Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pigeon Lake Crit

Snapped a few photos of A-Train pulling the pack, and a buddy of mine Kobe sitting in, at the crit today... thought you guys might want to see. Check them out here -

Catch you all at the RR tomorrow.

Pigeon Lake Criterium

Pigeon Lake Criterium:

Cat 5 continued the cold domination of the early season with Dan, RobL, MikeG, Lockie, Mark and RobW laying on the hurt. Lockie placed 2nd with Dan and RobL coming in the top 5 as well.

Cat 3 was represented by Alex who decided to either lead the entire pack or chase on in a crash filled 45 minutes. Still, the A-train piled on the steam and pulled in 6th despite being a team of one.

Friday, May 30, 2008


The Info You've all been waiting for:

4720 51 Avenue
Red Deer, AB T4N 4H1
(403) 343-6793

After the Crit.

Now, like all restaurants these guys don't take reservations so we may send a small party there before the last round of the crit to get working on a table. Of course, we can always change venue on the fly so keep in contact with the team.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pigeon Lake Crit/Road Race

Don't forget to pre-register for Pigeon lake. Registration ends Friday at Midnight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How do I get a nickname like 'The Big Baguette' ?

Three SpeedTheorists at tonight's C4 race.

Stephen, Paul, and Sandra.

Full Results here.

Pigeon Lake.... our next BIG goal.

Guys, Pigeon Lake Road Race is out next 'focus' event, where we'll expect most SpeedTheorists to attend. Please register and mark it on your calendar. The Criterium will be fun, and I would love you guys to do it, but domination of Cat 3,4,5 Road Races will be our 'focus'.

Also, we HAVE to get Kristian 'Rock Racing' Schneck a sleeveless jersey.

We are also currently, the number 1 racing team in Alberta !! Check it.
Our team for Pigeon RR

Support / Feed / On-the-Road Tactics .... James 'The Crux' , Mike H.
Cat5 ..... New-Rob, Old-Rob, Slayer Dan, Carl, Lockie, Mark, Mike G., Paul A., Rui
Cat 4 .... Stephen
Cat 3 .... A-Train, Steve
Cat 2 .... Rod, Jared

Those going to Oliver Half Iron .... Kyle, Paul C., Ryan
Those going to Ironman 70.3 Boise .... Jason 'Make em hit the ' Wall
Those doing the MTN Gv'r 8'r .... Trev
Those going to prenatal class .... Kristian

ST Cycling dinner on Sat. night in Red Deer

Guys, any of our racers who are participating the crit and/or the road race are invited to dinner in Red Deer at ____pm at the ______.

ST Cycling will pick up the tab up to $200, which should be enough for all our racers to at least have a solid meal and a beer.

Stipulation: You talk about racing and pump each other up for Sunday's event!

Wednesday Training Ride

WHERE: Extreme Bean
WHEN: 6:30PM
WHO: Everyone, pre-race ride for Pigeon

If you decide to change the time, update the post on the blog. Thanks.

C4 WNS week 2

Steve, Chewy and I were down at Priddis last Wednesday night, undeterred by some ominous looking clouds. Apparently other teams aren't as determined...there were only 9 guys total that came out this time. So with the small field, Jamie opted to just run the one group on the 24km course.

A lively pace started out on the long downwind leg, with everyone jockeying for position, and Stephen taunting the competition with multiple attacks and generally messing with people's heads. I lauched an attack or two of my own to test out the benefits of uphill and downhill attacks and whatnot. Like Stephen, my attacks were casually reeled in by an unconcerned pack.

Shortly before the end of the first leg, about half way, I attacked near the top of a hill. By the bottom, Stephen came to join me and we had about 30 metres on the pack. We traded pulls coming across the wind, and maintained the gap when we turned into the wind soon after. Stephen's said we should at least make them work to catch us, so we had to "suffer" (Steve's all about the "suffer more!" :) ). We worked hard for the next few k's, and the pack fell further behind. Well, Stephen worked hard pulling, and I worked hard to stay on his wheel and take some short-ass pulls. Basically, the last third of the race, it was all Stephen "The Machine" Kenny. We did a couple of long hard pulls on the final 2km cross/downwind leg, and Stephen cranked a solid "lead out" (the pack was 2 minutes back by this point). With 200m to go, I launched off his wheel up the hill like I was on my newpaper route again and the guard dog was after me, and I crossed the line with quads that were about to explode.

