Sunday, March 31, 2013

The UCI at it again!

Rather than celebrate an amazing victory by one of the classiest riders of the current generation at the 100th edition of one of 5 monuments of cycling, the UCI is at it again, making nonsense rules without consulting anyone especially the bike industry.

First it was the 3 to 1 ratio, then the radios, then the level seat. Each of these done without consultation with the major stakeholders. But this one is likely the most far reaching and hard to comprehend.

In order to be more environmentally friendly they are phasing in a ban on Carbon bikes. By 2015 all bikes used at the pro tour level must be either made from recycled materials and subsequently be fully recyclable. The move is a potential boon to the fledgling Bamboo bike industry or this amazing product...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Penticton 2013 - Update (Day 1 and 2 routes)

Spring is here (sort of) and I'm sure all of you have been clocking many pedal revolutions in anticipation of the best cycling week of the year. The Penticton riding week is only 7 weeks away with the first riding day on Sunday May 12 (Day 1). Now that you have booked the time off and your training is well under way it's time to look at some of the routes. As per usual there will be a couple of ride options each day. I have tried to design the rides so that everyone will be able to ride together for a good portion of the day. Note*: If you haven't done so already, reserve your accommodations right away. There are lots of vacation rentals in Penticton which groups of people could share to reduce costs. The Sandman hotel (where we meet each day) I believe also has weekly rates. I have created a forum just for Penticton (up above near the dossier), use this to communicate with teammates about accommodations, or anything else Penticton related.

Day 1
(Long) Anarchist, Area 51 (189km) - Map
(Short) Oliver, Area 51 (103km) - Map

Start: Denny's in the Sandman hotel (939 Burnaby Avenue W)
When: Ride will roll out at 9:00 am

The Day 1 long ride is fairly voluptuous at 189km, but I feel this route is a great way to get the lay of the land and oriented to the week ahead. The hallmark of the long ride being the Anarchist climb at 17km (to the Sasquatch) and 920m of elevation gain! Category 1 with a 6% average grade.

For the short ride Fairview White Lake Rd is a very nice winding route that takes you through the forested country side with small lakes and rolling terrain to guide you to the novel landmark known as "Area 51". A radio observatory that you can't miss for it's giant radio dishes lining the valley bottom looking for extraterrestrial life I presume.

Day 2
(Long) The Wall, White Lake Rd., Apex (121km) - Map
(Short) The Wall, White Lake Rd. Green Mountain Rd. (99km) - Map

Start: Denny's in the Sandman hotel (939 Burnaby Avenue W)
When: Ride will roll out at 9:00 am

The only difference between the long and short ride for Day 2 is the addition of the monsterous Apex climb for the long ride. Apex is a beast at 10 km long with an avg grade of 9%, another category 1 climb. "The Wall" should be pretty self explanatory and White Lake Rd. is the continuation of White Lake Rd. from Area 51 from Day 1. Green Mountain Rd. is arguably the best road in the area. A 14km, 2-3% grade of deep forested country road. It gently climbs up to the base of the Apex climb and then is a long and fast descent back into Penticton. Keep your eyes peeled for the herds of wild horses roaming the area, amazing!

Stay tuned for days 3 and 4...

Please study these maps, print them and their cue-sheets if you need. Knowing the day's route is everyone's responsibility and is important for you and all your teammates safety. I have tried to make most of the routes so the group gets to ride together for as long as possible but anything can happen during a ride and being as prepared as possible is of the utmost importance.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Prairie-Roubaix IV, Spring Classic... it's coming! April 21st 2013

I have officially cleared our imminent arrival to Glendale road through Lafarge and they have graciously agreed to let us use their facility entrance again! I have booked the Porta-Potties and the EMS. Darcy is in the process of clearing everything with Rocky View County and Alberta Transportation.

If you aren't racing, please consider volunteering. It is actually a great volunteer gig, it is exciting to watch and cheer and does not require a huge amount of time. Go to this link to volunteer !! MANY OF THE VOLUTNEER POSITIONS ALLOW YOU TO STILL RACE!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Training Ride Forum Rules and Clarification

UPDATED:  March 25th 2013.

BEFORE you click through to the Training Ride Forum, read these clarifications closely and understand them. If you have any questions, please email the club and have the questions answered before attending any club rides .

There have been significant changes to the 2013 (and presumably beyond) liability insurance coverage provided by the ABA to it's registered teams, like Speed Theory Cycling. Training rides must be more controlled in terms of attendance and controlled in terms of notification of their existence to the ABA.

Just some cyclists getting together for a ride. Sounds good. This is what the Training Ride Forum is all about. Posting on the Training Ride Forum is to let other club members know when and where to be for a fun/training ride. All rides posted on the Training Ride Forum are NOT covered under the ABA's insurance provider. They are simply cyclists getting together for a ride.

Speed Theory Cycling (STC) has several ABA sanctioned training rides and events. These are Harley's Thursday night skills sessions, Harley's Sat and Sun morning group rides, Thomas and Marcy's Fat Tire Tues., the Wed night race series, Penticton May training camp, Oliver May training camp, and we have the ability to add more with correct notice to the ABA. Every other posted ride in the Training Ride Forum is not an 'official' in that it is not covered under the ABA's insurance provider. When Harley, Thomas, or Marcy post in the forum about any of the rides above, these will be sanctioned. Any other posted ride is NOT sanctioned.

So go ahead and post rides and show up to posted rides, just be clear that these rides are NOT covered under the ABA's club membership insurance policy. 

NOTE:  The Sat. 9am Wheelers ride:  This ride in it's definition by encouraging multiple club participation IS NOT covered in the slightest way through the ABA's insurance provider. The Wheelers Ride is simply a group of cyclists training. It is NOT a sanctioned club ride or a sanctioned activity through the ABA. DO NOT attend this ride if you want to be covered by the ABA's insurance provider while training. You WILL NOT be covered by the ABA's insurance provider when attending this ride.

I have read this statement in it's entirety and understand the terms of the Training Forum, by clicking through to view the Training Forum, I agree to these clarifications:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are You Racing in the Tour of Alberta?

This was bound to happen. Now that the route for the Tour of Alberta has been announced, at least one person as asked me, very excitedly, if I've "signed up for that big bike race". Of course I say no, I'm just an amateur racer who races for fun, I'm not a professional, and I certainly don't have the talent to even consider racing in an event like the Tour of Alberta. Often I get a response like "well you could start training for it now, and then maybe..."

So, if anyone asks if you're racing in the Tour of Alberta, Tour de France, or that "Cancer Race" (yes, I have heard it called that), look to the Bike Snob for advice:   

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