Sunday, February 26, 2012

Commissaire Courses

Our club would like to promote our members to take an active role in volunteering and officiating races. Having more commissaires in our club will do nothing but good for us and Alberta cycling in general.

I plan on taking the Road Course (the MTN course is the same day as the Glencoe IceBreaker 10km) but I encourage any of our club members to take any/all of the BMX, MTN, or Road courses.

Sign up here and the club will pay for 3/4 of your entry. Once you have completed your course, let me know and the club will reimburse you 3/4 the registration.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bikes on Broadway anyone?

This is likely under the category of 'a little bit premature: but I'm wondering if anyone on the team is planning on doing Bikes On Broadway this year. Long story short I had airmiles that had to be used by then so I just booked my trip. Its on the May long weekend (19-21) and is a well run event that fits in well with the rest of the ABA schedule. It also can be used for upgrade points so there are plenty of reasons to attend. Anyone interested please let me know as I'm looking at booking hotels in the next few days.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prairie-Roubaix III 2012, The Spring Classic France wished it had.

We have permission from LaFarge to use there parking lot as a staging area and volunteer grouping. I have sent in all the required documents to ABA. Darcy will now request permission from Rocky View County and Alberta Transportation.

It looks like it is 'go time' April 22nd for one of the best races on the calendar. It'll be just like 2010 all over again!

Book it.... then race it.

Entry will be pay $15 on race day for guys. Women are free. More info to come.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Calgary Greenway Project update.

I just got back from a great meeting with Calgary Parks Foundation on our involvement with the Greenway Project. I am pretty excited as the meeting went extremely well in terms of everything the club wants to accomplish through supporting a great cause and having it in Jason's name and support cycling/healthy living in and around the community.

They are going to be setting up an allocation fund where our club and others supporters can donate funds in Jason's name for an allocated project along the pathway.

More importantly, the interval running/training track project along the Greenway Project is currently being designed and conceptualized and they require relevant input and consultation to build a usable and sustainable facility. They are excited to have our club as a knowledge and experience resource they can draw from. In exchange, they thought an allocation of part of the major project could be named in Jason's memory.

The club you belong to is a great place to learn how to train and race, meet training buddies, belong to a wicked group of people, and will now have a very real and relevant charitable project in Jason's name. I am pretty excited. I will keep you updated.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Clothing Order is ready to go ! DEADLINE FEB. 17th

Thomas has once again got his 'front-end' together for our clothing order to make it extremely easy for us to get our kit! Thanks Thomas.

You MUST be a team member to order clothing. Register as a team member first, then order clothing.

You have just under 2 weeks to order kit.

ACCESSORIES: This will be the ONLY order round we try to get accessories as they require different minimums that are harder to attain. So if you want arm/knee/leg warmers, NOW is the time to order them.

The Doctrine Training kit: I got Thomas to design the world's first incarnation of 'The Doctrine' kit! He did a wicked job as usual and I am excited to show you guys. I plan on using this kit at training camps and corporate retreats. If you would like to order it, since it looks wicked, we have added it as an option. NOTE: You need an STC jersey to race for STC. The Doctrine kit would not be for racing.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madden, Arizona?

Spectacular riding up north today. Our numbers keep growing and 9 of us headed out this morning for what Harley prescribed as "a social ride". It sure turned out that way until about the third hill. I think it was Matt and "the look" that ended the social aspects, except of course for the few brief stops to wait for the wounded.

The look

Somewhere around Madden it started to get nice and warm, layers were all peeled off.

Harley stripping off the arm warmers

We picked up the pace on the way home, heading south the west wind came up and we had a perfect echelon going, six of us across the quiet road, the last man always looking back to warn us of the pickups.

I heard Matt say this was the longest, fastest, hardest, earliest in the year ride he has done. We are sure spoiled wiith the weather. Next weekend is looking ok so far, let the computrainer gather dust and give the trainer a break, unless of course you are spinning with Trev. Keep an eye on the training ride forum.

Can we race soon?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SOCIAL RIDE posted on training ride forum.

check the training rides forum for rides this weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nose Hill XC Race, Feb. 11th at noon. Volunteers?

I took over race directing the Nose Hill XC Running race last year after 8 years of racing it and have enjoyed my volunteer role as this was always one of my favourite races of the series and it is fun to create a fun course for others and watch the event.

Next Sat. (Feb. 11th) I will be there with about 100 racers. I was hoping to get 5 volunteers for course marshals and finish line helpers. Please email me if you don't mind spending 2 hours cheering on a hundred or so crazy XC racers on Nose Hill. You will receive all the stew, soup, and dessert you can eat and pack away with you after the event, as well as a rambunctious volley of applause from the runners.

If you can make it, email me, and I will meet you at 11:35am at the Brisbois entrance to Nose Hill.

If you don't feel like volunteering, then come out to run the event and bring your kids. There is a kids 600m event just before the adult race. Then everyone heads to the TriWood Community center to eat way more calories than they expended!!

See you Feb. 11th !!


PS: I flag the course in the evening prior to the event, so on Feb. 10th at around 6pm. If you want to meet me for an evening headlamp-lit jog around NoseHill, email me and we'll hook up!!


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