Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Brother in the Boxing Day 10 Miler

My 53 Year old brother just kicked butt in the boxing day 10 miler back home in Ontario. Proudly wearing the ST Kit (which he got for Xmas) - Chris put a beating on many of the other "old guys" as shown in this photo.
Having taken up Triathlon at the young age of 52, Chris is now well on his way to a having the fitness this year to achieve a sub12 hour Ironman at IMC!
Maybe he can motivate me off this couch.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Get Back in Shape or Change Sport?

Given the excessive amount of weight I have gained since Jake was born I have a tough decision to make. Should I try to get back in shape or take up Sumo wrestling?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spin ready for Jan. 7th

Spin goes from Jan. 7th to the end of March. We will be focussing on specific TTing skills in Feb. and March. Spin is going so awesome it's great to come everytime. I love the creative playlists everyone is making and think it adds tons to every workout. Bonnie and Tracey have promised us they will be cooking up an awesome playlist in the new year, and we will have to get on Murray's and Andy's cases as well. James and Celine, and Kim will have to step up soon as well ! You too Mike if you keep coming, which we all hope you do !!

We will have a post up here in the next 2 weeks regarding membership to the team and where and when you have to sign up. We will be offering an awesome amount of radness this year. We hope to host a race, have specific club goal races, and will have an official wicked kit. We will make our presence known at races with an official tent and meeting place, as well as specific team tactics. These tactics will include an instruction of NO FALLING, which I left off last year for Pigeon Lake and I feel stupid for not including it.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jedi Running and Racing.

Last Sat. at the Silver Springs 8km XC, where Luke Way taught me I was slow and fat, I practised my new art of Jedi Running. As you can see, I did the course with my eyes closed. I only tripped once.

Also, the next pic shows one of our new Cat 5ers, Dan Sigioun, enroute to a successful first XC race completion. I managed to sucker him out for some zone 10 pain!

Last night, and Wed. night.

Rob provided the group with a great playlist and some verbal entertainment last night. Great work.

I have a 'special' workout created from you guys Wed. night. It is a combination of everyone's favourite sets. It is long and hard, but it is just what everyone needs before the Christmas break. Rick is DJ for the evening and I know we won't be dissapointed. Try to make it out, for a killer sweat fest. 2hour workout.


Monday, December 17, 2007

90km on the Cross on Sunday!

Hey guys, with the beautiful weather, a small group of us (Steve, Franky, Don, A-Train, and I) headed outside for a great ride yesterday. We targetted the gravel and had some awesome moments like when I took this picture with my cellphone. You can't ask for nicer terain than this !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thanks Rob.

Well, the workout was as hard as a coffin nail tonight and mostly due to 'Rob's set'.... oh and the 2 X 20min big gear set after it :)

Everyone experienced the drastic physiological differences between big and small gear high wattage sets.

Rob and Dan, hopefully you can do the workout some time this week and report back here as to how it felt.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Should we?....

Could we?.....
get some styling glasses like this for our new 'team kit' ?

Maybe we'd be as fast as 'The Mario'?..... or maybe it's his hair that made him so fast.

If this was the case though, Carson Bannon would be the new Mario.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mario . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carson

Monday, December 10, 2007

Audio parts to donate?

Guys, it would be cool to take our spin classes to the next level.

Does anyone have an old stereo receiver and/or big speakers.

The little multimedia speakers we have now were good when we were playing music for music sake, but now that we have taken things to the next level... let's raise the game of our system!

If you just want to donate them for 'spin season' that would be perfect too.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mon and Wed night workouts.... should be good.

Monday night's spin's playlist will be covered by Dan Sigioun. Expect it to be hard and awesome.

We will be doing 3 sprints, and then 4 6min big gear intervals.

Wednesday night's spin's playlist will be covered by Alex 'A-Train' Shaw. Expect solid tunes you can turn a big gear for, it should be awesome too.

Anyone that wants to volunteer to make a playlist, that would be great. Everyone has been enjoying the diverse selection we've all been rocking out to.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bad news for Alex the 'A-Train'

It was leaked yesterday that Tom Boonen has an official girlfriend.

Alex will now have to hope they are incompatible and possibly catch Tom on the rebound.

Pete Lawson returns !

Guys, Pete is making a career change and is moving back to Calgary as of Jan.

Of course he is fired up about being able to ride with Speed Theory again and will be coming out to the Mon, Wed. spins in the new year.

Welcome back Pete.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meet the Wrench: Dale

Most of us have bikes and these bikes require some form of professional attention given our penchant for abusing these hightech pieces of carbon/aluminum. Or, if you recently snagged a bike from SpeedTheory (if you're snagging your bike from elsewhere there best be a good reason) it was likely in the hands of a man simply known as Dale.

A man of few words, most of them surly, Dale is usually found in his tool-laden fortress of solitude at the shop humming along to various rock tunes while delicately cabling some high performance ride. Strangely, not much is known about the origins of this bike guru. Over the years various unconfirmable rumors have surfaced including a year spent in the East-Asia Co prosperity sphere living underwater learning how to kill a man with a chain whip or a 5 mm Allen wrench.

We caught up with this intrepid man of international mystery after a month long stint as a lederhosen farmer in far reaches of California. Here is what he had to say:

So, Dale, thanks for talking with the SpeedTheoryBlog. Let's get into the tough questions. If you could be a bike part, which bike part would it be and why? Which frame would you have to be attached to?

most people would answer this as wanting to be a hot chicks bike seat but not me. The shorts get all the glory anyway. I would say a Chris King rear hub as they are complicated beautifully machined and most people don’t understand them but I would have to say a Thomson Masterpiece seatpost. I can be kind of lazy and I don’t want too many demands put on me. As for the frame I would be on, it would be Dario Pegoretti’s last frame (not that I hope he loses his battle with cancer).

