Monday, July 31, 2017

Picking up the pieces of this season

To our awesome race team members;
Hello - In case you don't know me, I'm Marie Michalski. Long time team member (7yrs) previous women's captain, race organizer and team event coordinator.  My (volunteer) job is to plan training, social events and new racer workshops and training sessions.
This year we started out strong with the indoor races.  These were well supported by you and were awesome. Such a good time and great training.
At our AGM we expressed a new direction of "quality over quantity" and we had a very cool new J-Lap race weekend and kids event in the works.  We also had planned to reinstate the Saturday Wheeler race-sim rides and Fat Tire Fridays for both mountain and cross.
I had planned to offer several "learn to race and skills" clinics for our new and newer team members and coached rides for the women.
We had planned to target several races as a team as well and were excited to foster the love of cycling and racing in our community.
This plan went completely on hold.  As many of you know, I have been totally off the radar.

On May 23rd, my husband was in a very serious bike/car collision while training in Victoria and has been in the hospital ever since.  I have had to put most of my life on hold to take care of him and the kids.  Several key members of our cycling team have also put much of their lives on hold to support my family; especially Trev Williams (team founder and captain) who is a long time family friend.

Mark is still in long term care, but is getting better by leaps and bounds and his recovery has been incredible. He will remain at the Foothills for several more months as he continues healing.

We are all just getting to a point where we are ready to focus on what we love to do and are able to put the energy and passion back into the team.  I know I am ready to pick up the pieces of what remains of the season.

Firstly, the last remaining omnium race is the ever-popular and well organized Tour de Bowness.  I am in no shape to be racing but I will be there in team colours, happy to be part of the event.  Just do it.  I am and I hope to see you there!  The TT is less than a kilometer and the road race is one of the closest to town so, no excuses.

 If you have never done this race, plan to bring your family to the community of Bowness on Monday the 7th to hang out at the street festival and take in the Criterium Race.

Secondly, I will be posting training rides with the focus on newer events and experiences such as the Velothon in Edmonton (which I plan on attending) but also some fun events and fondos that have taken hold here in Alberta.  I love racing but also see the value of these events to present a less intimidating avenue of cycling.  Let's do it all and be stewards of the sport in multiple areas!

Lastly, I'll be working towards a better mode of communication for team members.  Please weigh in on what you prefer; email, blog, text or Facebook.

Thank you for your continued involvement in what I believe is one of the most welcoming clubs in Alberta and think you for your support of both myself and my family.  I hope you have all been enjoying one of the best Calgary summers for riding in history!

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