Monday, August 30, 2010

Kyle and Kelly Rock at Ironman Canada

A huge congratulations goes out to Speed Theory teammates and friends Kyle and Kelly. Kyle set a new personal best time of 8:40:45. Kelly in her first Ironman truly was amazing and came home in a time of 10:23:07. How amazing was Kelly - well she was 19th woman. Strip the pros out and she 6th. Nice!

Not to be over shadowed by his future wife, Kyle raced what I think has been his best Ironman. I thought he was going to take the whole thing. At 16km into the run Kyle was a mere 50 seconds off the leader! Then, gosh darn internet athlete tracker went down. Through texting, twitter, facebook the final result was known and Kyle would finish up as 5th Pro. Nice.

Great races team O'Toole and Marcotte!

[Editor] We had Simon Forman 11:04 , and Jay Rankin 10:55 from our team there too. Congrats on solid finishes!

Speed Theory Cycling Clothing and Prizes from the JayLap Memorial

All the remaining Speed Theory Cycling Clothing is available to pick up at the store during store hours. Please ensure you pick up exactly what you ordered. I have a spreadsheet there for you to check off and ensure you get exactly what you ordered. Remember, we don't order anything extra, so if you accidentally grab a race cut instead of a club cut, or bibs instead of shorts, that means someone else doesn't get what they ordered.

Also, all the remaining prizes from the JayLap are at the store as well, please pick up your prize at your earliest convenience. These people have prizes: Sonia Utting, Stephen Lund, Cody Godlonton, Dale Hildebrand, Michael Hoang, Bryon Howard, Chris Hooper, Michael Waldhuber, and James Janzen (from a previous race).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Looking for legal advice

I was hit by a car earlier tonight at 40+ km/h on 4 st NW near my home. The driver fled the scene but witnesses got a partial license plate and the police tracked the driver down and charged him with hit and run.

Not sure what to do... get an injury lawyer? Call his car insurance company? I'm not sure my auto insurance would be involved because I was on my bicycle. The police gave me a file number for the collision report. The bike looks alright but I'm worried it might have some cracks in the frame. I spent the evening in the foothills hospital and just got home now... luckily no broken bones this time but extra road rash on my legs, arms and face to add to my collection.

Gran Fondo - Vancouver to Whistler

Why let that wicked shape you are in, from all this great August racing, go to waste??? There is a great race coming up, Saturday Sept 11 (weekend after Sept long) - closed roads, super duper scenery, solid climbing (looks to be mostly 5%, so nothing too bad)...check it out:

Gran Fondo Whistler

Join the Speed Theory crew for one last road bash for the year. Charles and I have signed up.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winter Spin Classes

Several years ago I started my spin classes as a method for the team to 'gel' and get fit over the winter at the same time. It has been a roaring success and I have met a lot of my good friends this way. We talk racing all winter and by the time spring comes, we've covered every awesome scenario we can think of transpiring on the road. Of course most of the tall-tale talk is of successful break aways and daring attacks (like Mike's last lap Crit move!). Anyway, I am looking forward to these sessions again as I like the structure and connecting with my friends at least twice a week.

Now that this is a career for me, I don't really see things being handled any differently other than I am holding more spins classes. They will still be the small, social, race oriented, awesome music, painful sessions everyone loves. Therefore, it would be great to get as much of the team into these as possible.

I write this as the Mon/Wed class is sold out already and the Tues/Sun is on its way. I predict the Tues/Thurs early morning will be the next to go. I just wanted to give the team a heads up that Speed Theory Calgary is going to send out the spin times in its newsletter in the next couple days and I predict Mon/Wed and Tues/Sun to be gone after that. So if you are thinking about it, then it may be a good time.

The more racers in my classes then more fun for me definitely and it will provide you with other racers to share knowledge and experience with. If you are interested, sign up at

But's let not forget Cross season! It's time to start getting ready for that now!!


Congrats to the Cat 5 Team

As a follow-up to Tom's Race Report, I want to give a big congratulations to the Cat 5ers on a really good showing at the Jay Lap:

- Darryl Parry takes silver in the ITT.

- Mike Hoang slays the Crit, winning in a solo move on the last lap. For good measure, the next day Mike times his move perfectly on the last climb to take second in the RR. Welcome to Cat 4, Mike.

- Overall, I thought the team raced very well. We always had presence at the sharp end of the stick (the front) in both the Crit and the RR, and placing four guys in the top ten in the RR is fantastic.

