Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's A Wrap On 2011 ABA Racing

Speed Theorists,

First of all, a big, big thanks to Tom and Lesley Kenny for hosting a truly awesome Gala a couple of weeks ago. Also, thanks to the team for the trophy and gift card. It's been a pleasure to help Speed Theory put on some great events. BTW, the Harley Borlee -- Darcy Gullacher Mt. Revelstoke Challenge is now the Harley Borlee -- Darcy Gullacher -- Thomas Yip challenge. Expect lots of trash talk over the winter...

Secondly, there has NOT been enough chatter about 'cross season on this blog, so I'll remedy that. Today was the Beans n' Barley 'cross, put on by the fine folks at Terrascape Racing. It was, in my opinion, a solid course, with a deceptive amount of climbing and one nasty stair run-up.

Speed Theory was well represented in Sport Men, with Rick C, Derek J, Matt J. and Robert to good spots. Clarke E. was in the hunt with Steve P., and I was the caboose of the bunch yet again. In Open Women Jenn J. rode to a great 7th place, Marcy K. represented well in the pack, and Melody S. worked hard in her second ever 'cross. In Expert Men, Charles B. rolled a tire, which ended his day early, but Thomas Y. won the sprint for the coveted 11th place. Sure, Thomas may have moved up to Cat 2 this year, but really, 11th in the BnB is about as good as it gets. And Harley? Harley was out for good times. It was a great day with great weather. What a way to end the 2011 ABA race season.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Last week was perfect weather for a night ride, and it looks as though it is going to be awesome for another edition this week. I have done this ride 2 times now and hope to hit it again this Thursday. Definitely worth it!

It is put on by Joel from Niklas Group and it is a great group of guys. You don't need a big headlight, since some of us have overkill lights that turn night into day. You 100% need a rear red blinky though.

Photo taken by Rich Bridgwater
The Thursday Night Ride Face Book page is located here. It will keep you up to date on that.

The ride starts at Marda Loop Original Joes at 8:30pm on Thursday night. Be there!

As an addition to this post: Joel has opened a great organic market below his Casel Tower on 17th Ave. and Crowchild. Marilyn has been going to it for a month now and really likes it. Here is a link to the Market, it is called CaselMarche.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

'That's enough!'

Interview with Frank and Andy Schleck. 'I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with a little duck'

Saturday Oct 22 Ride Options

Hi everyone, I posted a few options for a Saturday ride in the Training Ride Forum.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two cool shots I just got in email.

I was just emailed some photos from the Bergen Road Race from a local resident. The shots are of riders on there way to the start. I wanted to post them since they seemed so serene before the action (the calm before the storm?). It was great having the local residents of Bergen get behind the race and enjoy the spectacle of bike racers on their roads. This particular guy went out of his way to get my email address so he could get me the photos! Not a single complaint from a single entity... perfect!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gala night a success.

Thanks to everyone that made last night so enjoyable. We had in excess of 50 people over at Tom's celebrating a great year for cycling and the club. We had lots of fun handing out serious and not-so-serious awards.

Tomo, just before receiving her 'RoboTomo' Award.
Andres receiving the coveted, 'Best New Guy with an Accent' Award.

Darcy receiving the 'Political Mercury' Award for dealing with Rocky View and Alberta Transportation.

Mike receiving an award that will go unnamed.

Marilyn getting nutrition to avert her 'Testy and Vocal Bonks' Award.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Series

Got out for the night ride put on by Joel from Niklas Group last night. It was a great group and lots of fun. We rode for about 1hr20min. I was testing a new light for the camera, so I went to the front often. You can see in this video, I was riding as hard as I could and never ran out of light in pitch dark conditions. The camera isn't set up to run in low light levels, so it gives you an idea of how wicked the light is! To my eyes, it was lit up like daytime. I will get up some video of me being swarmed in the sprint after this weekend.

See everyone tonight!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

STC Annual Gala, Clarke, Kona, and a perfect cyclist's house for rent.