From what I heard, Darcy of Bici took Jeff with 20 metres to go, and Chewy came in shortly after, before jetting off to swim for 4 hours in a pool somewhere.

Long lost SPINNER friends

Are any of you spinners still visiting this page? Hope the training and racing is going well for you guys and you feel the classes were of benefit.

If Murray, Rick, Mitzi, Bonnie, Tracey, Sophia, Kim, Mandy are still out there, drop a comment and let us know how the riding is going.

We may see you guys on July 12th at the SpeedTheory race, but hopefully again in late Sept or early Oct when we start creating new playlists and getting ready for 2009.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

We got into the Banff Stage Race !! and ST Cycling picks up new Cat2 rider.

Well, apparently we got the last wildcard slot for the Road Race in Banff on June 22nd !! This is very good news for ST Cycling. Our crew will show up fit and ready to hammer. This will be a high-profile event and good exposure for the club. All Cat3 - 5 riders should be racing the TT and/or Crit on Sat. to continue our dominate position on top of the Alberta Road Race scene. And our Cat2 crew will try our best to represent in the stage race.

The proposed 6 man team will be: Jared, Kyle, Alex (pending upgrade), Rod, Trev, and .....

ST Cycling picks up Chad Kozak. Cat 1 cyclist and Tour de Whiterock Criterium winner in 2000
Here is a list of some of Chad's accomplishments. I think it will be pretty obvious who the rest of us will be working for during the race. I personally am super excited to have a team to race with and wil give everything I have to set up Chad for a good showing! Alex and I had an awesome Saturday workout just talking about this race. WE ARE PUMPED !!

Brief bio:
3 sport national championship medalist.
- Duathon (Silver a couple times and Gold once)
- Cycling (espoire RR silver)
- Track and Field (junior 10k bronze)

Career highlights:
- 10th at 2000 Duathlon World Elite championships in France (Top NorthAmerican).
- Winner of the Tour of WhiteRock Crit 2000.
- Silver at the 2000 National Cycling championships Espoire. (10th overall)
- University of Hawaii Athlete of the year 1995. (for X-Country)
- Never lost to Kyle Marcotte in a Running race, Duathlon or Cycling Race...yet.

Brief bio on Chad according to Kyle:
"This guy is rad."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Learn to Race Clinics

I didn't get any responses from anyone else in the club about helping out this year with teaching my 'Learn to race and do it safely clinic', so I am going to recommend those of you that have not raced before (or want a refresher), this may be good chance to listen to some good advice.

The ABA is offering these: Clinic times and location here.

Sorry I haven't been able to teach these this year. I will be able to offer these once things settle down for me. They will be open to all club members and the public for free once I do offer them.

Most people are driving right at you.

Here is a timely article posted today on Slowtwitch.

Defensive Cycling

This article does not cover how one should avoid tiny dogs materializing on the highway behind you, culminating in a driver without a license to panic and take unappropriate action. However, it is a good read. And may save you one day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UFC 84 Ill Will

Anyone up for UFC at Melrose this Saturday? I have a table set up for us, but need to know who is planning on making it. We should try to be there by 6:30 - 7:00pm at the latest. The place fills up and they will only hold the table so long. It is going to be another great card the highlights are BJ "The Prodigy" Penn v Sean "the Muscle Shark" Sherk, Tito Oritz v Lyoto Machida & Keith Jardine v Vanderlei Silva, full fight card details at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BoB report from Dan.

Getting ready

I was really excited all week and really wanted to get to the race. I was listening to Megadeth all week and thinking about how much pain I was going to dole out and just getting more and more excited.

So I pack all my riding stuff on Wednesday, put the roof box on the van on Thursday and then through all the family and remaining items into the van on Friday. First mistake was to forget to close the roof box so if anyone finds my riding jacket in the northwest on the road, please return to me. So Debby’s mad already because we drove 3 blocks with the roof box open and didn’t realize we lost contents, oh well.

We start driving and everything is good, kids are happy and I’m listening to more Megadeth.

We get to Saskatoon with no news, I call the boys that are there and we plan for meeting at race sign in the next day.

