Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thursday Night Skills May 29th 6:45pm

Hello Everyone,

Please see the training blog for information on this Thursday nights skill night.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hotels for Banff Bike Fest

If you haven't gone to Banff Bike Fest, you must go. It is the most beautiful stage race in Alberta, and you can invite your significant other along to make up for the previous race where you made them wait on the side of the road for 3.5 hours in the middle of nowhere. In the rain.

If you are going to BBF, here are some hotel options:

1. Ptarmigan Inn. This hotel is in an excellent location right on the crit course, and you can easily walk to the downtown coffee shops and restaurants. Free underground parking (useful for spinning if it's raining out), free hot breakfast, and of course, free Wi-Fi. Many STC members usually stay here.

Use the promotional code "bikers" to get the $139/night standard room rate and $154/night superior room rate. At this time, only the superior room is available for all 3 nights, but it's still not bad compared to nearby hotel rates.

Ptarmigan Inn

2. Other hotels with the "bikers" promotional rate. If you don't mind staying a bit away from the town centre, or in more budget-minded accommodations, check out some of these more affordable options:

Other Hotels

3. Nearby hotels to the Ptarmigan Inn, if you still want to be close to the action. These hotels are the International Hotel ($150/night on Booking.com) and Banff Aspen Lodge (was $210/night but seems to be sold out).

4. Hotels in Canmore. I haven't looked into these, but that is certainly an option if you don't mind driving in each day.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The exploring for new rides continues!

Here is a shot of Mark descending from the top of the range of mountains that separates Oliver and Cawston. From the top, we could see Apex, Mount Baldy, OK Falls with Lake Okanagan, Oliver, and Cawston all within a 30m walk around the summit! What an amazing site!

The places you can go on a road bike!

Over looking Apex on the left and OK Falls on the right.

On top of Oliver and looking across to Mount Baldy Ski Area.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Night Series... kicks off tonight!

Remember to get your Crankmaster 'Secondary' membership if you haven't already and that covers you for the 15 races in the Wednesday Night Series.

Follow the link on the top of this page or here to know when and where to meet tonight. It is a Time Trial this evening which is a great introductory session if you have never done a pure bike race before as you won't be racing in a group. Make sure to arrive early and get your name on list and meet club members if you are new.

How the event works is you put your name on the list and depending on how many people have already signed in, you get an associated start time. Beforehand, you have looked at the course map and know the course. These are small events. Know the course. Your start time will probably be anywhere between 6:30pm and 7pm. Then you'll see a line start forming on the side of the road. Get in that line and ask people what their start time is. Slot yourself accordingly. The racers will be set off in either 30 second or 1 minute intervals until the line is gone. When you start, wait for the volunteer to say 'go', then ride as fast as you can to the finish.

It is cool to hang out at the finish to cheer on riders that are still coming through as well as chat about the event and then ride back to the start in small groups. Make sure to thank all the volunteers a few times and head home!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Saturday Ride

Hi Everyone,

It seems that no one is going to be riding to the states tomorrow.  The plan is everyone meets at the Denny's at 10:30 am.  Some people are going to ride up Green Mtn Road and then up to Apex.  Others are going to ride the 7 Summits ride.  I will be doing the 7 Summits ride but will sitting some of the hills out.

See everyone out there.  :)


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday shorter loop option

Meet at Denny's at 10 am, ride up and over Green Mtn Rd, stop for lunch at Subway and ride home over Green Mtn Rd again.

That's it that's all.


Wednesday in the Okanagan!

Here is Mike completing the descent from the Canadian version of the Stelvio!

Beautiful day, good company, and a great ride. You couldn't ask for more.

Looking toward Hedley.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To all those who want to do an easier day tomorrow or not ride the gravel due to fatigue or illness lets meet at the Denny's at 10 am.  I will am going to try to ride to Oliver and back.  There will be people still riding to the gravel for those who wish to asscend.  For those who wish to travel up and over Baldy stick to the original post.  Remember to bring extra water up Mt Baldy.

Hope Everyone feels better and enjoys tomorrow's ride!!!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Penticton - Day Two

Fantastic weather and great company for day two in Penticton. We headed out towards OK Falls, challenged The Wall, took another trip through Area 51, White Lake Road, then followed Green Mountain Road back home. We did a quick stop at the base of Apex and there may have been a bit of trash talking going on, but there were no takers today and it was a very speedy race back down in to Penticton.

It's been a great, supportive atmosphere - a big shout out to all the newbies and ladies kicking butt on these hills! And a big thanks to all the experienced folks for offering up tips and kudos.