Chris King does make a sweet hub. How about this: Picture yourself in a darkened alley. Stumbling drunkenly is a cycling parts designer that you've always wanted to slap because of their silly and unservicable parts designs. Which parts company would this designer work for?

Ah parts designers, I do strongly believe that the bicycle industry is where most engineering students go to work after they have failed or been kicked out of school. Picking one is so hard……

Ironically, you're likely right about the engineers. Ok, try this one: You're in a swank hotel room with the do not disturb sign on the door, were it legal, what parts group or specifically which part would you make sweet love to because it is so awesome?

I would say it is a toss up between Epidermis or Galoshes…. Oh! Sorry! Wrong question. Sweet love? I’m not sure most bike parts are kind of pokey and I am more of a take you home, have my way with you and not make you breakfast kind of guy. If I had to choose and it wasn’t going to steal my wallet when I fall asleep it would probably be a Chris King rear hub. A pink one!

Ha, the CK hub is getting a lot of attention Dale. Next up: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen done to a bike you've been asked to work on?

I don’t know about weird but gross definitely comes to mind. There is one guys tri bike that I worked on that I had to replace the headset bearings on as they were kind of seized. They weren’t damaged from years of bad weather or road salt but URINE! I needed a hammer and screwdriver to get them out of the frame! Seriously guy, pee OFF the bike not ON! How did he pee there anyway? didn’t he get any in his aerobottle?

That may be the most frightening thing I have ever heard, a urine-seized seat post? Ok, let's shift topics: In a battle to the death Trevor Williams is pitted against Ursus arctos horribilis, commonly known as the grizzly bear, who would you bet on to win? Would your answer be different if Trev had his beard?

I actually know the true answer to this question. Trev Williams WITH the beard can easily defeat the bear. He just gives the bear that look and rips of his shirt and presto! Instant coronary for the bear. This is how he earned the nick name Tha Killa! Without the beard he is like a rosemary sorbet that the bear would use to cleanse his palate between courses.

Folks, I can't make this up . . . speaking of associates . . .Mark K comes into the shop and announces he's leaving cycling/Tri behind and joining cirque de soliel, how does that make you feel?

I would feel kind of numb as I would instantly envision those small female Chinese contortionists, Mark is the one with the green ribbons dancing magically through the air.

Well, I think Cirque de Soliel is ruined for me.
into the life of Speed Theory's wrench. And Folks remember, if it needs fixin' Dale is the guy.

Wicked Wed. Fatigue (WWF)

WWF style smackdown will be the main event tomorrow night.

It will be a NIN versus Ministry cage match.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Last night's spin

Sophia did a great job of the playlist last night ! Thank you very much Sophia.

Wed's workout will focus on short power generation.

Steve and I hitting it at the Tri Club Challenge

Here is a shot of Steve and I racing the 15km TT at the Talisman last Sat.

Steve put on a great show to go 23min flat, while I rode a 26:16.

Kyle Marcotte, who was across the room WITHOUT an aero helmet, casually rode a 19:22

I am pretty sure that's Paul Anderson on the red bike in the background.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Off Season Activity

Early 80's steel frame bike, converted to fixed a few years ago needed a makeover. I stripped the ugly blue paint, sanded the frame, applied 5 coats of rattlecan paint, sanded between coats, about 20 hours of work in total.

Litespeed did an advertising campaign this summer called "mediocrity in motion" where you apply one of their fake "carbonello" logos over your litespeed logo so that you blend in with the multitude of carbon frames on the market - mediocrity. The campaign was a bust but I found a use for the sticker.

Worthy of Fixed Gear Gallery?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beer Mile!

Well, that must have been Calgary largest Beer Mile in years.

Convening in the dark at the dirt track in Currie Barracks, 27 beer milers and a ton of spectators were witness to a true phenomenon.

The results are in:

Luke Way : 6:51
Kyle Marcotte : 7:46
Greg Nicholson : 8:37
Suzanne : 8:59
Jim Peters : 9:15
Steve German : 9:16
John White : 9:30
Mike Young : 9:30
Carson Bannon : 9:35
Rosemary G : 10:28
Cat Brown : 10:41
Chris : 10:57
Ryan H : 12:05
Paul : 12:25
Kobe : 12:36
Mark Shand : 12:36
Rod McAllister : 13:02
Jess: 13:15
Ryan Murray : 13:53
Rob W: 13:54
Joel S : 15:25
Trev Williams: 16:52
Mitch: 17:12
Chantal: 17:21
Jen Walker: 24:18
Cal Zarinski : DNF
Dave V: DNF

Special mention must be made to:
1.) Luke Way.... breaking 7min is a feat greater than his Xterra wins.
2.) There were two heats last night and Kyle attempted to perform a 'double', which has never even been considered much less attempted.
3.) Trev Williams' last beer can was generally considered 'Extremely Questionable' in terms of emptyness.
4.) Steve German performed the mile chugging 4 X 500ml of chocolate milk. He felt worse than anyone at the end, but was able to drive Trev home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Rider - Jake Anderson

Jacob Paul Anderson - Birthdate Nov 22, 2007
Weight - 8lbs 5ozs
Height - 22"
Strengths - climber
Past experience - new rider

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mandatory Fitness Testing.

KIDDING! But for real it's BEER MILE TIME!

Carson Bannon and Kyle Marcotte (of TRS) are hosting an epic beer mile this Friday at the Curry Barracks. Presently, 20 proud warriors have signed up for this grueling feat of athletic prowess. You thought ironman was hard? Well, ironman is nothing in comparison to this.

If you are unfamiliar with beer mile.... show up at 8:30pm, with running shoes, totally optional silly outfit (like a superman suit if you have it), 4 beer cans (see rules), and a designated driver! For a preview merely click the video above.