Congratulations to the other winners on the weekend: Richard Moses (ITT) and Dale Hildebrand (RR). Dale, winning two weekends in a row isn't lucky, no matter what you say...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos / Video / Race Reports from JayLap / Results

Here are some links submitted by some racer/spectators.

Womens Crit: Here

Cat 1/2 Crit: Here

Cat 3 Crit: Here

Cat 4 Crit: Here

Cat 5 Crit: Here and Here and Here and Tom K's Road Race Report

Misc: Here

Video of weekend from Bryon Howard.

Results: The Provincial Championship ITT is here. Note Gideon's fantastic time. Claire Cameron is a BC rider, so Kelly-Lynn is the new Provincial ITT Champion, winning over Tanya Soloman by 0.3 seconds ?!?!? Tight race!
The results to the Crit, Road Race, and Omnium are here.

James Janzen (a previous race), Sonia Utting, Stephen Lund, Cody Godlonton, Dale Hildebrand, Michael Hoang, Bryon Howard, Chris Hooper, and Michael Waldhuber will all have their prizes sitting at SpeedTheory as of this weekend. Please pick up at your earliest convenience.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I guess one of the down sides of loving everything Bike, is you can really only do one thing at a time. My other favorite sport includes playing with the video and still cameras... but alas, I also got to play on the Microphone at the Criterium and had a blast doing that.
Mike ' the Godfather' Godfrey is one hilarious dude, and I'm glad he invited me along.

If I had an additional $15,000 for all the Media equipment I'd love to get, I'd try to produce bike videos full time. Instead, I managed to put together just this little montage here. The Music Track may be a little tame for you hardcores, but I thought it was fitting for the Main event... the Kids race.

I also knew Jason Lapierre, only as a cyclist acquaintance, but also as somebody who would lay the hurt down on my buddies in the Alberta Cup races. And I'm sure he would approve of this past weekends event as certainly worthy, and proud, of having his name on the Title.

JLap Criterium pre cursor. photos. from dallas on Vimeo.

'Great Job to all the Speed Theory peeps :-)

p.s. Want to give a little shout out to our DJ guy Ryan, with Kiss Productions, for pumpin the Phat beats that never let up for the whole 5 hours.


Yup, a good event for sure. All this voluneteering wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for people racing. Thanks for coming out and playing.
I had fun weekend of turning the pedals and (I love this line) "going deep into the suitcase of courage".
I'll try and put together a cat 5 road race report later.
Yes, thanks for all the volunteers, coordinators and anyone who made it all come together. The weather was almost perfect. Sorry, meant to post this in the post below but can't move it there...

Awesome Volunteers!

Can you believe that we had over 60 volunteers help out this weekend - You guys were amazing! And we couldn't have had such a successful weekend without you!

Soooo Drum Roll....

Many Many Thanks To:

Definitely all the planning Masters Trev, Darcy, Charles and Tom (Wow!), Super volunteers Carl (is there anything you didn't do?), Stephen (saves the day with more food! And for making so many things smoother), all weekend volunteers: Rachael P, Bob B (Thanks to the Niklas Group!), Frank (when I'm not racing I'm helping), Marilyn, David, Out of nowhere *everything under control with this crazy office move happening non stop during the crit* Dave H & Steve W (don't worry everything is taken care of), the voices Dallas & Mike G, Melody (thank goodness for all the extra help at the crit), Lisa, Justin, Jason, Kelly, Cindy, Cate, Russ, Birdie, Bill, Mike H, Kyle, Our wickedly organized *food/cooking* women: Ruth, Brenda, Patti & *Chef Extraordinare* Matt (cooked over 300 burgers), Rob L, Joel, Rob W, Jennifer, Pam, Thomas, Jay & Simon (good luck at IMC next week!), Elise, Kailee, Marcy, Keith, Chris, Darryl, Darlene, Mary, Scott, Clarke (what would we have done without all that timmies?), Phillip, Jared, Shawna, Lockie, Rick, Steve P, Lorie, Crit Motorbike Riders Ryan and Dennis, Lisa M, Natalie, Carl L, Chester, Harley, All the ABA commies, ST mechanics Cam & Darcy...

I may have missed some - If yes I really apologize! I know a lot of Speed Theory folk arrived early and helped with the crit set up - It was such a breeze, thanks!


