Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cycle access at the bottom of 101 Street.

We are trying to generate traction on an issue of relevance to cyclists in Calgary.

When the new ring road is built through Springbank, the access from the bottom of 101st to HW 8 will be lost.

This means that if you should want to go west on HW 8 you will need to go onto the 4 lane HW and do a big loop  and vice versa, which is a pain and personally we don’t want to be anywhere near a 4 lane HW on our bikes.

We have been in contact with the City to ask for a bike access from the termination of 101st st though to HW 1, see responses below.

Could I ask you to email your representative and also to contact the planning dept at the email below.
Also we are planing to attend the meeting local to us but the more the merrier as they say.

Thanks in anticipation

Jerry and Cindy

From city:

I understand your concern and will discuss it internally with our group.  Generally, Alberta Transportation does not provide restrictive access to highways, such as, access for cyclists but not cars.  This policy is due to concerns of confusion for motorists, difficulties for signage, maintenance, etc.

As noted below, the existing 101st Street will remain open to just north of the proposed westbound Highway 8 roadway, but will not connect to Highway 8.

We have several information sessions scheduled for early November, locations and dates can be found on our web page at:

Alan Dixon <>

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our club members on The Board at the ABA and Shawn Bunnin is our new President!

The ABA AGM was last Saturday. It was great to see club members Darcy Gullacher and Charles Bougie run for spots on the board and racing committee. Rob Armstrong of the Crankmasters also ran for a position on the board.  Congratulations to all for successfully being voted in.

Darcy Gullacher and Rob Armstrong are now on the Racing Committee
Charles Bougie is now a 'Member at Large' meaning he has voting rights directly on the board.

Another big change (the biggest change for the ABA) is that Deadgoat Shawn Bunnin has vacated his seat at VP of Racing and was named as President of the ABA. Congratulations Shawn for stepping up and accepting this position.

The club thanks all of you for your support of Alberta Cycling and your dedication to our sport.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'Cross After Dark


This Saturday night is probably THE coolest 'cross race on the calendar: the Dark Knight 'Cross put on by the fine folks at Cyclemeisters at Canada Olympic Park. Yes, the race is at night. Yes, it is dark. Yes, it will be the most memorable race you will do all year. No ABA points on the line, seed yourself, dress yourself and your bike up, and have a good time. Unfortunately, I've got a another commitment on Saturday, so I'll probably need to pass this year, but I hope a good number of STCer's show up to fly the flag.

Sunday morning is the Cadence 'Cross Classic, also at COP.

Start the roll call below!

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