Friday, April 29, 2011

This Saturday afternoon.... we NEED a race !!

Saturday afternoon of racing and hanging....

20km Time Trial! Open to STC and The Crankmasters

OK, here's the plan! Saturday at 2:30pm, meet at my place and be ready to rumble. We'll all ride to the start of the race course and do a few laps for warm up and learn the course. Then we'll line up and go off in 30 second intervals! 20km Individual Time Trial !! Game on... we NEED a race!


The clothing is officially here. I have tried it on and jogged around the house quickly in someone's skinsuit (I barely broke a sweat :).

We'll congregate at my house, fire up the barby, and have a post-race backyard family/team BBQ. If you can't come for the race, come for the BBQ, meet your teammates, help sort the clothes, and hang out. Free food and drinks for everyone!

Get the significant other and kids to show up at 4:30pm and we'll have the trampoline and swings going full-time.

The BBQ will go from 4:30pm - 7:00pm. The clothes shouldn't take more than 40min with several people and we can do it while a couple others are getting the burgers and hot dogs ready to go.

For those that want to stay later, I'll order UFC129 so we can watch the first UFC in Toronto and GSP dismantle another opponent. That starts at 7:00pm.

See everyone Sat! Comment here if you plan to come so we know how many burgers and drinks to buy.

Here is the course:

TnT #2 Bad Weather Ride Review


Last night we met for night #2. Excellent turnout with some hard hittin' fellas. Rob W, Andres, David, Patrick, Darcy, Mike Healy, Ference, Harley, and myself made it out. We got the group organized right out of the parking lot and hit the road straight into the wind to Church Ranches. The wind was pretty gusty and it was great practice to the newer riders on drafting for the first 40 minutes. The group was working hard to stay together and get shelter in the wind.

It was really cool to hear David realize how much protection he was getting from the wind when he was practicing drafting. I think some of us take that skill for granted and when practiced, it really does make a difference. The point not to overlook is, PRACTICE.

We got out to Woodland Road and had a mini race with the group splitting into 3 groups. This was pretty fun to try and set up really small echelons and chase other guys down. Darcy and I took Andres up the hill in the crosswind and then mistimed the a right hand corner and lost our 3rd rider. We ended up finishing at least a minute in front of Rob W, maybe longer, all because of the ferocious pace we set as the lead group. As we were only 2 we have to concede the victory to the next group, which I never noticed, sorry guys. It was an excellent idea from Rob W to try it, hopefully that is something that we can incorporate into more rides.

We then carried on to Lochend Road and back to Walmart. The group did really well to stay together and practice drafting. Rob was pretty fiesty again and sprinted every chance he could. He's in pretty good form, hopefully the rest of us can catch him in the next few weeks.

Harley had an excellent idea for the next ride, weather permitting. We are going to plan a Cochrane and back loop and each rider must take a pull at the front. The pace can be dictated by the group, but each member in the train has to take a pull. I think this will be excellent for riders to practice rolling through, pulling off and letting someone else pull etc. etc.

Thanks again everyone for coming out, it was lots of fun. The weather did hold off and it was definitely worth getting out.

Slayer Dan

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring? Spring? Where are you??

We had about 30min of cold windy crappy weather before all hell broke loose this morning. Thanks to Tanya for wanting to do 'one more interval' before turning around for home!

TnT #2 - Bad Weather Riding


I am looking at the weather right now and see it as an opportunity to show my total disregard for Mother Nature and her constant abuse of Alberta Cycling.

Planning to leave from Royal Oak Walmart at 6:45, and follow the same loop as last week with less wrong turns and unnecessary stops.

I will be watching the weather and if it gets really ugly, I'll take out my mountain bike.

Hope to see some people out tonight.

Slayer Dan

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penticton Camp Update: Day 6 and Day 7 – BRING YOUR PASSPORT!!!!

We’re rushing the border and it’s going to be awesome. Day 6 is hill repeat day. I know- every other day has at least one substantial hill, (or two, or three, or…) but you get to do repeats on this one. This day is Giant’s Head day. Giant’s head is a hill in Summerland that’s steep and tight with lots of switch backs. There’s one hill near Calgary that equals the steep grade of Giant’s head, but it’s about 95 per cent shorter (you can find it in Cochrane at the bottom of Cochrane hill in the neighbourhood at the base of the hill and next to a playground). We’ll do three or four repeats and then head out behind Summerland to the Scout camp and back. The ride is short (70ish km). The other option is to do Giant’s Head once (or not at all) and then head to the local coffee shop and wait for the hill repeat wackos to finish.