Did you forget your spare wheels at the RR?

One set of wheels left behind in Bergen this afternoon...

If they are yours email me : elangevin(at)


We did it !!! What a TEAM event!

Well we pulled off the smoothest, coolest, back to back set of bike races I have ever been associated with. I can't wait to see the pictures of the Crit. The videos are totally awesome! I will try to get some highlights up on Vimeo for everyone once I catch up on sleep and nutrition.

I have the full ITT and road race results all tabulated as well as complete Omnium. I just have to pad the lists for the full Crit results and I will get this all posted. The podium celebrations for the Road Race and the Omnium took place about 15min after the last Cat 1/2 rider arrived at the hall. I will post a list of people who need to get a hold of me for an unclaimed prize.

Thank you to all the extreme volunteering this weekend. We dream up these big races and we all make it come true. I am pumped at how awesome everything went. I mean, that downtown Crit was THE coolest thing eh? I loved watching the pack all strung out coming around the 4th corner at full speed with the skyscrapers framing the shot and the sun reflecting off the windows! Wicked!

If you have pictures, email me. If you have praise post it, if you have criticism call me :)

Thanks again guys, that was totally great,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Race update !!

Great, we had a late surge of registrations and are at 100 (or almost) for all three events which was our goal for this year. We are really going to try to put on a great event for everyone to race and enjoy.

A few things to note:

2.) The food and the party are downtown at the Crit in the evening (Sat.). If you are racing the ITT, there will be stuff like coffee and donuts and muffins but after you are done racing, go back to your hotel/home and shower, then come down to the crit and enjoy the DJ and the pros on the mike! Mike Godfrey and Dallas Morris are becoming the Paul and Phil and Albertan cycling commentary and we are very pleased to have them covering our event. Come down and enjoy the atmosphere and cheer like crazy.

3.) The Crit, with the incredibly increased amount of work with bringing it front and center to the City, it is a learning curve for us. We have modeled it after the TdB Crit and Banff (awesome races), but please realize this is a first year event for all of us. Also, we are fighting the sunset, so be organized and ready to ride and ensure you have looked at your heat start time at the sign on, WELL IN ADVANCE of when you think your heat is going.

4.) We lost our most valuable volunteer this year due to some racers at previous events not treating her with the respect she deserves. This has placed a far greater burden on the club. If you are a racer, treat the volunteers with appreciation and respect. Anything less will result in your immediate disqualification. If you raise your voice to a volunteer, please EXPECT to be disqualified immediately, unless it is to yell 'Thank you'.

5.) Citizens !! We have a great turn out of Citizen racers for the ITT. These racers ensure our sustainable future because we all know they will be calling themselves race cyclists next year! If you see someone with a questioning look on their face, be sure to lend a hand. Encourage them to come and watch the Crit and maybe spend some time explaining how awesome they are to watch if they haven't seen one already.

IT'S RACE TIME !! The media is pumped, the City is pumped.... now it's time for you guys to put on a great show !!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Criterium timeline, Road Race sign on, ITT sign-on updates.

Just got a note from the ABA to let our racers fully aware to ensure to check in with LOTS of time before your start time for the Crit. We are going to be fighting the sunset in terms of time and want to keep right on schedule. Have signed in and read the information at the ABA sign-on WELL IN ADVANCE of your start time. Have your wheels in the wheel pit early.

For the road race. Ensure you have signed on by 10:30am for all Cats.

For the Time Trial, sign-on will shut down 30min before the last starter.


Clothing is here and available. Media coverage, and JayLap registration.

If you want your new clothing for the JayLap, you can come grab it today (not tonight) at Marilyn's Pilates studio. Give her a quick call just before you come to ensure she is there. If you don't need it for this weekend, then it would be great if you waited until this crazy weekend is over. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you ordered, no question in your head.

See a lot of you tonight at Edworthy on your bikes at 7pm for CFCN. Hopefully most people caught the Breakfast TV gig this morning !! Also, Shaw is starting the rotation of our event coverage today, so keep an eye out for that!

If you have not done so... REGISTER FOR THE EVENT!! We NEED to get the Crit numbers up to impress the City of Calgary to let us host this awesome event again!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming TV coverage for Jay Lap Weekend - updated

Thanks to Tom, Lockie, Dennis & Mike Hayes for helping out today with Shaw, the coverage will be on starting tomorrow at 4:10 and will continue to loop in their programming in the sports.