Regroup and water after The Wall

Much needed nutrition and water break in the sun just before we head to Green Mountain Rd.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Greetings from Penticton

It's nice here, warm, clean roads, no chance of snow unless of course you go up to Apex. Sorry about the unwanted special effects on the photo, messy lens I guess. About 20 of us for day one, supposed to be a nice easy "get to know you" sort of day. Anyway we had a great ride, forecast is good the entire week, still time to join us if you can. See my new yellow bike in the picture, it is the latest cool ride.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Penticton Dinner Plans

Note The Updates Below

Everyone (but especially first-time camp attendees),

Doing tons of riding in Penticton is awesome, but so is socializing and meeting teammates. To encourage this, we're letting everyone know about evening dinner plans in advance. Some guidelines:

- No one is obligated to attend dinner. If you're planning to cook on your own, have a specific diet, or simply want to spend some time with your significant other or family, that's cool.
- We will aim for a dinner meeting time of between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm, so everyone has a chance to get a little cleaned up after the ride. (We may adjust this as needed for the longer days)
- Right now I'm not planning to make reservations. We'll do a roll call on the Denny's parking lot in the morning to see who is all coming, and if we need to call ahead, we'll try our best.
- I'm looking for a volunteer or two to commit to being at the restaurant by 6:30 pm to get a table (or tables) and be the friendly face. If you can commit to a night, please comment below.

Sunday, May 11
Salty’s Beachhouse 
1000 Lakeshore Drive W

Monday, May 12
Pasta Factory
236 Martin Street
(Monday is Pasta Night)

Tuesday, May 13
Isshun Sushi
102 - 151 Front Street
(Draft Beer Night)

Wednesday, May 14
It's the rest day that includes at least two coffee stops, so I'm not setting up a restaurant plan for dinner. Joelle and me are spending the day together, so if someone wants to plan something, feel free to set something up.

Thursday, May 15
Boston Pizza
1900 Main Street
(Yes, I know this one's a little mainstream. But, we're in between two big days. We'll need a lot of food, and BP's provides a lot of food...)

Friday, May 16
Salty’s Beachhouse 
1000 Lakeshore Drive W
(Why's Salty's twice? Because they have an awesome patio. That's why.)

Saturday, May 17
Can anyone host a BBQ?
If no one bites, let's do Burger55
#84, 55 Front Street

Stay tuned for any changes...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Few Points of Clairification

Most routes will have a shorter option.  I did not post these options due to time restraints.  If you are ever interested in a shorter route please ask me at any time and I will help you out and possibly find you a riding buddy.  The Speed Theory temporary insurance is available in the "Penticton Training Camp" link near the top of the blog.  Most importantly, it is everyone's best interest (believe me, I know whats best for you) to finish most rides at the Booster Juice located on Main Street just past Dawson Ave.

Also There will be several people around on May 18th.  We can plan a short "Ice Cream" or "Winery Ride" if anyone is interested.

Cheers everyone,


Day 7 Ride

May 17, Day 7 8 am:  2 Options for this day, both big days.
1st is USA, Oroville, Loomis (220 km).  You will need your passport for this ride.  This is the longest but also the most flat day of the week. With that being said this ride needs to maintain a steady pace the entire day to ensure return time before sundown.  There are no shorter routes home on this loop either, once your into the states your fully committed.  Both groups will ride out to Oliver together with this group continuing on to Osoyoos via the standard route.  Traditionally the is a stop just before Palmer Lake at a convenience store with a lunch stop at the best Subway in the world located in Keremeos.  From there you will return home via highway 3A.

2nd ride is known as "Seven Summits" (143 km).  This route has a lot of ascending, mostly shorter stepper hills.  If you want to get better at hills...this is it.  Both groups will ride out to Oliver together.  In Oliver you will turn west and ride though town and start your first ascend.  2nd small climb is know as the "Secret Hill".  From there you continue up to the observatory then down to OK falls.  From there you get to play on "The Wall".  After that you will ride back into Penticton then climb up Carmi for the final climb.  Please note Lost Moose Lodge in now private property so we cannot veer of the main road once we reach the top.  Stops will be in Oliver and Ok Falls (2nd time).

The iconic WNS is back

Sprint finish of 2013 team race*
WNS 2014 starts May 21 and goes every Wednesday night till mid August, 15 weeks of racing. It's a Crankmasters event supported by Team Niklas and Speed Theory. For a change this year, Speed Theory will host the final 5 weeks racing so we have lots of time to get things organized. Stay tuned for further blogging.