Day 7 is 225ish km and it takes us across the US border south of Osoyoos. “They” will not let you cross the border without a passport, so bring it. Pack it now. Seriously, stop reading, go find it, and pack it now. Don’t forget it. The challenging thing about this ride is the distance and historically, the wind. It never fails to hit what feels like a 40km head wind from the time we turn north. Everyone sticks together across the US border and as we travel south through the US. But after we turn around and head back north there’s only one road that leads back to Canada, and then everyone’s on their own until the Canadian border, where we regroup. There are some options for the short ride on this trip: (1) join the longer ride down to Osoyoos and then head back, (2) ride the Ironman course backwards (3) head up Green Mountain Road from Penticton and then do the Apex climb if you didn't do it on Day 3.

We got two weeks until lift off, so get on your bikes. Try to get a couple 100km-days of riding logged in a row with one of those days over 130km. If you can get three days logged in a row, even better. The next post will be a list of stuff to have on you during each ride and a recap of the seven days with Maps attached.

Day 6 Ride - Giants Head (FYI, the map doesn't show Giant's Head)

Day 7 Ride - US Ride (Bring your $%!@#&'in Passport!)

Day 7 Ride - Apex Climb (straight up, straight down)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Gear is Hosting a Spring Classic on May 7th.

Here is the poster for the event. There is more gravel and more climbing than the Prairie-Roubaix but the distances are modified accordingly. I plan to attend to get in some racing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

TnT Review

See me ride out of the sunset
On your colored TV screen
Out for all that I can get
If you know what I mean
Amy to the left of me
Harley to the right......

Great turnout last night. We had 13 riders brave the cooler temperatures to take an easy pedal out around Church Ranches and Lochend Road.

It was great to meet Jeff, Amy, David and Simon for the first time and get a ride in. We worked on riding single file, group riding, hand signalling. The group also worked on yelling at me as I took every wrong turn.

I think that was the biggest ride I have seen in the last few years for sure, great turnout.

Rob and I had some fun little sprint sessions on the road, he looks to be in super form even with the new baby in the house, he's not tired at all. I didn't know that Darcy was so good at blocking. Get up to Cat 4 dude, I need your help!!!

Thanks for coming everyone and hope that we can all hook up next week.

Slayer Dan

Thursday, April 21, 2011

TnT Ride #1 - I'm Dynamite


I am planning on riding tonight, the forecast looks good enough for me.
Meet at the agreed upon start time at Walmart. I am thinking that we could head out from Walmart to Church Ranches, Church Ranches to Burma Road, Burma to Woodland, Woodland back to 1A and then come back to Walmart through Royal Oak.

Not sure how many people are planning to come, this is the first night of the training rides and our focus should be group riding with proper hand signals, pacelining and riding single file as well as rolling through. It would also be good to just play around and have people getting their drinking bottles with their left hands while riding etc. etc.

As far as pace goes, I am thinking recovery pace or above, have fun on the hills with an emphasis on rider safety, rider safety and then more rider safety.

If we have a good group and want a few more kilometers we can decide that on the road. I just got a text from Harley and he wants to make sure that lots of the new lady riders come out. I think he is putting a challenge in to Handsome Rob for the best looking guy on the team.

I think I am winning the most beligerent, overweight, and obnoxious rider at this point.

Hope to see you out tonight,

Slayer Dan

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clothing almost here !! Sorting coupled with a ride!

The clothing is scheduled to arrive this week !!

Last year I grabbed several volunteers and we made quick work of the sorting. This year with the massive order, I would really appreciate if I could get at least 10 people to meet me downtown at the store before they open so we can sort through the copious amount of spandex !! We will couple it with Thomas' ride out of the store.


Meet at Speed Theory Calgary at 8:30am on Saturday April 23rd. We will have Tim Hortons coffee, muffins, and bagels there for any one who shows up. Help me sort the clothing for 1 hour, then you can head out with Thomas for his ride!

Please RSVP in a comment so I know how much coffee/muffins to get. We need at least 10 people, but the more people the better as the sorting will go faster.

Thanks guys,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday Night Race Series annual pre-race meeting THIS Wednesday night!!

