Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Night Series - Racing Series 2

Hi everyone. Speed Theory will be hosting the second series of races for Crankmasters WNS. They are still in the planning stages and below you will see the thoughts so far. We always encourage you to race as much as you can, this series also gives you an oportunity to give back and volunteer. Depending on the type of race I will need between 2 and 4 volunteers each Wednesday. So please comment if you can volunteer and also let me know which date.

We are open to suggestions on venues and race type so if you have any ideas please comment as well.

June 13 - road race, going to use this one
<https://maps.google.ca/maps?source=embed&f=d&saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=50.834997,-114.278906+to:Unknown+road&geocode=FcSKCAMdY-0v-Q%3BFTWuBwMdBj4w-SlbgK8OHApxUzElTXtIEU5uQA%3BFc6JCAMdl-sv-Q&hl=en&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=13&via=1&sll=50.886358,-114.273605&sspn=0.076131,0.134754&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=50.854943,-114.294891&spn=0.151714,0.291824"volunteers [Brenda, Alan O,]

June 20 - Jamie will host the 2 up sprint series that was popular last year [Rob L]
June 27 - Mini Giro around Leighton Centre, featuring mini Mortirolo and mini Stelvio, 4 volunteers [Lesley]
July 4 - Looking for a 6.4 km HC sort of like the TDF prologue uphill, 2 volunteers [Marc Enter]
July 11 - 40 k TT, Springbank

Remember you get race points for volunteering. You can also contact me by email: mikehealy at shaw dot ca

DJ Mike on CHQR -- Available Online

For those of us that missed Michael "DJ" Godfrey on CHQR last night, his spot is available in CHQR's Audio Vault:

1. Go to http://www.qr77.com/news/audiovault/
2. On the Drop-down menus select "May 28" and "8:00 PM".
3. Once the track starts playing, you can advance the track on the progress bar to 8:00 minutes. That's when Mike starts talking.

Take a listen. Michael does a great job explaining the Grand Tours and promoting Alberta Superweek.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tune in to CQHR AM 770 at 8:05pm TONIGHT.

Cyclists, I just set up for Micheal Godfrey (long time Speed Theorist, professional DJ, and super club volunteer) to talk on on CQHR AM 770 for 12 - 15min about Ryder's significance on Canadian cycling and he is going to plug our Cycling Club and tell Calgarians they have the opportunity to watch high level cycling first hand at our events this summer !!

Make sure to tune in... TONIGHT at 8:05pm !!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pre-Banff Bike Fest Training - June 2 & 3

Hello STC riders, is anyone interested in doing a day or two of riding on the Banff Bike Fest courses next weekend (June 2/3)? I was hoping to get as many women out as possible and, of course, STC dudes are welcome to come. I am going to extend the invite to some of the RMCC ladies who were interested in catching up with us - we can check out the competition in the process!

Here are some ideas for rides next weekend:

Saturday, June 2. Meet at 9:30am in the Sobey's parking lot in Canmore (I will check to make sure we can leave our cars there). On our bikes and riding by 10am:
- Warm-up ride from Canmore to Banff.
-   Ride Tunnel Mtn loop, 2-3 times prologue hill climb, then ride the Minnewanka TT course.
- Besides a workout and great company, you will get to recon the prologue, Saturday TT, and Sunday road race courses.
-  This could be 2 shorter rides (morning/afternoon) or one long ride.
- Another idea for folks who still have some energy left would be to ride the Norquay ski hill road.
- Bring $$ for snacks - if there is a coffee/muffin to be had, I will be sure to schedule a break in the rides to enjoy!

Sunday, June 3. Meet at the Lake Louise shopping mall parking lot (the one with Laggins) at 10am. Ride by 10:30am. I know this seems early but the timing is similar to the race time for the Friday road race:
-          80 km road ride from Lake Louise on the 1A (recon of the Friday road race course).
-          Focus: 3-4 x 10 min big ring tempo riding with at least 10 min off in between sets.

All this being said, I can commit to the Saturday ride and am a definite "maybe" for Sunday. Work is a bit nutters right now and it's hard to predict when I need to work on the weekends. 

Please post if you are interested and committed to coming so I'll know who to look for in Canmore on Saturday morning. Hope lots of you will come!

