lockie H.: Moving from Cat 3 to Cat 2 (although Keith didn't sound too impressed a WNS last night).

- Clarke E.: Up to Cat 4 from Cat 5. It's always nice to see a young padawan move up through the ranks, although I sure could have used his help in the Tour de Bowness...

If I missed anyone, please post.

Impressive bike handling

Some amazing free-cycling. I was really impressed, and I'm not that easy to impress...oh, look! A blue car!

Calgary 70.3

The 70.3 is quickly approaching and we are critically short of volunteers in many areas. Personally, I am looking for about half a dozen Drafting Marshals (no experience required) and many Bike Course Marshals. But there are many areas we are looking for people,many of which will fit your schedule even if you are racing!

If you are racing, get a relative, significant other, friend, coworker etc to volunteer.
If you are not racing, now is you chance to volunteer (and bring a friend!)

You can register at www. under the volunteer tab

If you have already signed up as a volunteer, THANK YOU!

Night Owl or Morning person

Do you think the time of day changes your performance?

I'm pretty sure that I perform better in the afternoon than the morning.

TransAlps Update 3

Transalps Update - Way late

Before I start with the update Tracy used our ride through the Alps as an opportunity to raise money for Canadian winter athletes. If you would like to read her press release and even make a donation to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund to help winter athletes as they approach the Olympics goto

Day 3
By day 3 we moved up from last place to 9th in womens. It was a measly 120km ride with a 15km climb at 18% grade in places, similar to the Giants Head. Honestly, I thought I was going to die at times. During the ride I was surrounded by Canadians, sponsored by TNA (The New Aristia which is a clothing company). At this point Tracy and I were starting to iron out how we were going to race together. Our different strengths and weaknesses made it difficult to ride together like most of the teams did. Eventually, we were both happy to ride on our own and jump on any train that was near us. The race organization found out that Tracy was an Olympian and was interviewing her and taking pics of us. Apparently we have some pics of us on their website. It was on Day 3 that I declared myself a true cyclist as I found myself with my bare ass hanging out in front of many people while I got a massage. I was cycling porn.

Day 4
90km ride and we came 5th that day. Tracy was getting stronger by this day. Our GS moved up another position from 9th to 8th. The day started with a 25km climb. It was a beautiful, fairly straight road up the mountain, through snow but the air was still warm and the road was clear. Tracy and I kicked ass. It was weird, everyone seemed really psyched out by the climb where as Tracy and I saw it as a race to the top and the rest of the ride was nothing. One guy said to me as I passed him (again) "Is this just a walk in the park for you?". Honestly, the climbs I can do, it is the descents that are hard. This day, I referred to the descents as a "death wish". Little did I know what was to come. Again, at the end of the day Tracy had another interview. Today we had a fiasco with our hotel and thankfully, Jorg from Magic Places (the tour guy for the TNA guys) drove us around for hours and eventually took us back to the same B&B as Trevor Lindon an friends. They were very hospitable and fed us while we waited for our bags. It is days like this that made us realize if we were to do it again we would book with Jorg for sure.

Day 5
118km, 3570 meters of freaking up. Our day started out kinda scary because day 5 is suppose to be one of the hardest days and our breakfast was brutal. The bread was 3 days old, fatty meat and not enough cheese for a mouse and when I asked for juice she brought me pop. No yogurt and muesli. Her toothless grin should have tipped us off that maybe should make plans elsewhere for breaky. Panic set in and we told Trevors brother Jitter about the breakfast, he got on the phone to Jorg and directed us down the street to an oasis of food. We were saved!

This day 5 we climbed Stelvio which to say it was epic is an understatement. In fact, we climbed Gavia the next day and Tracy and I both thought that was nothing compared to Stelvio. If you want to see a cool pic of it goto, she has it at the top of her webpage. It is 25km of a daunting, twisting, winding road. As I was climbing, one of the cyclist road by me, gave me a flower and said "I love you. YOu are a so strong.". Another time, another cyclist, "You are both amazing! I am Eruosport announcer and I say Team Canada is surging up the hill, they are amazing...". He was still imitating being a Eurosport announcer way up the hill until I could not hear him anymore. It is people like that, that make journeys like this so enjoyable. Full of humour and positive energy. I killed this climb, ate it for lunch. But then there was one more....

The weather turned on us and I had done my usual fly and die. I still had a tiny 15 km climb ahead of me. Thunder and lightening. It was now not a race but a game of survival. Get to the finish safely, without a crash and quickly before I froze. Lucky for me I had done Stelvio quickly because I missed the hail and got to bottom (finish) relatively early and got a ride to a hotel quickly. I was frozen. But others were worse. Hypothermic. This is another time when having a tour guy is useful. We were grateful to be taken by some of the Canadians again. Jeremy Wilson of Speed Theory in Vancouver was there and looking out for us the whole time. We were very thankful to him.

