Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prairie-Roubaix II It's go time!

The soon-to-be iconic Spring Classic is back. We'll get some further details up here very soon.

Video of the course here.

If you are NOT part of STC or Crankmasters, you MUST have a valid 2011 ABA racing license. If you do not, you cannot race. The ABA will send us a list the day before the event, if you are not on it, you do not race.

Click on the poster for a larger version.

OK, here are some details about Alberta's first true Spring Classic.

Women: As part of our current initiative to encourage women to get out and race. We are going to offer free admission. Sure this doesn't save you a ton, but we want it to indicate that we are thinking about you and are going to start accommodating women more in future races. Get out and race!

Parking: As we all have encountered on many occasions, for some reason farmers are the most stressed out when it comes to people on 'their' public roads. Please park somewhere AWAY from the race course and ride the couple km's into the sign-on. We will have a tent there for people to put theirs jacket's/bottles/etc for after the race. All you need to race is $5 and ID/ABA license/UCI license. I will have a list of current ABA members, so you don't even need to pack that. Use the ride as warm-up. The registration for this race is going to be super casual, so no need to stress about being early. The less cars on Glendale the better the chances we hold this again. PLEASE DO NOT PARK INSIDE THE RACE LOOP !!

Porta-potties: There will be 2 toilets at registration. They are predominately there for the women, but are open to everyone.

Littering: Of course no littering. We will leave the race course exactly how we found it.

Locals: We are hoping the locals will be accommodating to us. Please be courteous and friendly. Having ridden this loop hard a few times now and held this event once, it would be great if we could use this course year over year, it is totally awesome.

Ambulance: We have hired a full ambulance for this race.

Spectating: The best place to watch this event would be on Willow Way as it is slightly uphill, twisty, almost cobble quality road, and has the feel of a spring classic. Please bring out flags, air horns, face paint and take pictures. Let's show those Belgians who REALLY likes cycling more! If you can get some totally awesome photos of some awesome action, SpeedTheory Cycling will reward you.

Categories: We have intentionally made these Cats dissimilar to the ABA Cats for two reasons. The first is to ensure no one thinks upgrading points will be awarded. The second is to let you race where you want. If you are a Cat4 that wants to see if you can keep up, then race CatA. If you are a Cat2 that is out of shape, race CatA or we will call 'sandbagger'.

Jerseys: This is pretty early in the year to expect everyone to have their team jerseys. Don't worry about having a proper team jersey for this event.

Body Numbers: Don't wear your ABA body numbers or number plates. We are currently debating using our own numbers, or none at all. You will find out at registration.

Bikes: I am racing on my road race bike with 25's. No other modifications. I have heard some people wonder if CX bikes are going to be used. You can, but they will be slower than your road race bike. In the video, I had 23's on and was able to hammer as hard as I could on the gravel. The only reason I am going to 25's is so I can lower my psi for Willow Way.

Awards: Awards will be based on bragging rights this year, and will increase as the years go on. Imagine being able to say to your kids you podiumed on the first annual Prairie-Roubaix, that is priceless.

Get pumped: We are less than 2 weeks away!


Carlos said...

Who do we contact to do our duty and volunteer for this race?


Trev said...

Carlos, sorry about the late response. Tom Kenny and I will put out a request about a week prior to it asking for several volunteers, it would be great if you could help out! Thanks.

Lockie said...

Shouldn't that say 'valid UCI license'? It would be a shame to not be able to let Hesjedal and Boonen race because they're not on the ABA list! :)

PaddyH said...


I certainly don't have the credentials of Hesjedal or Boonen but I have a MCA/UCI licence, can I join in on the fun?
bummer if not.

Trev said...

As long as you are insured through the UCI through some provincial/state/country federation, you can ride. Bring your license.


Anonymous said...

Is there any place you can recommend parking that would not aggravate anyone? Driving down from Edmonton limits the time I have to ride to the course.

Trev said...

Most people parked on the South West corner of the course last year so that they could ride the gravel section to see it at least once if they were unable to preride. The is a road right across from Glendale that most people parked at.


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