Sunday, January 30, 2011

Film: Chasing Legends -- Wednesday, February 2

Speed Theorists,

Need a little inspiration as we wait for spring to arrive? On Wednesday, February 2 the film Chasing Legends is showing at Silver City in CrossIron Mills and the Cineplex in Westhills.

I've got tickets to the 7:00 pm showing at CrossIron Mills. Anyone else interested?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Bandit !

Hitting up one of the harder cross country races, Shelley, Michael, Ferenc and Brad (the Cranky) powered over the brutal footing and the crazy inclines and declines to finish well in todays race.

Contador banned for one year

So who will win the TdF this year?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clothing Order is ready to go ! DEADLINE FEB. 13th

Thomas has created a super slick interface that makes my Excel Spreadsheet method of the last 3 years look like a 2nd grader made it. As you peruse through the interface, you can see we decided to keep the huge amount of different types of clothing options so you can get exactly what you want.

Things to note about this order:

- Champion has released another option for their chamois. The 'Performance' pad is the traditional chamois that has been offered the last several years, while the 'Endurance' pad is the new offering. Thomas and I decided we would let you decide which one you can order since his interface made it relatively easy to make this additional option.

- We only plan on doing ONE accessory order. Order your accessories in this order.

- The deadline is Feb. 13th. In the past, because the collating and cross-checking would take incredible amounts of time, some people were lucky to sneak in their order up to a week late. I don't think this will happen this time, as Thomas' interface computes a ready-made report that we simply have to manually enter into Champions own 2nd grader spreadsheet. So please try to process your order before the deadline.

- In order to start a mass start road race as a team member, you need at least a jersey to show your affliation. Last year's jersey is fine as well if you don't want to purchase a new one. The ABA allows close versions of the jersey inside the same peloton.

- You must be an STC member to order clothes.

- We are excited about the new design and hope it looks as awesome in the peloton as it does in the pictures!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Trans Andes Challenge in Chile .. Good luck Rick, Craig and Pat

Results after Stage 3:

Solo Men: Pat Doyle 3rd, Craig Marshall 6th
Solo men 46+: Rick Metzger 3rd

Nice work guys! Keep it up.

Rick Metzger (STC), Craig Marshal and Pat Doyle (Deadgoad) traveled down to Chile on Friday to compete in the 6-stage mountain bike epic race through Chili!

Hopefully will keep covering it. Here is their first story from today. Here is their rolling coverage.

Here is the website of the event in case you wanted to see what terrain and locations the guys will be racing.

I see Andres Hestler is on the registered list. That guy must have competed in more MTN bike stage races than anyone on the planet.

We'll keep you guys updated.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thomas, Darcy, Penticton, and the JayLap Crit!

Quick general update:

Thomas has been hard at work creating a front end ordering system for our clothing order. This will make the ordering process much much easier for everyone. I think we are the only club to offer the crazy amount of clothing options and it has been a monumental task for Thomas and I every round of ordering. Please thank Thomas when you see him for his recent long hours attempting to somewhat automate this process and still provide club members with all the options.

On that note, we will be doing an 'accessory' order this round. This means your opportunity to order knee warmers, gloves, winter gloves, arm warmers, and booties. Because of the minimums associated with these, this will be the only order to include accessories, so order now or forever hold your peace.

Darcy has been working his political prowess to the max and has been hard at work getting approval for the Prairie-Roubaix and the JayLap Provincial ITT. There are several governing bodies that all have to be aligned for this and it amazes me how good he is.

I received word from the city that we have pending approval (conditional on me filling out one more 20 page application form) for the JayLap Criterium downtown again!! The city was really happy with our event last year (how could they not be?) and is looking forward to seeing its evolution this year. Bigger kid's race, more racers, and more spectators.

Ryan's Penticton training camp is taking shape and receiving a lot of interest as usual. He will be tantalizingly releasing updates to routes and confirmed participants as the weeks go on. Make sure to book your accommodations soon. Just a clarification of a question I have been receiving, the camp goes for the week, but STC members are welcome to come participate for any length of time they desire or are able. No minimums, we just want people to get out on the road with us and ride!