Day 6
I woke up not wanting to ride. 180km, 3770 meters altitude. Passo Gavio was a little bump, no big deal. It was the descent that was ridiculous. Crap! The road was narrow, cliffs, no guard rails. If you go over "you donàt need your helmet anymore". At the bottom, just in case they didnàt kill you over the cliffs they throw in a pitch black tunnel with a turn in the middle of it. My instinct was to stop and get off my bike in the tunnel but I didnàt because I knew that was worse. So I pedaled but it felt like I was floating in mid air. I had no sense of what was up and down. That was the most scared I had been in a long time. I road this day very slowly, behind Tracy all day. With 20km to go I decided I had too much energy left and I needed to try and empty the tank. I took off. Before I knew it there was a train of cyclist behind me trying to hold on. I was euphoric and felt nothing but drive. I caught Tracy and she jumped on and we finished together. At the finish I had people come up and shake my hand and tell me I was crazy. People wanted to take pictures with me and I asked why and they said because I was so strong. Kinda neat.

Day 7
102 km. Easier day but hot and I hammered it again. Alot of people took it easy but I like to go hard so I did. It was a cool feeling finishing. I embraced the feeling on the descent but once I got to the finish I was Miss Cranky Pants. Hot and probably dehydrated. I just wanted to get out of there. I was also sick. I had a sore throat and achy body. I had to go on though. It was Jersey party next. They gave all the finishers a jersey and then we went out dancing. This Italian Michael tried his best to teach me to dance, I told him I was born without rhythm but he insisted that everyone can dance. I think I proved him wrong but I danced anyway. It was pouring rain and I was topped off with Jagamester (trying to kill my cold).

We finished 7th in the womens and 302 (smack dab in the middle) over all. Tracy did awesome for a none cyclist. I told her she can now call herself a cyclist too because she was cycling porn as well.

Totally awesome experience. This is not for everyone but I think it is for everyone at Speed Theory. "Do it" as Trev would say.

I am back on the 13th so I will see you then.

Later, Marilyn

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Night Race Series Results.

Thanks to Keith, Dallas, Mike H., Darryl, Scott and Mark Perry for volunteering tonight. It is so great to not have to worry about having enough volunteers. We put on a safe event with a marshal at every corner, a number caller, and 2 timers !!

Can't wait for Stampede RR. I am slowly feeling better and better and I can't wait to see where I am at. I am looking forward to racing with guys from the team I don't usually get to race with. I think we are going to have a good turn out. Let's say... SpeedTheory meeting in the Hall parking lot at 20min to start gun for the Elite race. We can pump each other up, see who we have, and talk a bit about surviving the course.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TdF Fundraising Pool Results

Results posted on blog below

thank you all who participated

ST Cycling Team BBQ

OK, it is time for all of us to learn what we all look like without helmets and glasses on!

July 11th at 4pm... BBQ at my house. The plan... come to the BBQ, hang out, eat, watch the kids play on the dirt mound in my backyard and our new trampoline!! Maybe take over the trampoline and have cage matches !! Team members and family all welcome.

Then at around 7:30pm, wrap things up and those that are into it, go down the street to Dallas' to watch UFC 100 !! Lesner vs. Mir, and GSP vs. Alves

Then at 11am the next day at Stampede RR... hammer!

A few of the guys have donated their prize money to the beer fund so I will pick up lots of beer and wine for the BBQ and for the UFC. The club will be paying for all the food and UFC.

Please have a designated driver or plan a taxi if you plan on drinking more than you should to drive home.

(I will update with maps to my place and Dallas' place soon)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pool Results

Andrew said that he's have an update tomorrow and should then start the daily updates.

Stampede RR. July 12th

This is a unique opportunity for the Cat4 and 5s to race with the Cat2s and 3s. Enter Elite and let's rip it up. This will be my first race back and I am PUMPED! Cat4s and 5s, don't be intimidated, just come out and give it everything you have and try to learn some of the tactics (or non-tactics) the Cat2s pull. There is no shame in not finishing this one, but try as hard as you can for as long as you can.


Great White North 1/2 Ironman

SpeedTheory put on a great showing at the GWN 1/2 ironman yesterday.

On the men's side Kyle Marcotte put the hammer down on the last part of the ride to secure 2nd place overall. Ben Adam showed he can handle the longer distances and came in 14 seconds behind Kyle for 3rd overall. Frankie used a 1'25 run to catch ST's Darryl Parry, both finishing in the top 30. Carl Miller was tearing up the bike and snuck under 5 hrs overall. Mike Healy used a solid bike for 8th in his age group.

