Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big multi-club Wheelers ride this Sat. March 2nd

Team and other teams, the weather looks so awesome, let's try to have a big Wheelers ride this Sat at 9am.

It would be great if a ton of Calgary cyclists showed up and all started together. According to the Wheelers structure, most people will be together for about 30min before it starts breaking up. It would be a great way all the vets can meet some new riders. Great group riding practice.

Hopefully other clubs, like the Crankys, Niklas group, Top Gear, Cyclemeisters, etc will see this and come along too.

Some of the guys that want a little longer ride plan on reconning the Prairie-Roubaix course once up and over Cochrane hill as well.

Remember, the Wheelers ride IS a drop ride, but is open to any cyclist of any ability, and the idea is that new/lower-ability riders gain experience by riding for a short time with higher-level / experienced cyclists. So don't feel like you don't belong, just come out and learn for as long as possible!

Here is the official Wheelers website. Learn the route in case you end up on your own.


UCI World Track Championship Mens Scratch Race

18 minutes of racing you will appreciate I think. 116 years in the making.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Wednesday Night Series (WNS) Planning Meeting

Hello everyone, this coming weekend we are having a planning meeting for the WNS series with Crankmasters. Contact me for any of the following reasons:
- you have some ideas about future races and locations, cool circuit course, newly paved roads?
- you have some comments about what worked and areas for improvement from previous years
- you want to be a race director and take my job so I can race every Wednesday (seriously), this is succession planning
- you will organize one or two races this summer

Leave a comment or email me at mikehealy at shaw dot ca. Thanks.


It looks like paradise; rolling hills, beautiful scenery and lots of smooth black top; A cyclists dream.
But don’t go. Just like in the movies, there’s always that line you should never cross.  Go outside the zone and you’ll be eaten by zombies.  That line for cyclists is Longview.  Go outside the zone and you will be eaten by the wind.  I’m not talking “oh it was soooo windy going out to Bragg today” hard, I’m talking 50 – 60kph of sustained mind crushing, body destroying, you can end up in Manitoba wind.
When Reinier and I turned to head back, we looked at an alternative route.  It was paved, and looked like an excellent road (it looked paved on Google Maps! those lying bastards). The wind picked up and Reiner says, “well at least it’s not a gravel road heading into the wind”.  10 minutes later… it was gravel.  Further on he says “while we’re still friends, I sincerely hope this road gets us back to the highway”.  Thank God it did.  At one point I was full power, going 6kph up hill on gravel into the wind.  Any slower and I would fall over.

The final 25 km back to the car should have been easy (paved and all).  However, the cross wind was so strong that I was blown off the road twice (minor injuries only).  I had a hard time getting my bike on the ground as the wind would hold the bike up horizontally.  The ride was only 117 kilometers but with over 5500 feet of elevation, 25 km of gravel and the wind it felt like a 300 km ride…. If it had only snowed.

So stay away. Don't cross that line.  The zombies are waiting to eat your brains.

Zombie wind lurking to the west

Note how far back Cat 5 guy is to Cat 3 guy
Full Zombie frontal assault.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Race(ish) Report: The Cookie Race

Yesterday was the 36th annual Kananakis Ski Marathon (the "Cookie Race"). Being a glutton for punishment, and because the Birkie two weeks ago wasn't torture enough, me and a good friend from Edmonton decided to give the 42 km event a whirl.

Condition were overall very good, with lots of snow and an air temperature of around -5 C at start. I went with fairly conservative waxing using Swix VR30, which worked maybe a touch too well for grip at lower elevations, but was handy up at Elk Pass.

I had two problems crop up during the race: lack of glide and my left hip started acting up again 9 km into the race. So, I had to back off quite a bit to make the finish, but did managed to drag myself around all 42 km in 4:33. This meant I finished 24 out of 25 in my age group (we can all be good at something, and no one finishes at the back of the pack better than me!). But, I now have a baseline time to work off of for next year. (Note to self: glide wax...)

Stephen Pickett and former STer Clarke Ellis were also out doing the 15 km event. How was the race, guys?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lots going on in the Training Forum.

NEW MEMBERS...   if you don't see a ride that works for you (wrong time, wrong pace, wrong start location) then don't hesitate to post one yourself! Also, make sure to be active on the Training Forum even if it is just to respond to rides that are already posted. This let's the cyclist that posted the ride know you are coming as well as others that want a group ride.

Friday, February 22, 2013

7th Street Cycle Track public info sessions.

As part of the Centre City cycle track network and The City’s Cycling Strategy, The City is installing a two-way cycle track on 7 Street S.W., between the Bow River Pathway and 8 Avenue, in spring 2013. The City is hosting two public information sessions during the week of February 25 so citizens can review the designs and provide feedback on the project:

Session #1
Date: Monday, February 25
Time: 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Location: Nexen Building 801, 7 Avenue S.W.

