Thursday, April 30, 2009

Packing? Don't Forget Keys...

At the Master's Provincials last year an H & R Block rider (Trev, help me out, was it Adam or Gideon?) drove out to Crossfield, only to realize he forgot the keys to unlock his bike from the roof rack. His race was over pretty early, and we all felt for the guy. Of course, my race was over early too. A Cat 5 in Masters A? I was a little out of my league...

But seriously. Stuff I have forgotten or has been forgotten by people I know:

- helmet
- cycling shoes
- front wheel (thankfully, not for a race)

And don't forget the race license.

For Sale

2 Bronzed Pistons
  • They are in very good condition because they've hardly been used outside
  • Good Type I to Type II fiber ratio
  • Decent development of the sartorius, lateralis, femoris, medialis and biceps femoris
  • Very good femur/tibia ratio
I'm selling them because I'm tired of only using em indoors. They need to be outside and it's just not fair keeping them cooped because the weather won' t cooperate--they need room to roam.

I'd prefer to sell them as a pair for $300,000, but I would consider selling just one if the price is right.


Lethbridge Coulee

Hey everyone,

I talked to Phil Rayner, organizer of this year's Lethbridge Coulee race, and he wanted me to mention a few things to the team (since the entire Cat 5 lineup is from Speed Theory).

First, the price of the Hill Climb on Saturday has been reduced from $20 to $10. Score!
In no way, however, does that entice me to want to do it now. But for all of you who are, you'll get a hefty $10 refund at some point in the weekend.

Second, the race entry was to be sent in by mail for the sole purpose that being the time of year of unpredictable weather, last minute cancellations would be easier to fix by tearing up a cheque than refunding through Karelo.

Finally, the route for the RR is not going to be the easiest. You can read this on the race info page, but just to reiterate, it's full of hills, hills and more hills. The way out is a long 1-2% grade uphill for about 40km. At the 20km mark there is a 3-5% grade KOM climb about 2.5km long, so this should start to create a gap in the pack and separate the "vertically challenged" (me). After this first pain fest, right before the turn around, is another 3km KOM that is a bit steeper than the first...that will spread the pack out like nutella on a bagel. Oh, and did I mention this is typically into a headwind?? But look at the bright side, this means coming back in we're all going to be going 103km/h down the hills and holding a solid 80km/h on the flatter sections.

I've booked a room at the Travelodge (I think Thomas did too) so if anyone else wants to be cool like us you should stay there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lethbridge Weather

I called my brother this morning and asked him to look out of his office window. He reports that the pavement and sidewalks are bare and dry, with about 2-5 cm of snow on the ground. However, he believes the snow should be gone by Friday. So, the hill climb and road race should be OK; those doing the MTB race could get quite muddy. Sort of like the 24 Hours last year...

Bow 80 Pre-registration Friday morning.

I'm not sure if there is many mountain bikers in the room, but the Bow 80 pre-reg starts Friday morning at 9:00. It is a wicked race on some of the best trails in these parts.

Sign up to receive the pre-reg link Friday morning at

It sells out extremely fast so register early.

2009 Bow 80 - "Off the Wagon"

The monument of enduro XC racing in Alberta – The Bow-80 – is set for Sunday, September 20th this year. Are you in?

This epic race will take you around Moose Mountain in Kananaskis Country and give you stories to tell for years. Fantastic views, lung searing climbs, and arm busting descents are waiting.

A Possible Race for those not doing Lethbridge

The Crankies do a race on May 3rd, that might be a good one for some of our newer team members, or anyone that is not planning on going down to Lethbridge. I did this one many years ago, it is a fun race, not too taxing.

It is called the Bearspaw Crit, it is basically 3 races in one:

First race is a 1 lap individual time trial. Each rider is started independently and rides solo and the elapsed time is recorded at the finish line.

Second race is a 1 lap team time trial. Teams will be made up by organizers using a fair system based on riders ITT results. The team size will be determined at the event but will be made up of either 4, 5 or 6 riders at the most. This is a great time for the experienced team members to share knowledge and expertise and rookies to feel the thrill of being coached, coddled and comforted by their fellow team members as they ride in close formation. The last rider's time will be used unless there is a mechanical failure then the last of the remaining riders time will be used.

The third and final race is a series of road races. Here riders will be able to put their final effort and new found racing acumen to the test. Each race will consist of only 5 to 8 riders to help ensure safety and will be comprised of riders with similar ITT times. Each rider will be carrying the colours of their team they rode with during the TTT. This is sure to bring the cheering to a rising crescendo as the finish line is approached. The last of the races will have the clubs' best riders strutting their speed and finish line punch.

This is a great race for anyone, who is maybe a bit intimidated by racing, particularly at the ABA level. It is an fun/easy entry level event that our friends at Crankmasters put on. It is always great to support our fellow teams and the races they put on.


"You will never walk without a limp, your days of active sports are probably behind you."
This is what I was told 17 years ago this fall. Not very good news for an 18 year old. 

Sitting in the surgeons office, he read the results of the arthroscopy detailing the extent of the damage to my left knee. Further surgery would not be recommended to replace the torn ACL, remove torn cartilege and repair of the medial and colateral ligaments. Not good. The following 5 months were spent in a drug and alcohol filled pity party

I sought out a second opinion, and the surgeons in Rossland BC felt I was an excellent candidate for the repairs required. The surgery procedures were scheduled and 3 operations over 16 months took place. Almost 4 months on crutches and countless hours in physiotherapy, the rehabilitation began. Everyone knows the trials of an extensive rehab schedule, the loss of strength, weight gain, feelings of despair. It was at that time that the physio mentioned that I should look at buying a bike, it would be good rehab.

It was 8 years after the last operation that I finally decided that I needed a new challenge. With the help and support of friends, I started a basic running program. I then entered three triathlons the following spring. Since 2002 I have completed 11 triathlons, 2 Ironman races, 6 half marathons and 2 full marathons. I have also raced in the Transrockies the last 2 years, highest finish was last year, 12th in our age group. Last year I also raced in 11 road bike races. 

Am I motivated to race this weekend? You bet I am. Every time I get on the course I think of where I was in my life. Sitting on the sidelines, watching the events, looking at the athletes faces, wishing that I could share that experience. 