Official Details:

  1. The event is taking place here at 8:30 PM Friday November 22.
  2. Bring at least one item for the food bank.
  3. Bring running shoes and 4 beers.
  4. Mandatory preposterous costume.
  5. Trev will be reprising his role as the mighty wookie, Chewbacca
  6. If you don't want to race (you're a pansy) but this is a legendary spectator event

The FAQ on beer miling are here:


The Numbers are in. In a recent study from the Swiss Vitamin institute and the CNRC Wind tunnel Argyle was found to be the fastest pattern available to skin suit designers world wide*.

Recent internal pressure on team Speed Theory has left team officials scrambling to follow the lead of Slipstream-Chipotle in the design of new full sleeved skin suits. JamesT, the crux of the skin suit development at SpeedTheory Headquarters, was reported to have dropped all work regarding long sleeves and built in gloves to focus solely on what is being dubbed 'project Argyle-alation'.

Of course, there is much work to be done, please submit your thoughts and tartans for analysis.
*the legitimacy of this post is suspect. Please enjoy responsibly

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Consumer Poll - Old School Wool Jerseys

Would you guys buy old school jerseys like these? They come in long and short sleeve, no colour choices, and only in male sizes (sorry Trev). They are full morino wool (not sure if it is virgin or otherwise) with embroidered logo. They will retail somewhere around $100.

Another option is to abondon the red logo and go really old school, As Mike Holowack put its "use minimal colors like in the days of yor. With the cream logo it takes on a this is what our logo looked like 50 years ago". What does everyone think?????

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Speed Theory at Ironman Florida - Race Report

Saturday, November 3rd – race day, the ocean was dead calm – no wind, perfect conditions. Got beaten up good on the first loop, the second loop I found clear water but lost the draft effect of the first loop. Swim time 1:15:11.

Bike - The first 50k on the bike was heavy traffic, passing a lot of people and trying to find some space. All the time trying to ensure I was not drafting. Didn’t see much drafting at that stage but saw lots of marshals. No wind, perfect conditions. Settled in trying to stay around 150 heart rate (middle of Z2). Picked up the pace for the next 60k. The wind came up on the westward section. Saw about 3 pelotons pass me out, I shouted at each of them as they passed. I did not let the drafting bother me. The course seemed a couple of km short and off the bike into T2 after 5:45:23.

Run - It had warmed up to about 77 degrees F – just about right for the run, very little humidity. OK for the first 12k (my longest recent training run because of injury!) then the race became a struggle all the way. Good with the fluids and nutrition, even managed a few gels in addition to the coke, gatorade and water. By the mid point it was a case of making it to the next aid station, walking the aid station and start running again. Tried really hard to hold a pace of 160 HR and eventually slowed from sub 10 minute miles to somewhere between 10 and 11 pace. Really wanted the run to finish. Never so happy to see the race finish. Finished the marathon in 4:35:54.

Total race 11:52:45. My goal set a year ago was 11:45:00. Considering the lack of miles on my legs leading up to the race this was a good result. Between the transitions, pit stops, and a couple of other issues I know I could have been a fair bit faster. Overall about 50th in my age group of 150. Watched in awe at 52 year old Joe Bonness race as well, his 3rd ironman in 4 weeks finish in about 9:25.

Overall great organization, Panama City Beach locals and visitors alike were really into the event, volunteers were great. Panama City Beach is no longer just a spring break redneck vacation spot. Slippery Suckers Oyster Bar now has some competition.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Murray top 10 at Banff WinterStart

Full results here

1 Ken MYERS 27:12
2 Don KING 28:23
3 Jonathan ROTH 28:44
4 Scott RATZLAFT 29:34
5 Kevin BOWLES 29:36
6 Lisa HARVEY 29:47
7 Phil DAUM 29:56
8 Ed BICKLEY 29:59
9 Gregory NICHOLSON 30:08
10 Ryan MURRAY 30:50

OK, look at the guy on the left of this photo. Yah, the dude in the Superman suit.

Yah, that's Ken Myers. Yah, he won.

That is sooooo cool. You wear a suit like that you have to be close to last....or win. And he won. I think that is awesome. That is laying it on the line. That is how to race!! I admire that.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Healy goes Sub 12

Mike Healy blazed through T1 and T2, keeping them both under 10min :) to lay down a Sub 12 performance at IMFL on Sat.

Here are his splits:

SWIM: 1:15:11
BIKE: 5:45:23
RUN: 4:35:54
OVERALL: 11:52:45

Good work Mike. I am not sure what your goal time was but we would all love to hear a race report if you've got one.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cross ride Sat. at 10am at the Bean.

Pace will be relaxed and the route will be gravelly, hopefully.

Come out while there is no snow !!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can you hump it?

So there's a guy. A guy who likes bikes. No, he loves bikes. But seriously, who gets arrested for making 'love' to his bike?

Don't take your bike to Scotland.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cyclo-crazy.... The Knobby Gobbler, the last ABA Cyclocross of the Season

Well, that was fricken tough. I can't believe how fast some dudes in Alberta are on the cross bike !!

The race started with about 15 dudes. Steve German and I lined up near the back since neither of us had been in an ABA CX race before and were pretty nervous. There were several dudes with pimped out bikes that I'd never seen before. Mr. Unbeatable Dominant Tim H. was there, but in the CX world, Shawn Bunnin, Erin Schooler, and Chris McNeil can lay it down like I can't imagine ! It was totally awesome.

Keith Bayley was sick and wasn't racing. But to make things interesting, he put up 2 $20 primes. The first one was for the first rider to finish lap 1, the next was to the last rider to not get lapped before the winner finished.... .... ... guess which one I won ?!?!

Sweet.... with my $20 spot, and my 10th place overall, I got to race hard, and see some amazing racing.

