Monday, June 30, 2008

Tour de France Contest

The Tour de France Contest Prize list has been updated with more prizes coming in.

Although a complete start list is not yet available, people who know their favorites are starting to submit their pics.

Visit for more details.

This contest is open to everyone and 100% of the entry fees go to the Jason Lapierre Scolarship Fund at the UofC. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to enter more than one team.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Meet at 9 am at the Bean
The crew? - Trev, Stephen and Alex so far. All ST'ists welcome.
The pace? Easy to moderate pace (Stephen is on an easy week).
The route? Whatever.
The highlight? My new DeRosa Idol
See you there
EDIT: Paul's Idol..... it was real and it was Magnificent! Good ride today.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have a START RAMP!!

Not only will we be the first race in Alberta to have the online waiver, but we will be the first TT to have a start ramp !! Steve G. has built us the coolest start ramp for our racers. This is going to be an amazing event!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cloverlawn 40K ITT

Is anyone else planning on doing the Cloverlawn ITT this weekend? Great course, well run race. I am planning on leaving my place around Sunday around 7am (far North end of town) and have room for at least one. Let me know.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Rob Lukacs. Winner.

What an amazing weekend of racing. The venue, the organization, our club. Everything. Here is a run down of our results, ensuring our continued high placing in the Team category of the Alberta Road Racing Cup.

First things first with a first!
New-Rob Lukacs, 1st in the Cat5 TT.
Stephen Baguette Kenny, 1st in the Cat 4 TT.
Rob Woolley, 4th in the Cat 5 TT.
Sandra Yaworski, 2nd in the Womens TT.
Rui Ries, competing in his first timed event, 12th in the Cat5 TT.
Mike Godfrey, 9th and Lachlan Holmes 17th in the Cat4 TT.
Kyle Marcotte, 11th, Trev Williams, 13th, Jared Green, 19th, Alex Shaw, 26th, in the Elite TT.
Lachlan, 2nd, and Stephen, 4th in the Cat 4 Crit.
Trev, Jared, and Rod managed to finish the Elite Crit.
Trev 9th, Kyle 11th, Jared 35th in the Elite RR.
Trev 9th, Kyle 32nd, Jared 33rd, overall on GC in the Elite RR.

'Most expensive race' award goes to Rod who somehow managed to wreck both Zipps in the criterium without falling. I guess having a bike fly into you from the side while its rider is jetisoning away in the opposite direction helps.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Race Pictures

For those of you who care to see some more pictures of the Speed Theory Team in action check out this page.
I didn't sift through this set so some of them might be a bit blurry.
If anyone wants a larger version of a picture posted here just ask. Laters.

Banff Bike Fest

Well, I just got home from Banff. What an amazing race! The TT was challenging and wickedly fast coming home. The crit was tight, near impossible to pass, and crazy fast. And, the road race... Hands down the nicest course I have ever raced. Lots of hills, some super fast decents, great traffic closures.

I am totally bagged and loved every moment of the racing. Great job to Trev with his 9th in GC. Thanks a ton to Steve for jumping into the team at the last minute. I think its time for a beer now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well... it's go time.

The Banff Stage race is happening and we're as ready as we'll ever be! I am pretty excited to be racing with some pretty rad dudes.

We'll have the tent setup early on Sat. morning for the ST Cycling team to warm up beside before the TT. Try to get there nice and early to get in a good warm up and get pumped. We will try to be located in an obvious spot so we are easily found, however you can give me a call at 4038318738 if you have trouble finding us.

The Cat5s go off nice and early !


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Devon crits

Cat 4 crit finish
(unfortunately the first 3 places have already been decided...)
Dan in the Cat 5 pack

C4 Race Wed night.

The plan is to compete in the C4 race tomorrow night.

It starts at 7pm at the corner of 22 and 22x near Priddis. Be there !!


Just be disinplinated and you will get there.


Tour de France Contest with all funds going to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship at the UofC

Hey guys,

This will be the second running of our Tour de France Pool, with 100% of the entry fees going to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship fund at the UofC. Last year we raised over $900 for the scholarship and this year I'm thinking we can raise even more.

Check out contest details and prizes here

Look for updates at

This contest is open to everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A few photos from WASA

I seem to have missed most of the Speed Theorists at Wasa but here are a few of the fast guys. I guess my camera was not fast enough to capture Trev, Ryan, Jared or Frank going by.