"You'll never walk without a limp." Well buddy, I wish I would have sent you the finish photo of my first Ironman race as I crossed the line with my kids. I wasn't limping then, and I don't plan on limping across the line at Lethbridge either.

I'll use the one finger salute as I cross the line, first place or last place. 

Have a great day and I hope to see you guys this weekend at the race.

Slayer Dan

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cow commits suicide.

is this a family show ?.

Pigeon Lake

Can anyone find the details on the Pigeon Lake RR? I'm trying to schedule some stuff later in the afternoon and need to know the start time.... anyone?

Dallas at Maple Ridge's 'Race the Ridge'

Dallas 'represented' this weekend in a race in BC. I love the video work of the start of the circuit race and in the pack there... cool. Check out his race report.

Know Your Victory Salutes

Shamelessly stolen from
  • Two arms upraised: Classic, says it all.

  • One arm upraised: See above, only too tired to raise other arm.

  • Rocking imaginary baby: I dedicate this win to my newborn daughter/son.

  • Pointing index finger skyward: I dedicate this win to my deceased teammate/coach/bike washer.

  • Pumping a clenched fist: Take that, you disbelieving team manager/cycling journalist/boy- or girlfriend who dumped me.

  • Firing invisible pistol: I'm the baddest hombre in town.

  • Shooting invisible bow and arrow: I'm the baddest indigenous person on the prairie.

  • No salute: I hope there isn't any drug testing.

The Spirit Of Volunteering


It is great to see the interest in the team and how many new riders there are sporting the red and black race colors. To go from 30 riders to over 80 is amazing growth. 

To sustain this type of growth takes considerable effort and time to manage, create posts, organize and plan. It is critical to the success of the team that we all look into ourselves and our volunteer spirit to help in any way we can.

Top 5 Reasons Why I volunteer:
1. Opportunity to do something different. I remember being asked to be a lifeguard for a fringe event that had never been done before in the Cranbrook area. The event was the Wasa Triathlon. I was one of the lifeguards in the inaugural event. Trev was a wee lad then, so cute with these little curls in his hair.
2. Pay my dues. It takes countless hours to put on a good event. By helping, I can support someone who may have a newborn at home. The favor will be returned when I may need assistance.
3. Dependability. It is very satisfying to know that you completed something that everyone depends on. Building start ramps, moving start ramps, placing sign posts, smashing your fingers with a hammer putting up Powerbar signs. It has to happen.
4. Teambuilding. After all that work, you would have never thought a hamburger tasted better!
5. Responsibility. As a member of the team, I signed on to what ever the team needs help with. I have a van that can be used to pull a trailer and I have a strong back that can lift heavy things. I owe it to the success of the team.

Top 5 Reasons that You Should Volunteer
1. Your name isn't Tom Boonen, you just don't show up and ride.
2. Realism. There is 80 guys on the team now. That means we have access to around 80 spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. Share them.
3. Trev can't do everything.
4. If the team is growing, it needs support. Volunteer support. That means you support.
5. The main reason, because I said so.

If you want more examples of the volunteer spirit, the Brier was just here. Tons of volunteers. Ironman Canada is noted to have to the best volunteers for any race, some of the volunteers were there for the very first race.

It is important that we all do our part and it is time for us all to step it up. If you haven't committed to helping out yourself, or providing someone, it would now be the time to start taking resumes as a personal assistant. 

If you think I am going off on a rant, I have already organized the utility trailer I need to pull all the large sign posts out, I need to get them located and ready. I need to get the start ramp put together and moved into place for the start. Then I have to move the posts off the course and take the start ramp down and get all of it back to Calgary. In between all of that, I am supposed to unleash hell on the course. And don't think for a second I don't have to balance that with my daughters dance competitions, my son's spring hockey and wife's schedule.

Provide your comments and make sure that sign up for something.

Slayer Dan

Monday, April 27, 2009


OK, Thomas and I have figured out, since we are going to do this race up awesome on the 6th of June, and we don't want any hiccups in terms of not getting the venue for the Provincials, that we need 17 volunteers. We are going to treat this as a dry run of the Provincials, so we hope to make it pretty slick.

This is NOT INCLUDING the people I have already contacted to help me out pre and post race. These 17 volunteers will be people helping DURING the race, so they can be wives, husbands, friends of our membership... or members who don't want to race.

If you provide a volunteer for this race, you will be the last to be contacted for the JayLap weekend. The race will commence at around 10am, so volunteers will be expected to be ready to help from 9:30am to about 1pm, depending on how many racers we get. You can tell the volunteers they will be fed and watered well. We will provide lots of food and coffee for volunteers.

Leave a comment with your name, and the name of the volunteer you are providing. We will contact them through you.

The people we already have pre and post race are: Slayer and Rob L., Carl, Lachlan, Stephen K, Tom K, Mike G., Trev, Alex, Sandra, Paul C., Ryan M., and Thomas. So you guys don't need to provide anyone if you don't want too.


Calgary 70.3

The Calgary 70.3 organizing Committee is looking for approximately 15 individuals to act as bike drafting marshals during the race, no experience necessary (but always appreciated) as we will be conducting a level 1 officials course prior to the race. No motorcycle experience required but individuals will have to be comfortable riding on the back of a motorcycle. The local BMW owners club will be supplying the drivers/bikes and will be conducting a motorbike ‘do’s and don’ts’ seminar the day prior to the race in conjunction with the level one course. Anyone interested, please contact the ATA.

Cycling Gloves.

We are close to the minimum for cycling gloves for our second round. Anyone want to order a pair?

Leave a comment and I will email you with instructions.  They are $23.38.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Training Statistics


I just completed some research dealing with cycling in Alberta and weather statistics. There are some interesting numbers that we should all be aware of. These numbers may adjust your thinking when you schedule your next VO2 max test.

In May, we can expect an average of another 9.7cm of snow. I am really looking forward to that. I find the snow really keeps the f**king dust down on my street.

If it is not snowing, we can expect the following rain totals in mm. for the months of May - 51.4, June - 79.8, July - 67.9 and August - 58.7. I like rain. Its better when you can never dry your riding shoes. The kids also like this because they don't have to look far for weird science projects. Lets just get the expanding mold out of daddies riding shoes! I remember the year of the Fish creek floods, I had 26 training rides in June, I got poured on during 23 of them.

