Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Banff rides Labour Day Weekend V3.0

So 1st change in the plan, new meeting time for Friday ride, 1pm, neither Trev nor I can make it up there before then.

And the 2nd change, the Sunday & Monday rides will be changing place. It works better this way for the driving, particularly on Monday, coming home.

There was snow in Banff today, but the forecast for the weekend is really good, Environment Canada

Friday - Hills in and around Banff this is a fun loop that never takes you far from Banff but will certainly stretch the legs - approx 130km - meet Starbucks Banff Ave 1pm

Saturday - Castle Junction - Radium loop this is a big one four decent climbs and lots of miles - approx 220km - meet Castle Junction 8am

Sunday - Lake Louise to Takkakaw Falls amazing scenery and one of the coolest switchback roads ever, if you haven't seen the falls you will be blown away - approx 110km (will depend on highway construction - meet Village Parking lot 9am. According to the BCAA the construction on the bridge at the bottom of the Kicking Horse pass is still ongoing, so we will make the call on that portion of the ride when we get there. If it proves to be too sketchy we can also return to Louise and ride up to the Chateau and/or Morraine Lake, nice riding as well.

Monday - Spray Lakes loop new ride this year - approx 150km (fair bit of gravel) - meet info Centre Canmore 9am

This schedule will firm up over the next day or so, so keep checking back and/or leave comments if you plan on making any or all of the rides. It is a great time of year to enjoy some scenery and great miles on the bike.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ironman Aug. 29th

UPDATE: Well, the conditions were the talk of the day as there was a solid headwind down the Keremeos to Osoyoos corridor and the stifling heat. Congrats for any of the brave souls that toughed it out and got the job done.

Simon Forman had a fricken killer day out there! He came out of the water in 1762nd position and proceeded to mow down 1416 on the bike !! Holy Cow.. he left on the run in 346th position and went on a tear crushing a further 196 people to finish in 149th !! WOW !!

A shout out goes to my good friend Ryan Cain from Cranbrook (or as I lovingly refer to it as 'The Trailer Park'), who finally laid down a sweet IMC and finished 2nd age-grouper overall with a super time of 9:33. He was the finisher directly behind another good friend, his ex-Speed Theorist brother Dallas Cain. Both brothers were part of the 'Brookview 6' which sent 3 of the 6 friends to the NHL. So they know how to 'git er dun' !

This athlete tracker is really good if you are looking up a friend for results.

Simon Forman: 942 (10:34)
Wayde Bymoen: 707 (11:11)
Kyle Marcotte: 7 (10:09, looks like his injury was the factor there)
Kevin Aitken: 1502 (12:08)
Jen Mansell: 2600 (13th women overall 10:36)
Ian Pritchard: 945 (11:33)
Cathy Rankin: 3193 (14:27)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Stephen Burke is recruiting young riders.

As most of you know, Calgary is extremely lucky to have Stephen Burke living in our city. He is a super resource if you have a son or daughter that is interested in cycling and wants some more formal training. If the young riders join Synergy, Bicisport, or CycleMeisters, there is possible access to casino funds which can be used to offset the cost of coaching. Stephen is the right coach for your youngster or your paralympic athlete in the family.

I recently got to tap into Stephen's knowledge at a weekend long course and his reputation was not exaggerated at all. I look forward to taking every adult oriented course he puts on and highly recommend him for your youngster.

Here is a message from him:

Dear Athletes, Parents and Calgary Area Clubs

I just wanted to let you know that I am planning a clinic for new
riders interested in the National Cycling Centre Development Program; for
those who have already started with us over the summer and for the few
people who I have been in touch with regarding the program for the fall. It
will be a good opportunity for everyone to get some cycling experience and
skills before we take a break and resume training in October.

