Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paris-Roubaix Contest

It's time for the classics. The 2008 Paris-Roubaix takes place on Sunday April 13th 2008.

To make it a little more interesting, why not include some wagers...

$10 entry fee. 100% of the entry fees go to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship fund at the UofC. The winner of the contest gets a tax receipt for the full amount of the total entry fees (winner takes all!). The winner also gets EXTREME boasting rights.

Contest details:

1. Simple... pick 5 riders, any order. (it doesn't matter the order of your riders, if they finish in the top 5, you get the points).
2. Email your picks to dukyle at

Point allocation:
1st 50 points
2nd 40 points
3rd 30 points
4th 20 points
5th 10 points

Sum the points together for your total.

Entry deadline is noon April 12th.

Please leave a note to show your interest. This contest is open to everyone.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who's music ?

We had some pretty distinct types of music presented to us over the last 7 months. I think it was awesome having such a diverse array of genres presented to us.

Let's have a poll as to who liked what the most..... vote or comment in the comments
Trev and Dan's Music

Mandy and Kim's Music

Alex's Music

Rick's Music

Rob and Ryan's Music

Sophia's Music

Need four rider's ATTENTION !!

Rob Lukacs, Mark Shand, Amy Michel, and Steven Boyd

You guys forgot to include a photocopy of your birth certificate or passport with your application! You only have to do this once.

Here is what you need to do:

1.) Scan your birth certificate or passport and email it to


2.) Photocopy your birth certificate or passport and fax it to (780) 427-6438

Until you do this, they can't process your application and you are uninsured!!

As for the rest of you, our licenses have been placed in the mail today.

Crankmaster races

Does anyone know whether we have to get a Crankmaster's secondary license to do their races?

Or, if we have an ABA license, can we just pay the $5 race fee?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Ole Country Time

Howdy Yall,

It's the spin class you've all been waiting for.

Bring your cowboy hats and belt buckles as the 'A-train' brings a rowdy helping of country hits for your listening pleasure.

For tonight's shindig we will have a few big gear sets and a few hill climbs to get the legs and heart pumping.

See ya at 6:30pm and don't be late. YEE HAW!!!

[Edit by Trev] Alex, is it going to be mostly music from this guy?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dan's Barbeque

Hey everyone,

Some details regarding the barbeque. I was thinking about having a theme for the event. To celebrate the summer of mega concerts and good racing, I was thinking that everyone should wear really cool concert shirts, wife beaters or ripped jeans. I'm kidding. I am pretty excited that I am going to see Megadeth and Iron Maiden within a month of each other though!

Menu is to be burgers and smokies, I will have salads and all the fixings. some chips and other snack stuff as well.

My address is 33 Arbour Stone Rise NW, phone is 366-6119. I'm not as savy with the computer so I wasn't able to put a map in here, and my wife is nagging me to help with breakfast!

Everyone is invited and bring your kids. If you have any special diet requirements please let me know in advance. The night is still April 5th and start coming at 4:30-5:00.


Slayer Dan

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Milan San Remo

I would just like to point out that I can tell the future and I believe I even predicted he would go with 3km left.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sat. group ride.

The plan is to drive out to Cochrane and meet in Mitford Park at 11am. We will ride up Grand Valley road to the TT courses and GPS the second one, as that still is required. The ride will be a steady effort with no sprinting, as we got our week's worth of sprinting today :)

Leave a comment if you can come so we know to wait for you at the parking lot.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hey guys,

I'm creating a series of ads marketing bakeware towards athletic men for a school project. I need to do a bit of market research so I created a quick (and super fun) survey. If you have a couple couple seconds, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Friday Riding

Well, the weather is looking good, so the riding should be great.

A small group is heading out from the Mac's on old Banff Coach Road (at the west edge of the city) at 10:30am. The plan is to meander out through Brag Creek and a bit beyond for roughly 4 hrs of riding. The pace shouldn't be too hot (avg 30kph or so), so all are welcome.

Rumor has it Trev's 14lb Cervelo Soloist SL is making an appearance.

It's always good to be able to laugh at ourselves.

This is all in fun remember.

Here is great description of 'Triathletes' by BikeSnobNYC:


Triathletes with cars love to advertise their perverse inclinations on their vehicles, and the "Swim Run Bike" sticker is one of the more popular ways they do it. I suspect I must have some form of dyslexia though, because all I see is "Dork Dork Dork." Generally though it's unnecessary for them to display their proclivities in bumper sticker form since it's pretty obvious when a vehicle belongs to a triathlete. It's usually some kind of "sporty" dork-tastic SUV, and it's usually got either a trunk rack or one of those roof racks that clamp the bike on the downtube because they don't know how to take their front wheels off. Or if they're hardcore they're driving an Isuzu IronMan, the car that looks like it might burrow itself somewhere in your unmentionables.