The next day I go out with my Cat 3 missile man cousin from Ft St John and we pre-ride the course, backwards. We were taking lots of notes the whole way thinking that the finish was at the hotel, oh well. Amazing how many broken Pilsner bottles on the ground, looked like Bagdad!

So then more family visiting and we decide to race our family 35 blocks back to the house we were staying at, not sure how that factors in the pre-race warmup as we beat the family van back, only blowing 2 red lights. Still feeling good, still listening to Megadeth.

We’ve now signed in, warmed up again and getting ready to line up. I get out the camera and do some posing with Hans and Franz and get some shots of Steve German getting ready. I was trying to get a shot of Mike just as the holder dropped on his head, I didn’t think it would be good to get that shot of Mike upside down on the road. We had a stiff head wind on the course and the three of us road strong TT’s, Mike was second and I was third.

The next day we got ready for the road race. We did some strategizing and made some quick friends in the pack to help punish the 1st place guy. There were some antagonists in the crowd and we did a real good job of controlling the front. I was thinking that we had changed the strategy to “Lull them to sleep!” when I got my instructions. At 25 km we go to tempo pace. I was in the front and watching the computer, at 25km we hit it and the fist 75 Megadeth songs I listened to kicked in, we broke the pack from the original 50 riders (not sure of exact numbers) to about 15. We hit the turnaround with a solid break in effect and the wind at our backs. I glanced at the faces of the shelled riders and noticed some people weeping and 3 people covered in their own puke, race plan perfect so far. At about 45 km we looked around and took advantage of some good pulls from our friends, then we broke their hearts and launched a pretty hard effort, the group of 15 was now a very solid 4 with one other reaching his limits. We finally shook Father Time and it was battle time. The wind shifted and it was 4 men charging up the last climbs to the finish. It was awesome to see what we did to the Cat 5 group and it was all destined to a sprint finish. A small mix up at the end with course marshals and wrong directions, I conceded at the line because I thought it was the gentlemen thing to do, big mistake on my part as I would learn in the crit.

Final results of the RR was Mike and I leap frogging positions and basically hammering the field. Race plan was perfect and we controlled that race.

The big day for me was the crit because of my nerves and not ever riding one before. I got some excellent instruction from Steve on cornering and figured after 2 laps I was comfortable. Warm up is over and I was handing stuff to my wife when I hear Mike screaming at me. Good thing I was paying attention to the race and not feeling up my wife! I was at the back, in a really bad spot. I had to get into some big gears right away and pound like hell to be a factor. Well after about the 2nd lap I was in the lead! I was thrilled and really excited, again more Megadeth! I hear the bell lap for a prime, then cross the line, I one a prime, how cool was this, what was I worried about, I am a crit master! After getting a small rest the GC leader surged ahead and I wanted to catch him. My legs are pumping and I can’t get that gap. We are hammering, we obliterated the field in 15 laps and reduced the field to 6 riders. There was no one but us and I was on a mission to catch the GC leader. I come around the danger corner and what do I see, he’s on the ground! He slid out of control and now I am the leader again, 2 laps to go! This is my race! I am going to get time bonuses and maybe get close to the guy! One lap to go and just like Lighting McQueen I hit the wall, my heart is pounding, I am throwing up on myself and I’m still in front. Then the second last corner comes and I’m tossed to the curb like an old paper. Godfrey toasts me like a marshmallow at boy scouts. I come across the line with a huge smile knowing I didn’t wipe out and I hammered for 27 minutes of max effort. Then the good news came. I wasn’t in front the whole race, the GC leader took off right from the start and with 6 minutes to go he lapped us. The whole time I’m thinking, in all these photos, it’s me and everyone else is behind me, I’m a super star!

With me getting toasted at the end, Mike bumped me out of second and we finished separated by 2 seconds! It was awesome and what a great experience for my first race.

I really hope that we will continue this in Pigeon Lake, we totally dominated the RR and sent a strong message out there. When we decided to up the tempo it sliced off most of the field and they had nothing. I heard some of the ERTC guys yelling “They’re attacking, they’re going, they’re gone!” Then it was lights out. The second attack was more ferocious and we isolated the GC leader to pull us for at least 4 kms on his own. It was setting up for a great finish.

I learned some really cool things in the crit though. It’s really hard to do a 33 minute V02 max test and it might be good to get some easy laps in there. The guys that past me at the end all thanked me for the work I did and they all said that they could bairly hold my wheel. I had so much fun even though I limped across the line like a beat dog.