The Clinic will run Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday from 1:00 to 4:00;
Monday will be a Track Focused Day, Tuesday a Road and Wednesday a MTB
Focus. We will provide bikes for the Track Session and you're responsible
to provide a road bike or MTB for Tuesday and Wednesday. If you would like
to rent a bike the Outdoor Program Centre here at the University can rent
bikes (Road or MTB).

Please email me so I can send you a Waiver and Novice Clinic Registration
form (Please note this clinic is Free)

The Clinic will run each day from the Glenmore Velodrome in SW
Calgary. Take Crowchild and exit at 50th Ave SW, Head East and when you see
the Athletic Fields your there...the Velodrome is next to the Skating Rink.

Finally if you have any questions please call me at 403-220-8008
(office) or on my Cell 403-681-9566

Stephen Burke ChPC, BKin
Head Coach National Cycling Centre Calgary

Monday, August 22, 2011

Place at Lakeside Resort and good luck to our IMC bound athletes!

Kevin Aitken has a last minute place to stay in Penticton if someone is looking for one. It is for Aug. 26th - 29th and it is a pimp room with a hot tub. Give him a call at 403-860-4695 if you are interested in going down and watching 'The Big Show'.

Good luck to teammates:

'The most consistently awesome IMC athlete' Kyle Marcotte. #7 (Seriously, look at the results.)
'The swimmer' Simon Forman #942
Cathy 'The Avenger' Rankin #3193
Wayde 'Vin Diesel' Bymoen #707

Are there any more out there?

Also, Mike 'DJ' Godfrey tore up Kelowna Apple Triathlon this past weekend letting 'Slayer' Dan pip him at the sprint to the finish. He took his spot for age-group worlds in New Zealand next year. Watch for a post from him on his annual Sept. long weekend training camp in Banff.


It's Cross-ember. Let's race.

From Speed Theory Calgary to STC.


Exclusive STC Cyclocross Deal!

With the road racing season now wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next: Cyclocross! To kick off the cyclocross season Speed Theory Calgary will be offering all STC members special pricing on Felt cross bikes. Take your pick between the durable F75X for the reduced price of $1549.99 (regular price is $2049.99), or its lighter weight sibling the F15X at $2649 (regular price is $3599.99). Stock is extremely limited. This offer is exclusive to STC members only and is on a first come first serve basis. All bikes will need to be prepaid and will ship to Calgary the last week of August. Come in for help with sizing if you aren't sure.

For more information on the F75X check out here.

For more information on the F15X check out here.

For more information on this deal or to purchase one of these bikes please send an email to

Thanks and happy riding!

The Speed Theory Calgary Gang

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lethbridge Road Provincials -- Cat 5 Race Report

Six Speed Theory Cat 5rs made the trip to Magrath, AB for the 2011 Provincial Road Race Championships. Here's my very biased opinion of how it all shook down.

It was pretty evident at the start that Speed Theory and TCR had the two biggest teams in the race, and we were doing the stare-down at each other at the start. However, I was confident that we would have a good showing, because we had Derek Jobson, the Most Interesting Man in the World, on our side.

The course was a 80 km out-and-back, with a $50 KOM on the line at 20 kms and "nice" crosswinds to keep the racing interesting. All teams shared the work at the front to the KOM, and then TCR threw the gauntlet down and the race was on. The climb shattered the group: Derek caught TCR's Robert Savin to claim the KOM, and Robert and me came over the KOM 2nd and 3rd. We hooked up with Derek for about 10 kms, after which three guys: Brent from TCR, Rob from Bici, and Andrew Paul from Bike Bros, bridged up to us. This turned out to be the winning move.

We all worked hard together to stay away. Everyone took a pull in the wind, and we had the echelon working perfectly with the wind. Coming back after the turn it was pretty evident we were going to stay away, because the rest of the cat 5s were in groups of two or three, and some folks were suffering hard on their own. With about 3 km to go Derek launched off the front, stringing us out. I couldn't go with the pace, but was able to keep the leaders in sight. Derek won the sprint, Robert from TCR took 2nd, and Andrew was 3rd. I didn't have the juice to catch Brent, so finished as last man in the break. That was the best road race I've ever been in, and it was a real pleasure to race with all those guys.