We average 113 days of measurable precipitation. This year will affect the record books though. Everyday has had measurable precipitation and its f**king snow! We have about 252 days with no precipitation. The real pearl here is that those days will occur from October through December and in February. The maximum temperature during those months is below 0. That stinks worse then an outhouse at an asparagus festival! 

We get 5 months per year where the average temperature is above 0. The average of those 5 months we be 10.88 degrees. Lame.

So the next time you look at scheduling your next VO2 max test, give Westjet a quick check and see if there are any flights available.

Slayer Dan

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cat 5 Training Groups/Aerobic Power 2up TTT

Hi, just wondering if we are thinking of putting those Cat 5 functional training groups together based on the Crankmaster ITT or if we are going to wait until we have more results in for more people.

Also, I was wondering whether these groups would affect who you are paired with in a 2up TTT (such as the upcoming Aerobic Power TTT) or in a full TTT.

Sorry if I'm pushing the issue a bit, I'm just pumped about getting out on the bike and meeting people that share my love of cycling.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bici GP Cancelled

This just in...

"Due to the recent snowfall and forecast of cold temperatures over the weekend, the Race Committee along with the Cheif Commissarie and the ABA have decided to cancel the entire race weekend.

Race fees will be refunded through Karelo."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Slight change in the weather forecast.

The differences between the morning commute.... 

...where I was pumped about recording the Google Car recording me! We got stuck in an infinite loop, both recording each other to be frozen in time! Rad.

... to the late afternoon where Calgary weather started sucking. Yes, it is almost the end of APRIL and I got to drag my bike the final 400m home because of freezing rain and God hating cyclists.

Sorry about the 90 degree view there, I swear I was putting out 500watts since picking up the Chariot just to travel about 10km/ I was pretty exhausted.

Joel needs a bike....don't make him race on his commuter.

I am looking to buy a 54cm road bike.  Does anyone have one they want to sell?  Price/material/components TBD.  Ideal would be carbon with ultegra components.  Please provide contact information to . Also, hoping to pick up a new bike before the race, so I don't have to use my beater commuter bike when I make my bike racing debut :)


Clothing orders due tomorrow.

Remember guys, especially new members, that the clothing is due tomorrow.

The helmets will come in MUCH faster than the clothing. If anyone is holding back on a helment since they don't want to wait 7 - 8 weeks, don't worry, this won't be the case.

Crit Tutorial:
Good turn out for the Crit session last night. It was great to see Keith, Kyle, Rod and several others imparting their bike racing knowledge to the new membes. This is what it is all about.

Race this weekend and beyond:
The Bici GP is an ABA race, so it is a much larger event than the Crankmaster club race. Hopefully our turn out will be at least double for this weekend. We will start coordinating where the team will be staying this year up in Edmonton for Velocity after this weekend.

I should have the SpeedTheory XTerra at the Speedway on the weekend. Please look for this vehicle and park close. We will try to warm up as a group. If it isn't too windy we will have a tent set up. I want to have meetings with every Cat before the race, so make sure you are around the tent.

Cat3's... who is racing?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey Everyone!

Rob Lukacs and I are riding in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" I'm sure a lot of you have already heard a lot about it. Its about a 200km ride on June 26th and 27th. All the proceeds go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. So if any of you guys are feeling generous stop by our web page and throw down a donation! we would both really appreciate the help. and i know Rob would especially appreciate it because he's laggin behind as he registered late. We each have agreed to raise $2500 and we both could use the help. you can go to the link and donate online. Thanks in advance everyone!!

Matt MacKay:

Rob Lukacs:

What the?????

I would never make fun of someone for making the effort to ride their bike or get in shape but I have to draw the line somewhere.

As you can see in the picture I have attached, my work has a recumbent infestation. At first it was just one, but as the weather has become nicer the recumbent has reproduced (i think asexually).

Everyone should check their work now (if there is a chair in your bike lock up it is probably a recumbent), try and eradicate this spring pest before summer comes and we are over run with engineers riding at knee level.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wed Ride

Sorry everyone, i cannot figure out how to post a ride on the form?!?!  (if anyone could help that would be good)  I am seeing if anyone is up for a recovery ride on Wed.  Leave from Westside Co-Op around 6:00 - 6:30 ish.  Just for you coffee drinkers, there is a Timmies and a Second cup there! 

First Road Race Ever

Well, I might not be one of the great performances that Trev talked about in the email, but it was a great race for me personally.

This was my first road race of any kind and I rode a TT bike for the first time. I must also say that I am glad that I took the spin classes this winter, although they did not seem to help me go any faster. They did help me make sure I did not go any slower.

I want to encourage all the other first time cat 5 racers to get out there and get your first race under your belt. No matter where you finish it will be a great experience.

I have already signed up for the BiciSport TT, so I will see you there.


Tuesday Evening Reminder

Crit Fear?




I know that many of you need to learn some basics of crit survival. Some of you might be looking to improve your chances of winning one of these things. And a fearful few of you may have given up the idea of ever lining up (again) for one of these savage tests of nerves and speed.

Don't be afraid. You can learn and practice some simple skills that will help you thrive in any action packed crit.

On Tuesday, April 21 and on the following Tuesday, April 28th. I will be at the University Research Park loop, site of Midweek Mayhem's Tuesday night crit series, offering help to those who want it. From equipment to technique and tactics, I'll cover as much as I can.

I don't claim to be a coach or a crit expert but my advice is sure to help you start or continue racing crits with the confidence it takes to improve.

Research Park is here.,-114.13898&hl=en&geocode=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=16&sll=51.085113,-114.1378&sspn=0.006039,0.014141&ie=UTF8&z=16

I'll be there at 6:30

Keith B

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nice work everybody.

Thanks to the Cranks Club, for holding a wicked 20km ITT event on this crisp bluebird day. If I'd went first in 'times' I could have actually got some racing footage...
But a hugemoungous turnout with near 25 Team Speed Theory participants, willing to cough a lung and suffer through the fitness on a really challenging, yet beauty stretch of Alberta black top>

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We just hit 80 total members. And 40 total Cat5s.

Hopefully I'll get to meet and train with most of you. Everyone, please continue posting opportunities to train together in our new training forum (yellow link just above). As a club, we train, race, and operate as a TEAM. With these numbers it will be pretty difficult to coordinate so everyone knows everyone, however, please continue posting training rides and try to make it to most races and we'll all eventually meet up. I'll get a big BBQ together soon too so we can meet the new racers and get to know what each other look like without helmets on.