Session #2
Date: Tuesday, February 26
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location : Centennial Place, west tower, 250 5 Street S.W.

At these information sessions, citizens will see designs of the cycle track and the new road design for 7 Street S.W. Information will also include features of the cycle track, new Calgary Transit bus routing, public parking availability in the area and other aspects of the proposed “new” 7 Street S.W. You can find out more information about the project on the 7 Street S.W. cycle track web page.

Info provided by Ryan Murray.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Branch Foundation

If you're looking for an event that is less competitive than the Banff Bike Fest in June, here's an option (although I'm sure you can crush it if you want). Looks like a good deal from a weekend away perspective; accommodation, breakfast, lunch, banquet, loot bag....plus a bunch of riding.   Could be a fun ride for those of you new to the sport or are looking for a get-away bike weekend.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sebring 12 Hour Bike Race Report

Bikes take over the raceway for one day every year. Today was the 12 and 24 hour bike race. Both races start at 6:30 AM in semi darkness, the 12 hour ends in semi darkness. Sorry no photos, I was solo and self supported today, not much of an issue for the 12 hour race. The rental car was near pit lane and I had a $2 Walmart cooler full of Walmart junk food, I fit in well there I think. Ordering 3 kids meal take outs (grill cheese) the night before in the Outback restaurant set me up well.

The 12 hour race starts with 3 laps of the Sebring track then a 100 miles out and back to Sebring. That's followed by a 12 mile loop that you repeat over and over till it gets near 6:30 PM, then back to the race track for the last few laps. It's supposed to be draft legal but I spent almost the entire time solo, the only people riding in packs were a few teams. The first 100 miles were done in about 5:47, decent time for a solo 100. The wind was blowing at 20 to 30 mph, made for a hard day. Recumbents of course dominate the podium, it's really strange riding with them. Have to say the day was uneventful, just one flat.

The 24 hour race is a RAAM qualifier, non drafting. Those guys are still out there on the track, lap after lap till 6:30 AM. I think 12 hours might be enough, I can't imagine going 24.

I racked up 190 miles, good for 4th in my age group. The winner with 236 miles on a regular bike was in the 65 to 69 age group, seems like old dudes fair well in these events. You see all kinds of cyclists there, many RAAM types you see on tv with aero bars mounted high, a mix of road bikes, tri bikes, a few discs, and some real old school set ups. There was a fixed gear bike there as well, did way more miles than me.

Here are the 12 hour results. Did I mention I had done no training for this. http://racesmith.com/results/2013results/BikeSebring12Hours021613.html  

Great ride today!

It was a little snowy leaving Lake Louise, but it wasn't cold out. We had basically the road to ourselves on the 1A from LL to Castle Junction, and then only after Johnston Canyon was there the odd car. However, they were driving slowly and were very courteous. Made for a super relaxing ride! Nice tailwind and a net elevation loss...perfect!

Hope lots of people had a chance to get outside today. See most of you soon.

Leaving the parking lot at the LL Hotel
Empty roads! Nothing in front...

...and nothing behind!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Baby Photos

I'm a LITESPEED fan (and Specialized, and Look, and Cervelo, and....), 10 years ago I bought a Litespeed Tuscany, it is still one of the nicest bikes I ride, still looks new. Over the winter the new LITESPEED twins arrived, the C1r and the L1r, separated by a week. Not identical twins, the C1r came in at a healthy 15 lbs 10 ounces, the L1r came in at 14 lbs 10 ounces. Both are built up with lots of Zipp, the C1r has Di2, an integrated seat post, the L1r has SRAM red black and a few other lightweight bits, it also has the new spec BB386 and massive bottom bracket area.

Both are size large, 57 effective top tube. Holy tall head tubes! both are slammed and the L1r needed a minus 17 stem to make it look pro.
The perfect combination for Penticton. Although I built them up myself, both needed to go to Cam and Doug for a little salvation, this is not a substitute for a bearing press!

Hope to see you on the road soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Race" Report: Canadian Birkie

When the weather gets cold and the snow flies, I like to change sports and pull out the cross-country skis. I'm definitely a recreational skier, but like most bike racers, I can't quite get the competitive fire out of the system. So, I headed up to Edmonton this past weekend for my third crack at the Canadian Birkie loppet. I wasn't racing against anyone but me, with the goal of beating 6 hours, 11 minutes (my 2011 time, done on a bad hip)

What was shaping up to be great conditions turned horrid in the morning, with light snow falling and temps right around freezing. That's a waxing nightmare, and the red Powergrip wax I had on my skis didn't work great, but was no worse than anything anyone else was using. There were racers stopping to scrape wax off their skis less than 500 metres into the 55 km long event. After lots of crashing and frustration, I finally came across the finish line in 6 hours, 35 minutes. That's 3 hours, 15 minutes after the winner of the 55 km Lite category (Brian McKeever)

Oh well. I guess I'll try to break 6 hours next year. Many skiers commented that was some of the toughest conditions they had ever seen.