I will post some shots tomorrow, so check back. A really nice dude called Bill took some amazing shots. Erin, Cyrus, Shawn, and most dudes racing open men....if you're reading this, check back and I'll post the good shots. Erin, there is an awesome running one of you.

Pictures have been posted by Carson Bannon, here


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trev at Confederation 3x3.5 km Relay

Not to be outdone by Fast Legs Frank's herculean effort at the Confederation Park 3x3.5km Relay Race (See Below), our (until now) fearless leader of the SpeedTheory Cycling Team showed that he is in fact afraid of water. As clearly shown in the attached photograph, Trev showed significant consternation about the prospect of getting his new running flats damp.
The raging river would have made even the bravest of river crossers take pause, however, Trev overcame his greatest fear and lunged (in a manly way) into the swift flowing waters, while lookers on gasped in amazement.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Confederation 3 X 3.5km relay.

Lots of pain in this short, extremely hilly 3.5km race. The top teams battled it out for podium positions with Kyle Marcotte's Speed Theory team victorious yesterday, consisting of him, Jeff Krar and Darcy Bell.

The most exciting part of the day was Fast Leg Frank's sprint against one of Calgary's premiere Ironman athlete's Don King to hold off our 3rd place position by about 2 meters. The crowd was screaming, Frank and Don's faces were contorted in pain, and that was a fast 200m covered from the last creek crossing!

I'll post results as soon as they are up.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Transrockies Race Report.

Guys, here is our 'official' Transrockies Race Report that I will be supplying in printed format to our sponsors for the event, Scheffer Andrew. Just in case you are interested in looking at some pictures of the event, here is a link to the document:

Right here

I have tried to write it in a way that employees of Scheffer Andrew may still enjoy it even if they aren't familiar with cycling or competing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Season End Blow Out Sale at SpeedTheory

October 23-27th

AGM tomorrow night !! OCT. 17th.

Please come out to the informal evening at the Hop and Brew tomorrow night if you are on the team or interested in learning more about the team and possibly joining.

Hop In Brew
Pub213 12 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0G9
(403) 266-2595,+AB&fb=1&cid=51041489,-114066091,4865868577930313640&li=lmd


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spin Session Monday!!

We will be holding our first spin session Monday at 6:30 at SpeedTheory. We will have 10 "guest" riders (not from the ST team) and at least four ST Riders (James, Alex, Rob & Paul). Trev has a prior comitment to attend so he will not be there.
Our first session will focus on technique and core stability. Bring your bike, trainer, pedals, shoes, towel and SpeedTheory kit for the bike and running shoes and a mat for the core workout. I suspect we will go until 8 pm.
All team members or interested new members are welcome.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ST AGM ... for everyone...

The First Annual General Meeting of the Speed Theory Cycling Team will be on Wednesday October 17th starting at 6:30pm and the 'Hop and Brew'.

Rob has reserved a room for us. Details and a link to a map are provided below.

I hope everyone can make it. Also, if there are people that are even remotely interested in joining our team, I would welcome them to attend the meeting, meet the guys and provide their input. Please direct any questions to Trev, Rob, James or me.


Hop In Brew Pub
213 12 Avenue SWCalgary, AB T2R 0G9
(403) 266-2595,+AB&fb=1&cid=51041489,-114066091,4865868577930313640&li=lmd

Team Spin Sessions

One of the ideas we had was for the Cycling Team to get together for spin classes over the off-season. We decided that we could raise some money for the team this way too. We would welcome everyone to attend the spin sessions which would be hosted and coached by ST Cycling Team members. Proceeds raised would go to the team fund.

I hope you all will be interested in participating – it will allow us all to train together and get on a similar off-season program, so that in the spring we can hit the pavement running (or cycling).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Speed Theory Cycling - Annual General Meeting

The "executive" had a meeting last week to discuss the team and ways to improve for next year. We want to set up a meeting this week or next to talk about these ideas, brainstorm more and just have "a social". We are trying to select a day. I would like to propose Thursday night of this week or Mon, Tues or Weds of next week.

Please "comment" on what day would be best. We want to get EVERYONE there (especially the guys who didn't race or raced little last year) so we can make it work for everyone in 2008.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cyclocross fun

Last night I went to and had a blast.

I raced on my commuter and it was awesome!

A little cyclocrazy action to dust off those weeks of inactivity from taking off-season too seriously. It's got me motivated to get in some semblance of shape again.

Thanks to Keith Bayley and his volunteers for providing the cheap entertainment.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crankmasters ITT is on Sunday September 30

I just checked their website - they are going ahead with the TT Sunday September 30 -same time same place as last weeks cancelled event.

Anybody going?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Vancouver International Half Iron

A brutal ocean swim, and rainy tough 84km ride, and a nice flat 19.5km trail run.

Our own Paul Connolly finished a great 9th male overall and 2nd in his division in this inaugural event.

Full Results found here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

May the wind be always at your back

Hey guys.

Just wanted to drop a quick note and give a huge shout out to Trev and Alex, congrats you guys on some awesome results!

I arrived back in Calgary a few days ago from my trip to Hamburg for World's.

Quick turn around as I'm all packed up and am leaving tomorrow to start Chiropractic College in Potland OR.

I was hoping to do a proper race report about my experience at World's but I fell short on time.

If anyone is on Facebook I have heaps of pics posted. Feel free to add me as a friend: Peter Lawson .Calgary Network.

It was by far the hardest Triathlon I have ever done. 16C water temp caused some bad cramping on the swim. We had ~ 700-800m run to transition from the swim exit. My legs were pretty beat up once I got onto the bike.

The crowd support was spectacular and their energy helped carry me to a PB 10km split and the honour of bringing home a Silver meal for Canada.

It was a blast getting to know you guys and doing some road racing this season.