Let's be honest--triathletes are creepy. There's just something wishy-washy about the way they flirt awkwardly with three disciplines. They're like David Bowie's sexuality, or like people who grew up in multiple countries and who can speak three languages, yet they speak each one poorly and with an untraceable accent. "Swim Bike Run?" "Avoid Avoid Avoid."


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beef . . Beer . . Buddies

April 5th

Mark it on your calendar, an evening of good times awaits.

Details coming to a Blog near you!

*For the vegetarians, that steak is 100% tofu

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cat 5 Team Ride #2 Tonight


Tonight is the scheduled second ride for us. Last week we had some tough wind and reduced light. We were able to leave the parking lot at Walmart and head towards Burma Road then road west to Woodland road and headed home on the 1A. If there are no objections we could do the same tonight.

Please leave a comment or email Dan if you are able to attend, the plan is to leave the lot by 7:05pm and get a good hour in of drafting practice and some pace line riding.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Race Calendar

Rob has included a great resource for us to the right of this post. It will show all the upcoming ST events / races / clinics / and scheduled training rides for us. Right now we have loaded up all the races.

As a club, we are going to 'target' several races over the season that it would be awesome most of the club could make it to. There is nothing like racing as a team, and considering our awesome roster, this is your opportunity.

Here are our target races, write them into your calender and get pumped:

BiciSport Omnium (Apr. 26,27)
Velocity Stage Race (May 3,4)
Pigeon Lake Road Race (May 31)
Banff Stage Race (June 21,22)
Canmore ITT provincials (Aug. 10)
Road Provincials (Aug. 30)
Provincial TTT (Sept. 13)
Norquay HillClimb (Sept. 14)

Of course, a lot of us will be going in a lot more races, but these are the 'target' races where we, as a club, will try to show up and assert our team dominance.

For Sale - Argon-18 Mercury size small

Argon-18 Mercury triathlon/time trial bike
Size small (effective top tube 53cm).
Full 10 speed dura-ace components
Zipp 404 tubular wheelset
Less than 600km on the bike
e-mail me at

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spin Classes on Mar 24th and 31st?

Are we still riding at ST store on these dates?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Interview with Joel Filliol, from Slowtwitch.

Here is a great response (IMO) to a question from a 'winning' coach. I really advocate for myself knowing my body well and responding to it. Powermeters (and the like) are great, but they must be taken in context as to their function as a tool. Recently I stopped listening to my body, as some of you witnessed, and I really payed the price. This compromised my training quality, consistency, and frequency. People always think I am 'going hard all the time' and say to me; 'Oh, I can't train like you, since you go hard all the time'. This couldn't be farther from the truth, but I suppose if you look at my workouts as individual events and not as an overall scheme, it may seem this way to some. What I DO do is try to elicit a training response from every session. Joel reiterates this below:

Slowtwitch: What are your feelings about rest days and how they should be incorporated?

Joel: I recommend that athletes only rarely take complete days off, at least deliberately. I don’t prescribe traditional work-rest cycles within micro cycles or across training blocks such as the classic 3/1 or 2/1 build/rest weeks. For the level of athletes I work with a light day will still have one, two or even three training sessions, but even for working age groupers I still prefer to spread the workload over the full week rather than have one or more complete rest or recovery days. By varying the energy systems worked each day an athlete can accomplish some quality every day and still be able to recover well. For this approach to be most effective, athletes have to be well tuned into their body’s responses, so if they are feeling like the quality is not going to happen on that day they can shift the focus of the workout to something they can accomplish in that session. This is a flexible approach to recovery, that allows for more quality training to be accomplished over time, compared to a more rigid, scheduled rest, whether you really need it or not approach.

Here is a link to Joel's blog to follow his athlete's run up to the Olympics!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Help Wanted

SPEEDTHEORY wants you! If you like good customers and cool bikes then we have a position for you!

We are looking for full or part time experienced mechanics and enthusiastic sale personnel. Send your resume to or drop it off in person.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Speed Theory needs 6 volunteers for aid station at 10km road race

We're looking for volunteers to run a water station at the St. Patrick'sDay Road Race on March 16th on behalf of Speed Theory.

The commitment is from 9:30am until about 11:30am after which you can head into the Red and White Club for a hearty meal, a nice tech t-shirt from Puma, and a chance to win some sweet draw prizes.

Let me (Darcy) know if anyone wants to do this, all they have to do is show up at the Red and White Club at around 9:30 on Sunday morning and they will be directed from there.

Thanks, Darcy

You can get a hold of Darcy at Speed Theory:
Darcy Bell

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cat5 Meeting minutes

A group of our Cat5ers met last Thursday to discuss several things. Here are the minutes to the meeting.

