Thursday, October 29, 2009

Championship Kit and Halloween Party.

Thomas has been working on a cycling kit to celebrate our rise to the top of Alberta Road Clubs. He wanted to make something distinctively different, yet still fully recognizable as an ST rider. Also, he was a big fan of the old Saeco kit and wanted to emulate it a bit. On the arm, is the 09AlbertaRoadCupChampions.... not so big as to be a brag. This is just a prelim and is only in its fourth generation, so it may change, but I thought I would share it with the club. The red is the same red as on our black jerseys, but comes through as a little lighter here on the image, since it is an official 'dye'. (Click on jersey to make it bigger)

We are negotiating with a company (ATAC) that wants our business (we ordered A LOT of clothes last year) to make these, so we hope the cost will be quite low for the kit.

Remember to come out Friday night at around 7pm.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

While we were beer miling....

... Dallas was performing his own crazy feats of endurance. Makes me feel super silly for DNFing a 30min event. Although after the 2nd Labatt Blue I think I would have rather been riding alongside Dallas. Next Beer Mile, I am going to stick to a beer I know and like, I knew I was in for disaster from the first sip of the crap.

Halloween Party !!

Since this is a club event, food and booze are 'on the club'. Bring your whole family.

Party starts at 7pm.

Be sure to check out this house on your way to our place. It is crazy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beer Mile Results

It was a cool Saturday night with a bit of snow on the ground but clear footing on the track for the 33 individuals who took on the 2009 Beer Mile. The cast would include 16 first time beer milers with the eventual winner, Geoff "hoofing" Hopfner coming from this group. Defending champion, Luke Way came in second. The two were in separate heats and I wonder how it would have turned out had they been in the same heat.

The women saw a close battle between Cat Brown and Kelly O'Toole with O'Toole claiming the victory.

Bringing up the rear was Trev Williams. Give this guy credit as he comes out knowing that he drinks beer like he is sipping tea at a Tea Party. But he was not alone at the Tea Party as Joel "beer bottle soother" battled it out with Trev. It came down to the last 200 meters and Joel claimed victory over Trev. Hard to believe that these boys are Engineers!

This year a double was attempted and was succeeded. Rob Lukacs posted 8:15 amd 15:04, respectively for his beer miles. He was seen drinking before and after. Goosh!

In usual fashion many dressed up for the occasion.

Thanks to all who came out. See you in the spring for the next one.

Sex Time Name Age

M 6:47 Geoff "hoofing" Hopfner 28
M 7:04 Luke Way
M 7:52 John White 34
M 7:59 Kyle Marcotte 32
M 8:01 Raui
M 8:15 Rob "beer star double" Lukacs 23
M 8:27 Johnny Hammill 27
M 8:28 Keith "I just turned 40" Bayly 40
M 8:28 Mike Young 32
M 8:51 Carson Bannon 28
M 9:02 Greg "I am gonna win" Nicholson 35
M 9:21 Alan O 45
F 9:29 Kelly O'Toole 27
F 9:44 Cat Brown 29
F 10:47 Sandra "polishbaba" Yaworski 47
M 10:58 Mark Shand 31
F 11:01 Shari Boyle 36
M 11:03 Clarke Ellis 26
M 11:26 Lachlon Holmes 31
M 11:27 Jason Doornbos 26
M 12:02 Scott Curry 34
M 12:21 Evan Romanow 26
F 12:22 Tara Ross 29
M 13:07 Ryan Murray 32
F 13:08 Caroline Owens 28
F 13:17 Aoife Donnelly 27
M 14:27 Steve P 25
M 15:04 Rob "beer star double" Lukacs 23
M 15:10 Chris Campbell 32
F 16:20 Leslie Bannon 24
M 16:58 Frank "fast legs" Woolstencroft 31
M 22:47 Joel "beer bottle soother"
M 23:07 for 3laps...dnf Trev "someone has to be last" Williams 34

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Technical Guide for Cross Provincials.

Here is the technical guide for Provincial Cross.

I will have the Karelo registration up by this Monday.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Call for Volunteers

I know many of you have been enjoying the 'cross season. We have only just a few races to go until the Provincial Championships which Speed Theory is hosting.

The race is Sunday November 8th. I'm looking for a few volunteers (3) to help me out with course set up the afternoon before and then tear-down after the race.

If I could get 7-10 others that are NOT racing to help me on the day of the race that would be excellent.