All that being said the best draft I got from Mike on Monday was driving from Drumheller to Beiseker when we caught up to him on the highway. So I need some bigger guys to help me along at the next race!

Hopefully we can get some good training rides in because I will be listening to Slayer and Panter for the next 3 weeks to up the ante. The pain train is setting it’s sights on Pigeon Lake!

Take care


Bikes on Broadway Results.

I will let Mike, Dan, or Steve give us a race report, but here are the results.

Mike.... 2nd overall GC
Dan.... 3rd overall GC
Steve.... 6th in Crit !

Full Results here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bikes on Broadway RR part 2

Steve rode a strong race, in epic conditions. The winds just got stronger as the day went on. After a good night of recovery he is ready to work the group over in the Crit today!

Bikes on Broadway RR results

"Slayer" Dan lived up to his nickname, taking the win in the Cat 5 RR with Michael G coming in 3rd. It was an awesome day, howling wind and Speed Theory putting the hurt on the group. We were able to work the field down to 4 by about the 40K mark then rode tactical the rest of the way in. The final selection was the top 4 in the GC.

We now sit 2nd and 3rd in the GC with Dan moving up into 2nd heading into the Crit this morning.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Training Ride

9:00am at the Extreme Bean. Plan might change and become hill repeats at edworthy. TBA

Bikes on Broadway TT results

Speed Theory continues Cat 5 domination! Michael G was 2nd and Dan "The Slayer" Sigouin was 3rd. Dan has been saying all week, he can't wait to dish out some punishment in the Road Race, today's the day. The course offers a number of natural attack points and depending on the wind could easily see the field shattered.

Steve G had a solid time in the Cat 3 TT and will be looking to put in some attacks later today.

Full TT results are at

The weather forecast is good with moderate winds and the Road Race course is a typical undulating prarie profile. The race profile is at

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bikes on Broadway

No results yet, the TT went this evening, the Speed Theory contingent of Steve (Cat 3), Dan and Michael G (Cat 5) all rode and stayed upright. The weather was pretty solid the usual Saskatchewan head wind, while present, wasn't gale force. Should have results in the morning before the RR.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday Training Ride

9:00am from the extreme bean. Route is TBA. This will be a no drop ride and perhaps a great chance to work on some technical skills.

I believe Paul and Mike may be heading out at 7:00am. I will update if I hear more.

Happy Long Weekend and Ride Safe to all.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

C4 Wednesday Night Race Series

Three ST lads headed down to Dunbow Rd last night for the first race in the Crankmaster's Wednesday Night Race Series, a 10 mile TT. The Crankies have put some thought into it and have alternating weeks of TT and RR, with the TT's being a mixed bag of hill climbs, 10km-rest-10km, Eddy Merckx night, and so forth. Should be fun/painful.

As for results, prelim results have one of the Crankys taking a couple of seconds win over our indomitable Stephen Kenny, who, to his defence, drove 95 hours from Tucson, Arizona, straight to the race. I finished about 15 minutes after Stephen, and Chewy is protesting his cyclecomputer-reported time of 28:30.

Midweek Mayhem

Midweek Mayhem crit racing kicked off this past Tuesday at the Research Park, with the biggest turnout in 5 years according to one of the organisers, around 30 in both groups. The course is in pretty good shape and has been swept free of gravel. The strong wind shut down breakaway attempts in both groups, much to this dismay of people heckling from the sidelines.

With the large turnout in both A and B groups, there were plenty of racers on hand for marshalling the race they didn't ride in, and for getting enough placings to see me cross the line in 3rd. Steve German filled out the Speed Theory contingent for the evening, but I think he heard his Mum calling during the final sprint and had to head off for dinner.

Get your lazy butts out, guys! Next week they're supposed to have finish-photo training, so make sure you throw your bike at the line to get photographic proof of pipping that guy for 37th.

Bare Bones Duathlon

Ryan Murray was third at Bare Bones Duathlon. Not bad for a guy who has never done a duathlon before. I think Ryan was the only guy without time trial bars in a cool and windy day. Nice work.

Ryan is in blue on the right. Tom Evans is in blue and yellow on the left.

Full Results here.