Keep a close eye on the blog for the clothing order,


Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 ABA Draft Calender

The draft ABA race schedule as just been released:

So, for those of you who are attached, it's time to start negotiating with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/fish for time off. I would suggest a written contract, with witnesses, kept in a safety deposit box. =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Penticton Bike Camp - Prelude

Hello Everyone,

As a follow up to my chat at the AGM about the bike camp in Penticton, here is some preliminary information on the upcoming trip in May. Day 1 of the camp is Sunday, May 15; Day 7 is Saturday, May 21. Transportation, food and accommodation are your responsibility. Two rides will be scheduled each day: one longer and one shorter. Feel free to choose either one. The shorter rides will be from 60km to 160km while the long rides will be from 80km to 230km. We start the rides either at 7 a.m. or 9 a.m. depending on the distance and always at Denny’s (Sandman Hotel on Burnaby Ave). If you are not comfortable riding alone, bring someone with you who will fall back with you or hammer with you if the group’s pace is not to your fancy. We do our best to keep the group together, but there may be 20-40km stretches before the next stop when the IPod may be your only company. Know how to change a flat tire.

If you are coming, the first thing you need to do is book the time off work- you can come for the whole camp (eight nights) or just for part of it, it’s totally your call. Then, book a place to stay. I recommend renting a condo or house with a bunch of people as it’s substantially cheaper and you get the comforts of home. If you are renting a hotel room for the week (remember to ask for weekly rates), rent one with a full kitchen or make sure there is a kitchen available for you to use in another room. The cost to you for the week will be gas, food, room, bike stuff, and extra-curricular activities you set up on your own.

Keep in mind it’s not a coached camp so pace, effort, what you get out of it and the amount of fun you have is up to you. I can guarantee you at least 60 per cent fun, but you will have to come up with the rest. I can also guarantee you will be morally supported during the rides because at the very least, you gave up a week of your vacation to be here. The only formality is you need insurance either through obtaining an ABA license or paying the $30-40 for a week’s worth of insurance, which we’ll set up on the blog for purchase before camp starts. Every few weeks beginning in February, I’ll post some more information on the rides and details about the camp. Leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

First follow up post and day 1 and 2 rides: Here

Second follow up post and day 3 rides: Here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Click on Jens to see more quotes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Speed Theory Ski Day At Canmore Nordic Centre

So, I've heard rumours that a few of us like to cross-country ski in the winter (since it's hard to cross-country ski in the summer) for cross-training. I propose a Speed Theory ski outing this Sunday:

When: Sunday, January 23
Place: Canmore Nordic Centre
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Meet in the Day Lodge, close to the fireplace.
Cost: Trail fees are $10.00

I'll already be in Canmore for the weekend skiing with some friends from Edmonton, so I'll meet people there. I was thinking of skiing until 3:30 to 4:30(ish) and then we could all head to a restaurant in Canmore for dinner. I'll leave carpooling up to y'all.

I'm a classic skier and I know others are skate-skiers. If you don't have skis, Trail Sports at CNC does do rentals.

Interested? Email me at dgullacher[at] so I know who to expect.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 'Charity Ride Spin'

I was finally able to spend some time putting together the spin class that is aimed at helping individuals who have signed up for a charity ride or beginners. For example, this would be perfect for prepping for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer or the MS Bike Tour or simply someone who would like a little direction as to what to do with their bikes indoors until the snow clears and the temperatures rise. Feel free to pass this along to any friends that are thinking about getting into cycling this spring and don't know where to start.

If you do this spin on multiple occasions, you can slightly modify it as you improve by increasing the cadence, gear, or length of standing sets.

Here is the link to the video. Remember you can make it full screen and HD, so you can watch it while working out. Hope you enjoy!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Road Racing: A Lifestyle Sport

Originally posted back in January, 2011. In movie terms, it's time for a "reboot". 

Huge thanks to Trev and Speed Theory for a great AGM last night. As a follow-up, I've got a few tips for all the new racers this year.

On the Alberta Bicycle Association website, road cycling is described as a "lifestyle sport":

Road cycling is best described as a lifestyle sport. It satisfies those who crave competition, it provides camaraderie for those looking for something to belong to, it provides immeasurable health benefits and, by travelling to races in scenic locales and exploring the countryside on training rides, it provides a means to experience the world.

Here's what else is meant by "lifestyle sport":

1. Your disposable income just got disposed of. Say goodbye to your savings and hello to a new lifestyle lived on the edge of insolvency. Between club fees, kit, race license fees, race entry fees, getting to races, accommodation at races, food, bikes, wheels, spare wheels, TT wheels, regular helmet, TT helmet, spare helmet, shoes (road and mtb), and so on, you'll spend equal to the GDP of some third world nations.