All the best to everyone and I look forward to reading about some good results for next year



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday Night Ride

We're not going for anything extremely hard here. We just want to get out and enjoy riding before the weather turns cold. The more people that can come the better.

We'll meet at the Extreme Bean around 6:15pm. I believe Steve and James are already in. Post a comment if you can come so we don't leave without you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Masters Provincial Champion.....Trev Williams

Well, Speed Theory now hosts two Provincial Champions this season as Trev repeated as Masters Champion in Crossfield yesterday.

The day started with perfect riding conditions, sunny, clear, +15, and moderated wind. By days end it became a scorcher thanks to the wheels of Trev Williams, who torched the course and left those attempting to hang on in udder disarray.

A two man break took off almost right from the beginning with the pack staying in check. Then towards the end of lap one Trev decided it was go time and by himself began to reel the two leaders in. Only a quarter of the way through the second and final lap Trev had caught the twosome. However the pleasantries would only last temporarily as Trev turned it up another notch and at the halfway mark of lap number two he had shed the two riders and had about a 2 minute advantage. He continued to pick'em up and lay'em down cruising to a victory that saw no one in the distance. Although waiting for the official results the estimated time before another rider crossed the finish line was about 5-6 minutes. Total domination!!!

Congrats Trev on an epic ride.

Full Results Here

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Old Guy Provincials and Norquay 5km TT Hill Climb

Guys... I am signed up for the Masters A race this weekend. Who else is?

Mike H., haven't heard from you recently, are you racing this weekend?
Kirk and Carl...where the hell are you guys?

The Norquay Hill climb is next weekend on the 16th. A great little race you can bring your family too since it doesn't take long, then you can hit banff for lunch ! Who's doing it?

I am heading to Vancouver to race the Half Iron there so I won't see you in Norquay, hope to see most of you this weekend in Crossfield.

Monday, September 3, 2007

40km TT in Cloverlawn

Keen to collect some points in Cat4 and try to go under 1 hour for a 40km TT, Alex convinced Fast Legs Frank and I to head up to Cloverlawn for the 4th and final ITT in the Provincial Race Series.

The start list was posted and I was to go second from last.... directly in front of Alberta's ITT Godfather, Bruce Copeland.

As my countdown was getting closer and closer to zero, I was trying to psych myself up for a whole lot of hurt keeping Copeland off for as long as possible. My plan was to completely throw pacing myself out the window and just try to keep Copeland behind me for 20km. I shot out of the start gate like a rocket and hammered with fury and fear.... he passed me at 14km.

All in all, a fairly successful day out there:

Alex 4th in Cat4 at 59:44 (He beat one hour !!)
Frank 3rd in Cat3 at 56:55
Trev 2nd in Cat2 at 53:23

Full results here

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cat 5 Provincial Champion ..... Alex Shaw !!

Here he is.... on the top step of the podium!

Nice work dude !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Provincials this weekend and Master Provincials Sept 9th.

Hey guys. I am planning on going up to Provincials with Alex and maybe Mike G. on Sunday morning. Post a comment here if you want to carpool with someone, or just let us know who is coming.

Sept. 9th is the Master's Provincials in Crossfiled (close). I will be competing, and I know some of you other old boys can too (over 30). I would like to volunteer again like we did before the Stampede RR and do the signs and course prep. Please leave a comment here if you can help out prior to the race and I'll sign us up for those duties.

Matt...good luck this weekend !!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Trev the monster and impending IMC sufferfest

Congrats to Trev on another epic ride. The Trans Rockies is a full on international affair, to place within spitting distance of the win is amazing. Podium next year?

This upcoming weekend is IMC, which will bring me to my knees, or perhaps lower. Crazy long work hours the last 6 weeks hit up my training somewhat. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see the whole show as a competitor.

My wife is amped up also- she actually is getting custom shirts made for this .

Kyle M should be a holy terror, at least with a loop course I won't see him on the way home as I get 1 or 2km into the run. Hope to see some of you there, though with about 10000 visitors I expect it will be fairly crowded. Look for the orange t-shirts.


Trans Rockies Final Results

The Final Results:
A brief 48km run into Fernie rounded out the 2007 Trans Rockies challenge. The racers were grateful as stage 6 proved to be hellish at best with only a handful of teams making it to the finish under 5:30 and many teams struggling for the 10 hour cutoff at 6pm.

That being said, this is not the Tour de France where the last day is ceremonial. No, the race continued right up to the line with the RockyEA duo fighting against the courageous Costa Ricans of La Ruta (I have been waiting all week to use that line). So how did our triumphant twosome fair on the final day? A rock solid 7th placeb on the day for Scheffer Andrew who finished the event placing in the top 10 almost every day. No small feat for a duo that certainly do not ride mountain bikes for a living. Hats off to Trev and Charlie for their courage and discipline in this most rugged event. I bet they show up in Penticton for IMC as a vacation.

Final GC:
Well, it really depends who you ask.
Velonews has the boys at fifth.
While the TR results have them at 6th. I have to be honest, it is really splitting hairs at this point. Finishing in the top 10 in their debut is such an outrageously successful result these guys are heroes. The reality is, most of the top teams ride for a living so to keep pace with them like Trev and Charlie is incredible. Congrats on an awesome race!

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team                                     24.39.23
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 26.17
3 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 1.26.29
4 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 1.52.12
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 1.52.21
6 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 1.54.50
7 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 2.10.40
8 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 2.25.21
9 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 2.49.16
10 Daniel Sessford (Can) / Jonah Clark (Can) Midnight Sun Coffee 3.06.29

(source: a huge thanks to cycling news and Dan Hudson for pics)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Provincial RR in Red Deer next weekend

Any of the Speed Theory Cat 5's planning to do the Provincial RR next Sunday? James T & I did the one last year and it was plenty tough if this course is harder (as mentioned in the description on the ABA site) the race will be quite selective, so no big mass finish likely.