Second Round Clothing (due April 23rd) UPDATE


I have added a few more options for the 'womens sizes' that were available but not explicit last time. I have added the options for the team helmets.

Note: I have left on the 'Accessories', however, we still need to make 'minimums' on that stuff, so I doubt we will get any. But if you really want something, maybe someone else does too, and order it, and you'll get a refund if we don't get the 'minimum' (which is 10).

Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet. The link is here and on the right of the blog.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have tried the 'Thermoshield' jacket out and it is great.

For a few dudes, you have a 'credit' from last order. If you are ordering something this time, just take your credit off your total when writing the cheque (make a note of it on the comment space). If you don't order anything, I will write you a cheque. Here are the dudes with credits:
Harley $34.32, Frank $34.32, Jason $30.36, Charles $13.20, Mike H $30.36, Carl $34.32, Cat $138.60, Tanya $138.52

If it is easier than dropping a cheque off at the store. You can INTERAC me the money to the email you send the spreadsheet too. Just make sure you tell me the password!


Car Pool to the ITT


I am thinking about going to the ITT tomorrow and wondering if anyone wants to carpool. I can take 2 other people. I live in the NW and can either pick people up, on the way, or we can meet in a general location. I would like to go with time to warm up on my trainer (30-40). And I can leave when ever it is convent for all in the car.

Leave a post or send me an email if you are interested.


Friday, April 17, 2009

ARC Race for Oval/Bici Grand Prix Registration is Open

Registration for the ARC Race for the Oval/Bici Grand Prix is now up on Karelo. The Race Guide is available here.

Three skinsuits for use.

The club has three wicked skinsuits. One in small, and two in medium. They are washed, and I think only 1 has been used before. If you want to try it out this weekend and then use it for the ABA Bici sport ITT next weekend, first come first serve. Leave a comment and I'll bring it along for you on Sunday morning. I will be there no later than 10am.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greetings From Sunny Miami And Size Charts

Hi there. My name is Paul Rosenberg and I live in Miami, Florida for 7 months out of the year and the other 5 months I am in Calgary. I just joined Speed Theory and look forward to racing with and against you guys this summer. I should be back in time for the June 6th TT.

I wanted to order some team clothes, and since I am in Florida - I don't have any access to sample sizes and the existing size charts are very vague. A few days ago I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me these very detailed size sheets. I am providing links to them so that if anyone else needs some help with sizing they should check these out and should have no problems picking the right sizes.

If anyone is coming to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area - bring your bike and get in touch with me. Riding in the sunshine and a stiff ocean breeze can get monotonous, and just because it is flat and I mean FLAT - there are some crazy fast group rides and awesome views to be seen of and on the beaches.

Size Charts:
Mens Short Sleeve Jersey Race Cut
Mens Short Sleeve Jersey Club Cut
Mens Bib Shorts


I had a meeting and drive through with Lorie Holte this morning. He is in charge of the NE Stoney Trail Ring Road Expansion. He is going to let us have an 8km stretch of BOTH highways for the June 6th race!  How totally wicked is that? We are going to be racing on COMPLETELY CLOSED 4 lane new highways !!  The course is dead flat and almost no corners. It is a PB course for sure. Bruce Copeland and Gideon should be licking their lips since this is an opportunity to totally rock. We are able to make it a 30km ITT with what we have. This is great for Alberta cycling and our club! Talk about the coolest race venue of the year!

The best part?  If we pull this off without any hitches.. we can host the Provincial ITT and TTT on this CLOSED HIGHWAY too! By then we should be able to do a 40km ITT and TTT. Imagine being in a TTT being able to echelon into a crosswind without worrying about traffic. SWEET!

I am super pumped. Now is the time we make a wicked race. Thomas is going to start contacting people as we start assigning duties. I want all club members RACING this event. So start lining up your person that can represent you to volunteer.

Training Ride Forum..... and UFC night?

David had a good idea today that since the Training Rides are bumping a lot of the other posts, like Rod's trash talk of Lachlan's ride, and Sandra's Women's post, down into obscurity too quickly, that we 'stick' a Training Ride Forum at the top of this website, and then only if people are interested in going for a ride, do they need to check that.  Thoughts ?

Anderson Silva is fighting... I want to watch. Is anyone hosting a UFC party?

Also Jason Macdonald is fighting, also, Liddel is fighting, also Kongo is fighting.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday Ride

For people not riding in the TT Sunday (or if you are and feel energetic) I was planning a ride from the Rocky Ridge Co-op Saturday 9am - heading toward Cochrane then North toward the Madden golf course - ride the Stampede RR course one lap, stop for a drink at the golf course then back. Good ride if out early enough. 

Larry Welsh Cat 4

Trev's Thursday night hills.

Tom is doing one in town-ish. I am doing 3 X Cochrane. Leaving my place at 6:30pm sharp. Ride EASY out to Cochrane. 3 hills (2 sitting, 1 standing) then coming EASY home. Would like to meet some new dudes and catch up with old ones. If we have enough people we will Autralian Pursuit!

Bring blinkies on your bike if you've got them.

Link to My Place. Lots of parking.


Thursday Night Climbing

My bike's going into the shop today for its annual check-up. So, someone else will need to organize the Thursday night climbing session. Any takers?

Cranks ITT This Weekend - Cat 5s

Question for the Cat 5s planning on doing the Cranks ITT this weekend. I know Trev wants to use this race as a benchmark for training proposes. So to keep things fair, should we all do it Merckx style (no aero gear, no deep-dish rims)? Thoughts?

Wed. ride in N.W.

Hey everyone, i am going out tonight to do some intervals in Bearspaw area if anyone is interested. Probably leaving around 5:30 - 6:00 ish.

So it begins

Not cycling related but everyone should be able to cheer on the Canucks tonight, the game doesn't start until 8 so you should be able to ride and then watch the game. - At The Gun

A little inspirational reading for all the new racers out there.

Lockie's new TT bike

The rumor mill over the winter was all a buzz with talk of a TT bike for Lockie, a stakeout took place and a picture was obtained during a lapse in security.

Please note the triple chain ring and what I can only assume is a wing to keep the back wheel from leaving the ground.