2. There's no such thing as too many bikes. So, you try out this road racing thing on your 2004 Specialized Allez aluminum, entry-level road bike and have a good time. After a couple of races, you notice that everyone else seems be riding a bike nicer, lighter, and faster than yours, at least that's the excuse you're using for finishing in the back third in all the races. (I have different excuses now.) Then, the dude doing the bike weigh at the (late, great) Prov. Hill Climb Championship comments on your "tank" as he calls his buddy over to help him get your bike up on the hook. So, you start thinking maybe it's time for new carbon road bike, so that's one trip to the LBS (local bike shop). Then, you notice that everyone winning the ITT's has a totally tricked out P3 with wheels worth more than your car, so maybe you should invest in a TT bike, disc wheels, TT helmet, and skinsuit to improve your times. So, you head down to the LBS again. Then, fall rolls and you take up cyclocross. So, you show up to 'cross race with your old mountain bike, look around, and realize everyone else has an actual cyclocross bike (with a "B" bike in the pit), and about 18 different sets of wheels. So, that leads to another trip to the LBS. Then winter comes and you start looking at fat bikes...You're going to need an annex to your house to store all this stuff (see point #1).

3. Are you a single guy? You'll (likely) be staying that way. The only sport more male-centric than road cycling is UFC. Here's what the gender breakdown of a typical road race looks like: 125 guys in four different categories and about 15 women. If you've joined a cycling club looking for romance, you're in the wrong place (or the right place, depending on perspective). Try triathlons. So, your next date will probably with a non-cyclist. This leads to problems, because she'll expect you to pay for dinner and your credit card is maxed out because you just bought that P3 with the disc wheels.

4. You'll be "travelling to races in scenic locales". Mainly community halls in places so obscure Google Maps is no help to you. If you're thinking all our races are like the Tour de France, with millions of adoring fans lining the road, a caravan of team cars, and TV cameras, be prepared for disappointment. The fan base consists of a few people in the feed zone and lots of cows.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We haven't even seen the new Speed Theory 2011 jerseys, but the prediction is that these two teams are going to be calling Thomas for help on reworking their kits. Bring it on Thomas!

Crank Masters Year End

Brian from Crank Masters asked me to post their year end wrap up and awards here for those of you who didn't get his email.

Saturday Feb 12, 6:30
Corner Pocket Lounge in the Glencoe Club (ooh la-la)
639 -29 Avenue SW

2010 - 2011 primary and secondary Crank Master members and significant others can attend.

Wednesday night racing awards, some food and beer on their tab.

If you attended the Wednesday night race series, bring some cash. We should get something for Jamie for putting up with us all summer and allowed us to have some awesome fun every week.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speed Theory Cycling AGM Jan 13th at 7pm.

I hope it will be another exciting year for STC and would like it if most made it out to mingle, discuss plans, get pumped, meet new members, and convince potential members that we are the club to join.

Come hungry. Free food. One beer if driving, several if you have a driver.

The point of the meeting isn't to bore everyone with particulars. It is a social event with a quick little 'We are here, let's go here' in the middle.

We are going to be collaborating a fair bit with the Crankmasters again this year, so if you are a Crankmaster, come on out and enjoy yourself.

Tentative Agenda

1.) Quick year in review: - Trev with Mike 'Tower' G. telling some of stories.
2.) What we learned from hosting a billion races and where I would like I to go from there: - Trev
3.) Focus of the club: - Cat5 recruitment, skills development, and gathering racing experience. Ideas on how to have a sustainable 'development ride' - Darcy, others
4.) Focus of the club: - Women recruitment and getting them racing. We need some action here. Formulate some ideas for this one.
5.) 'The Wheelers Ride': - Trev's current pet project for an overall Calgary-wide skills development, race-honing ride for all clubs (hence not calling it the Speed Theory ride) of all levels. Modeled after the 'theory behind' the Victoria ride that taught Trev skills, etiquette, nutrition, etc, all while being challenging for all levels.
6.) Unveiling of the new jersey: Thomas has once again been at the drafting board cooking up awesomeness. - Thomas
7.) Penticton Training Camp: With the massive success of last year, this is the 'go to' camp. - Ryan
8.) Races:
A.) Spring Classic Series: [PR on April 17th (upon approval), Acme TT w/ the Crankys],
B.) Jason Lapierre Memorial Aug. 6th and 7th.,Let's discuss and create a race board now.
C.) Wednesday Night Race Series: - Mike H.
D.) BK Memorial Cross: Keith to hand over reigns to a pudding race director.