The Calgary Downtown Association has us on their blog page

The next two shoots are Thursday 8:10 (meeting time) at City TV (7th Ave & 5th St SW) we will be on at 8:40am. That will likely be me, Lockie & Trev.

Then Thursday evening (7pm) with CFCN Edworthy Park south side, lets try to get as many people out as we can.

Please shoot me a note to I will have a more detailed schedule tomorrow.

You can also reach me on my cell at 403 512 3160.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tom Kenny's Cat 5 Road Race report.

“The Last Lap”

I had a lot to worry about before the RR this weekend. Is the course going to be good enough? Did I remember all the signs and paper work? Did I bring enough brooms to sweep the course with? Why is that little patch of skin beside ‘the fellas’ so raw? I certainly didn’t eat well enough. Where is my smelly jersey from the ITT?

By the time me and the crew went around the course, laid out the appropriate signs (someone had graciously swept the corners already) it was nearly time for the race to start. Hurry, hurry, get my numbers on, where are my spare wheels? Put the pedals on, throw some powder into a water bottle and off to the start line. Phew! Crap, I forgot my sunglasses. Off to the start line aaaaand wait.

I’m cold, nervous, and that raw patch of skin beside ‘the boys’ does not like being on the seat. The joviality of the group was good. After a season of racing plus the Wednesday night races, I felt a good camaraderie had formed regardless of the color of jersey you had on. To me, this is what makes racing fun.

The official gives us the final instructions: don’t crash, two laps and don’t eat yellow snow.

Finally, we’re off. I’m near the back. It’s slow, very slow. There’s some sort of doodle fest going on at the front. Guys exchanging phone numbers, playing tiddly winks, I don’t know but I’m cold, both legs and body, so I make my way to the edge and fire it up. I just needed to warm up. Remember, I’m old and going hard too soon could hurt. I could rip a hamstring off, tear a calf, snap a femur or something.

I didn’t mean to get out so far ahead of the pack, but there I was a half a kilometer ahead of the group. I could hear them giggling (I’m kind of used to that) ‘leave him out there’ I’m sure they said. The thought briefly crossed my mind; if I put the hammer down I could be well ahead of them at the hills. However, when I looked back, they were starting to gain and I would be pretty cooked by the time I got to the hills all by my lonesome. So I waited for the pack… they were still giggling. Off we went.

I fully expected to see the pack disintegrate on the first set of hills.
I had only one hope. I needed to push the pace without killing myself and hopefully fatigue some of the bigger guns. This plan would actually work if I were, in fact, stronger than the rest of the guys. Reality would set in later.

Lots of folks were up front working so I felt pretty good about being up there on occasion. My glory moment was being out front crossing the finish line on the first lap with Trev taking photos. I must have looked good eh!? Well, maybe not, but it made me feel good. Lots of the boys were taking turns up front keeping the pace reasonable but not fast. There was the odd surge but never any attacks. I think the fear of the Bergen Hills kept anyone from attempting to burn up their legs too early.

This is where you need to use your imagination. I’ve started visualizing my body using gages and warning lights. Think of the tachometer on your car: 1 for lungs, 1 for heart, 1 for legs. There’s lights underneath them; green, yellow red. My stomach has a series of lights as does my left knee and there’s a fuel gauge that can pop up on longer rides. Now that you have that in your head, here’s the last part of my report.

The tour up to the NE corner was pretty easy. All the gauges were under the red line, all lights green, all systems were ‘GO’.
We came to the first kicker before the feed lot, short, sweet and fast. At the top of the hill I was beginning to suffer. Lungs were at full capacity, HR was touching the red line. The lead boys began to ease off so I kept the hammer down on the little flat spot before the next hill. (I’ve read you’re supposed to do, but for god sake it’s hard to do!)

The next hill came and the gang kept pushing hard. Gages were in the red and warning lights began to move from green to yellow as I tried to keep with the group.

A reprieve came on the downhill before the corner. All systems were back ‘on line’ and I was ready for what was likely to be a very long sprint.

Knowing I don’t have the same horse power as some of the boys, I moved up towards the front. The 1km sign was coming into view and I fully expected the pack to make a surge… I was correct.

The pack began to swarm around me. I recognized a few of them as they passed me…. damn sprinters.

I dropped into the small chain ring (I’m sure a real man would have kept it in the big ring but my huge, bulky quads wanted something easy).


