Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monday's workout.


I would like to do a 'longer' interval length workout on Monday. The total time will still be 90min, but it may not be as 'super fun' as all our previous workouts.

I am looking for EITHER of the following:

1.) Someone to create a totally wicked playlist that will captivate our attention during some long intervals


2.) Someone to bring a big TV and I'll set it up so we can watch that wicked Eddy Mercx video really loud!

Please leave a comment if you can provide me with one of the requests.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The winner is...

The winner of the thigh naming competition will be named in a short but extravagant ceremony directly following Monday's (Feb. 4th) spin session.

Thanks for all the entries. What a great contest that turned out to be. Lots of fun.

You fricken wimps.

Bonnie, Tracey, Sophia, and Murray,
when the weather gets tough, do they ever scurry,
Only Gary and the A-Train,
came out to Ricks to endure the pain,
All the others are getting fat in a hurry.

Mandy and Kim, I'm at a loss for words,
Isn't spending the evening with a bunch of nerds,
your version of fun?
Or are you done,
and you're sitting on the couch with the herds.

The spin is at Rick's again Wed. night. Huge, warm, garage.
I even used my rollers to provide entertainment.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tonight's workout.

I realize several people can't get to the workout tonight. My car is dead and I'm stuck at home as well. I will try to get a ride there tonight but we'll see.

For the workout, we'll try to take tonight mediumish since Wed. will be our hard night again.

Normal warmup, with those switches between 80 and 130 rpm ladders. Those were good. Do some one leg stuff, but nothing longer then 1min intervals.

4 sets of stomps after 2min of rolling, then 3min easy.

Then try to do 3 X (10min high watts, 70-75rpms, lowish HR, then 5min easy). If the 3rd set is too much, then drop it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thigh Competition

The response has been fantastic
for some maybe even orgasmic
but the contest must come to a close
Saturday midnight is the time we chose
I ensure you the prizes will be bombastic

Get your last minute entries in, Speed Theory have 'upped the ante' in terms of prizes due to the awesome response.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spin Classes moved for next week

Attention !! Spinners !! Location change !!

Speed Theory is being renovated next week and is closed. We will hit it hard in Rick's garage. He says it's more than capable of holding our massive thighs.

Here's the address: 6636 - Silver Ridge Rd NW.
Here is a link to a map of his location.
Here are directions from the store.
The garage is in the back, so you can park in the front or in the alley.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thigh Master Competition: NAME THOSE THIGHS!

Have you ever rode downtown and looked in store windows to see a reflection of your legs as you ride? Have you ever looked at park cars to see how clean they are, to see if you can see your legs on the door panels? Do you ever stop at a red light, check for hotties and then give the legs a shake and send rippling waves of flesh and steel down to your feet?
Well all you fine athletic specimens, why don't we have a thigh naming competition to see who has the coolest name for their greatest assets!

Rules (don't worry it's simple):
  2. You have to have one name for each leg. (Don't be a hoser no swear words, and nothing you wouldn't say to a dude or a chick on the first date).
  3. The final twist to this great little contest is that you have to use your thigh names in a Limerick poem.
The winner of the contest will receive some Speed Theory swag, details to follow (don't worry it will be cool, this much effort will be worth it).

How to win:
Put your responses into the comments and we'll update this post with the entries! For team members: we may even get Trev to post them as our nicknames for the team.


To get the ball rolling for everyone, here is mine:

Thigh names: Hans and Franz

Cyclings no place for a Girlie Man

Why don't you sit in a hair salon
You are no climber
Or even Time Trialer

Hans and Franz will be putting the Pump On!

Make sure you all put your thigh names and limerick in the comments section so we can all see everyones names and poems. (be sure to include your rough identity, it would suck if the prize went to 'ladiesMan69' and we had no idea who that was)

Have fun and ride safe.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Membership application forms !

Speed Theory Cycling Wants YOU!

Do you like bikes? Click here.
Do you like wearing spandex? Click here.
Would you wear a long sleeved skinsuit to the bar? Click here.
Do you like riding a road bike with other great people? Click here.
Do you wanna race and see how fast you are? Click here.
Do you think you're the fastest woman in Alberta? Click here.
Do you think you're the fastest man in Alberta? Click here.
Do you have a pulse? Click here.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New ST Cycling Member....from the fires of HELL

In our attempt to intimidate the competition this season, we've dug deep (pun intended) to find our newest team member.