If you are a potential member and would like to come to get a feel for the club, make sure show up.

If you would like something else on the agenda, let me know and I will amend this post.



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tucson 200km Brevet

I will predicate this post by saying yesterday we did NOT do an easy 50km day. Instead we we did a 100km day with 1200m of elevation gain over rough and rocky roads. I didn't fear the road so much as I did the guys with excessively large guns doing target practice. I was concerned that they thought Lockie was a pretty boy and would take us out so they could have their way with him.

Today was the Casa Grande 200km brevet. About 60 riders showed up for what ended up being a very fast ride. Trev, Stephen, Lockie, Paul and our friend Whim were the Canadian contingent. We left a few minutes late and had to haul ass to catch the leaders. Lockie did some serious damage to the group on one of the very few hills in this flat course. Lockie got caught with his pants down on the first check point and had to time trial for 30km to catch us at the next check point. Trev also was by himself for that distance but being Trev, it didn't seem to phase him. Lockie on the other hand was very beat up.

The last 100 was a straight line for 50km, then we turned around and came back. The Canadians were pulling on a regular basis (although my pulls were significantly shorter than Stephen and Trev's). About 30km in Trev pushed up the pace and the group splintered. Stephen, Trev, Whim and some other guy (Josh, sporting a Furnace Creek 508 from last year) were making a gap. I bridged the gap but Paul and Lockie didn't make the jump. We were down to 5 guys at the turn around. Lockie pulled in shortly after us looking like he was longhorn salt-lick.
We left with him sitting on a cooler eating a ham sandwich.

The pace on the way back was insane. My legs were cooked like a Thanksgiving Turkey. I think we were averaging 35-40kph with a slight downhill grade. Admittedly my pulls became very short as Stephen and Trev did big big pulls.
The five of us finished the ride in six hours and 23 minutes. Paul and Lockie arrived a few minutes later towing the tandem guy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Hello all,

In April, I am going to be moving to London, UK to pursue a career in track racing. Actually not really, though I will be racing on the track there. I'll be there on a working holiday visa so we'll see how the winds blow when I get there. Thanks for all the awesome memories and good times. Thanks to everybody that mentored me, dropped me on hills and let me win a few sprints here and there. Keep on pedaling hard and keep the rubber side down!



Double Rainbow in Tucson

There's a few of us down here for some training. I personally feel very lucky to able to get away from the drudgery of training inside the garage. Not gloating, I just feel very lucky to be able to be here.
My first ride was yesterday. Lockie, Trev, Paul Stephen and myself set out. Trev has been quite sick since he arrived and bailed out after doing 'A' Mountain (a 2km steep painful hill). Paul kicked his ass going up so I think he was demoralized. Having only one functioning lung it might have been wise. Paul and Stephen did a short ride as they had been putting in some large days previously. Lockie and I tried to beat each other into the ground by hammering up Gates Pass and tootling around Old Tucson for a 90km day.
The weather was perfect at around 17 or 18 degrees. Not hot enough to go swimming but perfect for riding.
Today is an easy day in Saguaro park which is a double rainbow ride. This is preparation for 200km Rando event on Saturday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Spin Classes: New Sessions Now Available.

Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues that I am now offering a Mon/Wed (6:00am) morning spin class directed to slightly less experienced riders, as well as a single Sunday evening (5:00pm) spin class that will be of a similar level as the ones I currently offer. These classes will be designed by me and mainly taught by Alex Shaw, a trusted spin instructor and excellent, experienced Speed Theory Cycling road racer. I hope to be able to offer these classes, but registration as been low so far. I will have to make a decision by the end of the week whether these will ‘go’ or not. Let’s fill these classes up so we have more people to train with on the road in spring!

The Mon/Wed morning spin would be perfect for an individual or group of individuals that have signed up for a charity ride like the Ride to Conquer Cancer, or the MS Bike Tour. I will be teaching periodically cycling related concepts to make their decision to ride for a charity a fun and reachable goal. Concepts like equipment choice, nutrition for an event like that, pacing strategies, etc. If you know of anyone who has signed up for a challenge like this, let them know this class is for them!

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