All Ryder All the time

By 16 seconds Ryder Hesjedal becomes the 1st Canadian not only to win a Grand Tour but even to be on the podium of a Grand Tour. What a huge accomplishment. This on a weekend when we have riders from our own club racing at Pigeon, at the Summer Solstice XC & the Giver 8'er MTB races and where Tara Whitten won the prologue and headed a podium sweep of the new Exergy Tour. Cycling in Canada is on a roll.

Now some of you who know me, may on occasion have heard me complain about the number of e-mail press releases I get from the Prime Ministers Office. Working in media I get them along with pretty much everyone else in the businesss. The range from about 3 to 8 a day, sometimes there are releases to tell a release is coming, a release to correct a previous release, releases in English telling you a French version is forthcoming.

Today I take back any complaint I have ever made, they can send me this one over and over again and in fact should send every Canadian a copy! (nice that the team got a plug and someone in that office knows a bit about cycling, sweet)


Date: May 27, 2012

For immediate release


Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement after receiving news that Ryder Hesjedal had won the Giro d’Italia cycling race:

“On behalf of all Canadians, I would like to congratulate Ryder Hesjedal for his amazing victory in the Giro d'Italia, riding for team Garmin-Barracuda. This remarkable win in one of bicycle racing's most grueling competitions is a testimony to Mr. Hesjedal’s training, endurance, skill and competitive spirit.

“It is a particularly proud moment for given that this is the first time in the history of professional cycling that a Canadian has won one of the sport's three grand tours.

“We thank Mr. Hesjedal for this defining moment in Canadian sport and wish him well in his upcoming races, including this year's Tour de France.”

- 30 -

PMO Press Office: 613-957-5555

This document is also available at http://pm.gc.ca

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Old Banff Coach Road Loop

There is something therapeutic about setting your course into the wind and heading out for a ride. An excellent time to just clear your mind, turn the pedals and feel the cool breeze across your face. An elegant way to release tension, flex muscle, stress sinew and joints, move blood and clear away negative energy. 

Something about riding a bike and seeing the road rising to the edge of the horizon, the tall grass swaying with the breeze. Just you and your thoughts, your dreams, your passion. It's all there before you, rolling under your tires, taking where ever you choose to go. 

Thanks for everything Rod (Joyce), I appreciate everything you have ever done for me, you were a true mentor and a great man. You will be missed by many. Rest, rest, rest.

Love Dan

Friday, May 25, 2012

Large jersey for Pigeon Lake.

Can someone please bring up a Large jersey to Pigeon Lake for Marc Enter, he is a new member in Cat3 who's clothes get here on June 7th.

Please put a note in the comments if you can bring one up ...OR.... If you have a large jersey and don't mind lending it out, then put a note in the comments and I will have Marc pick it up from your house.


Saturday's Giro Stage at ROAD -- 8:00 am

Posted on Facebook:

"What are you doing tomorrow morning? How about watching Ryder crush the competition on the Stelvio at RoAD? We're opening the door at 8:00 am to watch the Giro on its penultimate stage. Seating is limited, bring a camp chair!"

Location: 1324 Center Street N

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eat Real Calgary holding a Food Festival this Sat.

After the Wheeler's Ride, or before watching the Summer Solstice MTN race at COP, make sure to head over to 17th Ave. at Casel and experience the Food Festival Joel from Niklas Group is hosting, looks great!

I hope to head over there after the race!


Calgary Wheelers Ride... let's start building it !

Just a note that an option is always the Calgary Wheelers Ride every Sat. morning.

It would be absolutely great for Calgary cycling if this ride was embraced. If you aren't doing the COP MTN bike race on Sat. or Pigeon Lake RR on Sunday... head out for the Wheelers Ride and get better while having fun!!

I am racing Summer Solstice at COP on Sat. but the weather looks like it would be a perfect Wheeler's Ride day. So go to it!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who is this Ryder guy and what is this Giro thing??

That question came up today at work. Wow, what a performance today and every day for the past couple of weeks! Those of us who bust our gut to get to the top of a climb and try to power down at full speed have some idea of what is going on over there. Incredible performance by Ryder. Friday has another big mountain day and Sunday the ITT will determine who keeps the pink jersey. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pigeon Lake Road Race Registration is Open.

This is one of our focus races of the season and one that STC typically shows up for in droves.

Here is the website for the race with registration details and technical guide.

If you are a very new member without a jersey and would like to race, ensure to put your jersey size in the comments and we'll try to round up some kit !