Here Ryan shadows eventual race winner Scott Tremblay on the first run.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ride on Holiday Monday

If anyone wants to go for a ride on Monday I will be headed out for approx. 4 hours, Route is to be determined. I don't really care where we go as long as we get the time in.
I will be out of town Sat and Sun so if i don't respond right away don't worry I'm going.

Sky across Canada

Sunday, June 22 - Everyone is invited for a group ride from Canmore to Calgary to benefit The Children's Wish Foundation.

This summer, Sky Mitchell will be riding her bicycle from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland to raise awareness and money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. The Children’s Wish Foundation works with the community to provide children living with high-risk, life threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish. The two and a half month ride will begin on June 1st 2008 from Victoria. Sky will be accompanied by a support vehicle driven by Tory Farr.

More info can be viewed here:

Here's a great way for cyclists to get involved in this leg of Sky’s ride. There will be a group ride leaving Canmore (location TBD) on Sunday, June 22, at 9:00am. Cyclists of all abilities are encouraged to join Sky as she cycles into Calgary. Everyone will cycle to the Talisman Centre for a tasty BBQ with great music and a silent auction in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Tony Smith has room for 5 passengers (and bikes) and will be leaving the Talisman Centre at 7a.m. on the 22nd for Canmore. Each rider will be asked to make a minimum $50 donation on behalf of Sky for the foundation. Email if you're interested.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Splash, Pedal, and Gasp.

Our Carl Miiler competed in what was a brutally windy and rainy day in Lethbridge.

Full Results here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 10km Run.

Well, I celebrated my wife's 'Being a great Mom' day by high-tailing it out of the house, leaving her with the kid and telling her to 'Clean this damn place up'. I then proceeded downtown to be pack-fodder for the real runners. I finished a frustrating 8th loser, but am OK with my time as it was a tough course and my long hippy hair is unaero.

Full Results Here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Airdrie Adrenalin 20km TT Results

Jason Wall made a come back today after being slowed with a sickness at Velocity. He won the 22 racer deep Crankmaster TT today with a time of 29:15

Fast-Legs-Frank was second on the podium only 8 seconds behind.

Lev, who is totally rad, came in third overall at 29:58

New-Rob, and Steve G. also raced for the club. New-Rob got a PB over the 20km distance I believe with a 31:13.

Full results here.

Thank you Crankmasters for hosting these great events.

Go Ryder !!

How awesome was it to watch the Canadian Flag flying through the finish in the fastest team time today? I think Ryder is Slipstream's 'Go To' guy this year. AWESOME !

[edits by rob]
There he is people! DaveZ's pedophile moustache has to go though, that thing scares me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crankmasters ITT this weekend.

The Crankmasters 20km ITT is this weekend in Airdrie. I'm planning on doing it and was wondering if anyone else was going? I'm putting in 90kms afterwards to ride home back through Cochrane and would love some company. Leave a comment if you are going to Airdrie for the TT.

Happy training!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Velocity Criterium

After a quick pitstop at the Fort Saskatchewan subway the Speed Theory train traveled to the Alberta Research Council grounds for an afternoon of technical turns and wind gusts.

Cat 5, lead by the speedy Mr. Kenny, put on a clinic with Lockie and Rob L putting in some quality time whipping up the pace. In fact, Rob L contested in the sprint and wound up touching down on the pavement. No worse for the wear he continued to be a rockstar for the rest of the day.

Cat 4 was rolling to the tune of none other than A-train who was rolling with a full head of steam. Alternating between lurking and charging off the front Alex made it a tough 30 minutes on the field. James T put in a huge effort to keep contact with the surging crowd.

Rod, Kristian and Jason were representatives in cat 3. Rod, a crit specialist, showed us all how it's done sneaking into a break and regulating the entire pack until the bell lap. It was only a tire width that prevented him from securing the win. Kristian powered around the course with the main pack keeping things under tight control. Unfortunately Jason pulled like a machine but his air intake system was suffering some early season allergies.

Cat 1/2 Featured our tough guys Steve and Trev. After a weird mechanical issue held up part of the peleton Trev and Steve had to fight back into the pack. It took a bit but Trev put in a herculean effort and regained contact and apply some pressure on the HnR boys. SteveO found himself with a small chase pack that seem content to let him do most of the work. In the end a strong showing from the top dudes.