Edit: This could also be Keith's bike, my files are not organized.
I have added a picture of my TT bike. Note the mirror, when Lockie is trying to catch me I can release the bungie cord defence mechanism and if that does not work I will blind him with my dual reflectors.

Racing is awesome.

OK, the race season seems to be shaping up in terms of the midweek stuff. My suggestion is to try out as many races as possible if you are new to the sport. If you want to get better at a specific dicipline, then focus on one series. Stephen, Lachlan, Alex, and I really dug the C4 races last year, while Keith, Dallas, Lachlan, and Dennis were digging the Midweek-Mayhem.

It is totally awesome that the opportunity to race every week, multiple times exists. Just monitor your recovery! If you are new to the sport, any amount of racing is going to help. However, if you are serious about performing well in one of these series', or at an ABA race on the weekend, make sure to monitor your effort levels throughout the season. A good rule of thumb is no more than 2 really hard efforts a week.

Link to the C4 Racing Blog. (a mix of fun RR and ITT events)
Link to the Midweek-Mayhem site. (hardcore crits that will make you faster)

Let's get a lot of people to ALL the races series' and ABA events. We have the get out and race !!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Crit Fear?

I know that many of you need to learn some basics of crit survival. Some of you might be looking to improve your chances of winning one of these things. And a fearful few of you may have given up the idea of ever lining up (again) for one of these savage tests of nerves and speed.

Don't be afraid. You can learn and practice some simple skills that will help you thrive in any action packed crit.

On Tuesday, April 21 and on the following Tuesday, April 28th. I will be at the University Research Park loop, site of Midweek Mayhem's Tuesday night crit series, offering help to those who want it. From equipment to technique and tactics, I'll cover as much as I can.

I don't claim to be a coach or a crit expert but my advice is sure to help you start or continue racing crits with the confidence it takes to improve.

Research Park is here.,-114.13898&hl=en&geocode=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=16&sll=51.085113,-114.1378&sspn=0.006039,0.014141&ie=UTF8&z=16

I'll be there at 6:30

Keith B

Cat 2 Team for Banff Stage Race

I am organizing the Cat 1/2 Team for the Banff stage race. Could I get all those Cat 1/2 riders who are interested in racing to please send me an email so that I know that you are interested in taking part in the stage race (all events). I know that Jared and Dallas can not make it do to other commitments that weekend. There is only room for 6 riders for the general classification race.

Last year we were able to get special permission to let some Cat 3s on the team. Could those Cat3 riders who are interested please send me an email as well to let me know that they are interested.

dukyle at yahoo dot ca

I am sure that there will be lots of interest so we are going to try to do this as fair as possible.

Entry information for all other racers (Cat 5, 4, 3 and women) will be posted as soon as it is available. With the exception of the road race, all other events will be available for all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Banff Bike Fest - Accomodations

Registration for this years' Banff National Park Bike Fest (see for registration info) is now open and I'm super excited about seeing a strong ST contingent out for what should be a great few days of suffering. We were able to secure discounted accomodation rates for the club at the Banff Aspen Lodge (see URL below) between June 18th-23rd. Registration info is as follows:

Discounted Rate Valid: June 18 - 23, 2009 ~$162 + taxes/night in Premium Room (single/double occupancy) *$10 for extra person in room / $6 for children (maximum occupancy is 4 people per room). *The discounted rate is only available when booked online at <> . When filling out the Availability Request Form, ensure you enter the password "Speed" in the Access Code section. (Password needs to be entered to qualify for special rate).

Accomodations in Banff can be expensive, but this is one alternative especially if racers are willing to share a room with teammates. Leave a comment here or send me an email at if I can help answer questions.

Team Helmets, Second Clothing Order, race this weekend.

We are going to give the opportunity to get team helmets to those who want them. By no means should you feel pressured to get these. I want people spending their money on race entries and training hard. But if you have a few extra C-notes laying around, then ST is providing the team with these helmets at a very good price. They have both in the store to try on for sizes. If you want a helmet, choose it from the list on the new clothing order form (see below) and follow the clothing order form instructions.

Clothing (2nd round)
Now that people have had the opportunity to assess the style and quality of our new kit, and to those who joined after the first deadline. We will get another round opening as of TUES afternoon. This one will be a fast open and close so we get people in their clothing as fast as possible. So watch for the post on Tues. 

(Side note: we owe Harley $34.32, Frank $34.32, Jason $30.36, Charles $13.20, Mike H $30.36, Carl $34.32, that ordered and paid for winter cycling gloves, fleece caps, and leg warmers, I will contact you directly..does everyone agree with this list?)

Race this Weekend
If you're cool, you race lots. This isn't a focus race, but it is great training. Also, it would be good if most Cat5s and Women raced it so we can split the Cat5 group up into functional training units. It is a Crankmaster race, so you will have to pay either their seasonal race fee, or a drop in fee.  It isn't free, but it's bloddy cheap.

Tuesday night Hills

Tuesday night is Short Term Pain and Suffering Night. A variety of hills for your weazing pleasure. (1 credit toward your Certificate in Suffering).
Depart my house at 7:00 or pick us as we swing by the Second cup at 7:15. No waiting!

Tentaive plan:
101st steet hill X 2
C.O.P X 2

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A version of the Cat5 ride from a tail-gunner

I was holding the esteemed position of lead tail-gunner as the last 6 of us got to Big Hill Springs Rd. Not seeing anyone anywhere from this great vantage point (ehem...I think I remember something about waiting at the top of hills?) we had a general feeling that the route turned here, so we went west. Were making some good time, due to non-stop attacks from spritely cat5's, when David blew his chain from TOO MUCH POWA!! He got a bit rashed up but was otherwise fine. Shorts got a bit of a job done on them, but I think they'll be out again. (Someone else that has tested the durability of the new kit was...unavailable for comment).

The guys in our group must have been riding their bike tons in the off-season, because half the bikes needed the mechanic's attention when we limped in to Cochrane. If you don't see me on the road for a while, I've dismantled my bike for cleaning and maintenance, and I can't figure out how to put it back together.

Good riding, guys. Solid workout.

And now some picks of poor David. Mark avoided a similar fate when he was able to tame his bucking bronco after he unclipped mid-attack later that afternoon.