OK... who's in?   Put in the comments if you're coming and your Cat.

Trev (Cat2)  is in   !

Monday, May 21, 2012

What I did on my summer holidays

As we sadly come to the end of the STC Penticton Bike Camp it is time to reflect on the highlights and rather than subject you to more of my recollections I would like to offer the words, thoughts, impressions memories of some of the stars of the week.

Charles - The Good: friends, bike and sun for 7 days, what else can anyone ask for!!; The Bad: bike seat after 3 days; border crossing lady; The Gnarly: Running out of water at the top of Mount Baldy with a long climb to go; and Chute Lake ascent and descent.

Aryeh - A week of pain, suffering, eating, climbing, chirping, eating, and hammering. The Fun: hanging with friends and meeting new people to ride bikes with; spending more dollars on food than kilometers riden on day 6. The Pain: Apex, Chute Lake, and Lost Moose Lodge. The Hard: holding on to a vicious paceline on the way to the border. 

Tomo - Amazing week with great friends, thank for fabulous ride and lots of laughs!!!

Jared - Tanya's plane landed at 9:03 and by 9:20 we were rolling up green mnt. road.  High maintenance women???

Thomas - Great week of riding with friends. Weather was hot, days were long and pace was fast. Lowlight: My feet and my a$$ nuff said. Highlight: Decimating Darcy twice on Apex :)

Marcy- Lowlights...heat stroke and hallucinations on day 1, 4 flats day 2, a wasp flying into my jersey on a descent. Highlights...Derek and Harley pushing me up Green Mountain Road, Chute Lake gravel, waking up with a happy butt every morning, riding with all these fantastic friends!!

Darcy - Great week of riding with good friends. Lowlight: "How am I going to get down from Chute Lake?" Highlight: Somehow getting involved in a lead-out train going into Keromeos on the US ride. Thomas, September is a long ways away...

Derek - Highlights: Riding all seven days, beautiful weather, awesome people, letting Harley take Mt. Baldy and The Wall. Lowlights: Three flats, Mt. Baldy frame filing, exponential growth of saddle sores.

Emily - Highlight: Riding through Area 51 with the ladies and the fantastic weather! Lowlight: Missing all the good climbs. :-(

Shelley - Lowlight....the "horribly unpleasant descent" from Apex (the second time).....
               Highlights...it all....good friends, good rides, great support, all fun.

Heather - Lowlights: Pain when pedaling and breathing and as a result missing out on some good climbs
               Highlights: Feeling good enough day 7 to climb the 8k of gravel at Chute lake. Meeting some new friends and enjoying some good food, great wine and beautiful views.

Simon - Highlights: Mike Godfrey (ed. not sure what I did to deserve this, but thanks)
             Lowlights: Mike Godfrey (ed. here and I thought I was well behaved this week)

So there is a snap shot for you. If you came this week, awesome, hopefully these comments will trigger additional memories for you. For those of you who didn't make it, I'll say it one last time... until the next time I say it COME OUT TO PENTICTON next year!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of Camp club BBQ

Wow hard to believe that we have already done 7 days of riding! Terrific weather, loads of smiles and many, many miles.

We can host the part at our place # 103  - 180 McPherson Cres Link to directions to our place from Dennys. We are shooting for 7:30ish. One thing to add the best place to park is the school right on the other side of the alley (you will see it on the Google Map, it is the green space right next to Debeck Rd, it is a short walk through the alley). Parking is tight in the Crescent. We will leave a bike out on the porch so you know where we are.

The idea is that this will be a potluck, everyone brings a little something and we can have a great feast.

We will need:

Burger Buns
Beef Burger Patties
Veggie Burger Patties
Cheese slices
Drinks are BYOB

We will provide the location, the paper plates, plastic cups, paper towels & the BBQ.

If you have folding chairs probably a good idea to bring them along as well.

Please RSVP to let us know how many we have coming and use the comment section to let everyone know what you are bringing. If the item that you were planning on bringing has been taken, please bring something that hasn't been "crossed off the list". Make sense?

Looking forward to seeing you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Mea Culpa (aka Day 6 ride report)

Trev, we have failed you. You left the STC Penticton Camp in the hands of some of your most trusted club veterans and it has deteriorated into something akin to "Lord of the Flies".

