Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wanting to buy a mountain bike

Sandra here....

I am looking to buy a mountain bike. I may do some racing on it but really want something that I can play with beside my cyclocross bike. I do not want to spend more than $2000. So I am reaching out to see what kind of suggestions I can get on what I should buy.

leave a comment ....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Solid AGM

Thanks to everyone who came out to the AGM. And a big THANKS to Diana for hosting this meeting in her amazing house. I think we got a lot accomplished despite Ryan saying at several points through my talk he wished I would just wrap it up :)

Marcy and Kailee had some great ideas on how to really get the women out training and racing. Both of them have indicated our women's squad will be solid this year, and if it isn't, it's not for lack of trying.

Alex has indicated he is interested in doing the Sat. morning race sessions with another volunteer so you guys can switch off weekends. Please leave a comment if you can do this. I think it will be fun and there is nothing saying that the person leading the race sessions can't be part of the races!

I know Mike Healy will be great organizing fun and original racing formats for the WNS races we host!

Ryan has already put together some great Penticton Camp info and will be presenting it soon.

Rob and Darcy are going to be recruiting several other racers to ensure the new and old Cat4/5's have a great spring.

There are a few more things that will be developing after Christmas.

Thomas and I have your jersey order in to Champion Systems and they have already charged my MasterCard. So that is well on its way.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


POTENTIAL MEMBERS: Come out and enjoy free beer and pizza while you listen to our club members chat and talk about racing and the team. No pressure, view this evening as a trial to see if you like the atmosphere. If you haven't road raced before and are just 'race-curious' come out and we'll convince you why it's what the cool kids do.

Current MEMBERS: Please, even if you can't make the AGM, please register so we have a rough idea of team numbers for the evening. Also, make sure to leave some beer for the potential members ;)

Thomas and I have been working on an agenda and projects list. Thank you to those that have emailed me with suggestions. The 'formal' part of the evening will be short. Mainly just a chat about where we would all like to see the club thrive. What worked, what didn't, what needs improvement. We are number 1, but we can improve.

Come to the spin to earn your beer! We start pedaling at 6:30pm SHARP. It is going to be a hard 60min workout. The spin class has done a small fitness ramp to prepare for the doldrums of Christmas, and this is a solid workout. Come out.

Typical Pre-Ride Conversation

Thanks to Brent T. for passing this one on.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hopefully most members are planning on coming to hang out and mix it up with your teammates on Wed. It will be a pretty relaxed affair, with only a couple minutes dedicated to formal business. If you see anyone you don't recognize, make sure to make them feel welcome.

Also, if you want to, feel free to join in on the Spin Class starting at 6:30pm SHARP at the store. We are doing a relatively short, but tough workout before taking a hiatus for the Christmas holidays.

Please try to register for the club before the AGM !!

Check out this video. It is 27min long ?!?! and unedited, but flip ahead to when we're running along the 'cliff' or through the forested area in the trail. Pretty neat. I was really happy with how stable and good quality the video is. This is heavily compressed so you can stream it, but the original is very high quality.

Calgary Road Runners Silver Springs XC Race 2009 from Nerd Williams on Vimeo.

Highway 549 and a gravel pit.

This was forwarded to me today.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hero cam experiment #17...

Trev, You gotta post your race Vid man .

[Editor] The picture is of me about 28min into a 29min race. The camera on my head had just filled its memory card, but had performed amazingly. I will see if I can find a way to upload. I will play it at spin too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Commemorative Kit Order Form (UPDATED)

UPDATED .... We can order any 'short sleeve jersey' and it will count toward our minimum. So I have opened up the options on the spreadsheet for 'race cut' and all zipper lengths.


Here is the order form for the Commemorative Kit. Please fill this out and send it to Trev via the email in the spreadsheet. Please also forward payment to Trev via email money transfer asap.

We need a minimum order of 20 jerseys to make this happen. So if you were ever planning on getting this special limited edition team kit, now is the time!

Here is a PDF of the design. Note: the red in the pdf will be the same red as on our current kits.

