Saturday, December 22, 2012

A new teammate.

Guys! Just on a quick break while Marilyn and new little Taylor are sleeping.

I just wanted everyone to know that Mom and new little daughter are healthy! Taylor arrived into the world at 12:26 Fri morning. So she is truly an appocaliptic child, being born right at the end of the world! She came out looking like a little UFC fighter and has the quads of her Mom and is ready to hammer. She is 9lbs even, and looks like a three month old already.

I know a lot of you were thinking we'd name her Ryder or Vos or Boonen, and were hoping we didn't choose Schleck or Ullrich, so hopefully you'll be happy with Taylor Jilly Williams.

Thank you to everyone emailing and texting asking if we've had our daughter yet! We appreciate them all and now you know the answer!

Trev, Marilyn, Jaya, and Taylor.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Isaac and Marc are throwing a team party! Dec. 15th at 4pm

Big Beers and Christmas Cheers 15th Dec @ 16:00

All - Isaac Beall and Marc Enter are organizing "Christmas beers: a sprint training session" for whoever-wants-to-come-along Downstairs at Wurst Bar for Saturday the 15th of December at 16:00.

No need to RSVP but if you feel so inclined do so on here or to my email.

If you are concerned about not drinking even though its the off-season then look to Richie Porte for advice.

Also, feel free to invite others from the cycling community and bring friends!

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