Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another example...

I am having a lot of difficulty getting away for much more than 45min, so my workouts have been focused on burning calories, staying in shape, and maintanence a little. If you are in the same position as me and can't build through the holidays then you may need to change tack a bit.

A good 30min workout is the 'Mod/Medium/Mad' workout. Usually you would do this in race season or preparing for it. However, this workout is handy to ensure you get a quality 30min ride in and don't turn into a blob like your spin instructor. Basically choose a gear like 39/15 and start with a resistance that will leave you very warmed up in 10min, then directly into more resistance (same gear) for 10min. Then directly following that do 10min with as much resistance as you can handle for the full 10min.

Dallas Cain and I only had a bit of time yesterday so we raced on the treadmill. We did a 5km TT. This is a high intensity workout, and doesn't feel super at this time of year, but ensures your body doesn't forget you are an athlete.

What I did today was 15min hard warmup, 5 X 15sec sprint on 3min, 15min small ring as hard as I could to completion.

Basically, be creative and go hard if you have very limited time. If you have more time, then structured training like I suggested in spin class is the way to go. Either/or though, anything less would be loser talk.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Spin class cap ?

Guys, as the spin class starts to fill up.... and we continue to get pretty rad street cred for the quality and comraderie of the classes, I am pondering something.

Right now we have 14 ST Cycling members signed up for the class, and we have about 6 (Bonnie, Tracy, Mitzie, Diana, Kim, Lindsay, plus Lisa) other spinners, plus Alex and I....that makes 22 people signed up.

Should I stop the karelo sign up for us ST Cycling members? On one hand, Alex and I were saying having as many ST Cycling members attend is awesome, since we are the only club in town that trains like a 'team'. However we want to keep the quality high.

What ideas do you guys have to fit more people into our space? We can have more people at the front every class, as well as configure a bit differently. Do you guys think the quality goes down as the numbers go up past 20?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trailer Park Training

If you can't do the workout I suggested a few days ago, here is another one to keep your butt tough.

Friday, December 26, 2008

UFC 92

I hope everyone is having a great time over the holidays. While this may not be in the spirit of "Peace on Earth" tomorrow night (Saturday, Dec 27) is UFC 92 is an awesome card with what should be some great fights. If you have never seen Forrest Griffin fight, this guy goes to war every time. Frank Mir is on the card, he is the guy who submitted Brock Lesner in Lesner's first fight, Rampage Jackson is also fighting.

Anyone interested in going to Melrose? I will set up a table for us, we would need to be there no later than 7pm. The turn out is going to be big for this one.

Respond to the post let me know if you are in.


For Example...

As expected I haven't been able to do many workouts while I have been home for Christmas. But some people were interested in what to do when you are only able to get in a few workouts a week.

The key is to try to target most 'energy systems' every workout just to maintain what we've worked for during the fall. So....

Good warm up (15 - 30min).
4 - 5 X (10 - 15sec sprint, 2:50 nothing).
5 - 10min big gear, high resistance, low HR, low rpm set. 2-3min rest
3 - 5min small gear, high resistance, high HR, high rpm set.
5 - 10min cool down
4 X (more pumpkin pie)

Yesterday I had to cut the workout short, so I only did a few sprints and then the small gear set.

Even though I am not training like I was, doing a workout like this a few times a week will enable everyone to start our next ramp in January alright.

Of course, the more you do the better, so if you have time.... don't slack off... get in as many workouts as you can. As Rui would say "Only three workouts a week is loser talk".

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lab rats needed

Recreationally active male athletes age 18-30 years needed for high altitude study. To paraphrase, one month of 1 hour tests once to twice a day. All testing and exposures at the Human Performance Lab (U of C). Multiple cycle ergometer tests. 15 days of hypoxic exposure.

What will you get out of it: Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP), Maximal Lactate Steady State (MLSS), heart rates, blood lactates and power outputs at threshold training intensities.

Contact Jessica Kryski at 220-3479 or jkryski@kin.ucalgary.ca

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas party

UPDATE: I live here.


Time to ring in a bit of Christmas cheer! To put a good cap on a great season and year, come to my place on the 18th of December at 7pm.

There'll be some good food, good company, lively conversation (but just a warning now: not everyone will be able to tell the difference between a bottom bracket and a water bottle :) ).

This is more to catch the people I miss from not having everyone's email...if you want to come and don't know how to contact me, leave a comment and we'll figure it out.

Busy time of year, for sure, but you've got to take advantage of the week-off we get from Coach Dr-T.


Holy Frick on a Stick that was cold !

Well, I didn't run super on Sat. compared to some of the dudes I am usually competitive with. But I gave it 100%

My left eye was completely frozen shut for the last couple minutes of the race! (Click on the picture to see!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Trev - post a workout

Lance and Chris are waiting

Mon and Wed spins, and Christmas

Great AGM last Wed. Lots of new faces and great to hang with people off the bike.

For the spins this coming week, we'll be doing some longer big gear sets. These will be common in the weeks ahead in Jan and Feb. Unfortunately not as fun as the sets we've been doing, but equally as nessesary. I will attempt to make them go by as quickly as possible.