1.) STC ANNUAL GALA:   It would be great to get almost every club member at this. I would love to catch up with most of you after a good season and it will be fun. Make sure to be thinking of something you can present to your buddy that is either encouraging, or trash talky, or both. Tom and I have several ideas for awards and roast-type presentations, but we weren't on all the training rides or in all the races, and would love to hear about some stories we missed out on.
         1a.) I have had some interest in the van traveling from the Beer Mile to the Gala. Please leave a comment to let me know if you would like to be in it. I will not get one if no one is using it.
         1b.) Our very own 'MC' Mike Godfrey is going to professionally announce the Beer Mile! It will be a spectacle and I (personally) encourage you to come and participate. However, this is NOT a 'sanctioned' club event.
         1c.) Make sure to invite all your friends to the Beer Mile as this is not a 'member only' event whatsoever. It is hosted by the local BM Ambassador Carson Bannon and has nothing to do with the club other than some of our members will be there. In fact, there is currently a challenge out from the STC girls: Tomo, Shelley, Marie, and Marilyn saying they will crush Niklas Group girls:  Sherri, Tanya H, Sandra, and Kaylee !! Any answer from the Top Gear girls ??
         1d.) Unfortunately Mark M. broke his ankle last weekend at the XC race. Also, unfortunately for me, he will probably still beat me.

2.) Clarke Ellis and his wife were the happy recipients of a brand new baby boy late last Friday night. Congratulations to the Ellis family and I look forward to meeting Spencer.

3.) If you are doing a long indoor training session tomorrow afternoon, the World Championships of Ironman will be streaming live. Mike Healy, can you tell us the best place to watch this, I heard Universal Sports is covering it? I know will be covering it too.

4.) I am completing my move out my house in Royal Oak and would like to rent it out since I like the location and would prefer to keep it. If you know a responsible person or family who would like to rent a 3-bedroom house, please get them to contact me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Annual STC GALA, Oct 14th !! For all members. ... and Beer Mile!

It is that time of year. You get to place an 'X' on your calendar with giddy excitement in anticipation of Tom Kenny's Annual STC Gala !! Oct 14th !

The official invitation to this year's event is here.

Please bring a DD or a sleeping bag as the evening is open bar (meaning beer and wine). The appetizers and finger food would probably constitute a great dinner but this is NOT a 'sit down supper' affair. It is a casual get together to get to know your team mates better while drinking a (read: several) beer or wine.

This is YOUR opportunity to officially recognize other team members for their inspirational conduct, or for their ridiculous behaviour! Start thinking of fun awards to present a teammate now.

Even if you haven't made it out to any races this year, still come to this. Even if your belly grew more than your quads this year, still come to this. Even if your 5 year old daughter raced her bike more than you did this year, still come to this.

Carson (the official caller of Calgary Beer Miles) has officially performed his divine duty and called a beer mile on the same evening. I plan to attend this prior to the STC party as most people that know me know, I may not be a fast cyclist, but damn can I beer mile. If we have enough STC dudes heading to the BM before the Gala, I will arrange to have a huge van there to transport us down the road to Tom's. Last year Frank had to fit into Jaya's carseat. (read: comfortably fit into Jaya's car seat.) If you haven't been to or watched a beer mile, this is your chance. Bring friends to the beer mile, this is NOT an STC affair. The Gala is a member-only thing though.

See you on the 14th of Oct. . ... it's on!

Will Frank's new astonishing speed on the run translate to a fast BM time? Will I lap Paul Anderson? Could Rob Lukacs prove doing the 'double' wasn't just a fluke of amazingness? (incidently that was one of the most impressive things I have ever witnessed).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dark Night 2011

Great day for crazy run race and a wicked Cross Race.

Today the skies cleared and the sun started shining just in time for the start of the River Park Classic Cross Country race (GPS file). It was great racing again and I love this series! It was my first XC race since my injury in Dec. ... I can't believe I haven't raced across any snow drifts or rivers since then?!?! Anyway, it was great fun. It was good to see Kyle out racing and hopefully he will have his injury figured out soon. He is a great example of not losing heart during a long injury. He knows he will be back and crushing it soon.

Micheal Godfrey, RoboTomo, Brad Barron, Melody, Marie and Mark Michalski, The Combine, Kyle, and I crushed it from the team. It was great to see good friends Cat 'Beer Mile' Brown and Jen Alexander out racing as well. Also, a good friend from Victoria, Colin McArthur, laid it down, looking forward to riding with him now that he is living in Cochrane.

Good luck to all the Crossers tonight !!


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