Cat 5 ride comes apart

The Cat 5 ride held together for the first 45 K or so then the wheels fell off. AFter some good pace line practice we all made it into Cochrane without incident. The climb out of Cochrane spread the group out significantly. Trev, myself and four others went passed the planned turn off. Two of whom missed the next turn off wherein Trev and some other fast guy went to chase them down. Two of us lowley Cat 5 guys waited for what seemed a very long time. When I began to shiver we continued on assuming we'd be rolled up before long. We worked hard together pushing the south wind (had to make those Cat 2 guys work you know). I flatted going up the big hill out of Cochrane and assumed we be rolled up easily now. We continued to mash as best we can on our hamburger legs. Some serious suffering and lack fuel started to take it's toll. When we turned on to Spring Bank Road we could smell the barn, the legs were losing steam but we continued to put on the juice all the way to the Second Cup. We sat outside and had a fabulous cheese burger waiting in the fast guys... who never showed up (need to rub that in a little more as it's unlikely I'll be able to do it again).

That's my story. Don't know what other stories were out there.


Sunday 10:00am Bragg Creek Ride

Sunday I'm heading out towards Bragg Creek on Springbank rd. I'm planning on keeping a good tempo pace the whole way with a brief break in Bragg to rehydrate. If that sounds interesting to anyone I'll be leaving the Extreme Bean at 10:00am.

More and more rides!!!

Hey everyone, looking to go for some easier social rides on Sun and Mon.  Thinking of leaving at 10:30.  I was thinking of leaving from West Springs Co-Op on 85st and 7ave S.W.  Its is between Royal Oak and West Hills, so hopefully more people will be able to make it.  It would also be nice to have more ladies out as attendance has been low so far.  I would like to keep the no drop rule in least for the first bit.  If some want to go faster, then we can split up after an hour or so???  The idea here is to get a lot of ST members together.

Women Riders... and the boys too!

I wanted to see who amongst the women are interested in doing group rides. I am thinking Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. If you are interested please leave a comment. I would like to also open this up to the guys and think it would be great if we got a couple of packs to support and push each other.

I am away next weekend (and May 2 to 10) but would like to start rides on the week of April 20th on a regular schedule. My thought is to do 60 to 80km on Thursdays and 100km to 180km rides on Saturdays. Also, Crits start on May 5 on Tuesday nights at the University of Calgary Research Park. I plan on doing these and think they are lots of fun. They started a "C" category last year and it is a great place to get introduced to Crit riding.

Rides would be from the Westside.


Friday, April 10, 2009


To Alex, Trev, Rod, Thomas, Mike, Rob and Mark for making it out to the ride in the south today.
It was good to finally ride with some of the team.

I'm really impressed with Mark's effort and spirit, Rob's sprinting and the strong steady riding of Mike and Thomas.

The best thing any Cat 4/5 racer can do is ride with more experienced riders. In no time at all, you'll be the ones pushing the pace.

Next time though, we'll keep the pace a little more reasonable in the first hour so not to force Mark not to dig so deep so early. Holy crap man, you've got good suffer!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Minute Fri Ride from N.W.

Hey everyone, I am going for a nice casual ride Fri  afternoon 11:00.  If anyone is interested I will stop by the Royal Oak Co-Op.  I will be going for around 2 hours.  I am recovering from pneumonia so it will a relaxed ride, gonna work on the sun tan !!!

2009 Race Kit Feedback


I had to pick up my jersey early as I am playing the role of CAD Jedi master tonight. All I can say is AWESOME, RADICAL, FANTASTIC, MEGARAD, COOL.

I am no graphics guy, we must have the coolest race kit in the province, hands down.

"Chapeau" to all that were involved in the design.


Slayer Dan 

Cat 5 Saturday Afternoon Ride

I can't make the Saturday morning or friday rides. Anybody interested in going for a Saturday afternoon ride leaving at 1:30pm? Thinking about the same route the 10am ride is going.


Cat 5 Saturday Ride

I can't make the Friday ride but I have Saturday open.
Same rules as the Friday Ride Below but hairy legs are allowed...very European.

Leave from Westhills Second Cup at 10:00 am. Moderate pace (slow for fast riders, fast for slow riders). We can beat each other up on the hills but will re-group to practice pace line work at the tops.

Route Map is here:

Tom K

Friday Ride

Anyone want to join me for a ride in the south on Friday?
I like to meet at coffee shops, not parking lots. So here:
I have no kids or other responsibilities in general so I ride at a reasonable hour.
I'd suggest a 10am departure time after enjoying a delicious Cafe Rolo.
The pace of the ride should be appropriate for any level of racer.
If you are speedy, come prepared to ease up a little.
If you are pokey, come prepared to dig deep.
We'll keep everyone together and enjoy the sunshine.

Things that are hot:
Riding to the meeting spot
Shaved legs
Buying me a coffee
Wearing your new ST kit

Things that are not:
Aero bars
Tight schedules

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cat 4 Ride Saturday

Any of the Cat 4 riders interested in doing a ride on Saturday? I'm looking to do between 2:30 & 3 hours starting at 9:30, leaving from the Walmart at Royal Oak heading north. Mixing in some tempo riding and TT intensity within the ride. Let me know if you are interested would love to get together with some of the new Cat 4 so that we can become more familiar with each other and practice some paceline work. Let me know Michael G

Clothes are here, and Thursday night is your night.

** Look to post below for UPDATE on Hill Climb Session. **

To all CURRENT SpeedTheory Team Members!!


We have designated Thursday April 9th as an official SpeedTheory Cycling Race Team night. Stop by the store tomorrow night between 6:00pm to 9:00pm (the store is closed to everyone but us) to pick up your team clothing and get extra discounts on all in stock clothing and cycling accessories. That’s right, in addition to the regular 15% off that all CURRENT team members enjoy you will receive an additional 10% off for a total of 25% off all in stock clothing and cycling accessories. Get the jump on everyone else and get the new 2009 products you need at a discounted rate.  We will also have deals on the following items:

50% off all Ryder Sunglasses

50% off all Enervit Products

2008 Orbea Onix TDA $1999.99 (reg. 2499.99) – Sizes 51cm and 57cm only

50% off 2008 Speed Theory Team clothing

This sale is happening at Speed Theory’s Calgary location for one night only and only available to current Speed Theory team members.