(Photo provided by my lovely cheerleader, Joelle)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Continued title sponsor for the Jason Lapierre Memorial!

Team, I am pleased to announce that dB Performance has joined Speed Theory Cycling for another year at the Jason Lapierre Memorial!

dB Performance is owned by Dennis Bland, a long time team member and Cat 2 racer. Thank you very much Dennis for continuing with the club, we will do our best to host another first class event and continue to bring cycling front and center to downtown Calgary!

Locally owned by teammate Dennis Bland.

Greenway Project - Story in the Herald

Calgary Herald article about the Greenway and the section the club is helping with!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Team Helmets.

Bell Volt
Giro Aeon
Guys, if you are in the market for a new helmet this year, then you may as well get one that goes with your kit! The last thing people need to see is wicked 'Yip Custom Design' clothing with a blue helmet ?!?! You do NOT need a team helmet to be part of the club, or to race for the team, or to ride with your friends, this is just an opportunity to align your kit colours if you are in need of a helmet this year.

If you are interested in getting one, then either call the store or go in there and tell them which one.

Here are the prices:

Bell Javelin
Road Helmet from Bell
The Bell Volt in Red/Wht Regular Price $210.00.
STC price $140.00

Road Helmet from Giro
The Giro Aeon in Blk/Red Regular Price $280.00
STC price $220.00

Time Trial Helmet from Bell
The Bell Javelin (TT Helmet) in Blk/Red Regular Price $250.00
STC price $180.00

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wednesday Night Series Awards Wrap up Night, this Sat, Feb. 9th.

A ton of us were secondary members of the Crankmasters last year so we could race the Wednesday Night Series.  Even more will be there this year I am sure.  If you were a 2012 Wednesday Night Competitor, or even just signed up hoping to go in a few, then you are invited to their annual party/awards night this Sat.

Details below taken from their site:

Crankmasters Banquet and Awards Night Sat Feb 9, 2013 6:30–9pm, Glencoe Club, 636 - 29 Ave SW
Our annual banquet and awards night. This is a plus one so get a baby sitter and make a night of it. We are putting on dinner and everyone gets two drink tickets. The awards will be given out for the Wednesday Night Race Series and the club trophies as well. Club clothing will be on sale and we will be taking requests for 2013. Please RSVP so we can make the food order. Thanks everyone and see you there.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Argon18 Gallium bike offer

Hello Speed Theory Cycling Team! Hope all is well with everyone and that winter training ramping up. In the past little while a lot of you have been coming into the shop looking for some great deals on bikes and up until now I haven’t really been able to pass much onto the team. However this year all of us here at the store are going to make more of an effort to better support the team and make sure that we can get each one of you as fast as possible in time for race season. So on that note, I have been able to get Argon 18 to come through with an AMAZING deal on some road bikes for our team members. I have been given access to 4 Argon 18 Gallium Ultegra bikes at a ridiculous deal. The regular price on these bikes is $4200 but for the next 4 Speed Theory Cycling team members that purchase a Gallium we can offer it at only $3000. If any of you are interested in this bike send an email to darcy@speedtheory.ca and I can get you sized up and ready to race. Please note that this is an exclusive offer for current Speed Theory Cycling members only and it is on a first come first serve basis, so if you’re interested, let me know, if not, I’ll do my best to work on some other deals.

All the best,
Darcy Bell
Speed Theory Calgary Manager

2013 Cyclocross World Championship - Louisville Kentucky

This Saturday for the first time ever, the cyclocross world championships will be held outside of Europe in Louisville Kentucky. Catch the action between Belgians Neils Albert (current world champ and 2013 world cup winner), Klaas Vantornout (Belgian champ) and Sven Nys (former world champ and 9 time Belgian champ). USA National champ Jonathan Page and 2012 USA national champ Jeremy Powers will have a go on home turf with the best in the world. Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled for the red/white maple leaf jersey of our own national champ Geoff Kabush.

There has been river flooding in Louisville so all Elite races have been moved from Sunday to Saturday.

Elite Men start at 12:30 MST
Elite Women start at  9:00 MST

There should be live video feeds here:

2012 Cyclocross World Championships:

Party last night! Training forum.

I had a great time last night. What a great turn out!

With the stream of super people talking about their particular aspect of club involvement I sure felt a sense of pride being part of such a dedicated group of cyclists. Thanks guys, and I am looking forward to another great year.

Make sure to start watching the Training Forum these days. A chinook is rolling in, and with it comes outdoor riding! Marc has posted an up tempo ride for Sat, make sure to post one of your own if you want something different or from a different start location, don't hesitate to post one of your own!


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