Reinier was the next in at 7th (that might also put him up to cat 4), Alan O. rolled in for 10th, Mike Healy was 12th, and Stephen Pickett was 18th.


Provincials Road Race... preliminary results!

Rhonda became the Women's road provincial champion today !! Sure her husband crushed it at the Olympics, but now the family has something to be REALLY proud about :) Way to go Rhonda, sweet race and nice riding! They raced the women with the Cat5's today and I look forward to hearing the stories.

Derek extinguished the flames of all other Cat5's hopes and climbed the ladder of the podium to the top spot today. Darcy was sixth. This will send both those two into Cat4. For Darcy it is 'for real' this time!

Dave was 3rd in Cat3 which is awesome.

Harley was the sole Cat2 competitor for us unfortunately. I think I will make a push for us to represent better in that Cat next year (me included). Sorry Harley to leave you teamless for today.

More results to follow as the texts come through from Lethbridge.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Congratulations Carol and Andy!

Carol Mayne and Andy Holmwood are getting married this weekend in Edmonton...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garmin Brings Power to the People with Vector

This product has been in the works for many years and so it is great to see it finally coming to market. Garmin bought the technology a few years ago from MetriGear who did not have deep enough pockets to work out all the kinks and get it to market. Looks like it is here, and cheaper than most other power meter systems!

Very cool!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some great group ride options for Fri/Sat/Sun.


Make sure to check out the training forum, there are still some great rides being posted.

Mayor Welch has posted two.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lethbridge Road Provincials -- Who's Going and Looking for a Roommate

Hey all,

I don't feel like getting up at some unholy hour next Sunday to get down to Magrath in time for the race, so I've booked a room at the Econo Lodge in Lethbridge on Saturday night. So, I'm looking for a (male) roommate to split the cost. Any takers? Should be about $60. I can also supply transportation.

Also, who all is racing this weekend?

Darcy Cat 5

Cyclist hit by burning fireworks hurt

Posted: Aug 16, 2011 8:48 AM MT

Police are looking for the person who tossed lit fireworks from a vehicle at three cyclists, causing one to fall from his bike and go into a ditch.

The injured cyclist fractured his arm and needed stitches on his arms and legs.

RCMP officers, who didn't release a description of the vehicle, are looking for witness to the incident.

The cyclists were biking eastbound near Cochrane on Highway 1A, about three kilometers east of Grande Valley Road.

Cochrane RCMP ask anyone with information regarding to contact them at 403-851-8000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Highwood Pass Ride

Photos by Mayor Welch:

What the hell?

Here is a link to the Herald's article on an incident involving cyclists on the weekend near Calgary. What in the world would make someone think this was funny, and then drive away when one of the dudes crashed ?!?!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now THAT was a group ride.


Tom Kenny and Rob Welch will fill in the few of you who didn't make it out today but that was huge and pretty great. Thanks to everyone for coming out, we need MORE OF THOSE !!



Friday, August 12, 2011

The Grand Fondue - UPDATE

Place meat on two wheeled device (Use 23 mm tires for best results)
Set temperature to 23 degrees C
Base liberally with sun tan oil
Cook Legs for 170 km's or approx. 7 hours
Occasionally replace fluids
Add sugar and salt as needed

UPDATE: The ingredients continue to increase for this delectable entree. It would seem this is the 'go to' fun ride of the season!

Yes, it's Rob W's Grand Fondue. Cook your legs at whatever pace you want to ride. This is a non sanctioned STC ride. The goal is to have as many riders out for a fun and social ride. Hammer if you want to. Get to know your team mates, your competitors or the dude/dudette next door.

