Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can you hump it?

So there's a guy. A guy who likes bikes. No, he loves bikes. But seriously, who gets arrested for making 'love' to his bike?

Don't take your bike to Scotland.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cyclo-crazy.... The Knobby Gobbler, the last ABA Cyclocross of the Season

Well, that was fricken tough. I can't believe how fast some dudes in Alberta are on the cross bike !!

The race started with about 15 dudes. Steve German and I lined up near the back since neither of us had been in an ABA CX race before and were pretty nervous. There were several dudes with pimped out bikes that I'd never seen before. Mr. Unbeatable Dominant Tim H. was there, but in the CX world, Shawn Bunnin, Erin Schooler, and Chris McNeil can lay it down like I can't imagine ! It was totally awesome.

Keith Bayley was sick and wasn't racing. But to make things interesting, he put up 2 $20 primes. The first one was for the first rider to finish lap 1, the next was to the last rider to not get lapped before the winner finished.... .... ... guess which one I won ?!?!

Sweet.... with my $20 spot, and my 10th place overall, I got to race hard, and see some amazing racing.

I will post some shots tomorrow, so check back. A really nice dude called Bill took some amazing shots. Erin, Cyrus, Shawn, and most dudes racing open men....if you're reading this, check back and I'll post the good shots. Erin, there is an awesome running one of you.

Pictures have been posted by Carson Bannon, here


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trev at Confederation 3x3.5 km Relay

Not to be outdone by Fast Legs Frank's herculean effort at the Confederation Park 3x3.5km Relay Race (See Below), our (until now) fearless leader of the SpeedTheory Cycling Team showed that he is in fact afraid of water. As clearly shown in the attached photograph, Trev showed significant consternation about the prospect of getting his new running flats damp.
The raging river would have made even the bravest of river crossers take pause, however, Trev overcame his greatest fear and lunged (in a manly way) into the swift flowing waters, while lookers on gasped in amazement.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Confederation 3 X 3.5km relay.

Lots of pain in this short, extremely hilly 3.5km race. The top teams battled it out for podium positions with Kyle Marcotte's Speed Theory team victorious yesterday, consisting of him, Jeff Krar and Darcy Bell.

The most exciting part of the day was Fast Leg Frank's sprint against one of Calgary's premiere Ironman athlete's Don King to hold off our 3rd place position by about 2 meters. The crowd was screaming, Frank and Don's faces were contorted in pain, and that was a fast 200m covered from the last creek crossing!

I'll post results as soon as they are up.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Transrockies Race Report.

Guys, here is our 'official' Transrockies Race Report that I will be supplying in printed format to our sponsors for the event, Scheffer Andrew. Just in case you are interested in looking at some pictures of the event, here is a link to the document:

Right here

I have tried to write it in a way that employees of Scheffer Andrew may still enjoy it even if they aren't familiar with cycling or competing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Season End Blow Out Sale at SpeedTheory

October 23-27th

AGM tomorrow night !! OCT. 17th.

Please come out to the informal evening at the Hop and Brew tomorrow night if you are on the team or interested in learning more about the team and possibly joining.

Hop In Brew
Pub213 12 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0G9
(403) 266-2595,+AB&fb=1&cid=51041489,-114066091,4865868577930313640&li=lmd


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spin Session Monday!!

We will be holding our first spin session Monday at 6:30 at SpeedTheory. We will have 10 "guest" riders (not from the ST team) and at least four ST Riders (James, Alex, Rob & Paul). Trev has a prior comitment to attend so he will not be there.
Our first session will focus on technique and core stability. Bring your bike, trainer, pedals, shoes, towel and SpeedTheory kit for the bike and running shoes and a mat for the core workout. I suspect we will go until 8 pm.
All team members or interested new members are welcome.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ST AGM ... for everyone...

The First Annual General Meeting of the Speed Theory Cycling Team will be on Wednesday October 17th starting at 6:30pm and the 'Hop and Brew'.

Rob has reserved a room for us. Details and a link to a map are provided below.

I hope everyone can make it. Also, if there are people that are even remotely interested in joining our team, I would welcome them to attend the meeting, meet the guys and provide their input. Please direct any questions to Trev, Rob, James or me.


Hop In Brew Pub
213 12 Avenue SWCalgary, AB T2R 0G9
(403) 266-2595,+AB&fb=1&cid=51041489,-114066091,4865868577930313640&li=lmd

Team Spin Sessions

One of the ideas we had was for the Cycling Team to get together for spin classes over the off-season. We decided that we could raise some money for the team this way too. We would welcome everyone to attend the spin sessions which would be hosted and coached by ST Cycling Team members. Proceeds raised would go to the team fund.

I hope you all will be interested in participating – it will allow us all to train together and get on a similar off-season program, so that in the spring we can hit the pavement running (or cycling).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Speed Theory Cycling - Annual General Meeting

The "executive" had a meeting last week to discuss the team and ways to improve for next year. We want to set up a meeting this week or next to talk about these ideas, brainstorm more and just have "a social". We are trying to select a day. I would like to propose Thursday night of this week or Mon, Tues or Weds of next week.

Please "comment" on what day would be best. We want to get EVERYONE there (especially the guys who didn't race or raced little last year) so we can make it work for everyone in 2008.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cyclocross fun

Last night I went to and had a blast.

I raced on my commuter and it was awesome!

A little cyclocrazy action to dust off those weeks of inactivity from taking off-season too seriously. It's got me motivated to get in some semblance of shape again.

Thanks to Keith Bayley and his volunteers for providing the cheap entertainment.


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