I am looking to drive up in the morning and will have room for at least one in my van.

The link to the write up on the ABA site is

You can register online at


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trans Rockies: Stage 5

Stage 5 marks the glorious return to civilization for team Scheffer Andrew. After roughing it for real in the Canadian wilderness, Trev and Charlie rolled into Elkford BC in style. If you're wondering what Trev and Charlie are dealing with day to day, velonews has a great story.

Stage 5:
Yet another epic and extremely hot day in the saddle for our dynamic duo. With two passes on their plates the suitcases and hat boxes of courage where unpacked and opened. The 2100m Crossing Creek pass features an nifty rock garden for 3km (seen to the left). This stretch is notorious for claiming a few riders every year. As the late Steve Irwin would say, "Crikey, look at the chompers on that one!". The leaders (United Cycles and La Ruta) continue their slugfest continuing to try and force the opposition into a compromising position using clever tactics, raw power and sheer audacity. Despite it being their team manager's birthday, the La Ruta was unable to overcome the mighty United Cycle boys. Regardless, these two sets of rivals are putting on a show. Sadly, Team Opus was forced to withdraw from the race, congrats to a great race gentlemen, here's to a speedy recover.

What about the Scheffer Andrew Duo? Well, the continuing strategy of Charlie and Trev is consistency. Slotting in an amazing 5th on the day our dynamic duo ate away some serious time on the Swiss Frenetic Volvo team.

Stage Results:

Open Men

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team 4.02.18
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 4.37
3 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 11.48
4 Daniel Sessford (Can) / Jonah Clark (Can) Midnight Sun Coffee 19.39
5 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 19.41
6 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 22.11
7 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 22.12
8 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 25.16
9 Adam Erritzoe (Den) / Thomas Dam (Den) Team Mermaid 30.07
10 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 30.24

GC after Stage 5:
With the retirement of Team Opus, Scheffer Andrew moves comfortably into 6th on the GC.
With the work put in on stage 5, the boys have taken a serious chunk out of the 5th placed
team Frenetic Volvo. 5th place is securely locked in the sight of Trev and Charlie. In other GC
news, the Danish squad, Team Mermaid, is back in the top 10. I just thought that name was rather

Open Men

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team 17.53.45
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 25.59
3 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 1.05.39
4 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 1.20.33
5 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 1.27.23
6 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 1.28.01
7 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 1.40.40
8 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 1.48.02
9 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 1.54.11
10 Adam Erritzoe (Den) / Thomas Dam (Den) Team Mermaid 2.11.22

Source: cycling news
Picture: Images by Dan Hudson

Trans Rockies: Stage 4

Sadly, there is no dispatch on stage 4 from the folks at cycling news so I cannot launch one of my typical updates with cool pictures and color commentary. As soon as a report pops up I will update accordingly. Results, however, we have.

Stage 4:
A mere 100km stage. These types of stages are suited to the Scheffer Andrew boys given their massive conditioning.

Open Men

1 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 4.35.04
2 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team
3 Steve Gaffney (Can) / Brian Cooke (Can) Opus 6.51
4 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 7.57
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 9.52
6 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 12.45
7 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 14.44
8 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 18.25
9 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 19.50
10 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 22.19
Oh yeah! Trev and Charlie continue to be the crew of consistency slotting in at 6th on the day. Note the time gaps, ever smaller. Trev and Charlie continue to reel in the big fish.

GC after Stage 4:
Scheffer Andrew is well poised at this point in the race with several grueling days of racing ahead.
Open Men

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team 13.51.27
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 21.22
3 Steve Gaffney (Can) / Brian Cooke (Can) Opus 41.32
4 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 53.50
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 58.21
6 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 1.02.07
7 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 1.08.20
8 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 1.17.14
9 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 1.18.28
10 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 1.23.47

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trans Rockies: Stage 3

Yesterday was stage 3 for Trev and Charlie at the Trans Rockies Challenge. Fresh off their 7th place from the day before our tenacious twosome rolled to the start looking to cause some discomfort for their rivals.

Stage 3:
The longest stage of the race so far set in the picturesque Kootenay River Valley. While this is the home of 'the beer out here' racers did not have to contend with a surly sasquatch or goofy park rangers. Instead they were treated to 90km of trails, climbs, mud, and river crossings in some oppressive heat. Featuring two climbs in and out of the valley this stage offered some shakeups in the overall standings. Team United Cycle continues to dominate the open men category while the Rocky Mountain EA sports team had a rough day falling from second to fourth as team La Ruta handily moved into second. On the day, Trev and Charlie remain steadfast and consistent logging another day in the office and finishing a remarkable 5th on the stage a mere 18 minutes behind the leaders and spitting distance behind 3rd and 4th. As the race drags on the extensive conditioning team Scheffer Andrew have done will likely prove to be the key as they continue their march to Fernie. Rocky Mountain EA sports, unfortunately, have shown how quickly the tides can change in this grueling race losing 29 minutes on the day. Don't count those boys out but they have their work cut out for them

The GC picture after Stage 3:
There were some shakeups in the open men category with the RockyMountain EA sports boys tumbling out of the top 3. Scheffer Andrew moves up to a 7th over all but note the time gaps. Trev and Charlie are spitting distance from 5th and 6th, commando-crawling distance from 4th and one ill timed mechanical from the podium (or a Trev and Charlie super watt surge). Keep on it boys, you're kicking ass.