Don't get me wrong, we are all motivated and want to do right by you, but the combination of many hard rides at the beginning of the week, minimal leadership (currently, well due to Harley being sick & Ryan taking the day off) and too many really good vineyards have lead to what was once a "throw down" hard ride, "hang on your finger nails" tough guy week has turned into the movie Sideways on a bike.

Don't get me wrong it is really, really good and one hell of a lot of fun, just different.

To give you an example of how far and how quickly things have fallen apart, the long ride plan for today was Apex (a crazy hard climb) followed by the Ironman loop in revervse (Ed. -- in the interest of full disclaimer, I am not a fan of the Ironman loop: proper direction, in reverse, half way forwards half way reverse it doesn't matter -- in my humble opinion there is no redeeming value in this route, but that's just me. On a side note Trev found a sweet 50K side road packed dirt (not gravel) that eliminates the need to do much of the Ironman loop next year, saaawheat, but I digress).

The orignal plan was that route I mentioned above. Over many beers at Salty's last night a complete mutiny was hatched and it seems I was inadvertently an instigator. Instead of that henious, but stupendous, route starting as 7am, I was somehow able to convince otherwise movitated athletes to start at 9am ride up Green Mountain Road, then up Apex back to Penticton, straight to Hillside Vineyard (see previous post, it will make sense). Now this was just my personal plan for the day, it seemed like a good idea, I didn't mean to reduce the long ride numbers down to 2 (Mike Healey and Tomo, we are all so proud of you, but about when you were in the hell of the rollers we were are the Bench having coffee).

So off we went from Denny's around 9:30ish with a large mostly happy, some nervous contingent. Not even the appearance of Royalty in the form of Jared and Tanya (they met us at the gas station Darcy has been banned from, another story for another day) could salvage a day that will not be remembered as one of our finest (maybe one of the more fun days, but not an epic in terms of riding Trev stop reading right now.... our average time start to finish 11.2 kph, elevation gain 1886 metres, distance 96.3). The ride to the Ranch was uneventful, some of the group decided to only do the Ranch then regroup at The Bench.

Any of you who have done Apex, in good weather, bad weather, good form, bad form and well anyone other than Don King (if you have to ask you aren't ready to know), will agree with me that is one MOFO hard ride, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier ain't any harder. The only thing harder than Apex is Apex with a brutal head wind... no kidding it! It didn't rain or snow, but damn I lost my will to live about 10 times. Looking up the road I could see my buddy Darcy (who btw did Apex yesterday as well and Giants Head 3 times the day before and could barely walk downstairs for breakfast) weaving all over the road, it was said, depressing, he was struggling so hard the only thing sadder was I wasn't catching up to him.

We finally scratched and clawed our way up. Jared and Tanya were the fastest up, Jarred was riding 39 x 23 smiling and chatting all the way. Brad W (he of fresh legs) dragged Derek all the way only to be outsprinted in the last 50 metres after give or take 50 minutes of a HUGE draft (and he thinks a coffee makes up for that, oh Derek flatted something like 4 times today. I guess Karma is a bitch).

We all made our way down to the Ranch, totally frozen and headed up to the Bench to join those that rode the new and improved really short ride.

At this point things were still pretty much under control... Then we went Hillside... Let me start with this, anyone who knows, me, Simon and Shelley might think that each of us ordering a glass of wine with lunch was asking for trouble, we ordered 2 bottles... Then my buddy Brad showed up... by last count, when they closed the place and we had knocked down about 8 bottles, we decided on a new really short ride for tomorrow.

If one ever needed an indication of just how far off track things have gotten, Darcy, yes Darcy set the plan, tomorrow we ride toward Chute Lake, ride some of the gravel then on the way back, one glass of wine at every vineyard we come to... we will see how it goes...

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

My Name is Michael, I really like to ride my bike, I also really like vineyards in the Okanagan, I don't ever want this week to end, I need someone to get me back on track... I have said it before, I will say it again, DO PENTICTON next year, best time, best rides, many new friends, you have no idea what you are missing (when it was snowing in Calgary, it was plus 27 here)

It looked so civilized at the start

As Ron Burgundy once said "That got out of hand really quickly"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 3 Penticton Camp

Big news of the day our Rock Star Women continue to amaze. Their "easy day" consisted of The Wall, Area 51 and APEX!! Sarah, Marcy, Shelley, Andrea & Simon all completed the ride. Absolutely amazing, Apex is a crazy hard climb and they all made it up. A big shout out to Simon for his expertise and support.