UPDATED. Found Trev's photo, he sure is aero.

In order this should be: Kyle, Jasper, Adam Jensen and Andrew Russell.

Slayer's Devon Weekend round up.

Link to Dan's, Hanz'z, and Franz'z, race report from Devon.

This weekend is a 'FOCUS' race in Banff.

Sat.'s TT and Crit are FOCUS races for the club. At least the TT if you don't feel comfortable doing the Crit.

REGISTER NOW !! Space is limited for this event.

Hopefully we'll have most of our team racing on Sat. and we have a full 6 man team racing on Sun. ! Should be a good event.

Amazing racing.

On Sunday, Kyle, Ryan, Jared, Frank, and Trev competed in the Wasa Olympic Triathlon. Talk about awesome racing. This race is the premiere event of the summer for Olympic distance racing in North West America. Pros get to race side by side with Age-Groupers in an awesome organized enviroment.

Kyle did what he does best and battled it out near the front of the crowd and laid down a sweet run time to finish third overall. Trev, Ryan, and Jared battled it out for top 15 with their final placings being 13th, 14th, and 16th repectively. Frank battled the lake, but posted good bike and run splits to climb back through the field to finish 31st.

Full Results here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A few Pictures

Posted a few pictures of A-Train and another friend of mine in action at the Devon Crit this past weekend. Check them out at

Nice work with the 2nd place finish today at the Road Race Alex!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So far I have Rob L coming up with me (Rob contact me via email to arrange particulars), if anyone else is interested I have plenty of room. Danielle is not coming up so I'll have an extra bed in my room. I head off at 6:30PM tomorrow, Alex or Mike fire me a phone number so we can stay in touch.

Sat. Ride

Anyone up for a ride on Sat morning?
Need to get out and do 100km rain or shine.
10:00 westhills Starbucks.
Should be some hard efforts, but will wait and regroup after each one.

Schedule for this week.

Let's plan rides this way instead of the email. I will lay out group rides here, and if anyone wants to add to them, put in a comment, and I'll update this post.

Group Ride led by Trev to Cochrane for Australian Pursuit Hill Climbs. Bean at 6:30pm

C4 Race

Learn to Race Safely Clinic at Research Park at 7:00pm (open to everyone)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meeting today for the C4 race.

I will be riding from 37th and 66ave today at 6:00pm to make the 7:00pm start time of the C4 race. This is approximately 23km from the start line, so we will HAVE to be riding out at 6:00pm.

There is a huge parking lot right there for access into Weaslehead.

Please comment here if you plan on meeting me.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alex must be Crushed

I think everyone should send their heart felt condolences to Alex after the news today that Boonen is a crackhead.


Monday, June 9, 2008


I am planning on doing the TT and RR only. My current plan is to leave around 6:30PM Friday night. I can bring the mighty Calypso for those who aren't doing the Friday night dash and want to car pool. Any thoughts on accommodations?

Devon Weekend.

OK, rather than the billion emails, let's post here if you are in and I will update this post. Give relevent info in your post.

June 14 - 15 weekend

Sat. in Devon: Stephen, Alex, Lochlan, New-Rob, Slayer, Mike G., Jason

Sun. in Devon: Stephen, Alex, Lochlan, New-Rob, Slayer, Mike G., Jason

Wasa Olympic Triathlon: Kyle, Trev, Ryan, Jared

Cochrane Duathlon: Mike C., Sandra

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Iron Lung MTB Canmore Results

Trev and Charlie made a quick trip up to Canmore this weekend to partake in the pain buffet served up by Bow CMC's Iron Lung MTB race.

Much like Luke and Bo from Hazzard County Trev and Charlie set off to fight corruption, questionable hair styles and obscene oil profits in one of the most scenic mountain bike races in Canada*.

In true dashing rapscallion fashion, a heroic one-two punch was landed in the Sport category with Charlie taking the win and Trev clinching second. Boss Hogg was reportedly clutching his balls after this ferocious display of nut kicking power.

In true Hazzard County boys fashion, I am sure they crossed the line floating through the air yelling YEE HAW.

[EDITORS NOTE] Trev and Charlie competed in the 'Sport' class today, having been denied to be able to race in 'Expert'. The 'Sport' class is the equivalent of about Cat4. Before you say they were sandbagging, please note that they did ask for an upgrade.

Full Results here.