For all those (especially new WNS racers) who plan on partaking in the awesome weekly evening racing, there is a meeting this Wed. at Speed Theory Calgary at 8:30pm. Jamie Marshal will be leading the meeting. Last year it was pretty short, sweet, and useful, so plan to come if you can.

Jamie has a new post on the series here at the WNS website. Racing starts up on May 4th !!

Combined with the awesome Midweek Mayhem Crits and the Thursday night Training (TnT), the Wednesday night race series is a great opportunity to learn real racing in a challenging, safe, encouraging, environment.

Please don't be too early for the meeting as I will be teaching right up until 8:30pm at the store!!


Frank Wins First in Police Half Marathon

I was poking through the Herald and there's Frank with his mug in the paper taking first place! Way to go frank!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cycling Qualifier for Alberta 55 Plus Games Hosted by Speed Theory

As part of the Wednesday Night Series, Speed Theory will host the cycling qualifier for the Alberta 55 Plus Games on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011. The format for both is a 10 km individual time trial or a 10 km predicted time event. Racers from throughout central and southern Alberta will compete for 7 slots for the Alberta 55+ Games to be held in Fairview on July 21 and 22, 2011.

We are finally going to use the awesome Highway 549 starting near the gas plant 10 km west of Millarville, at the intersection of Highway 762. It should be a fast downhill, downwind sprint. Here is a map

The ABA website has links to the event details and rules, here is the qualifier information. More details will be posted closer to the event. We have to be a little more formal for this event, 6:30 PM on site registration, 7:00 PM race start. Racers will depart at 1 minute intervals. This is a sanctioned event so leave your Shiv at home. Your equipment will have to comply with UCI rules. We will make the call for volunteers later but we will need a few for this event.

Goes without saying you have to be at least 55 years of age by December 31, 2011 to enter the qualifier but you can still do the WNS race if you don't meet that standard. I think there's a few Speed Theory and Crankmasters of that vintage, lets see who can dominate!

Prairie Roubaix Cancelled

Sorry to say the Prairie Roubaix has been Cancelled due to the weather.

But! We don't want to let you down so we've organized a HUGE spin session to keep you race focused. We'll get you pounding out some mega watts to keep you race fit and ready for your next event.

Start time: 10:00 am
Location: 6110-34th Street S.W. (Lakeview Community hall)
What to bring: Bike, trainer, Under mat to absorb your sweat, lots-o-water/energy drink, a good attitude.
Cost: A voluntary amount of $10.00 (we'd like to recoup some of the costs we put out for the PR).
Trev will be belting out the tunes and yelling at you to go harder.

This will an excellent time to catch up with old friends, meet new riders and give the competition the hairy eyeball.

See you there!

UCC tonight!

We wont let these winter-wonderland conditions from stopping us racing - we'll just move it inside! An impromptu Underground Cycling Championships night will be held at Trev's starting at 6pm. That wont leave time for many heats, so sign up quick. Just this once, I'm organizing, so call or email me (403-606-8477 or lachlanholmes at gmail) to get in on the action. And if you can bring a tenner to compensate Trev for our invasion of his pain-den, it would be much appreciated.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Prairie Roubaix II ..... and the damn weather.

Well guys, now with the ITT cancelled, we are in the spotlight as to our decision. I have asked our little team for some input but personally I think the weather forecast has been changing by the hour and it would be a shame to cancel too early. I know people want to race and I know we aren't all made of sugar. The only reason we would cancel is if it is dangerous or a strain on our volunteers.

If it is just cold out... we can race.
If it is just wet out... we can race.
If it is just cold and wet out... we can race.

If it is icy or snowy ON the roads... we can't race.

We will make the call late Saturday night. One of us will go out and drive the course in the evening and then we'll see if the weather system has rolled in or not.


UPDATE: Tom has booked his community center and thought it would be at least 'a different alternative' that IF the race is canceled, we can all go to the community center and have a huge multi-club hard spin. Keep checking this space though, as this will be a last case scenario.

Update (I just got a call from the Porta-Pottie dude... they are being delivered right now)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Roubaix ITT announcement from the Crankmasters. *UPDATE

Cancelled Pre-Roubaix 20/40 ITT, Saturday April 16, Acme AB
This race has been CANCELLED by the race organizer.
The weather forecast indicates that the road conditions would most likely be unsafe for the participants and the volunteers.
We hope to re-schedule this race for another date.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Calgary Crankmasters
Race Organizer.