The US ride was terrific, biggest group ever, some flats, some crazy hard efforts and a lot of fun.

There was, however, some unpleasantry at the border. We are not sure what set off our less than friendly border lady. It might have been Harley with his jersey undone (apparently disrepectful), it might have been Charles not knowing where we were going (one should understand when in a foreign country one should know where one is going), maybe it was that it didn't make sense to her that we would drive all the way from Calgary to ride our bikes (don't we have roads in Calgary?), or maybe it was me not lining up properly and apparently I put a truck driver "at risk" of hitting me.

Regardless, the good news is I saved a trip to the Proctologist. Customs didn't find anything, but it wasn't for lack of looking... and it would appear that my prostate is in very good health! More fun coming tomorrow!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 3 - Short Ride directions

Hey Folks,

I rode up to the White Lake turn-off today from Oliver. There is no sign that says "White Lake Road". There are two blue signs that tell you to turn right for a B&B and a horse stable of sorts. Take that right.

While on Fairview Road and riding uphill from Oliver, if you pass Old Golf Course Rd. on your left, you've gone too far. If you hit gravel, you've gone too far. On Google Maps there is a house with a pool out front. You can see that house from the road. If you see that house, you've gone too far. 

Have fun out there.  

Hillside Bistro

I apologize I have been having trouble with my login for OKWineSnobQuarterly.org. I have to trust that this has posted correctly.
Fellow readers, as you know we are in the Okanagan now and our stop today was the Hillside Bistro. This charming little restaurant has been recognized as the "Best Restaurant Associated with a Winery" in BC.

Hillside Vineyard was originally an Apricot Orchard circa 1900. The Cherry trees that line the front of the property were planted in 1926. The Apricot Orchard was removed in 1984, and in 1989 the current owners were instrumental in enacting the Farmgate Winery policy that has transformed the wine industry in British Columbia.
That brings us to today. We had the opportunity to enjoy their bistro for lunch. The lower level patio is sunsoaked and while lacking a view, the setting is perfect for a sunny lunch. When the upper level opens a bit later in the year, it will likely the spot for sunset dining.

Our party ordered the daily special and the risotto (pictured below). The daily special was a delightful mix of Humbolt Squid, Yellow Perch & Clams. The meal was fabulous, as a side note the ingredients are all invasive species. So not only do they form a delicious meal when prepared by Executive Chef Rob, the removal of these invasive species helps restore the natural balance for our ingenious wildlife. When paired with Hillsides 1st year Pinot Noir offering, well the day was that much more memorable. If you have the chance to spend some time at Hillside we would highly recommend it. And make sure you try their cheesecake desert.

On another note there was something about another group doing some bicycle touring to the south. We are lead to believe that they ventured off the beaten path. Not sure why, but someone named Trevor will be reviewing (of all places) the Tim Horton's in Osoyoos.

PS the weather is amazing, wish you were here

PPS a huge shout out to the women's contingent, they have been stone cold, nails Rock Stars. Not to get all new agey, but they have all been digging deep and extending themselves. It is inspiring to see people pushing themselves inspite of nerves and taking on rides bigger and harder than anything they have ever done

PPPS if it has ever even crossed your mind to do the Penticton camp, book the time off NOW, it will be the week before the May long weekend.

Penticton Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know we are alive and well. Sunday morning turnot was 21 people and most, if not all, did the ironman route, about 175 km. Beautiful day in Penticton, clear sunny skies, no rain, highs in the upper 20's.

Monday was equally epic, 21 people again, some new faces to replace the dudes who could not get up out of bed after one day of training camp. All of us headed to Oliver, Osoyoos area again, Baldy, Baldy gravel, Anarchist, back side of Anarchist, fast paceline were on the menu today. 100 to 200 km. 30 degrees today with favourable winds.

Tuesday is USA ride, should be fun.

Hopefully someone will post up some photos here.



Anyone heading to BOB this weekend. I have a room booked if anyone wants a roomie. If you are coming put your name and Cat# in comments.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go Ryder !!

First Canadian ever to wear the Pink Jersey !!

Go Go Go !!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Clothing is Available for Pickup at Speed Theory

Our clothing order is now available for pickup at Speed Theory.

Please be careful when rummaging through the boxes. If the labels come off the bags, it will be quite difficult to figure out whose bag is whose. If a label is accidentally removed please ask Darcy for a stapler to reattach it.