**I had to do a slight modification to the design to stay within Speed Theory's Logo parameters.

Monday, December 7, 2009

More 'cross fun

Fingers crossed that next year I look more like the guys at 0:40 and 1:22, and less like the guy that flips over the fence and has to run back around it to pick up his bike (2:22)... :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Extending the season: 'cross in Toronto

I was visiting some friends in Toronto this past weekend, and although I took my cycling shoes and shorts, I didn't anticipate a race... My buddy Nigel told me about Subway Cross, and another friend Shawn lent me his sweet (although a wee bit too small) rig AND loaded on his new race wheels and tubulars. Doesn't he know about my terrible reputation for staying upright? :)

Great race, though. Thanks to Cyclocross Ontario for putting it on, to the weather gods for making it not a COMPLETE mud-fest, and again to Shawn and Nigel for gearing me up.

I have to admit that I was picked up from Nigel's by Shawn because I was running late, and when I got to the course, I had to call Nigel to bring my shoes that I'd forgotten... Some things never change. :)


Spin props

Last night at spin we were doing a long 12min big gear set. For fun I gave people the option to do the entire set in small ring standing. Rick, Carl, Handsome Rob, and Hiroshi all lasted the ENTIRE 12min !! The core session turned into a laying down moaning session.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Speed Theory Cycling AGM, Dec. 16th at 8pm.

We will have our AGM on Dec. 16th. Diana has offered her more than ample house to host the event. It is about 1 block from SpeedTheory and located here.

The club has grown significantly in the last year and it has become necessary to assign responsibilities within the club's membership. I will be posting some 'positions' in the coming week and you can think whether you would like to take on any of the roles. I would really like to make this club a sustainable resource (not dependent on any one individual) for Alberta Cycling into the foreseeable future and we can start moving in that direction. It will be difficult for me at first to delegate key responsibilities, but I believe it is required to maintain a club of the current proportions and momentum. With taking on key responsibilities, you will have a say in the overall direction and focus of the club and its finances, which up to this point has rested on one individual.

If you think you can create a position that fills a void, or would add some key cool aspect or function to the club, then please let me know and we can discuss at the AGM. (An example would be Keith's complete addition of a CX race offered by ST Cycling. Something that wasn't there before and now is there and awesome) The main thing I want to impress upon anyone taking on a role is that it should be taken seriously for the term agreed to. By keeping the decision making and work done to a small number of people, it has been easy to ensure good quality/value (which is what I want this club to continue to be known for), but this will have to be assumed while more people come on board. It will be fun for me and fun for any potential 'board' members to see how much further we can take this club !!

POTENTIAL SPEED THEORY CYCLING MEMBERS. Please come to this event and check out if this club is up your alley and let it aid in your decision to join us. Current members can answer all your questions and get you pumped for the new year. Come out and have a beer on Speed Theory Cycling.

Cervelo P2C For Sale


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three things

1.) We'll be having our AGM very shortly here. Last year we did it after a Spin Class at Bugaboo Pub just across the parking lot from SpeedTheory. This year we have waited a little too long to do that, but it will probably be on Dec. 14th at around 8:30pm. So those with kids can get them to bed and make it to the pub in plenty of time. If you would like anything on the agenda at the AGM personally, then email me and I will include it. If you are a potential member of our team, this is a perfect opportunity to come out and meet your potential new teammates. Please feel welcome to attend.

2.) Club Membership. To the right of this post is our 2010 membership link and here. Your membership expires on Dec. 31st. I generally try to get all current members that are planning on returning to sign up well before this date so we know who is coming back and also so their ride insurance doesn't lapse. So if you wouldn't mind signing up at your earliest convenience that would be great.

3.) Commemorative jersey: Thomas is going to handle this one in terms of the design (which you've seen already) and communicating with Champion-Systems. We have decided to stick with them since we all know there sizes and quality, so there will be no surprises. We are going to offer a full-zip jersey, shorts, and bibs for this run in both men's and women's sizing. This will make the process fast and efficient and keep the costs low. Watch for a post about this very soon. We need 25 to make this happen.

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