Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beer Mile!

Well, that must have been Calgary largest Beer Mile in years.

Convening in the dark at the dirt track in Currie Barracks, 27 beer milers and a ton of spectators were witness to a true phenomenon.

The results are in:

Luke Way : 6:51
Kyle Marcotte : 7:46
Greg Nicholson : 8:37
Suzanne : 8:59
Jim Peters : 9:15
Steve German : 9:16
John White : 9:30
Mike Young : 9:30
Carson Bannon : 9:35
Rosemary G : 10:28
Cat Brown : 10:41
Chris : 10:57
Ryan H : 12:05
Paul : 12:25
Kobe : 12:36
Mark Shand : 12:36
Rod McAllister : 13:02
Jess: 13:15
Ryan Murray : 13:53
Rob W: 13:54
Joel S : 15:25
Trev Williams: 16:52
Mitch: 17:12
Chantal: 17:21
Jen Walker: 24:18
Cal Zarinski : DNF
Dave V: DNF

Special mention must be made to:
1.) Luke Way.... breaking 7min is a feat greater than his Xterra wins.
2.) There were two heats last night and Kyle attempted to perform a 'double', which has never even been considered much less attempted.
3.) Trev Williams' last beer can was generally considered 'Extremely Questionable' in terms of emptyness.
4.) Steve German performed the mile chugging 4 X 500ml of chocolate milk. He felt worse than anyone at the end, but was able to drive Trev home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Rider - Jake Anderson

Jacob Paul Anderson - Birthdate Nov 22, 2007
Weight - 8lbs 5ozs
Height - 22"
Strengths - climber
Past experience - new rider

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mandatory Fitness Testing.

KIDDING! But for real it's BEER MILE TIME!

Carson Bannon and Kyle Marcotte (of TRS) are hosting an epic beer mile this Friday at the Curry Barracks. Presently, 20 proud warriors have signed up for this grueling feat of athletic prowess. You thought ironman was hard? Well, ironman is nothing in comparison to this.

If you are unfamiliar with beer mile.... show up at 8:30pm, with running shoes, totally optional silly outfit (like a superman suit if you have it), 4 beer cans (see rules), and a designated driver! For a preview merely click the video above.

Official Details:

  1. The event is taking place here at 8:30 PM Friday November 22.
  2. Bring at least one item for the food bank.
  3. Bring running shoes and 4 beers.
  4. Mandatory preposterous costume.
  5. Trev will be reprising his role as the mighty wookie, Chewbacca
  6. If you don't want to race (you're a pansy) but this is a legendary spectator event

The FAQ on beer miling are here:


The Numbers are in. In a recent study from the Swiss Vitamin institute and the CNRC Wind tunnel Argyle was found to be the fastest pattern available to skin suit designers world wide*.

Recent internal pressure on team Speed Theory has left team officials scrambling to follow the lead of Slipstream-Chipotle in the design of new full sleeved skin suits. JamesT, the crux of the skin suit development at SpeedTheory Headquarters, was reported to have dropped all work regarding long sleeves and built in gloves to focus solely on what is being dubbed 'project Argyle-alation'.

Of course, there is much work to be done, please submit your thoughts and tartans for analysis.
*the legitimacy of this post is suspect. Please enjoy responsibly

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Consumer Poll - Old School Wool Jerseys

Would you guys buy old school jerseys like these? They come in long and short sleeve, no colour choices, and only in male sizes (sorry Trev). They are full morino wool (not sure if it is virgin or otherwise) with embroidered logo. They will retail somewhere around $100.

Another option is to abondon the red logo and go really old school, As Mike Holowack put its "use minimal colors like in the days of yor. With the cream logo it takes on a this is what our logo looked like 50 years ago". What does everyone think?????

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Speed Theory at Ironman Florida - Race Report

Saturday, November 3rd – race day, the ocean was dead calm – no wind, perfect conditions. Got beaten up good on the first loop, the second loop I found clear water but lost the draft effect of the first loop. Swim time 1:15:11.

Bike - The first 50k on the bike was heavy traffic, passing a lot of people and trying to find some space. All the time trying to ensure I was not drafting. Didn’t see much drafting at that stage but saw lots of marshals. No wind, perfect conditions. Settled in trying to stay around 150 heart rate (middle of Z2). Picked up the pace for the next 60k. The wind came up on the westward section. Saw about 3 pelotons pass me out, I shouted at each of them as they passed. I did not let the drafting bother me. The course seemed a couple of km short and off the bike into T2 after 5:45:23.

Run - It had warmed up to about 77 degrees F – just about right for the run, very little humidity. OK for the first 12k (my longest recent training run because of injury!) then the race became a struggle all the way. Good with the fluids and nutrition, even managed a few gels in addition to the coke, gatorade and water. By the mid point it was a case of making it to the next aid station, walking the aid station and start running again. Tried really hard to hold a pace of 160 HR and eventually slowed from sub 10 minute miles to somewhere between 10 and 11 pace. Really wanted the run to finish. Never so happy to see the race finish. Finished the marathon in 4:35:54.

Total race 11:52:45. My goal set a year ago was 11:45:00. Considering the lack of miles on my legs leading up to the race this was a good result. Between the transitions, pit stops, and a couple of other issues I know I could have been a fair bit faster. Overall about 50th in my age group of 150. Watched in awe at 52 year old Joe Bonness race as well, his 3rd ironman in 4 weeks finish in about 9:25.

Overall great organization, Panama City Beach locals and visitors alike were really into the event, volunteers were great. Panama City Beach is no longer just a spring break redneck vacation spot. Slippery Suckers Oyster Bar now has some competition.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Murray top 10 at Banff WinterStart

Full results here

1 Ken MYERS 27:12
2 Don KING 28:23
3 Jonathan ROTH 28:44
4 Scott RATZLAFT 29:34
5 Kevin BOWLES 29:36
6 Lisa HARVEY 29:47
7 Phil DAUM 29:56
8 Ed BICKLEY 29:59
9 Gregory NICHOLSON 30:08
10 Ryan MURRAY 30:50

OK, look at the guy on the left of this photo. Yah, the dude in the Superman suit.

Yah, that's Ken Myers. Yah, he won.

That is sooooo cool. You wear a suit like that you have to be close to last....or win. And he won. I think that is awesome. That is laying it on the line. That is how to race!! I admire that.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Healy goes Sub 12

Mike Healy blazed through T1 and T2, keeping them both under 10min :) to lay down a Sub 12 performance at IMFL on Sat.

Here are his splits:

SWIM: 1:15:11
BIKE: 5:45:23
RUN: 4:35:54
OVERALL: 11:52:45

Good work Mike. I am not sure what your goal time was but we would all love to hear a race report if you've got one.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cross ride Sat. at 10am at the Bean.

Pace will be relaxed and the route will be gravelly, hopefully.

Come out while there is no snow !!


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