Sunday, March 3, 2019

2019 Spring and Summer are coming? Are they? Please please please? Come soon!

Team... STC is still alive and well. A few of us have just been busy with family and work and haven't been able to post here regularly. We're all looking forward to emerging from this deep freeze and getting outside.  Even Fatbiking this past two months has been off the table except for the most hard core.

This year, for all past STC club members, your membership to the club will be free. You still need to register with the ABA for a General or Race licence, but we'll pay your insurance.

Follow this link to register for the club. Use the pass-code:  PASTMEMBER   and it will take 100% off your membership.

Marie will post here soon about a few Fri or Sat evening parties in the studio like we had last year. Those were fun.  We may try to get VeloCafe or Peloton over for an interclub event since we have Stephan from Peloton and we think VeloCafe is simply cool for Calgary cycling.

Anyway.. look here a little more often and hopefully the next thing you see will be Marie posting the date of a party.

See a lot of you soon!


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