On the women's side Tanya Salomon was 3rd overall after a pr swim and solid bike/run. Cat Brown came in 5th overall with a swollen ankle after rolling it on the run.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wed Night C4 Race. 16km ITT. Aero gear is a go !

We are hosting this one. We have the Bearspaw course again. This time, please park on Sidgurdson Bay. We got a complaint last race from a resident on Nagway Road. We DON'T want to screw this course up for the Bear's Paw Open. So PLEASE, keep your eyes open for vehicles and smile and wave.

Maybe a few of you who did GWN could volunteer for this one? We need 4 people again. I would like to race this one in my quest to get some fitness back.

We WON'T do a mass pre-ride this time... so KNOW THE COURSE!! Either show up early enough to pre-ride yourself, or know it. First racer off at 6:31pm.

Here is the course we will do twice. It is a technical ITT since there are lots and lots of corners and it is very rolly. Pacing will be key so you don't blow up on the second lap:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Protour contracts for any of us.

Well, we hammered it out on a less technical, less climbing, slightly shorter course today. We did 100m of climbing on a 15.4km course. They did 200m of climbing on a 15.5km course.

Here are the three slowest times from the ProTour today:

178 Angelo Furlan 22:51
179 Kenny Robert van Hummel 22:56
180 Yauheni Hurovich Francaise des Jeux 23:22

Here are our times today:

1 Trev 23:43
2 Lachlan 23:58
3 Darren Nielson 24:01
4 Lorie Holte 25:02
5 Harley 26:54
6 Amanda Segoin 33:22
7 Jason Buijs 24:09 + 2km
8 Ashley Turgeon 29:31 + 2km

It sure gives you an idea of how fast these guys are. I am sure all three of the last place dudes were told to go hard but not even close to 'all-out' since they are pure domestiques. We went all-out.

Thanks go out to Dennis Bland who volunteered to time us!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Jason Lapierre Scholarship Fund) Speed Theory's 2009 TdF Pool.



1st- Full Tax Receipt and Short-Sleeved Wool Jersey from Speed Theory
2nd- Timex Watch and Timex Hat
3rd- Nathan Fuel Belt and Timex Hat

4 & 5 some nice small goodies

save the spread sheet onto your PC, pick, then

email the spread sheet picks **OPEN TO ALL**, help spread the word!!


Hi All Cycling Enthusiasts, and People Willing to Support a Great Cause:

This year's TdF has the makings to be remembered as a Very Special One.

Three previous Yellow Jerseys to defend their honor, Sastre, Contador , and Lance (nuff said)..

What better way to follow some great cycling, watch history unfold, and support a great cause (Jason Lapierre Scholarship Fund) by taking part in Speed Theory's 2009 TdF Pool.

SAVE ONTO YOUR PC PLEASE DO NOT EDIT ONLINE>>your are over writing some else

Attached is the link (copy and paste, hopefully you can access it) to the Spread Sheet. if not

email: Title : TdF Pool Prizes will be awarded to top 5 (potentially more),

Pick all stage winners, Overall GC , Best Sprinter and King of Mountain winner

PLUS the daily stage battle between Alberto Condator vs Lance Armstrong!!

This is the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and soap opera on wheels!!

SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE, enter for only $20, pool closes July 4- (7 a.m.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TdF Prologue Time !!

Every year there is a Prologue at the TdF (sometimes there isn't), a bunch of us do an ITT as hard as we can on an easier course. This year, there is 200m of climbing on the real TdF Prologue, so we are doing 100m. Come out, bring race kit, don't bring race kit, whatever, and go full-on over the same distance as the ProTour dudes. We can then compare our times to theirs !!

Sat morning while they are hammering in France, we will be hammering in Calgary. THIS IS OPEN TO ANY RIDER WITH AN ABA LICENSE OR ANY CYCLING CLUB MEMBERSHIP. I don't care what club you ride for as long as you show up and throw down !! I am pumped for the Tour and I am sure almost all cyclists in Calgary are too, we have found this is a really cool way appreciate the awesomeness of those riders. In times past when the Prologue has been 6 or 7km, we have done a downhillish, tailwind TT compared to their flat, technical TT and still not beaten the slowest ProTour dude !! That's awesome.

Here is the course. Meet at the corner of TWP Road 250 and Range Road 32 at 10:30am or meet at Trev's house at 9am and ride out there with me.

Let's get a lot of people out and see if any of us can go as fast as the slowest ProTour rider !!

This is open to everyone. It is a non-sanctioned bout of sillyness that is super fun. C4 riders, come out !! We need one volunteer.

Here is the course:

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