See Robs post in the training rides forum.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend Criterium Photos

I posted these in the comments section a few days ago but here they are if you did not see them. I don't claim to be good a photographer most of these are poorly framed, over exposed, badly focused otherwise bad photos... Enjoy!

PS if you like any a lot for some odd reason, perhaps you are in it email me ( and I can get you the print quality one also crop and Photoshop some more speed into it..

Cat 5 Pictures

Cat 4 Pictures

Cat 3 Pictures

Cat 1/2 Pictures

Women Pictures

Kids Pictures

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reasons to Consider a M->F Gender Reassignment: Number 3

I was driving the wheel car for the women’s race this weekend. They were having a good race, a little surging now and then. Popped a few off the back, DQed one on a hill. Looked like a race. One and a half laps in, two women had just reattached to the pack, one other was about 45 seconds behind and fading. It was a good time to put her out of her misery.

Why were they slowing down? In order to stop. They stood on the road milling and chatting until just after the dangler caught up. The commissaire came back to chat with them. Then they were off and racing again. The race continued, more women were popped (no catchups allowed anymore). Finish line sprints happened and the race was over.

Afterward, curiosity got the better of me and I asked what happened. Apparently, one of the riders in the front group was having trouble with her saddle. She was discussing with a team mate how she might fix it on the fly, when the rest of the group said, “Why don’t we stop?” And so they did. Once the saddle was fixed, they mounted up and started racing again. Civilised behaviour in a bike race. I’m gobsmacked.

Chapeau, womens.

The cat 5 report

Now that I’m catching up on my sleep, I can reflect on the Cat 5 race with more objectivity.
Once again, I think the Cat 5 STC should be more than proud of themselves during the road race. We were fortunate enough to have some crazy strong riders, some really good domestics and a lunatic out front from the start of the race. Our tactics had to be re-adjusted early in the race and everyone played an active role.

The plan was to protect our two strongest riders, James and Ian. Ian being very close to being upgraded. However, after the first corner, Derek (I think by accident) was 200 meters up the road when two guys bridged up to him. I originally thought we would roll them up but they began to pull away and no one else was willing to chase. We let them go.

Soon enough it was obvious that they were making a strong attempt to stay away so we passed the word around the STC guys to slow the pack down. The Niklas guys knew what we were doing and gave us the evil eye but did not make any attempt to bridge up. Slowly but surely the lead group pulled further and further ahead. On the third lap, after the wind had picked up, Darcy was pulling the group along at a Sunday afternoon pace. He pulled off to let someone else take a pull and the pack slowed down even further. Wow! We could not have been going any slower.

Meantime, James was itching to go. “Can we catch ‘em now?” No. “Now?” No.
On the last lap Stephen, in the wheel car, gave us the split. We were well over 2 minutes behind and it was time to re-organize. The new plan was to move James and Ian to the front before the corner heading south. Brad (the incredible hulk) said he had some legs left that he could lead the two out at the corner. Me and the rest of the gang would attempt to hold the pack back.

The corner came and off they went. And so did the rest of the pack. The group was being stretch out but it didn’t shatter like I hoped. Brad was cooked when I caught him and was disappointed that the lead out didn’t work. But, James, Ian and the RMCC guy kept the pace.

Finally, ‘poing’ the pack snapped. I heard popping and clouds of smoke formed behind me as guys slowly disintegrated. My engine was starting to smoke too, but a little pep talk with myself and with the incredible hulk we began working our butts off to keep up. Brad, Rainier and I now had visions of catching the three up group and we would have a strong STC finish. Alas, we could not catch on but we tried valiantly.

Our man Derek in the lead group had come apart on the south leg. After, he told me he was so cooked he could barely keep going. It was a big effort on his part to stay away from the very start of the race; well done.

Back to the last km. Brad dropped his chain but managed to get it back on. I thought I flatted and pulled off (later determined that the tire was fine. It must have been my huge powerful quads that pulled the wheel out of the drop outs;). The race was over for me.