For questions on this sale or any other road biking or triathlon related needs contact the store at 403-202-1030

* Note from Trev: Darcy and I were devising a good way to distribute the clothing without it being a major time-stress on ST workers. We came up with this. Darcy then decided to offer the extra discounting and offers during the clothing pick up which is really cool and shows ST's support of our wicked cycling team.

* It would be really appreciated if you could drop by and pick up your clothes tomorrow night from a time-saving point of view for the store, but if you can't make it, then we will have a bag ready with your clothing in it for when you pick it up (the club is paying a staff member to sort all the clothing). The special discounts and offers will not apply at that time.

Cat 5 Hill Climbing Session - This Thursday - IMPORTANT UPDATE

UPDATE: We'll still ride tomorrow, however, those of us (like me) who need to pick up clothing can do it before or after. BECAUSE I NEED TO PICK UP CLOTHING, I'LL TRY TO GET TO THE SHOP RIGHT AT 6:00, BUT WILL PROBABLY NOT BE AT THE EXTREME BEAN BY 6:30. So, we'll simply meet at Edworthy Hill between 6:30 and 7:00 instead. It's a fairly informal night, so come and go as you wish.

Reminder: All Cat 5s are welcome to come out for some climbing pain. If you can't make it to the Bean by 6:30, meet us at the hill.

P.S. Actually, anyone can come out, but the tips and hints will be geared towards those new to racing.

When: Thursday, April 9, 6:30 pm
Where: Extreme Bean/Edworthy Hill
Who: Cat 5 racers

Let's be honest: thousands of fans don't line the Tour de France route to watch riders race downhill. All Cat 5 riders, especially those new to racing, are welcome to come for an evening session of pain and suffering on the Edworthy Park Hill. Meet at the Extreme Bean for a short warm-up ride to the park, some tips, and a few laps of the hill. If time permits, we'll grab some java back at the Bean.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coulee Cruiser Race Information

The race information and registration form for the May 2/3 Coulee Cruiser Race in Lethbridge is available here. It looks like there's no Karelo registration for this one, so run out and buy a stamp and envelope.

Saturday, May 2: Hill Climb and MTB Race
Sunday, May 3: Road Race

Scouting for future ST stars in Paris

I was in Paris this past weekend visiting my parents, and my sister and her two-month-old twin far I'm impressed by the size of their quads, but I told them I think they need to do more cycling-specific training.

But don't think that I was slacking off...I rented a bike every day, and clocked a hundred and something k's on some sweet French roads. I competed in the inaugural Holmes Paris-Fontainbleau, winning by 45 minutes after my breakaway at kilometre 20 devestated the (two-person) peleton. Mr Holmes Sr was picked up by the broom wagon, and so did not contest the sprints on the Champs Elysees the following day.

I'm thinking I'll skip the rear disc wheel for the TT bike, in favour of the super-fast Velib Aero Fairing, which a French guy told me would save me 23 minutes off my 40km ITT - check it:

Monday, April 6, 2009

तुएस्दय्स Hills

वहत'स विथ थे फुन्न्य चरक्टयूर्स। लूक्स लिखे इ'म पोस्टिंग इन अरबिक ।

वहत थे हेल?
तुसेदय निघत हिल्स। लीव फ्रॉम माय हाउस अत ७:००प्म, दोने बी ८:३०।
वे'ल प्रोबब्ल्य दो थे ८५थ स्ट्रीट हिल, कोप एंड ठाट बिग हिल ओं स्प्रिन्ग्बंक रोड।

Let's hear them...

.. we need a cool name for our June 6th ITT.  It will be around 25 - 40km. We have an application in right now to do the ITT on the complete but not open portion of Stoney Trail in the north. That would be super cool. If that fails, we will do it on Retreat Road like last year.

It would be neat to have a 'theme', like pain or suffering (Stephen's favourite). Maybe in the future we can incorporate this theme into the prizes. Kinda of like the Paris-Roubaix gives a trophy that is a cobblestone, I always thought that was cool.

How about a $25 gift certificate to ST for the coolest name. Post them in the comments, and we'll vote on them by the end of this week.


Second Clothing Order. Call for Race Organization Help.

First off, great to see people hooking up for some riding this weekend. I finally got outside with Alex and Stephen, and dudes I haven't ridden with before Simon, Andrew W., and Thomas. We had a long sufferfest since we rode north with a tailwind for about 1.5hours before realizing it would be a LONG ride home :)   Keep up the ride posting and getting outside and ready to race! I hope to meet and ride with all that intend to race soon.

OK guys, we have had 11 people join since we had our clothing deadline. Also, several of you have expressed interest in buying additional stuff. The $16.5k charge went on my card this morning, so I am expecting the clothes will arrive either Fri or early next week. I will set up a 'Second Round' for ordering soon. What we can do is let everyone assess the quality and style of the gear when it gets in and then make a decision at that time. Sound good?

Race Organization
I need help with a few race organization things very soon with the June 6th ITT looming. Please email me or comment if you can help out with a few behind-the-scenes things. I will give you a small duty that won't take up much time, but will help clear my plate a bit.  I will also get out the volunteer guide very soon for people to sign up. I am going to ask Thomas to help me get an online form to complete so people can sign up for stuff easily. If you have experience in this field, please contact me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


A couple of us represented Speed Theory today at the Mount Royal College Sprint Tri. Congrats Rob on an awesome race.

Rob Lukacs 4th overall - first tri ever
Mike Healy 10th overall

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday ride 10am

Stephen, Alex, and I will be heading out for a 3 - 4hour ride from Rocky Ridge Coop at 10am. Everyone is welcome to join. We will go west until we meet up with Simon, and then head north and do a loop. This will be a steady ride with a little tempo in the middle. If you want to come out to see what 'steady' and 'tempo' is, then by all means join us. However, this ride is intended to be a prep ride for Stephen for his 600km, so we won't be waiting too much. If you want to come out and see how long you can 'hang', practice pacelining, practice group riding, then I think that is cool.


Ironman 70.3 - Oceonside

Nice work by Lisa in California today. Looks like she had an awesome swim and quick legs on the run! 6th place finish!