CLARIFICATION:  This is the FIRST ROUND clothing order only. If you got in on the second round, that is coming early June.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Penticton Week Update - One more thing....

Bring. Your. PASSPORT.

Temperatures in Penticton for next week range from 24-29 degrees. See you on Sunday, 9 a.m. at the Sandman Hotel/Denny's parking lot.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UFC 149

It looks like I might be going to this on July 21. Anybody else going? There is no ABA road race scheduled for that weekend.

I know this club has a surprisingly large UFC fan base. Send me a private message if you are interested in friday pre-sales.


First Round Clothing update

Our clothes have left Yuen Long, China, picked up some culture and cycling mojo in Paris, France, made a quick stop in Memphis, Tennessee to ensure we know how to get in a groove, and have just left Winnipeg bound for here. (For real)

Simon and Shelley are planning to sort all Thursday night and will have them at Speed Theory (the store) by Friday afternoon. DON'T GO TO THE STORE until I post HERE that they are there!

Thank you very much to Simon and Shelley, this is a big job!


Penticton Week Update – Day 6 and 7 rides

Let’s assume this will be the last post before Day 1 in Penticton. Just a reminder, Day 1 is Sunday, May 13, and we begin at 9 a.m. The ride will be approx. 160km as we’re kicking off the week with the Ironman Loop (minus the out and back). We meet at the Denny’s and Sandman Hotel parking lot for each ride. You’ll probably find a few of us meeting an hour before each ride to have breakfast at Denny’s. When deciding what riding clothes to bring, expect the weather to range from 10-25 degrees with a combination of dry and wet (just bring everything).

Day 6, Friday, May 18, Start time 7 a.m. for the long ride and the short ride can start whenever they want

  • Long ride- Reverse Ironman, plus Apex Mountain: 180km
  • Short ride- Apex Mountain: 60-70km
    • Regardless if you are doing the long ride or the short ride, we are all going to ride up Green Mountain Road from Hwy 97 in Penticton. It's a much nicer and quieter ride. 
    • Once we get to the Apex Junction, you have some choices. Climb up to Apex and call it a day, climb up to Apex and then continue with the Ironman Course in reverse, or just stick to the Ironman Course and save Apex for another day (see next Day 7 rides). Your call.  

Day 7, Saturday, May 19, Start time: 9 a.m.

  • Long/Gravel ride: Chute Lake Resort and Lost Moose Lodge
      • This one's a doozey. Last year, eight of us climbed 8km of steep gravel to Chute Lake Resort. It was fun, but it's one of the harder climbs you'll do this week. I added a new climb on Carmi Avenue up to Lost Moose Lodge. So, you do the Chute Lake climb first, come back into town, maybe have a nap or some lunch, and then hit Carmi Avenue up to Lost Moose. 
  • Short ride: Naramata Bench to the gravel and Lost Moose Lodge
    • We all leave and ride the Naramata Bench together until the gravel. You still get in both climbs with the short ride, but without the gravel climb to Chute Lake. 
  • Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride: Chute Lake Resort, Lost Moose Lodge, Apex
    • Last year's Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride consisted of Anarchist, Ironman Loop and Apex. This year's  Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride stays closer to home, but will be equally as tough with three short, but intense climbs. Good luck with that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WNS tonight. It's on!!

Who's in tonight? Can't wait to race!


Monday, May 7, 2012

STers clean up in Moose Jaw

Obviously too humble to post themselves, Brent and Benn (AKA Big Benn...new ST guy) did some cleaning up in Moose Jaw this weekend. 1st and 2nd in the GC and effectively crushng it in all events. Well done! Results are here:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Velocity Stage Race - Cat 5 Report

What a huge race weekend!

I won't comment on the TT - other than to point out the importance of properly tightening your clip-on aerobars.  It's not very useful when they start to tilt up at 45 degrees... 