Carol Mayne has offered to help with start lists/results. This is a huge help.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you can help. I'd like to meet with all of you in the next week or so to go over some details to make things roll as easily as possible on the day of the event.

[Image was added by SpeedTheory Admin, courtesy of Ken Cheung]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Party and Beer Mile.

Some busy fun times before winter sets in.

Beer Mile Info here. Even if you aren't going to do it, come out and cheer people on. It is a ridiculous event that is silly enough you have to come. Remember, only cans (no bottles) and it has to be 5% or more. No Guinness. More Info here. Luke Way, the defending Albertan Champion will be there signing autographs and lapping me 3 times in the 4 lap event.

Halloween Party. Oct. 30th, Friday night starting around 7pm. Everyone welcome, kids encouraged for this one. Will be catered with food, and booze (if you bring a driver). Starting at around 7pm at our house. Will post address on the 29th.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gala at the Kenny's

Just wanted to say Thanks so much. I appreciate the oppurtunity to ride with the ST squad this year, the gift was over the top. Mr and Mrs Kenny, the food was outstanding, drinks as well, and the company was Tops. ..Keith looked like hell :0) what happened on Saturday night ?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blow Street Supercross Course Conditions

The Blow Street course is located directly across the street from the college where I work. Unless we get some serious heat today, it looks like tomorrow will be sloppy. Bring your snow tires.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beer Mile Time.

Oct. 24th ... it is time... and long overdue.


Winter Ironman Training

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.
Not sure if many of you know, I am going to Tempe this November to race at Ironman Arizona this year. I figured with running my company and not setting aside time to train, if I register for a big race, I will be focused on training and commit to a regular schedule of training. If there are any small business men on the team, you all imagine how well that has turned out!!

When you are running a small business and have a varied client base, you may hear terms such as "Having a wife and a mistress." That refers to having clients that have lots of work and pay regularly and the once in a while large paying contract that tempts you like a mistress. Well throw into the mix the wife, mistress and an Ironman race. Now you are talking about major pressure and lots of guilt. All that aside, things are going really well. It's like going to church, you know you should have done it long ago and just feel guilt, guilt, guilt. You wake up at night and realize, I missed my GST remittance so that I could get a swim workout in. Canada Revenue is calling and I could't get my 100 meter time down to 1:25. WTF!

I have enjoyed reading the blog posts about the cross training and all of the successes of everyone this year and have used that as motivation for the basement training. The weekly workouts in the "Basement of Pain" have been pretty steady. We added a treadmill to the collection of furniture this fall and it has come to good use. I can get a pretty hard trainer workout and hop right onto the treadmill. No more "No running" excuses!

My transition times haven't decreased at all as I fumble around trying to pull of the soaking wet bike clothes to squeeze into my running skirt, I'll come around though. I don't know how Paul can wear those things.

Yesterday was probably one of my best workouts this year. 2 hours on the trainer, a workout of standing and sprinting followed by some big gear sets. I watched stage 17 of the 2008 TDF and it was great. You can pedal really hard when you watch O'Grady and Cancellara lay smack. I then followed that with 30 minutes pretty hard on the treadmill. I almost felt like I ran past Evans going up Alp Duez. I know I past Menchov because he cracked pretty bad.

For the first time ever I think I will going to an Ironman race really light. It has taken along time to realize that recovery meals shouldn't be beer smoothies and copious amounts of scotch. I might be able to get down to 180 for the first in 17 years!

That's all for now, again I hope everyone is doing well.

Slayer Dan


I'm looking to get a set of rollers for the winter. Does anyone know where I can get a good one or what's the best one to go for. I have the CycleOps Fluid II and its a good trainer but i have 2. If anyone has a set of rollers and would like to trade straight up for my trainer just leave a comment. Its only got one winter on it. Bought it from the store last winter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Racer Gala RSVP

Please don't forget to email Tom and tell him you are coming.

Please respond to: tlmkenny <.a.t.> shaw <.d.o.t.> ca

Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Gasp, Rave 40km ITT - Postponed

From Lorie:

It looks like there is going to be snow and -4c tomorrow. The cold snap is suppose to end mid next week. I am going to post pone the ITT on the Ring Road until next weekend. I will keep you posted.

