Friday, September 7, 2018

Midweek Mayhem is up and running!

Dennis crushing Midweek Mayhem Week 1  (photo from Arpad Soos!)

Eric hammering around a corner.  (Photo by Arpad Soos!)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Race night and club meeting April 14th

RACE NIGHT AND AGM  Saturday April 14th

Although the snow says we are a long way off from racing and group rides, the road bike season is just around the corner!

Clean up your bike, lube your chain, and hold the night;

Saturday April 14th

We're going to hold 1 heat of our old favourite "Coors Morgul - Bismark Course" on the Computrainers in the Engine Room at Speed Theory.  When the going gets tough, the one minute per beer rule applies!
Then we will have a brief meeting about Club Particulars. Pizza and beer provided.  Kids are welcome to come and cheer and hang out.

This year our focus will be to use local races to prep for the evolution of our members goals.
Huge Audacious Goals.... do you have one?  Let's go after them as a team!
Some of our members are already committed to some huge endeavours;

1400km Brevet in Croatia
Haute Route Norway
Leadville 100
Grizzy MTB marathon

So as you can see, there will be some fat tires involved in our training ride forum! 

Hopefully see most of you next Saturday!


Monday, March 26, 2018

Penticton Training Camp: May 14 - May 18 2018

This year, Keith is leading the annual STC foray into the Okanagan. It will be held Monday May 14th to Friday May 18th.  This is a training camp for road cyclists. The rides are solid but not crazy. The atmosphere is fairly casual. You are responsible for your own accommodations and food, and Keith will outline the routes each day at the meeting time and location. Most evenings, the group will go out for a group dinner if you're in to that. The rides are unsupported in terms that there is no follow van, but your cycling companions will be there.

Every participant needs to be at least an associate member of STC to participate. So other clubs are absolutely welcome to come, but everyone needs to be a member, or secondary member of STC just to cover off on the insurance check box. This year, a full member and associate member are exactly the same thing.

We'll try to have a fun social event in the Indoor Studio before hand so Keith can hold an info session on the camp and meet and touch base with anyone that is thinking of going.

If you are new to riding in the Okanagan, it is a fantastic area for cycling and hanging out.

Keith has put together a rough outline as to the distances for each day:

Monday May 14: >100km ride
Tuesday May 15: >100km ride
Wednesady May 16: >150km ride
Thursday May 17: <100km br="" day="" rest-ish="" ride="">Friday May 18: >100km ride (start of long weekend)
Shoot Keith an email at if you have any questions.

More info to come.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Registration for 2018 and some fun events coming in Spring.

It's been a long long time since our last post. 

I have updated the registration link and member list. I have updated the price of membership to reflect that we didn't host an event last year and we have some money in the bank.

We will host some fun events throughout the Spring just like last year and get rolling. The ABA just posted the race calendar for 2018 and it looks good.

Here is the STC Membership Link.

Here is the ABA Race Calendar Link.

We'll post much more regularly now that Spring is in our Crosshairs!  Look for a fun family friendly Friday night coming up soon!

Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Membership List

Current Members for 2018

Diana Abernethy
Scott Althen
Ali Arnell
Rhea Balderston
Daryl Beatty
Joshua Benjamin
Jordan Bennett
Jason Bergeron
Bruce Beveridge
Dennis Bland
Jeff Booke
Albert Brandt
Scott Bratt
Patrick Brick
Sherri Buchignani
Sherri Buchignani
Karin Chambers
Stefan Chiasson
Anna Choy
Matthew Cook
Erik Cramer
Gavin Creighton
Sam Crowhurst
Lucas Crutchfield
Chad Danard
George Delogos
Chris DeVries
Daniel Dickey
Daniel Dickey
Justin Dube
Olivier Fuldauer
Jamie Gelfand
Brad Giblin
Lavina Gilliland
Michael Godfrey
Bill Hahn
Peter Harris
Leanne Hassell
Shane Helwer
Rodney Hudson
Brad Johnston
Chuck Johnstone
Courtney Kolla
William Lacey
Elaine Lehto
Jeremy Luntley
Craig Maddox
Bernadine Martin
Kris McConnell
Brent McKercher
Sean McMaster
Marie Michalski
Kevin Mills
Ben Mills
Peter Mora
Mark Munro
Ken Olson
Anup Raniga
Alex Ross
Karma Roste
Dolores Roth
Bernard Roth
Nancy Smith
Jesse Standing
Kevin Stenner
Linda Sutherand
Linda Sutherland
Valeska Thomson
Drew Thomson
Klaus Vencovsky
Jane Virtue
Charl Volsteedt
Fiona Watkins
David Whiteley
Kory Wickenhauser
Trev Williams
Ashley Winters
Ross Wonnick
Ryan Yee
Gordon Yi

Full Calendar