In our new series of introducing our new members on our newish blog, these articles will outline new news on our newsworthy teammates.

Please join me in welcoming New-Rob to the team. Otherwise refered to as Rob Lukacs, otherwise known as 'Satan's pool-boy that got away'.

While New-Rob has limited bike racing experience, he does have plenty of training shoving random objects over his head, which we figure is pretty comparable to bike racing and should set him up to be a formidable opponent to his competition in the Cat5 ranks.

We had the chance to ask Rob a few questions about his training and racing history, as well as a few questions about his general day-to-day life.

ST Cycling: Rob, being predominantly comfortable competing in warm climates; have you ever tried something that was completely outside your comfort zone?

Rob: Funny you should mention that, just the other month I competed, and dominated in, the World Banana-Slide Backyard Showdown. I think that day I proved to myself, and anyone who dare compete against me, that I am adaptable to crush people in any environment.

ST Cycling: Are you a competitive guy?

Rob: Well, to be perfectly honest, it's hard to find real competition. What am I going to do? Compete in a good looks race? I am obviously really really really ridiculously good looking. In other areas I use my good looks to my advantage; for example I call my game face 'Blue Steel'. I think this picture says it all.

ST Cycling: During spins we notice you bring an exotic Willier full carbon bling bling ride that makes others jealous. Are you aware that your president stills rides on a 2001 aluminum Cannondale?

Rob: Don't hate me because my bike is beautiful. Also.... I just put a new bumper sticker on my BMW M5; it says "Poor people make me sick".

ST Cycling: Every avid cyclist has a set of heros in the Pro peloton. James Tallian loves Nick Gates with his 4 Latern Rouges, Rob Woolley loves Robbie McEwen for his personality, and A-Train Shaw loves Tom Boonen for his glutes. Who is your favourite rider?

Rob: That's tougher than a coffin nail (reference to death and overall hellish feeling intended) to figure out. I admire Jens Voigt for his attacking nature and laying waste to his competitors, however he doesn't always win ?!?! The next cyclist that wins every race he goes in will be my new hero.

ST Cycling: What are your thoughts on the current drug situation in cycling?

Rob: I haven't heard anything. Is this a recent thing?

ST Cycling: The team here at ST Cycling can't help but notice your last name reminds us somehow of a porn star name, however we can't put our finger on why. Any help in this regard?

Rob: I get that a lot. To help you out, I think if you were to say my name with a heavy Irish accent, it would become pretty apparent why you get that funny feeling.

ST Cycling: Thanks, you're right (said in an uncomfortable fidgity manor). With that we conclude our interview.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Group Ride

Leaving the Extreme Bean at 10am on Sunday morning.

Steve is going snowshoeing so there is no sense meeting at his house. Bring a few bucks for the massive rice krispee squares at Extreme Bean and a few bucks for coffee in Bragg Creek if we make it that far.

Map to Extreme Bean

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan. 14th and 16th spins.

Mandy is handling the playlist for Monday's spin while we have Sophia devising an upgrade to her great playlist from before Christmas for Wednesday's spin.

Bring your wool knee-high socks and neon wrist bands, as Mandy has promised us lots of 80's dance.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ashes of your Enemy

Here is the theme of tonight's workout.
Bring protein.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Next trivia question:

WITHOUT looking on the web:

What, if any, grand tour, other than the TdF, did Ullrich win and in what year?

Monday, January 7, 2008

This is cool

I can't recall if this was posted earlier or not but this is a nifty new cycling computer concept. Sadly, not available for production . . .yet. The Cerevellum has interchangeable-addable modules that include GPS, HR, power and a rearview camera. Hold, up. A rearview camera you say? No longer will I require the dorky mirror attached to my skid lid? Sign me up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mon. Jan. 7th. First ST spin of the new year!

We'll be gradually changing our trainingfocus over the coming months and starting to take advantage of the work we put in in the fall.

For those of you that are just joining us, you will love the atmosphere and awesome playlists people continue to create. You will quickly fit right in and dig how fast we can make 90min go by :)

6:30pm at the store....ready to spin.

For those that like trivia.... on the picture to the upper left, WITHOUT looking on the net, what year, race, stage, and length of stage was this shot taken? Leave your guess in the comments BEFORE checking online.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ride from Steve's tomorrow

Meet at Steve's at 10am tomorrow for a ride. It is supposed to be around 5 degrees !