From what I have heard about the road race in the past, this year had very little wind - but it didn't make it any easier! There was a lot of competition with 70 people in the field (including the U17 group), and the little bit of wind we did have wasn't enough to break up the field. Nothing exciting happened during the first lap (except for the token combine) as everyone was getting settled in the peloton. A couple of Aerobic Power Haus guys were able to get away on lap 2, staying 200m off the front in a good attack, but the huge pack didn't allow them to stay away and reeled them in by the third lap. At this point there were a lot of people with gas left in the tank which pushed the speed of the race up a bit. Once we turned West (tail wind) I remember nothing but GO GO GO as the peloton surged ahead. It was quite twitchy on the last leg (the west side of the course) when all 70 of us thought we had a chance at the sprint. I think Alan took a pedal to his front wheel and ended up hitting the ditch like a boss, riding it out (!) until the wheel car came by. Reinier and I were trying to move up at this point and avoiding getting boxed in. Once we turned the last corner you could start to hear the carbon humming and it was time to really throw down the burger. Amazingly there was a small opening on the right side of the peleton with 200m to the finish. Somehow, through the leg cramps, gasping like a fish, and with my brain taking a vacation, I popped through this little gap with Reinier on my wheel! He pushed through taking 13th, and I grabbed 14th. It was a HUGE sprint finish (37 riders!), and I hope to see some of the footage!

The Sunday Crit is hosted on an excellent course, and unlike the Cat 4 race I'm glad we had the mindset to have a lap to get our legs into it. About 10 minutes in, a break started to form while into the wind on the back section. At this point I was getting pretty burnt, but I remembered what Godfrey said in the car on the way up: "It's only going to hurt for a minute - so tough it out!", and true enough, it hurt for a minute... and the minute after that... and pretty soon I was looking at the lap counter reading '01' while still hurting (damn you Mike) - BUT, I was in a chase pack and didn't get popped off the back! So here I was, legs screaming, wind blowing my jersey off, winding up my cadence for the sprint, and lo and behold, a small group of guys were looming into my (increasingly dimming) peripheral vision. I HAD to give it a go to catch up, but apparently a day of racing the previous day means that legs have their own agenda :).

All in all, it was a good weekend. No upgrade points for myself, but got some great race experience that I can use for the next event. Kudos to all those who took big pulls and made a solid effort.

Check out the results!

Edit: post a link to any photos you have - it's great to see it from another perspective!
Edit2: Whups, got the RR placing wrong by 1.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Velocity Results!

Results are already up for the ITT and the RR today up in Edmonton. Looks like the road races are mainly settled in bunch sprints, which isn't typical for Velocity, since there is usually a killer wind that splits things up. There is going to have to be a lot of action in the Crit tomorrow.

Link to results here.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Penticton Week Update - Insurance and Days 4 and 5

Here’s the fine print for the week in Penticton. If you are riding with us at any point during the week you need insurance. If you are a registered member of the Speed Theory Club or a registered member of the Alberta Bicycling Association, you already have insurance and passed the insurance test. If you are not registered with either of these groups, click on Spousal/Partner Temp STC Membership to purchase a $40 team membership for the week. Now for the fun part: Day 4 and Day 5.

Day 4, Wednesday, May 16, Start time 9 a.m.: 60-80km
  • Long and short ride: Giant’s Head and CampBoyd.
    • There’s a no-drop rule in effect until we get to the Giant’s Head hill in Summerland. Feel free to do as many or as little hill repeats as you wish. You can also ride to Summerland, tuck yourself into the coffee shop for an hour or so and then ride back to Penticton.  The map doesn't show the Giant's head hill.
Day 5, Thursday, May 17, Start time 9 a.m.: 90-100km
Days 6 and 7 still to come.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roll Call - Moose Jaw!

If Edmonton is to short of a drive there is another event going on in Moose Jaw, SK! (Link). I know myself and another cat5er is going from the team if anyone else wants to join us its a fun event. The crit has 9 corners! and its at night!

Team supper anyone

For those heading up to Velocity, any ideas on a team get together? Post ideas in comments and if there is consensus we can edit this post.

For those not doing Velocity... an impromptu 20km ITT?

I am bummed I am going to miss Velocity, it is a good race. I do however have time for a Sat. ride and I want a race effort since I am racing next weekend. Also, Marie said she would come out and time any club member that wants to do a pick up 20km ITT. So, if you are into it, meet at the 85th st. and 9th ave. Timmies at 11am. We'll ride slowly out to the round-a-bout on the 22, then Marie will start us in 1min intervals. The course is below. Then we can ride slowly to the coffee shop, then make our way home.

Link to route.

Leave a comment if you plan to come so we know to wait for you at Timmies.

Find more Bike Ride in Rocky View County, AB


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roll Call - Velocity

Who is coming to Edmonton for the first big one of the year. Post name and Cat# in the comments! It's nearly GO TIME!!

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