"Pre-Roubaix ITT - the decision to run the ITT will be made at noon on Friday April 15th. Currently the weather forecast for Acme on Saturday is not good however lets give it one more day to make the decision. Please check back Friday at noon for the final decision. Thanks, Race Organizers"

The Crankmasters website is here.

Thursday Night Ride Premier Delayed Due To Weather


Have to make the call now to cancel the ride tonight.
I guess we have to throw the bikes back on the trainer and watch the Habs skate circles around those big bad Bruins.



Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarification on jerseys for Prairie-Roubaix!!

I have heard that some teams have been scrambling trying to find their new members jerseys for the Prairie-Roubaix. That is great, but not required. I would not want a racer not showing up because they can't get a team jersey! This race is supposed to be all inclusive (with ABA race license or STC or Cranky membership), so even if you only have an MEC generic light blue jersey, come out and race!

As for STC we won't be getting our jerseys until April 24th and we are expecting a huge new racer contingent from our club. So a lot of us won't have proper team jersey either!

So, in summary: Wear your team jersey if you have them. If you don't, wear anything.


Introducing 'Thursday night Training'! TnT is starting this week!

OK, this is great news. A group of experienced club members have gotten together to commit to offering ALL members of the club a regular evening of training. We have chosen Thursday so you don't have to miss the Tues night Crits or the Wed Night Race series.

Who is this ride for?: All STC members, but will focus on Women/Cat5/Cat4.

What is this ride for?: This ride will focus on practical road skills to make you a competent, safe, aggressive, smart bike rider and racer. This ride won't be all skills (a lot of standing around), it will be designed so that most Cat5/Women would still get a solid ride in but will get invaluable direction from experienced riders.

Who is putting this ride on: Slayer, Mike 'DJ' G., Handsome Rob, Matt J., Thomas Y., and Darcy G. and any other club member who would like to use this as a great way to teach your teammates how to race!

Where: SpyHill Walmart parking lot. The South West corner of Walmart's parking lot. It is huge and empty usually.

When: 6:45pm every Thursday. Rolling out of the parking lot at 6:45pm.

Stipulations?: There is no rain/hail/100km/hr winds forecast. It is over 5 degrees.

What you need to bring?: Motivation, a willingness to learn, a safe bike, and a desire to get better.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congratulations to Tanya !!

Wow, Tanya just won her Age Division, came second overall female amateur, and 21st overall women in the Texas 70.3 Half Ironman a few hours ago!!


Big Thanks to Marcy and Thomas

Today's P-R recon session was a roaring success. Thanks to Marcy and Thomas for organizing the ride. It looks like next week will be a great race, and I'm pegging Thomas to lay some serious hurt down on the gravel. I'll enjoy watching from the sidelines...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prairie-Roubaix II, Parking and other details (Important please read)

We would love this race to become the monument of spring classic racing in Alberta. The course is awesome and the atmosphere is contagious. Rocky View county has given us official permission and we would like to really show we can hold an exciting, safe event that they welcome back year after year. We appreciate the opportunity to show the County we can do it right this year.

As for parking for the event. There will be NO PARKING inside or on the race loop. I have constructed a map of suitable parking areas. If you come upon one and it is getting to
the point you think there are too many cars, move to the next one. Or, a better option, get your team/buddies to meet in the Walmart parking lot in Royal Oak and ride out while psyching yourself up to hammer! That is the best option, and you can see the included map from the Walmart to the registration. 20km warmup and cooldown...perfect.

We have confirmed Porta-Potties that will be by registration and we will have a tent there to store extra clothes. If it is raining, the tent will have sides on it so your gear stays dry.

We plan to have 3 tables for registration this year so it moves more smoothly. One for Cat A, Cat B, and Cat C/Women. If we have enough women, we will start them in their own heat. Women can race in whatever Cat they want though. So if you are a women that wants to race Cat B, then simply sign up for that Cat. You don't need to arrive super early. Plan to be at the registration tables at 8:30am and you will be golden. We won't start the race without you unless you are really late.
Registration will be obvious. If you are heading north on the gravel of Glendale road, it will be on the left hand side. A flagger will be there indicating where to go.

You need to have ID and if you have it, bring your ABA race license.