[Edit by Trev] I placed no pressure on the HnR boys. The only pressure I felt was my heart about to burst from my chest.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Velocity TT

In a much anticipated start to the 2008 racing season Speed Theory descended upon Fort Saskatchewan / Edmonton with a fury reminiscent of a fair lady's scorn. Missing from the plot this year was the prairie tempest of brutal weather. Our legion of racers were able to toe the line in full skin suits, full discs and with only a whisper of wind. It was to be a display of raw power and wind cheating prowess.

The Cat 5 crew was comprised of Lockie, Mike Chui, New Rob, Old Rob, MikeG and Mr. Kenny. Lockie and new Rob put in stellar performances for their racing debut while MikeC and Old Rob put down strong rides to maintain lurker positioning in the GC. However, the morning belonged to the statesmen of Speed Theory with Mr. Kenny showing everyone what threshold effort really is and MikeG cheating the wind better than anyone taking 1st and 3rd respectively.

Cat 4 representation was provided by the dynamic duo of A Train and James T. Mr. T pitied the fools that couldn't match his finely tuned position and discipline with a strong TT. In the TT there can only be one and it was none other than Alex Shaw powering away from the field by 20 seconds. Can anyone stop this man?

Cat 3 featured Kristian, Jason and Rod (aka I don't like TTs). Strong solid performances by all the Speed Theory gents. Suffice it to say, these gents suffered hard and looked great doing it. I believe the entire crew finished top 15 with Rod securing 6th. Fast Legs Frank, a friend of speed theory, took the TT without foaming at the mouth.

Cat 1/2 is the home of Steve and Trev. Both have PhDs in suffering and showed that they can sit in the hurt box with the best of them. Trev's pain manifests itself in facial hair, people he was clean shaven at the start of the race. Steve, ever the class act, suffered but was sure to pep talk all the cat 5s that were hurting post TT.

up next . . . the crit (check the side bar for our new flickr feed and youtube channel)

How far ahead are we?

Some teasers from the Cat5 pack

Courtesy Rod Tiedemann from the Velocity Cycling Page.

Great weekend of racing!!

We'll get a post up here soon, but what a great weekend. Our Cat5 pack gelled as a team and brought home the overall win. A-Train TT'd and rode away from everyone for the overall Cat4 win, and Rod pulled some sweet moves to nip the Cat3 overall win by 2 seconds ! Exciting !

Stephen Kenney and old friend Ben Adam broke from the Cat5 field in the road race and duked it out for 25km off the front. The finishing straight was in a tailwind and we could watch from about 600m out. The both went to opposite sides of the lane and went at the sprint mano-a-mano. It was open season drag racing !! Awesome ! If someone has a link to the video of Vino doing that with someone in the Tour a few years back post it... it was just like that !!

I think everyone on the team had a good time in Edmonton regardless of how they placed. Old-Rob took some AWESOME pics of the crit we'll get up here soon with a report.

Velocity tt

Wow, there were some smokin results in the TT.

Cat 5 had Steve K. tearing the course up for the win. Mike G. pulled out a 3rd place and will be gunning for the crit this afternoon.

Cat 4 had a similar domination with Alex taking the win.

Cat 3 was take by a close friend of SpeedTheory (and a ST at heart). Frank W. showed he is not only a mountain goat, but he can crank out a short TT too. Rod ended up 6th (so much for not being able to tt), Kristian was 8th and Jason was 12th.

Cat 2 was a tight finish at the top with the top 8 within 20 or so seconds. Trev was 8th in a very stacked field.

All I can say about these performances is wow! That is an amazing showing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Convoy up to Velocity.

Meet at my place ready to be driving out of the ghetto by 6pm Friday night.

Here are the people leaving my place at 6pm so far:
Trev is driving the ST Truck with Frank.
Alex is driving his truck with Steve G.
Old-Rob is driving little gay car with New-Rob

We will roll through Airdrie Tim Hortons at 6:25pm. Be there at that time to hook up with us.

Group Skills Ride with Mr. Kenny tonight.

Gang, meet at 7:00pm at the research park on your TT machines (or the machine you plan to use for the TT at Velocity).

If you are lucky, Stephen will show you how to drag your knee through a corner at high speed while remaining in the aerobars and whistling at the same time.

Time: 7:00pm
Where: Research Park
Who: YOU

Full Calendar