*People, I cannot promise this is factual. If you want news go to CNN, I am trying to make it entertaining.

Charlie & Trev Beat the Competition at Iron Lung

Our newest member (Charlie Cooper) and our founder (T-Rev Williams) bested the opposition (placing first and second) at today's Iron Lung Cross Country Cup in Canmore.
Nice work guys!!

Click here for race results:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crankmasters Elbow Falls HC cancelled

The Elbow Falls HC for tomorrow (Sunday) has been cancelled, obviously weather related.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Top of the Killer Kilometer

Here is a shot we took yesterday at the top of the 'Killer Kilometer' that is the timed 'prime' in our 11km hilly TT event on July 12th. Pretty neat.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pigeon Lake Cat 2 Report

Jared and I raced on Sunday in what was a fairly uneventful race. H&R Block attacked over and over until a break stuck, then they sent a couple more riders up. I told Jared to try to bridge up to the chase as I would do my best to hold the pack back. Unfortunatly we decided to do this into a headwind and although his effort was valiant it was not to be. In the end we fished in the pack and got in a hard day of riding. I think in was 40.8km/h for 134km. Banff stage race will not be as frightening now.

Cat5 Pigeon RR report

The Speed Theory cat5 team went into the Pigeon RR with a plan and 9 strong guys to execute it - ST would lay down the hurt, and Dan and I would suck wheel and sprint finish.

The race started out at a lively pace, and took the big hill in the opening km's at speed. But it's just the start of the race, and we can kinda take it easy, right? A gap formed between the front half of the pack, and after a weak attempt at a ST paceline, Dan and I sprinted to bridge up, leaving Rob, Mark and Rui in the chase pack.

Most of the rest of the race was kept at a fast pace, with just one crash (interesting, one of the two guys to go down was the same young buck that crashed twice in the crit the day before while riding by himself). Despite some strong pulling by ST, very few racers in the front pack got dropped, one of which was Mike G, who was really just trying to keep a low profile with his 95 upgrade points. Mike of Hardcore Racing led up a couple of hills and sat about 100 metres off the front of the pack for a few km, and three ERTC guys ramped up the pace at the front, but other than that a uneventful race.

So what happens at the end of uneventful races? Huge field sprints! We came around the corner with 20 dudes ready to duke it out. The ST guys left at this point worked our way up through the pack ready to launch past the front markers and oh! There's a slow moving van. And oh! there's 50 cat-4 riders, and a bunch of people handing off stuff in the feed zone, and watch out for the cones! And then we crossed the finish line...

The official results posted by the ABA have me 4th and Dan 7th. There were a few DSQ's for ST guys, probably for centre line infractions in the last moments of the race, which is too bad because ST would have had a bunch more guys in the top 10. Mike of Hardcore Racing finished first, which really shouldn't have happened, since he was working hard during the race, but maybe he saw the cat4 pack and knew that he just had to catch them and he wouldn't be able to be passed? Anyway, good on him.

So was it a success? Well, Dan and I both finished in the top 10, so sure. Would we have done better if it wasn't for the unexpected gong-show of finishing as cat4 rolled through the start-finish line? Absolutely. Certainly that would have avoided probably all the DSQ's. But really, having a field sprint finish was not part of the plan - so Dan and I were thinking that when we saw the pack not have to work, we should have gone to plan B. If only we had one! :) Thoughts, anyone?

Hats off to all those ST guys who pushed the pace, and let Dan and I suck wheel all race, especially Mike G who gave it everything and had to drop out. You rock, Mike!

Overall results for the weekend:
Lockie 3rd
Dan 5th
Paul 25th
Mike 26th
Mark 32nd
Old-Rob 41st
Rui 46th
New-Rob, Andy and Carl DSQ

Wed. night race.

I hope to make it to the C4 race on Wed.

We can use it as a tough training session and I will work with people on tactics and making others (competitors) work more than they want to.

Leave a comment here of who's in.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Race results.

Hopefully someone from the team will post a race report from Pigeon, and Jason, Kyle, and Ryan will give summaries of their weekends doing HIM's.

Lots of races, how cool is that?

Here are the results:

Pigeon Crit

Pigeon Road Race

Oliver Half, Kyle did a 4:09, while Ryan picked up an IMC slot with a 4:34

70.3 Boise, Idaho Jason did a 4:57.

Giver 8'r Trev managed to complete 8 laps in around 4:45 and then had to bow out.

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