Monday, January 29, 2007

Mark it on your Calendars.

I figured this would be a good time to get people planning.

The first big race of the year is the GP Bicisport weekend April 28th and 29th. It consists of a 20km TT on Sat. and a closed circuit road race (~2.5km loops) on Sun. at the Speedway hopefully.

It would be great to have everyone out for these races. So if it is possible, please plan it.

I intend to host two clinics before this weekend.

One will be for everyone (inside and outside of the club) and deals with 'How to Race Safely in a Pack'. When I post the date for this, please plan to attend if possible.

The next will be primarily for our huge Cat5 pack (and the two Cat5 Crankys) to go over race tactics and learn to work with each other safely, most of all having lots of fun. I think if we can get at least one dedicated group practice together, it will spike your level of fun exponentially.

Comment if you think this is 'a plan' or if you would rather see something else.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Aero Helmets?

We have an opportunity to get Louis Garneau Rocket TT Helmets customed out with Speed Theory on them to go with our outfits.

*NEW* The helmet would most likely totally compliment our outfits. They should be black, with red logos, and white printing. I have a black Rocket already and it is no hotter than the white one, so this is a non-issue. We are going to look pro. *NEW*

They would be approximately $100. Which is an awesome deal for a Rocket as it is.

Post a comment if you would be interested.

Team so far...holy crap !

Hey guys... so far we have:

13 Cat5 riders confirmed and paid.
1 Cat3 rider confirmed and paid.
2 Cat2 riders confirmed and paid.

Talk about a FORCE in the Cat5 field.. I am totally psyched for you guys.

Let's keep talking up the team and get some more guys and gals out!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Registration for 2007

2007 is here and Speed Theory is looking to assemble a roster for the ABA racing series.

Over to the right is the kit for 07. It's fast, Louis Garneau and has excellent padding for longer rides. For all you tri folks out there, I recommend the bib shorts. Sizing can be done here or you can talk to the gang at the shop. We will be ordering Jerseys, Shorts and Cycling Jackets.

Uniforms will be provided at cost to all team members. Pricing is as follows:

Jersey ($60)
Bib Shorts ($75)
Shorts ($60)
Cycling Jacket ($100)

Final Cost will be based on the size of the complete order. Keep in mind, the ABA requires you have at least a jersey to race and LG needs a minimum order of 14 pieces. Speed Theory would like to put the order in ASAP so please inform us of your kit requirements by January 19th at the latest.

As an update:
1) We will be accepting orders for Kits up until Friday January 19th, get em while they're hot!
2) We will accept team registrations at any time throughout the season. So please, feel free to join the team whenever you like.

Here's what you need to know:
  1. Anyone can join, first timers, returning athletes, Triathletes (this is excellent training) anyone. We will run a series of clinics at the start of the season and consistent training rides throughout the spring summer. The more people the better.
  2. Check the race calendar and remember we typically do the Crankmaster's TimeTrials as well. The CrankMaster's team are great people, fun to race with, fun to train with.
  3. Download the ABA application form and fill it out.
  4. Decide which pieces of clothing you want. There is no maximum but the minimum is a jersey. (hey, it looks wicked if we have matching kits and bib shorts rock!)
  5. Write a cheque for $160 (ABA licence + club fee) plus a deposit of 50% of your clothing order to 'Sub2 Sports Inc'.
  6. Drop off the application form, your cheque and a piece of paper with your clothing order, pieces and size to Speed Theory.
Most important of all, have fun, come ride with us and be sure to post on the blog.

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