Open Men

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team 9.16.22
2 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 21.22
3 Steve Gaffney (Can) / Brian Cooke (Can) Opus 34.42
4 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 39.07
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 48.30
6 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 54.11
7 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 55.35
8 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand 58.39
9 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy 58.49
10 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 1.01.28
Moving ahead, the race grinds on with even longer stages ahead. The weather is nothing short of scorching with the heat starting to take it's toll on the athletes, dehydration and heat exhaustion have forced some athletes to retire the race early. Expect more shakeups as the race continues, the relentless pace and machine break down will start becoming more frequent as we get further into the contest.
*Source: cycling news (pics and results)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trans Rockies Challenge: Stage 2

Yesterday was the second day for the dynamic duo, Trev and Charlie at the 2007 edition of the Trans Rockies Challenge. After finishing the grueling first stage it is reported that the riders village suffered a freak windstorm which pummeled tents and caused carnage. Things settled down into the evening allowing riders to rest up for stage 2.

Stage 2:
Stage two marks the first grueling day in the race more than doubling the distance that riders have to cover. With a 3km neutral start (enforced by Canada's Finest: the RCMP) racing began in earnest after the peleton left Invermere. With the GC leaders looking to see how people were feeling launched an early attack shattering the field with all but the top teams hanging on. After a 20km climb up Bear Creek and a precarious and wet descent the trail opened up into friendly territory for our Scheffer Andrew boys for the last 40km. Featuring buffed trail suited to the power riding Trev is known for it can only be assumed the lunch boxes were opened and the boys got to work. Up ahead, the GC leaders suffered some mechanical difficulties and (likely) saw a 10 minute lead cut down to 5 minutes as the rest of the contenders mercilessly pressed on. Welcome to the Trans Rockies folks, the race where a flat is not serviced by a speedy caffeinated mechanic in a team car but by the racer themselves. Fortunes change in a heartbeat. Team Scheffer Andrew finished the stage in an impressive 7th place a mere 16:04 off the leaders. Keep in mind, 10 minutes is a tire change and that is just one of the many possible mechanicals these athletes could face.

The GC at this point:
The GC picture after two days of racing looks like this:
Open men

1 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team 5.21.38
2 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain / EAsports 9.40
3 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta 12.54
4 Steve Gaffney (Can) / Brian Cooke (Can) Opus 20.41
5 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK 23.26
6 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo 31.21
7 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) 32.35
8 Craig Stappler (Can) / Jon Nutbrown (Can) Ridley's Cycle / Deadgoat 32.36
9 Mike McKee (Can) / Erik Bakke (Can) Specialized / Solo-GI 36.13
10 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd. 36.43
As you can see, the spread between the top teams is not huge at this point. A 10 minute buffer between 1st and 2nd can be erased with an ill timed crash or mechanical and with 3rd through 10th separated by only 24 minutes it is safe to say this race is still wide open. Look for the signs of attrition to start showing in the 3rd and 4th stages and the greatest equalizer of all, weather, to join the fray. Today will likely be scorching hot and rain is slated to move in later this week. Things will likely get even more exciting.

Keep on rocking Charlie and Trev.

*source: cycling news (pics and report)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Team SchefferAndrew

Today marks the start of the 2007 edition of the Trans Rockies Challenge. One of our Speed Theorists and his comrade (who are we kidding, Charlie is an honorary teammate just for racing with Trev) lined up at the start today at the Village Departe in Panorama Village. Trev and Charlie form the Scheffer Andrew team for the Trans Rockies Challenge. Of course, Trev and Charlie would like to thank Scheffer Andrew for their generosity and support and those of us at Team Speed Theory also express our gratitude. (Scheffer Andrew Rocks!)

Stage One:
With a depart from the Panorama Village and a finish in the nearby town on Invemere BC, the Trans Rockies starts with a bang. And a lot of climbing. With a base elevation of 3800ft and topping out at 7800 ft you know what direction our intrepid racers are going. Up. To provide some perspective, most tour du france climbs start at close to sea level, so imagine hitting Alp D Huez but starting at the top then climbing for 15K. I have been unable to decipher the precise race route but I obtained some satellite imagery
for interests sake. The initial stage is a 33KM 'prologue' of sorts that is designed to let the racers settle in to what will be an action packed week. Granted, 33KM on a mountain bike with 4000m of climbing is not for the faint of heart. The route will no doubt feature several bottle-necks to try and spread the field out. Keep in mind the sage wisdom of any stage race, you can't win the race in the prologue. Look to later stages where fire road descents and hard packed speedways are present. I suspect our guys will light it up on those sections. It's a packed field this year Trev and Charlie will have to contend with rival teams like the Afghan Hounds, the Irish Bear Wrestling Team, and numerous others.

Race Report:
Results of stage 1 can be found here at cycling news. Now the race report is covering the big names so there is no mention of the Scheffer Andrew boys but never fear, they placed an impressive 14th on the stage slotted in behind last years winners Andreas Heslter and Kevin Calhoun. Keep in mind (especially you roadies watching the time gaps) this is a mountain bike race, racers can gain or lose time in minutes if not tens of minutes quite easily. Make no mistake about it, Trev and Charlie are in the hunt.

Best of luck to Trev and Charlie, keep the rubber side down boys!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Luck Trev at the Trans Rockies

I spoke to Trev today as he was pulling together the uniform for him and his team mate Charlie for the TransRockies and other last minute items.

He looked psyched and ready to take on one of the biggest challenges of his life - the TransRockies!

As he kissed his wife and little girl goodbye, it was obvious he was ready!

Good Luck Trev, we'll be cheering for you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hey fellow Speed Thoerists, as my healing process hasn't moved along as quick as I would like I took the opportunity to take my camera and my fat a** down to the race. What a race it was, there were more ups and downs than a skinny kid on the teeter totter.

There were a couple of familiar faces to the Speed Theory nation. Ryan "Lunch Pail" Murray and Michael "Godfather" Godfrey. Both lads put in a great showing Mike in his standard 5th wheel position and no not the TV show, dude's married. Ryan was moving around from 2 spot to 8 spot with some excellent early patience.