All gages were instantly at red or above the red line. My lungs were at full capacity. Someone (Jim) was on my back wheel. I couldn’t have that so I put in a couple of extra hard strokes. He’s still there! We’re coming to the top of the big hill. Warning lights have all gone red (they skipped the yellow light stage). I felt like I was at the back of the pack with so many guys ahead of me. I moved back into the big chain.

Back to your imagination: The computer voice - you know the one in movies, where the computer has a hot chicks voice telling you that you’re about to be eaten by an alien? Here we go.

The Voice: “Lungs have exceeded capacity. Your heart rate is now at 105% of maximum. Imminent failure in 1 minute”

There’s a guy 15 feet ahead of me… I can catch him! Hard on the pedals!

e voice: “ Legs are no longer receiving oxygen, do you want me to shut them down?”

My head: “Shut up, catch that guy!”

Alarms are going off like the cockpit of an airplane with no engines left. Red lights are flashing everywhere, all the gauges are pinned….

The voice: “Imminent fail of all systems in T minus 10 seconds” (what does the T stand for anyhow?)

One guy ahead of me, I can catch him! I threw everything I had into my legs. I think I actually stopped breathing and my heart may have stopped functioning for a few seconds. I don’t know if I caught that last guy. It was right at the line and either my eyes were closed or I was about to pass out.

e Voice: “You’re an idiot”.

I was breathing so hard so that I was making all sorts of funny sounds. I was wheezing, and making a gurgling noise that I’m sure is part of a medical condition yet to be discovered.

The race was over. I had dug deep into the suitcase of courage, or is that the briefcase of despair, or maybe the locker of hurt?…whatever, I had dug deep into something.. and it felt good.

Prov RR: Cat 5 Race Report

The Provincial Road Race Championships were held this morning under near-perfect conditions. About 30 Cat 5 racers showed up to challenge each other for medals and bragging rights. Here's my totally biased analysis of how it unfolded:

The first 30-35 kms went out at a relatively leisurely pace. Juventus worked hard at the front, Tom K. and I traded pulls at the front until the south turn, and Scott (?) from Bow Cycle pulled the group up most the false flat after the south turn.

The pace picked up the closer we got to "the hill", and Speed Theory was well-represented at the front of the bunch, with five of us in the lead group of about 15 that crested the hill first. I shout out thanks to Darryl P, who dragged me back to the bunch at the top of the climb.

So, it appeared the first selection had been made, but things started falling apart. I'll take some blame for not being vocal enough or doing my share of the work, but we in the lead weren't organized enough to push the pace and break the chase group. To my surprise, the chasers caught us at the south turn, and the group stayed together back up the false flat for what was going to be a bunch sprint for glory.

My legs ran out of juice about 750 metres from the line, so I wasn't about to contest the sprint. (Besides, I have no sprint at all. Ever seen me try to race a crit?) Dale Hildebrand from bicisport timed his move perfectly, and took the win. Reinier had an unfortunate crash before the line, but thankfully was up and walking around back at the hall.

So, overall the ST Cat 5 squad had a good day, in the sense that we all were in the mix right to the end, with our top man rolling in 10th. But, the question is: with five guys in a break of 15, how did we wind up with only one guy in the top 10? Keith B., thoughts? Anyone?

Congrats to Dale for the well-deserved win. Also congrats to Harley B. for his second in Cat 3.

Thanks to bicisport and the ABA for another great event!

Full results are here.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need Only 2 MORE Volunteers for Jay Lap Road Race!

Just need two more course marshals!!

Have a look at the volunteer document - or email me at elangevin(at)

Sign up! Find Friends or willing family members!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Roster for Road Provincials

Here's what I know so far:

Open Men: Dennis Bland, Charles Bougie, Jared Green, Lockie Holmes, Frank Woolstencroft
Open Women: Tanya Solomon
Women B: Shawna Donaldson, Kelly O'Toole
Cat 3: Harley Borlee, Thomas Yip
Cat 4: Jevon Almond, Patrick Brick, Jason Buijs, Michael Godfrey, Chris Hooper, Robert Welch
Cat 5: Rene Fournier, Sean Fournier, Darcy Gullacher, Mike Hoang, Tom Kenny, Reinier Paauwe, Darryl Parry, Jay Rankin

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Provincial Road Championships

The technical guide and registration for the Bicisport 2010 Provincial Road Championships is up.