In the end the team effort was excellent. We had 4 guys in the top 10. Ian gets moved up and some big points for James and Derek.

Some notes:
The young Juventus guys rode really strong. I was impressed by their staying power. A little sketchy here and there but they improved as the race went on.
RMCC guy (Shane) deserves credit for doing lots-o-work at the front. Sorry dude, we were unwilling to help.
Andrew! Congratulations! Glad to see you moving up.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wednesday Night Series - Aug 10.

STC will host the Wednesday night special on the Woodland TT course. Below is the blurb from our kick-off race of the season. Try to take a minute off your May time!

This week is a 16km ITT on the NW Woodland course (Highway 1A and Woodland Road). The first rider will start at 6:30 PM. This will be a full aero TT. Feel free to use your TT/Tri bike, aero wheels & helmets, skin suits, shoe covers and any non-UCI compliant bike components. The course is mainly flat with a couple of rollers near the end to keep you interested and a brief downhill in the middle. I can use a few volunteers to help with this race. Let me know if you can help and I will need the stopwatches.

Some parking is available at Woodland Road. Parking is also available at Bearspaw road and at the Lions Club (Farmers Market) on Nagway Road.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Full Results.

Guys, these are UNOFFICIAL. There are probably a few little tweaks in there I will need to clean up when I hear from the ABA, so take these as a 'first go'.

Thanks for a great weekend of racing. The volunteers make this happen and it was great to always have lots of help when I needed it, thank you everyone.


The story of the day was Eric Jensen dismantling the Cat3 field and soloing for almost the entire race. See you in Cat2 Eric.

Ferenc had a new baby boy at 1:46am on Sat morning. He still made it to the Crit and Road Race. It was his sixth kid. Congrats Ferenc, enjoy your new addition to the family. Here he is getting 7th in the road race after probably as little sleep as me!

Watching the Cat1/2 sprint was exciting as usual. When I am in the race, I usually watch from about 100m - 1km behind, so it was great to see it develop and climax with Cody taking top honours on the day.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ITT, Crit, and Omnium results (as of Sat. night) POSTED !!

Well.. we got'er'done tonight !!

Look here for all the current results!

Thanks to everyone for making Sat such a great success.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Start Lists.


Startlist for tomorrow ! Here it is !! Andy saved the day !!

We are going to use assigned race numbers for this race now. So when you sign on tomorrow, ensure you give yourself enough time to pick up your weekend number and get it on !!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ARC Resources Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Weekend.


UPDATE. ITT Start List Posted!

UPDATE: Members, ensure to schedule the family to come to the BBQ at 5pm on Sunday !! We deserve an evening to relax and talk about the weekend. Food and beer/wine (with a DD) are included. Matt and Jen's place is here.


Tech Guide here.

Volunteer document here. (Please, even if you aren't a club member but want to help out, please go to this link and put your name and phone number anywhere you see a '??'. If you see a '??', that means we are looking for someone to fill that role.)

UPDATE !! WE NEED AT LEAST 1 more volunteers for Sunday for course marshals, 1 more cars, and 1 person to be at the hall in charge of food and keeping people's stuff OK.


Wednesday night race

It's time to give a little. I need more volunteers due to my lack of experience and early onset dimentia (I forget peoples names the instant they are told to me). Someone to help at the finish line and more people on the corners. Steve will be there early to sweep corners and could use a hand. I'll get there around 6:30 for a 6:45 start time.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Bowness Crit gallery in the Calgary Herald

With special shout-out to Dave Holmes :)

Crushing the TdB HC!

Here is Clarke, Matt, Rob, and Rick and Mike 'MC' Godfrey hitting up the HC yesterday.

Here is Simon Forman crushing the 70.3 run. He had a private cyclist follow him the whole way and will be Calgary 70.3's poster child to show off their great course. The photo shows Fast-Legs-Frank running by in the opposite direction. Two STC dudes who are missing their bikes !!


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