6 MENSINK, LISA 4/10/6 32/WPRO 00:24:12 02:42:30 01:21:20 04:32:17

Sunday Ride: Leaving From The NW -- Note Time Change

With the Moment of Truth ITT canned (see below), I'm planning on doing a base ride tomorrow. I'll be at the Royal Oak Wal-Mart (Country Hills Blvd. and 85 St NW) at 2:00 pm. The plan is to head north on 85 Street, west on Burma Road, north on Bearspaw, west on the Retreat Road Rumble course, then down the Gleneagles Hill. Coffee stop in Cochrane, then back. It's a base ride, so no drops.

P.S. I'll be riding from my house, and I'm not sure how long it will take to get to the Royal Oak Wal-Mart, so if I'm a touch late, don't leave...

Moment of Truth ITT Cancelled

This just out:

We regret to inform you that the Moment of Truth ITT at Dunbow Road, scheduled to start at 11:00 on Sunday, April 5 has been canceled.

The Race/Ride Committee has determined that the forecast temperatures at start time are too cold to proceed as planned in the interest of running an enjoyable event and while ensuring maximum participation by everyone who wants to come out and try their first race.

The next race on the Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club calendar is the Kananaskis ITT at Highway 68, scheduled to start at 11:00 on Sunday, April 19. More details will be available shortly and we look forward to getting as many racers as possible out to this exciting new course.

The C4 Race/Ride Committee

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wisdom From Style Man

Big thanks goes to Stephen Kenny for hosting the skills workshop tonight. It was great to meet some other racers and share advice and stories about riding and racing. Steve didn't cover everything, though. For those new to racing, read this sage advice from Bicycling magazine's Style Man. There's wisdom to be found here.

Paul Anderson and his love of the Running Skirt

On a training run, Paul Anderson jogged along, wishing for a little inspiration to help him through what felt like his millionth workout of his triathlon career. As he glanced at his reflection in a store window, he realized something was missing. It wasn't the performance in his apparel, but the lack of attitude.

When he got home, he immediately scribbled the word "Pretty!" on a piece of scratch paper, taking the historic first step toward what is now the culture of SkirtSports, a company that lives by the idea that fun and fitness is a lifestyle choice that nurtures confidence and happiness. As a swimmer, runner, and biker, and bike shop owner Anderson endeavored to give the everyday man extra attitude and style and add inspiration to their workout.

A passion born, the SkirtSports line launched in 2005, mirroring the idea that men should never have to sacrifice femininity for performance in their workout clothes. In the first year, skirts flew off the shelves, selling out by mid-season, to runners, cyclists, triathletes, tennis players, and fashionistas, and the Skirt buzz grew. Paul has never found a clothing line that suited him so well.

You can see Anderson occasionally at Speed Theory, where he likes to model the product and pretend he is a runway model at fashion show. Paul Anderson will be the first person to run up the ladder to get you something off the top shelf.

Sunday's Cranky ITT

The Crankys are going to make the call whether they host their ITT out on Dunbow road on Sat. sometime. Make sure to check this message board on Sat. night to see if the race is being run. If you need info on the race itself, check out the Crankmaster website under the tab 'Racing'.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saturday Ride

If all the stars align and the weather holds, I'm up for a group ride Saturday. Leaving Westhills around 11:00 (after it has warmed up some) do a short tour, say 50km or so depending on how freaking cold it is.

This would be a social ride so I can get to know some of you.
Meet at the Second Cup at 11:00 or at my house at 10:30.

Here's the video from last Saturday in Tucson with Stephen. There was no snow there whatsoever.

Our wicked clothes.

Just heard from Champion-Systems that our clothes are ready! They are faxing over a Credit Card form either today or tomorrow to the store. I made a payment on my MC last night to clear it off so I can handle the massive charge about to go through. I will let you know when it is charged and we can expect our clothing a week later!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CAT 4/5/women peloton/pace-line riding information session NEW UPDATE!

UPDATE as of this April 2nd morning:
Update: Ok we are going to scrap the skills on Friday. There is nowhere safe or without snow to properly run them. If we can head out Saturday we will incorporate them into the start of the ride. We will cover off a little theory, strategize on how to get Rob a girlfriend then socialize. Bring beer, wine or whatever your poison. See everyone Friday at 6:30

When: Friday April 3

Where: TBD (based on how many people show interest)

Format: We will spend approximately an hour in a discussion format base-lining everyone on the basics of doing training rides with groups. After the lecture style stuff, weather permitting, we will head to a local soccer field and do a half hour of slow skills that will get you comfortable riding close to other riders. You will therefore need to come to the session with your bikes and be ready to ride. Everyone will be asked to show their ABA license to demonstrate that you have insurance. If you can’t demonstrate this you won’t be able to do the skills. We will touch on the race stuff a little but that will be for a different session and with someone that has way more race experience than I do.

Who should come: Anyone who has not had experience riding in groups. This includes all you fast dudes from other athletic disciplines.

By April third everyone should have suffered through the Retreat Road Rumble TT and we will have divided people up into training groups. Remember its early season so don’t get hung up on what group you’re in. If you can’t get to the official ride go out and do it on your own and send the data to Trev.
We will then head out on Saturday April 4 in our designated groups to practice our group riding. These will not be physical training rides but rides to practice our skills on how to ride safely in a group. If you can’t do these things at a slower speed then you will be a hazard at higher speeds.
Lastly we will need volunteers from the CAT 1/2/3 groups to lead the Saturday rides. If possible you should come to the Friday session to add your expertise to the discussion and to ensure we are all singing from the same song sheet.

Let me know if you’re interested via the Blog. I will keep update accordingly.

Address is
32 Rosery Pl NW; phone 403-282-2108

Damn exchange rate ?!?!

Well, I got the invoice from Champion-Systems yesterday. You know you are a big club when you get a $13,222.00 bill ! And that is in US ?!?!  Anyway, I factored in the exchange rate to be 1.2 (making our bill $15866) when we calculated the prices, since we were well under that at the time. Now, today we find ourselves at 1.265, which comes out to $16,741. Lame. That is almost $1k difference. Anyway, I am mainly posting this so people know where some of our club money got eaten up. Stephen told me a good trick to mitigate this from happening again in the future, by converting the money to USD the moment I collect it (I will open a USD account for next time). But that will only help us next year, does anyone have crazy awesome any ideas on how to go back in time so we don't lose this money this year? :)

A couple quick fun facts about our order:
84 short sleeve jerseys
52 bib shorts
36 Cycling Caps


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