The race goes Sunday August 15 starting at 10am.

Track Provincials Race Report

This past weekend featured some spectacularly fast racing including a top time of 11.16 for the flying 200 (yowsers). Jeff Bakel from Juventus won all of the power events by a convincing margin while Trevor Gunderson from TCR (I believe) took the endurance events.

I ended up with a bunch of personal bests and some decent placing for the power events. The opening flying 200m at 13.01 was a personal best for me, though I was hoping to break the 13sec barrier. Following this I was taught a valuable lesson in sprinting tactics by fellow cbtl member Cole Murphy as he schooled me by rubbing me up into the rail and then leaving me coughing in his wake. I took fifth place overall in the sprint tournament by jumping early and holding a sizable gap in the 5 - 8 sprint final over 3 other racers (including Mark Mcconnell, who schooled me at Bikes on Broadway) .

The pursuit (4km time trial) and kilo (1km time trial) were both personal bests based on them being my first time doing them. I learnt the value of areo gear and will be investing in some nicer track equipment next year. In the scratch race (10km first person wins) race I managed to keep in the race against some pretty fast dudes and only got lapped about 50 meters from the finish line. The race itself had incredible surges from 40kph - 60kph. Yours truly was inches from giving up a couple times but lulls in the pack pace allowed me to either rest or catch back on. I am extremely happy with my results from the scratch race.

The final race for me was the keirin (2 km total, but 1.4km behind a motorbike, it leaves us going at 50km per hour). In the semi-finals, I jumped early and was only caught about 100m before the line. I ended up with a third place finish good enough to qualify for the finals.

The finals were a different event with Jeff Bakel jumping with 450m to go and crushing the pace. With the pace so high, I was unable to come around my wheel until the final few meters before the line where I nipped him for 5th place overall.

All in all a good tough weekend of playing with the big boys. I now know where I need to be for next year and will be redoubling my training so that next year it's not just personal bests and 5th place finishes I can be proud of.

David In A Keirin from David Morgantini on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cycling Weekend Volunteer Document.

OK guys, it is time to ramp up and start filling out some duties for the JayLap. We NEED to make a good impression on the City for the Crit. So we need to overkill the volunteers on the safety side to ensure a smooth event.

This is an online document that you can edit. Please open this and put in your name where we need people. A lot of these positions can be done as well as racing.

Positions of note:
- The vehicles for the RR. Getting this sorted out would be great.
- Anyone who can help out Lorie and Carl with trucks or labour for Crit course prep and take down will be greatly appreciated.
- We expect most of the club to show up on the Crit course at around 3:30pm to help set up the course. We will only have about 45min to get the course sorted. Only if you are a Cat5 racer warming up would you not be expected to help.

Good luck, David!

While many of us are getting in some last-minute training this weekend, for Road Provincials in a week's time, Mr Morgantini is off to Edmonton to contest the Track Provincial Championships.

After a solid performance to take 2nd overall at the recent Power To The Pedals track race here in Calgary, David now faces the big dogs, as track provincials is based on age category, and lucky David will therefore be in Elite. Regardless of results, I'm sure it'll be it'll be a good, learning, suffer-fest of a time...even if most of the races are only a couple of minutes long, if that!

Good luck, David. Ride fast, turn left!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It is 'Go Time'! JayLap Cycling Weekend registration and tech guide live.

Above and to the right all the information you need is available on the courses, time frames, and how to register.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jason Lapierre: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! Especially for Road Race

This is going to be a weekend of racing to remember! And of course we need many volunteers to make it happen. You guys were awesome for the ACME ITT, let's see that happen again!

** As Speed Theory members you MUST be or PROVIDE a volunteer.

We need volunteers for all three events:

1- ITT in ACME, morning Aug 21st
2- Downtown SpeedFest Crit, evening Aug 21st
3- Road Race, morning Aug 22nd (**Really need more people for the RR)

Please contact Emilie : elangevin(at) and specify which days you are available to volunteer!

Bowness Crit: Cat 1/2 race photos

Sorry, I got there late but here are some photos of the Cat 1/2 race.

Tour de Bowness race stories and photos??

Let's here some stories and see some pictures from Niklas Group TdB!

If you aren't sure how to post photos, email them to me and I will post them for you.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

SpeedTheory at 70.3

Spotted on Lower Springbank this morning, Scott, Jon, Kyle, Trev and Grant:

Full Calendar