Here is a map to Steve's house

The ride will be out to Bragg Creek or something like that.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

ST Cycling Membership.... very soon.

Guys, we will be coming out with the first round of our membership drive very soon. Please check this website fairly regularly. I hope to have a meeting with Paul, James, Rob, and Alex very soon to go over several items like Team Kit, Team Membership fee, focus races, a couple other things.

I will post the time and date of the meeting as soon as we confirm as other members are more than welcome to come and join in the team building and structuring. It is encouraged.

Just like last year, there will be an advantage to sign up early. It will help us figure out our numbers and what we can offer, as well; it will ensure you get this year's jersey as soon as it arrives and in the size you want.

Spin: If you can make it, it would be awesome if more of the team can start coming out to the spin classes. After Paul had his kid, the fort was held down by Alex, Rob, Dan, James, and myself. New-Rob was good as well, however he will have to step up and make a playlist :)

Kirk D., would you be able to look into what type of radios you may have access to for our team at races next year.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Speed Theory current 2008 Team Members

Cat 1
Chad Kozak

Cat 2
President: Trev Williams
Jared Green
Kyle Marcotte
Rod McAlister

Cat 3
Alex 'A-Train' Shaw
Jason 'Make you hit the' Wall
Kristian 'Rock Racing' Schneck
Lachlan Holmes
Ryan Murray
Stephen Kenny
Steve German

Cat 4
James 'The Crux' Tallian
Mike Godfrey
Rob Lukacs
'Slayer' Dan Sigouin

Amy Michel
Tegan Owens
Sandra Yaworski

Cat 5
Vice President: Rob Woolley
Treasurer: Paul Anderson
Andrew Barron
Andy Hill
Carl Miiller
Charlie Cooper
Mark Shand
Mike Chui
Mike Healy
Paul Connelly
Rui Reis

Non-Racing Member
Steven Boyd

Speed Theory Cycling Current 2009 Members

Total Team RACE members = 82
Total team members = 85

Cat 2 (12)
Ringleader: Trev Williams
Ben Adam
Keith Bayly
Dennis Bland
Jared Green
Lachlan Holmes
Rod Macalister
Kyle Marcotte
Dallas Morris
Ashley Myers
Alex 'A-Train' Shaw
Frank Woolstencroft

Cat 3 (7)
Harley Borlee
Len Conlin
Stephen Kenny
Rob Lukacs
Ryan Murray
Jason 'Make you hit the' Wall
Thomas Yip

Cat 4 (12)
Jason Buijs
Rick Courtney (Provincial Master C Champion)
Clarke Ellis
Ed Gillmor
Mike Godfrey
Alejandro Henry
Paul Rosenberg
Carlos Salas
Dan Sigouin
Joel Souchotte
Larry Welsh
Simon Williams

Women (16)
Kailee Boyle
Shari Boyle
Cat 'Beer Mile' Brown
Lyndsey Clapperton
Robyn How
Virginie Lavoie
Lyndsay Mackay
Lisa 'Big Show' Mensink
Amy Michel
Loretta Murphy
Karalee Obrien
Kelly-Lynn O'Toole
Tanya Salomon (Provincial Master Champion)
Amanda Seguin
Marilyn Taylor
Ashley Turgeon
Sandra Yaworski

Cat 5 (34)
Rob Woolley
Andrew Barron
Mike Chui
Paul Connolly
Bruce Druery
Sean Dukelow
Charles Finstad
Scott Gibson-Craig
Darcy Gullacher
Mike Healy
Andy Hill
Mike Hoang
Chris Hooper
Tom Kenny
Sean Keown
Hal Kuntze
Peter Lawson
Matt MacKay
Jay Meakin
Rick Metzger
Carl Miiller
David Morgantini
Alan Oickle
Darryl Parry
Stephen Pickett
Rui Reis
Jeremy Roles
Aryeh Rosenberg
Mark Shand
Murray Stewart
Bart Ujack
Peter Verburg
Andrew Wolaniuk
Bob Woodward
Mike Young

Non-Racing Members
Paul Anderson
Hiroshi Iwabuchi
Taylor Lick

Jason Lapierre Memorial Dual-Stage ITT Omnium

Below is the link to the 'Race Guide'.

Please leave a comment if you have any specific questions, as I am sure you are not the only one.

Race Guide here.

Karelo registration here

- Day-of-Race Licenses are available for this event! However you still need to pre-register.
- A single body number will be worn as low as possible in the center of your back.

Full Calendar