For us to become a dominant force in the peleton we will be focusing on the following points.
1. Riding skills, group rides will be continuous practice sessions of drafting and pacelines. Once everyone is confident with those skills and everyone’s fitness gets as high as Stephen’s, we can than start practicing some basic tactical moves from the pacelines.
2. Purpose of the ride, group rides will be slower pace, specific to aerobic zone training. This will also allow us to practice the skills we need for domination.
3. Skill night, we all thought that it was a great idea to meet one night a week and work on skills for a shorter ride at research park or just past Trev’s house in Royal Oak. We were thinking of meeting in the Walmart parking lot and then riding to the non busy roads near Bearspaw.
4. We also agreed that we would monitor the pace of riders and that for us to be successful we have to ride together and train together. If riders want to challenge the big dog cat 3 and 4 guys then they can, they will not be driving the pace of the cat 5 guys to catch up to them though. There was real discussion on how we would treat the non conforming riders who want to antagonize, I could assume it won’t be pretty!

The guys who attended were Slayer Dan, Stephen Kenney, Carl Miiler, Mark Shand, Mike Godfrey and Mike Chui.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cat 5 Skill Ride Number 1

Everyone, Tuesday night will be the first CAT 5 ride. We will be leaving from the Walmart in Royal Oak and heading towards Bearspaw and maybe Road 564. We are going to work on some of the skills that we discussed in the meeting last week. Tomorrow's focus will be on drafting and riding in a pace line. 

Departure Time is 7:05 pm at the latest, I am unable to check the blog site during the day due to NetNanny (that cow!) Everyone else is welcome to join, the pace of the ride will be aerobic so that we can concentrate on skill development not ego embellishment.

My work email is if you need to get more information.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you there.

Slayer Dan

Our licenses are coming and THE RACE

The ABA told me today that they will be processing our licenses and wehould have them by either the end of this week or early next week.

James, Alex, Dan and Rob scoped out some great race courses for our 2 TTs we will be hosting on July 12th. If you would like to be part of the planning and add you own touch to what we hope will be a great event, don't hesistant to get a hold of one of us. Please remember that all club members are expected to at least volunteer that day, so you may as well have some say in the race you'll be volunteering at !

We'll plan some group rides up in the area so you all get familiar with the routes. They are good ones.

Trev.... still sick or just a fairy?

This is the question I have been asking myself everyday since I stopped training 8 days ago?!?!

Anyway, have a good spin tonight guys, I sure miss it.

If you rode hard outside on the weekend, make sure you don't do anything silly tonight.

Here is the workout:

30min warmup

2 X (10min, big gear, rpm ~85, highish watts, get in a groove, 5min spin)
1 X (5min, big gear, rpm ~90, highish watts, a little harder than previous, 5min small ring, high watts, ~95rpm, about %85 effort, 5min spin)
1 X 5min small ring, high watts, ~95rpm. This should be tough, but not all out. About %85.

cool down

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sunday Ride

Sunday Road Ride meet at Cochrane, Mitford Park Parking lot at 10:30.
We will be riding Horse Creek Road. This will be a BASE PACE ride approx distance 80km maybe a little more or a little less. As well we will be scoping out race routes so there will be a few stops along the way.

Hope you can make it. REMEMBER THE HOUR CHANGE !!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Saturday Morning Ride to Bragg Creek

Since Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful day all day I'm going to get out for 80kms or so in the morning before my 2 hour run. I'll be leaving from the corner of 69th street and Lower Springbank Road (gravel parking lot) at 8:30am. Anyone is welcome - this won't be a hammerfest, just a moderate spin. I hope to see a few people out there!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cat5 meeting

Thanks to all of those who attended the meeting.I will be forwarding some meeting minutes to be posted tomorrow regarding workouts, skills sessions, and starting/meeting spots for our planned rides.


'Slayer' Dan

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Great quote from BikeSnobNYC

Training With Power

In case you didn’t know, training with power is all the rage. In fact, Joe Friel likens getting a power meter to a person with weak eyesight donning his first pair of glasses. Of course, the reality is that riding with a power meter is more like having sex with an electrocardiogram, in that it takes the fun out of the whole enterprise and buffets you with data you don’t really need. Physical sensation will guide you through your ride the same way it guides you through sex, and if you can’t do either without electronics it’s possible you have a problem that technology by itself may be insufficient to address.

His blog entry may be found here. It is a sarcastic blog and should be read in that vein of thinking.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wed. night spin and meeting with the Crankmasters

Rob is currently cooking up a funky-fresh playlist for Wed. nights spinnorama. Thanks Rob in advance.

After the spin, ST Cycling has a meeting with the Crankmasters to discuss our race on July 12th and how it will intertwine with their Stampede RR on July 13th. If anyone has an extra few moments and is interested in listening and contributing to the discussion, please plan on sticking around. If you would like to have an active role in volunteering to help organize this event, we would love to hear about it!

Thanks Murray, I heard your playlist was excellent.

Full Calendar