Lastly, the Crankmasters are holding the Acme TT the day before. Please support this race with your attendance. There are too few races lined up this season to be picky, support the organizers that are giving you this opportunity.

Volunteers: You may drive to the registration.

See you at the race!

Below you can zoom in to the map and see exactly how to get to the race from the Walmart parking lot.

Prairie-Roubaix II It's go time!

The soon-to-be iconic Spring Classic is back. We'll get some further details up here very soon.

Video of the course here.

If you are NOT part of STC or Crankmasters, you MUST have a valid 2011 ABA racing license. If you do not, you cannot race. The ABA will send us a list the day before the event, if you are not on it, you do not race.

Click on the poster for a larger version.

OK, here are some details about Alberta's first true Spring Classic.

Women: As part of our current initiative to encourage women to get out and race. We are going to offer free admission. Sure this doesn't save you a ton, but we want it to indicate that we are thinking about you and are going to start accommodating women more in future races. Get out and race!

Parking: As we all have encountered on many occasions, for some reason farmers are the most stressed out when it comes to people on 'their' public roads. Please park somewhere AWAY from the race course and ride the couple km's into the sign-on. We will have a tent there for people to put theirs jacket's/bottles/etc for after the race. All you need to race is $5 and ID/ABA license/UCI license. I will have a list of current ABA members, so you don't even need to pack that. Use the ride as warm-up. The registration for this race is going to be super casual, so no need to stress about being early. The less cars on Glendale the better the chances we hold this again. PLEASE DO NOT PARK INSIDE THE RACE LOOP !!

Porta-potties: There will be 2 toilets at registration. They are predominately there for the women, but are open to everyone.

Littering: Of course no littering. We will leave the race course exactly how we found it.

Locals: We are hoping the locals will be accommodating to us. Please be courteous and friendly. Having ridden this loop hard a few times now and held this event once, it would be great if we could use this course year over year, it is totally awesome.

Ambulance: We have hired a full ambulance for this race.

Spectating: The best place to watch this event would be on Willow Way as it is slightly uphill, twisty, almost cobble quality road, and has the feel of a spring classic. Please bring out flags, air horns, face paint and take pictures. Let's show those Belgians who REALLY likes cycling more! If you can get some totally awesome photos of some awesome action, SpeedTheory Cycling will reward you.

Categories: We have intentionally made these Cats dissimilar to the ABA Cats for two reasons. The first is to ensure no one thinks upgrading points will be awarded. The second is to let you race where you want. If you are a Cat4 that wants to see if you can keep up, then race CatA. If you are a Cat2 that is out of shape, race CatA or we will call 'sandbagger'.

Jerseys: This is pretty early in the year to expect everyone to have their team jerseys. Don't worry about having a proper team jersey for this event.

Body Numbers: Don't wear your ABA body numbers or number plates. We are currently debating using our own numbers, or none at all. You will find out at registration.

Bikes: I am racing on my road race bike with 25's. No other modifications. I have heard some people wonder if CX bikes are going to be used. You can, but they will be slower than your road race bike. In the video, I had 23's on and was able to hammer as hard as I could on the gravel. The only reason I am going to 25's is so I can lower my psi for Willow Way.

Awards: Awards will be based on bragging rights this year, and will increase as the years go on. Imagine being able to say to your kids you podiumed on the first annual Prairie-Roubaix, that is priceless.

Get pumped: We are less than 2 weeks away!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Volunteer call for Prairie-Roubaix

We need about 10 - 12 dedicated volunteers for the PR this year.

We need 2 flaggers at each of the 4 corners, 2 at the finish line manning the cameras, 2 volunteers for volunteer care (letting flaggers get to toilets and feeding them). The flaggers can double as registration helpers until we shut it down.

Flagger/Registration (8am - ~noon):
1.) Doug J.
2.) Willow J.
3.) Darcy G.
4.) Andy H.
5.) Rob W.
6.) Alan
7.) Alan's daughter's
8.) Rui R.
9.) Eric W.
10.) Loretta M.

Finishline cameras (8:30am - ~noon):
1.) Carlos S.
2.) Dennis B.

Volunteer Care (8:30am - ~noon):
1.) Derek J.
2.) Jason B.
3.) Marilyn T.

We need 4 volunteers pre-race to lay out all the signs and sweep the bad corners (Glendale to Lochend, and Willow Way to Township Road 262). These volunteers can still race. (8:00am - 8:30am)
1.) Thomas Y.
2.) Marcy K.
3.) Mike H.
4.) Mike G.