The WNS blog is updated so I won't repeat what's written there. The link to the WNS blog is up on top.

*This represents the good and the bad of WNS -  more on this later.

They don't appear to know there's a bike race coming
We also try to emulate a stage of one of the grand tours, this year I am looking for a green field full of pink sheep, Northern Ireland Giro style. Let me know if you spot one like this.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Days 4 through 6 in Penticton! 2014

Here are the next set of rides.  Firstly I would like to remind everyone that ear phones are not allowed at anytime on any ride with the group.

May 14th, Day 4 9:30 am:  This is will be the rest day at 72 km.  We will ride out to Summer Land and continue on to Camp Boyle.  We the return back to Summer Land and stop for a coffee and a treat.  (If someone can remind me of the name of the coffee that would be great!)  We then ride back to Penticton and meet up yet again for more treats at the Bench!  Sweet!  There is no real climb and very little elevation gain on this ride plus the pace will be casual.
Day 4 ride here.

May 15th, Day 5 8:00 am:  This is the first of the epic days, Mount Baldy!!!  There are 2 routes for this day, one up and over Mt Baldy and and one to the gravel.  Everyone rides out to Oliver together where we can pick up more water and have a quick bite.

The "to the gravel" route is 127 km as is as it sounds.  You ascend Mt Baldy until the road turns to gravel.  You then descend and continue on to Osoyoos and ascend Anarchist and meet the other group head on.  You may continue all the way up to the Sasquatch if you like.  We will regroup and have lunch again at the Timmies in Osoyoos.  After lunch we will return to OK falls via the highway then turn right onto Eastside Rd to return to Penticton.
Day 5 ride option 1 here.

The full route is truly an epic ride at 195 km with lots of gravel.  There are is no food or water between Oliver and Osoyoos so be sure to stalk up.  You will ride up and over Mt Baldy and then up and over Anarchist followed by a lunch stop again at best tasting Timmies in the whole world!!!  Yeah baby!  You then ride back to Pentiction on the same route as the shorter loop.  There is a good chance you'll forget your name on this route so maybe write it down somewhere, but don't worry, it will be Fun!!!!
Day 5 ride option 2 here.

May 16th, Day 6 9:00 am:  The 2nd epic day at 180 km.  Did you know B.C. also hosts the best Subway on the continent?!?!?!  Well it does, in a little place called Keremeos!!!  Super sweet!  This day we will ride the Iron Man Loop and Apex.  Correct!!! 2 major climbs again!  I know eh!  We ride out to Oliver for our 1st pit stop, 2nd pit stop in Osoyoos.  We leave Osoyoos ascending Ritcher Pass followed by lunch in Keremeos.  After lunch we continue up highway 3A then turn left up Green Mountain Rd.  We will regroup at the Apex Turn off.  4th stop is involuntary at the top of Apex where you will have a conversation with your-self about your true intellect.....you will loose this conversation.  :(    But hey, then you get to go home!
Day 6 ride here.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

MooseJaw Stage Race.

A few of the club ventured over to MooseJaw for the 3 race Stage Event this weekend. Just got a photo from Tom Kenny with this attached:  "Moosejaw crit on the tarmac on the military base. Pretty good course. Crash risk very low".
"The moosejaw spring classic is off to a rockin start. Don't ask why I'm in
Moosejaw but there's a race here and both me and young Brent are here to
represent. The hill climb is interesting with a few rollers at the bottom
and a steep section at the top. It ends on a flat 1/2 km burn. There was
snow in the air and thus a little chilly. It's a small field of riders so
the competition is not too deep. Brent managed 3rd place and I took 2nd.
The crit was very cool. It was on the air force base on the tarmac..."

The clothing is here and has been sorted. Ready for pick up!

We had a great turn out for Friday night and the clothe sorting went really well. Everyone who ordered clothes can now go and pick them up! They are located inside Speed Theory, and you can grab them any time the store is open. Please don't grab it yourself, please ask an employee to grab your bag, this will ensure chaos doesn't ensue.

Just in time for Penticton!

Thank you to the 14 people who came out to help sort!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Midweek Mayhem Crit Series.

Probably the best thing you can do for your bike handling is the Tues Night Crit Series. There are several levels of groups so you are racing your ability. One really cool aspect of the series are the two 'Learn To Crit' clinics they put on at the beginning. A lot of STC will be in Penticton for the second one, but really try to make it out for the first! Here is the post on the Midweek Mayhem site.

Full Calendar