Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Several of Stephen Kenny's proteges at Mount Royal ...

.. are working on an entrepreneurial project for cycling and they have requested some of us fill in a short survey about their proposed project for the University.

I just filled it out and it took me 3minutes. Sounds like a neat project. I wish I did stuff like this in engineering.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Compress yourself.

A patient of mine is the distributer for CEP compression garments and they are having a cycling products launch.

Learn about how medical grade compression can help you as an athlete.

We are launching our NEW CEP BIKE compression products at our Warehouse Sale at Entrix. The public sale is Dec 2 and 3. Please pass this along to any coaches, friends, teammates, etc.
It is the one time a year we open to the public, take advantage of this special opportunity.
We have introductory pricing deals on:
- CEP compression bike shorts, bibs and socks
- Custom built recovery tights
Plus, a limited number of Cycling Bundles at 55% OFF

Click here to see the invite:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ride on SUNDAY Nov. 27th at 1pm !! CANCELLED CANCELLED


Everyone welcome! Will be a ride starting and stopping at the Marda Loop Phil and Sebastian's at 20th St. and 33rd Ave. and heading south toward Priddis. This will be a fun ride for anyone, but it is NOT a 'no drop' ride. As we head out of town there is bound to be some tempo riding since it is wicked to be riding outside in late Nov. !!

Meet at 12:40pm for coffee.... rolling out at 1pm.

We will head out south toward the Glenmore pathway and then the pathway along 37th to get out of town just in case you meet us along the way.

Come out !!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Got 'er dun. 200km Mount Lemmon Brevet.

I came down to Tucson to help Stephen Kenny out with a 200km Brevet that turned around on the top of Mount Lemmon, a renowned climb in Arizona that is 33km in length and is classified as an Hors Categorie. Cool! The event is a semi-self-supported affair that is run more like an attrition-style race rather than a typical cycling race with attacking. The pace is kept high and cyclists simply disappear off the back.

Stephen and I went for a ride the day before. He has been hitting it hard out here and is experiencing a solid turn of form. In this picture, I managed to pull up beside him for a moment to snap this shot. If you click on the picture you can see the difference in effort level.

The 60km that preceded the 40km run to the Mount Lemmon Community Center was anything but flat. It was roller after roller after false  flat. We hit the base of the climb in 1hour57min and after a 5min stop in a Subway to get water and pee, we started mile0 of the climb with 4 of us. Stephen and I started the climb conservatively as he has done this hill several times and knows the early grades are steep and the climb is relentless. This shot shows the two other Randonneurs with Stephen (as usual) pulling on the front. The rear rack storage holder on the blue jersey dude was the smartest move since Stephen and I packed everything on our backs and we envied the dude's sparse pockets and his ability to breathe. Next time for sure.

Stephen's pace shed the other two cyclists and I focused on his wheel for the 2hour20min ascent. We had to stop three times; twice for water, and once for a flat (on my 700X28 tire). So moving time up the mountain was about 2hour7min.  This shot shows Stephen after ascending from desert to snow!

Since Stephen is faster than me on flats and ascents I came around on the 33km descent which accounted for about 35min of the 7hours and 56min total time. I am starting to question how much help I was :)

The ride started at 7am in early dawn and we rolled back to the coffee just before 3pm. I told my classes I had hoped to complete in 7hours30mins, but I underestimated the 60km on either side of the climb and the climb itself was spectacular!! Here is Stephen flying down the 33km descent!

Oh, I didn't factor in the wait in the line up in the General Store up at the top of Mount Lemmon for fudge ?!?!  Stephen insisted it was a tradition regardless of if we were in an event or not. It was super, thank god.

Overall, it was a great day of riding and a solid sufferfest, what else would one ask for on a Sat. !  Today it is snowing buckets up there and the road is unridable to bikes. Good timing!

Raise your hand if you have crazy helmet head.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hey - ring the bell, its warm outside, so we'll be riding from OJ's in Marda Loop at 8:30!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next time, buy a FOCUS

If you have a Trek Trek 2012 FX or District bicycle READ THIS

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh… The Horror!!!

You've been a good bike these last 5 years… I'm sorry I killed you. RIP.

Monday, November 7, 2011

We still have our friend.

Teammate Carl Miiller somehow enraged history this past Saturday with Father Time sending a Spartan and some killer dogs to teach him a painful lesson. Luckily for all of us, Carl keeps himself in tiptop shape and the soldier was not able to close the gap. Congratulations to Carl for being faster than a trained professional.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Edmonton Indoor Track city survey

This is a message from Alan Schietzsch, he is heading a committee that has worked very hard the last 4 years to get an indoor cycling training facility in Edmonton. He has this request for the Calgary area cyclists.

We have a chance to have an indoor cycling track included in a new Rec Centre proposed in Edmonton. Having a track at this proposed high-profile facility means cycling is more in the public eye, more visible, and more respected by regular Albertans. That helps ALL cyclists, whether you Tri, TT, road race, MTB or just love bikes. CALGARY can help - fill out: 
For Question 1: Choose 'Other' and write something like: "I live in (Calgary or Cochrane or _____) and want to come to Edmonton to use a cycling track. 
This will help the city will see the value! Thank you!And that’s ammo for YOU - you can then say “Edmonton has one, CALGARY deserves one too!” – good politics!

Please ask anyone who supports cycling to send the City of Edmonton a very short online question form so they hear from cyclists:
Question 4 is the important one. You can check "I support this concept with the following suggestions________"
and fill the blank with something like "Yes it is important to include a year-round cycling track".

We try NOT to use the “V word” (velodrome). It is easier for the public to understand and support a “TRACK”.)

Please share so you and your friends are in the loop.

P.S.: If you are into TRIATHLON, think of the potential:
The centre that could have a cycling track is next to the Coronation POOL, and the Groat RUNNING trail to the River Valley – NEED I SAY MORE?


- Alan
Alan Schietzsch, Past PresidentAlberta Bicycle Association

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