It would be awesome to have a motor biker again with a friend on the back to video the race pro style. Anyone? (8:45 - ~noon)

Please comment on this post with what spot you would like and your name. I will fill you in here. Then email me (at the club's email address) with your cell number. You DO NOT need to be an STC member to volunteer !!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solid Training Rides, make sure to look at the Training Forum!

Guys, the weather has finally broken and great opportunities to get out and enjoy real roads are now here! Make sure to join up on the weekend for some great group riding and keep an eye on the training forum. If you are going out for a ride.... POST IT !!

If you are not an STC member but like the sound of any of the rides in the training forum, definitely come out, but you must be a REGISTERED ABA affiliated club member to attend these rides. This is for insurance purposes. So you can be a Cranky, a Top Gear, a Cyclemeister, or whatever, but you MUST be registered for 2011.

See you on the road,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Penticton Camp – Day 4 and Day 5 rides

After Day 3 your legs are going to start to feel, if not already, pretty beat up. The Ironman Course is hard enough, let alone adding Apex at the end. The Apex climb is only 11km but you’re lucky if you can top 10km/hr at any point during the climb. Day 4 is a bit shorter and takes us into some fun territory up behind Okanagan Falls that includes a “mine-is-bigger-than-yours” climb called The Wall. The short and long ride will stay together for most of the day with the long ride heading up The Wall a second time after both groups loop back to Okanagan Falls via White Lake Road and Oliver. The short ride will head back to Pentiction via Skaha Road. The key to this day is recovery. Obviously, we’ll all nail The Wall as there are a lot of egos and pride at stake, but before and after this climb, we’ll take it easy.

Day 5 is the second big day of the week for distance and effort. The short and long ride will stick together up the long, switch back road to Mount Baldy ski hill from Oliver, but the short ride will turn back at the gravel. The short ride is an out-and-back but feel free to add anything you want once you get back down the hill. The long ride keeps climbing up the gravel road to the Mt. Baldy ski hill. It’s not pretty and the gravel takes a bit to get used to, especially on the descent, but you get to climb up Anarchist from the other side and coast down into Osoyoos. Ask Paul A. how he did soloing this ride.

Day 4 Long Ride: The Wall/White Lake Road/Oliver/The Wall/Area 51 129km

Day 4 Short Ride: The Wall/White Lake Road/Oliver 90km

Day 5 Long Ride: Mount Baldy Ski Hill/Osoyoos 180km

Day 5 Short Ride: Mount Baldy Climb to gravel road 110km

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Top 10 reasons why a home renovation project may be better then riding in Alberta

10. The home renovation season is 12 months long.

9. No one attacks you when you are bent over ripping your carpet up.

8. 99% of the time, you are warm and dry doing the renovation.

7. When you hear someone yell "Hammer", it means pass the hammer. It does not mean that you will have your soul and remaining cellular tissues pounded to small little bits that will be unrecognizable, much like the tile and drywall in your living room.

6. Having your hairy butt cheeks hanging out of your renovation kit is encouraged, if not mandatory.

5. You don't have to worry if anyone can see your boy-parts through your fancy red tool-belt.

4. In the deepest, darkest corners of your house, your not going to come across orange peels and banana peels that some slob tradesman just through to the side as he framed your house.

3. After you remove your linoleum and K3 board, you can look at the 10 000 000 staples left behind and convince yourself that, "hey self, I'm going to do staple removal repeats, and I'm not going to have Vomitus In My Mouthis!"

2. The renovation may be a more consistent workout. Your not going to yell to your buddy "Thanks for hanging my drywall on the ceilings, I'm just going to sit in and recover a bit."

and the number one reason a home renovation may be better then riding in Alberta.......

1. The quality time bonding and communicating with your spouse.
Choosing hardwood, tile patterns, paint colours, carpets and cupboard finishes is such a team effort that every couple benefits from. The ability to communicate freely with each other as you walk down aisle after aisle looking at all the samples of things you broke, need to fix, can't fix, smashed and can't afford. That shared experience does not exist in cycling.

You can't share the feeling of satisfaction with your spouse about rolling blacktop that winds through the mountains like a ribbon gently placed by god like you can about curtains and tile.

Have a great Saturday!!

Slayer Dan

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