Although Monday looks a lot colder than it originally did (0c & sunny) Lorie is still hosting the Rave ITT. We will start at noon on Monday letting riders go. Here is what we worked out:
1.) Riders will be at 1 minute intervals.
2.) Darryl Parry is volunteering on the stop watches.
3.) 52nd street is the only live street that currently crosses Stoney Trail so we will have to make sure when we cross when traffic is clear (just like any other stop sign you come to in the city)
4.) We will basically be starting at the same spot we did for the Provincial ITT but we will be going to 17th street SE and turning around and coming back (20km out and back). (Lorie will have a cone at the turn around) We will use one carriage way just for convenience. (this gives us 40 km exactly)
5.) There will be some crews out here doing punch list stuff so don't be to surprised if you come on a vehicle. However, they will be minimal and they are aware their will be bikes on the road.

Race takes place at noon. So get there with enough time to warm up and hit it.

Take country hills boulevard east of Deer Foot turn north on barlow trail. Drive right through our no admittance signs onto Stoney Trail. Follow Stoney Trail east to Metis Trail Overpass and park.

Alternate Directions:
Take Country Hills Boulevard to 52 st NE turn north on 52 st. When it crosses Stoney Trail turn south on Stoney Trail come to Metis Trail Overpass.

NOTE: The highway is completely finished now. They are only working on spec reports and landscaping.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Commuting crash

Well I was on my way to work on Tuesday morning, having a great ride in on what is normally a quiet ride eastbound and northbound toward the airport, and boom out of nowhere I got hit by another cyclist head on. I did not even see the guy and he was big. Blind bend, followed by narrow wooden bridge, passing runners equals an accident waiting to happen. After screaming in pain and crying for a good 10 minutes, I thought I was fine (albeit in a lot of pain) so I continued to work. Upon getting there I was quickly taken to emergency for what seemed to be a broken forearm and shock. Good news is that my forearm is not broken but really looks broken, a concussion and whiplash.

I am so mad at that commuter. As a runner I would get angry when cyclists pulled out blindly, and now as a commuter on my cross bike (which has a scratch now) I just want to lecture cyclists who do things like this!

I want so badly to race Cyclocross National this weekend. Good news is my head is likely going to be good. My forearm though, I am not certain.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remember me and Google Street Side ?

Remember I made a post quite some time ago (April 22nd) with a video of me videoing the GoogleCar videoing me? And how we were locked in a time paradox of who was videoing the other while videoing the other? Well, they published there program for Calgary!...

Apart from this being the most cool web application I have ever seen (I really encourage everyone to really try it out, it is insane), I am now forever recorded recording being recorded recording.

Here I am. You can only see me if you are looking south down Varsity Estates Drive NW. If you are looking north, I disappear. They got two shots of the north view of Varsity Estates Drive as they turned into Varsity Estates Green, but they would have only taken one view looking directly east and south of me !!

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New skinsuits for next year?

Champion System developed these skinsuits for NZ and they've won a lot of races at the track. Supposedly they will be available to the public soon. Trev, should we ask Champion System if they are available for team order? Maybe not suitable for 40 km ITT on a hot day, but could work for shorter ITTs or cooler days... and for those riders into rubber fetish. (Rod M?)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dark Knight ?

Guys... I can't believe I missed Dark Knight, but it happened. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear about it. Can someone tell us all about it and maybe even upload some pics?


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Starting Monday - $5 mat classes

Hi everyone, this is Marilyn and I ride with Speed Theory. I am a Pilates instructor in Marda Loop and am doing a promotion right now for some mat classes. If you are interested in supplementing your cycling training, see my website for details at

Friday, October 2, 2009

Speed Theory in Western Cyclist

There's a great article about the Speed Theory team in the latest issue. Plus a sexy ITT pic of Thomas Yip.

Here is the online version


Dark Night/Oval Cross

The forecast keeps getting better and better!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ITT Rave coming up.

Keep an eye on the blog for the time and place of our 'last gasp' Rave 40km ITT. It will hopefully be held on Oct. 12th morning-ish if the weather is good. It won't be 'official', it will be more like a rave, so we will announce the time and place probably on Oct. 10th or 11th through a series of clues, red herrings, misnomers, rumours, and half-truths.


Today I am going to order 2 HeroCams with Handlebar mounts for the club. I hope to test them over Cross season and then have people mount them on their bikes for stuff like a huge club interval session or hillclimb session. Then we can have a repository online so during the winter, you can download Mt Norquay, or Revelstoke Hill Climb, and do the interval along with your ST teammates. I think it will be cool and provide some motivation over the LOOOONNGGG winter. What do you guys think? Dallas has already field tested one from Bowcycle and it works awesome, so we know it works.


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