I was asked to provide a general guideline to what dudes should be doing in the gap between Spin #22 of the Fall session and Spin #1 of the Winter session. This is from Dec. 20th to Jan 11th, so it is quite a long gap. I will update the blog at least once a week with some suggestions on workouts and interval lengths. Really try to get on the bike at least 3 or 4 times a week so all our hard work will count in the spring.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SpeedTheory AGM Draws Huge Crowd

Thanks to Trev and the rest of the executive of the SpeedTheory Cycling Team for putting together the AGM tonight. As shown in these pictures, the first outside of Bugaboo Pub just before 8:30 pm and the second of Rob trying to get everyone's attention at the AGM, it was a truly large turnout. Over 15 Cat 5 riders have already signed up for next year's team as well as a large contigent of Cat 3,4 and 1-2 riders. Already we have a total of nearly 30 riders registered for next year and Winter hasn't even started yet!

The success of the team can in large part be credited to Trev who has instilled upon the team a sense of community and team work. This grssroots approach was Trev's concept from the start and it has caught on like a wildfire - bringing many new cyclists into the sport and making SpeedTheory a serious contender for top team in Alberta for 2009!

On a personal note, as a founder and owner of SpeedTheory, I want to thank all the cyclists who have trained and raced with the team in the past. You have not only been amazing ambassadors of SpeedTheory, but of team cycling in western Canada. You guys and gals have been the best possible advertising I could have ever asked for!

To the new team members, I just wanted to say welcome. Although sometimes it may feel like you are drinking from a fire hose, take as much of this in as you can. Leave your egos at home and come and learn - don't let fear of looking like a rookie get in the way of learning everything this amazing group of people has to offer!

Once again - thanks everyone - Enjoy Your Ride!


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Sarah Conner

I've named Wed. night's workout 'The Sarah Conner'. You know when she was in the psych hospital and she knew one day all hell would break loose and she couldn't do anything to stop it? It was just a matter of time?

Well... all hell is going to break loose Wed. night before the AGM at spin. Bring protein and will to survive.
Rui... can you provide us with a heavy playlist? No pop, no light rock, and definately no "Barbie Girl".

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Team Communication

Guys, this year, to keep the crazy book/record/financial keeping down a little bit, I have decided to use Karelo (as most are aware). This is a departure from previous years where I have handled everything directly and I hope the end result will be an upgrade in the 'club experience' as it will free up some of my time so I can offer other cool things.

The primary reason for Karelo was for financial record keeping, but the second biggest reason was for club communication. Karelo offers an extremely simple way for me to contact you all and I am ensured I am dealing with a current list of members. I have been personally emailing some of you that are not on the 2009 Karelo list but I now feel like I am spamming you and will stop. Therefore, you will not receive any more club related emails which I assume is your own choice.

Anyway, some people are a little confused with the Karelo Club Registration, as they think it is coupled with sending in their forms to ABA. This is not the case. The form-sending to ABA will occur when you apply for your race license, and can be done completely on your own timeline. Being a 2009 CLUB member covers your insurance while training at a club authorized training event and venue as of Jan. 1st. This distinction between Club member and Race license holder is vague and was a point of discussion at the AGM. The advice given was to renew your Club and ABA Race memberships as soon as possible.

On another effective communication note: Rui flipped me the double-bird last night as I announced the second main set.

Kyle's TTX SSL for sale

2008 Trek TTX SSL for sale. Asking $3,500 (this bike retails for >$7,000)

-54cm frame (fits 5'7"~5'11"). This is the SSL frame. Trek's top of the line frame.
-Color: Orange
-A mix a SRAM Red and Sram Force components (Sram is Shimano compatible).
-Bontrager Race Lite wheels.
-Bontrager Speed Limit brakes
-Bontrager Race X Lite cranks

Used for one season.

Contact: dukyle at yahoo dot ca

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seventh Annual “Amble with Angus”

The Seventh Annual “Amble with Angus” is coming up on Friday, December 12th 2008 @ 7:30am. This is an event Angus Cowan (an individual who Sandra coaches personally), Ideaca (who Sandra works for) and CBC have organized over the past six years to support the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank. And again this year, early on the morning of December 12th, hundreds of athletes (runners and walkers) will brave the cold temperatures to run approximately five kilometers in support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Last year CBC raised over $525,000 in support of this organization during its on-air campaign. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, customers to participate. The event is a lot of fun. There are also some pretty unique costumes each year which have been fittingly rewarded.

Microsoft and Gord’s Running Store have supported this event for the past five years. Draw prizes have included Running equipment, the Xbox, Microsoft software, games, and other Microsoft goodies. This is a unique opportunity on CBC Radio for sure. The event occurs live “on air” during the peak air time of the CBC morning show, the Calgary Eye Opener. CBC opens the doors to the studio and production area after the run for refreshments.

Participant or Volunteer
15-20 volunteers are required to run this event safely.
All participants of any ability are welcome to run in the event as well.
Entry is a food or cash donation to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank.

www.amblewithangus.com for more details. The events starts and finishes at the CBC building on Memorial Drive.

Event Details
CBC’s Seventh Annual “Amble with Angus” for the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank.

Friday, December 12, 2008

7:30 am - Please arrive early

CBC –1724 Westmount Boulevard NW (near 16th ST NW & Memorial Dr.) Meet in the parking lot beside the CBC clock.

Pathways along the Bow River.

Approximately 5 kilometres.

Entry Fee
Race day registration with a $10 minimum donation to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank. All entry fees are due on race day.

Posted by Sandra

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