It basically started out with some "prems" to get the lads ramped up and spastic over a hundred bucks. Well, it worked the speed got up there and the pack was looking as dodgy as dude selling knock offs on Canal St. I think it was about the 3rd "prem" when a Ryder from Bow Cycle had his back wheel slide out. Using his Right side as a magic carpet he slammed into the padded retaining wall that I was cowering behind. (I got a great pic of the tops of my shoes) As I stood up, I saw the rest of the guys making the corner and the tell tale sound of tires popping and the smell of dude from bow cycle's flesh burning. Then the next impact happened, this included the Godfather hitting the padded wall. At this point, I stopped watching as a flash back from June reminded me why I like my cruiser bike. Fortunately, the lads appeared to be okay. The "godfather" was out with flesh wounds and " lunch pail" was still lurking about 8 guys back.

At this point an independent decided to attack off the front, Ryan kept his position and let Team Bow Cycle and Team Bicisport take up the chase. 5 -7 laps later the attack was quelled only to have 2 BICI riders and another dude create a large gap from the pack. At this point, Ryan tried to get the guys in the pack to work together to bring the leaders back into the fold. No Dice! So, Ryan grabbed his lunch pail and went to work for the next 5-8 laps riding away from the disorganized pack and reeling in the leaders. I must say this was one of the more impressive efforts I've seen. Ryan stayed with it and finally caught the leader going into the bell laps. Coming into the crash corner Ryan was working the leaders over like a NARC at a Biker rally with 2 laps to go. Last lap came and Ryan was in great position sitting in forth spot coming into the incline on the back of the course. He narrowly missed the move by Bici sport and ended up taking third on the day. Ryan picked up some great PR from the commentators in regards to his big effort in catching the leaders. Another Great result for Team Speed Theory. Another Great result for Ryan "Lunch Pail" Murray

Well done Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I'm a huge JJ Abrams fan. You know, the guy who does LOST and other various cool films. He's got a new gig coming down, you may have heard of it. Well folks, youtube delivers to you again. I think I found some more footage from this exciting but secretive film. That or it's Trev at the Bowness hill climb. It's hard to tell, low quality, grainy, and Trev is kind of a monster on his bike so . . .

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Today....after I stopped skidding, I opened my eyes and see my shoe still swinging from it's pedal on my beat up MTN bike. Latch still firmly closed. My foot decided to exit the shoe through other means.
I'm serious... who fricken breaks a shoe?

Close call today. New shoes today. I've got to keep it together until the big show in a week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tour de Bowness

Our next target is this weekend with the Tour de Bowness.

Hill Climb on Sunday evening
Criterium Monday morning

I will be doing the HillClimb for sure.

The Cat 1/2 Crit willbe good to watch, as Zach Bell and Eric Wolberg are coming to town for it!!

Please leave a comment if you plan on attending or watching.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alberta Provincial ITT Championships in Camore

Speed Theory had a decent turnout in numbers and a great turn out in results yesterday in Canmore.

Cat 5
Ryan Murray 2nd
Alex Shaw 4th

Master C
Mike Healy 12th

Open Men
Trev Williams 3rd

Results are here

[Edited by Trev]

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ryan Murray in the $$ at Sylvan.

Congrats to:

  • Ryan for finishing 4th at Sylvan Lake Half Iron
  • Matt for finishing 15th st Sylvan Lake Half Iron
  • Results

Congrats to:

  • Kirk for finishing 10th at Heart of the Rockies Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Carl for finishing 17th at Heart of the Rockies Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Results

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Provincial ITT and TTT

Guys. The Provincial ITT is coming up this Sat. in Canmore.

Register here.
Hope to see most of us there. It is a 40km test of speed. A perfect prep for any other race or tri coming up.

The TTT is on Sunday morning. It would great to put a team in.

I think we have Alex on board but I am not sure who else. I think Kirk has confirmed too but not sure. It would be cool to get a full 6 guys in our Cat5 division to have a team, but I will enter with you guys if you need me. So will Steve I think.

TRS is looking to put in a team of Cat2's with us I think, so I may do that. It would be Carson, Frank, Steve, and I so far I think.

Please leave a comment if you are racing the ITT, but more importantly if you would like to be part of the TTT team. Us we have a 'team' established, I will email you guys directly and get you working well together.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday Night Ride?

Is anyone interested in going for a ride Thursday Night?

I'm up for any type of ride. We can do Cochrane hill repeats, maybe some sprint work, or just go for some mileage.

Please comment if you are interested and we could meet at the Bean around 6:00 if that works for everyone.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Stampede Road Race.

Well, Speed Theorists were well represented yesterday at the brutal Stampede Road Race. The course is always underestimated as there are no huge climbs, however there is rarely a flat section, it's always really hot, and the 5 laps (120km total) make for a tough count down.

We had:
Alex (A-Train), Rod, and Trev competing in 'Elite'
Kirk and Carl competing in 'Master A'
Paul competing in 'Master B'

TRS friends included Steve, Jared, Frank, and Carson
and a surprise showing was Don 'The' King riding for Bowcycle.

So all in all, we had our classifications covered.
Full results here. Some results are a little messed up, as Paul didn't DNF.

A tough day was had by everyone, but I'm pretty sure we all had a great time. Extra congrats to Alex and Rod for toughing it out and finishing the lapped course solo in the heat. That takes some mental fortitude!

Rob was a no show. But he was probably laying in a strange bed wondering how he was going to explain his new tattoo and his Stampede petting zoo 'incident' to his wonderful bride to be.

Next up on the calendar is Canmore Provincial ITT and TTT.

The photos were taken by Robert Haslam of the Crankmaster. These were taken on the South East corner (Start line).

Full Calendar