Saturday, January 30, 2010

If You Win...

Victory Salute Like a Pro

Now, unlike some ST riders, I've never had to worry about planning a victory salute. Take a look at the race results from last year: you'll have to look pretty far down the Cat 5 results to see my name. But, one can always hope and dream, at least until reality sets in at the Headwinds RR when I'm dropped 20 km into the race...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Speed Theory is Moving! To the Calgary Beltline

735A - 10th AVE SW

We plan to move before the end of February! Details on timing and our new store plans will be available soon.
Thank you!
We appreciate your continued business.
SpeedTheory - Your Partners in a Healthy Lifestyle.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First round of race clothing is approaching.

Thomas and I will be coordinating our first round of ordering for race kit. We want to ensure to get racers in race clothing before ABA action starts up and since it's starting up earlier than normal, we need to get on this early.

THEREFORE: If you are contemplating joining the team, this is the time to do it. You MUST be a member of Speed Theory Cycling to order race kit. I will be sending out the spreadsheet via the Karelo sign up emails provided. There is no guarantee there will be a second round, and even if there is, I can guarantee those kits won't get here before the season starts up.

We will have the PDFs up soon and the spreadsheets and deadlines will follow suit.

If you were a member last year, and you don't have holes in your gear (in other words, you didn't crash) then there is no need to order new kit (other than the smell factor), any changes we make will be just a small evolution to keep the jerseys fresh and rad.


2010 ABA Race Calendar

Race calendar is up on the ABA site

Monday, January 25, 2010

12 Mile Coulee XC Race, Jan 23rd.

Teammate Carl Miiller wore the second camera this time. This is a great course as the trails are awesome. The footing wasn't super this year.

Lachlan and Dallas actually rode up the Coulee and back down it just before we raced through the Coulee twice. Dallas has some cam footage of those guys riding the trail at 2:47 into his clip here. It is neat to see the flags I followed during the running race being followed on bikes about 1hour before.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Penticton - Speed Theory Tour May 16-22

Hey folks,

May is going to be here before we know it, so here’s what you need to know right now about the Speed Theory bike tour in Penticton. I’m not calling it a training camp, because we’re primarily there to kick back, have some fun, drink wine and get a few k’s in every day on the bike. Day one of the tour is Sunday, May 16, and day seven is Saturday, May 22. You are more than welcome to show up and ride days earlier or stay and ride days later, just know the rides Speed Theory is organizing are the seven days mentioned above.

There are two sets of rides from which you can choose to do each day. One set will be shorter rides per day (60-160kms) with the week’s totals adding up to just over 700kms. The second set will be longer rides per day (100-225kms) with the week’s totals coming in at just over 1,000kms. Regardless what ride you do each day, both groups will leave together and stick together for at least the first 20-40kms. There will also be someone in each group who will know where to go and how to get back to Penticton. I’ll post the schedule and rides (from MapMyRides) on the blog at a later date so you can see the routes and elevations.

Last year, we went into the Penticton tour with our big heads thinking that everyone was going to be for themselves and if you got dropped or had a flat you were on your own. Not only was that the wrong attitude to have, but we actually spent the first 60kms of our longest ride (225kms) stopping to change five flats and using the bathroom an average of once per 10kms. Not to mention, everyone ended up waiting for everyone at every feed break anyway. Just know there will always be support in some fashion on each ride, but don't expect a support vehicle with a bike shop and buffet in the trunk waiting for you every 40kms. This year we hope to attract more Speed Theory cyclists to Penticton for what turned out to be a super fun week last year.

Right now you should be thinking about booking time off at work and getting the husband, wife, kids, partners, pets, etc... pumped for either joining you in Penticton or spending a week away from you while you’re in Penticton. And if you don’t have these sorts of people in your life then you have no excuses for not coming.

Next posting: Team hotel (self booking and optional) and the schedule for the shorter rides.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Relief Event at Firewater Pub & Eatery

While we are all busy training in the basement, dreaming of nice weather, it might be a great time to get together for a drink and a bite to eat and help out the people in Haiti.

The radio station I work at XL 103 is doing an event at Firewater Pub and Eatery on Thursday, January 28th. Between 5 and 10pm 100% of all food and drink purchases will be donated directly to the Red Cross to help Haiti. Firewater is in the old Senor Frogs location Downtown (222 - 7th St SW). There will also be a Silent Auction to raise additional relief money.

Please pass the word on to anyone you know, it will be fun, the Pub is great, brand new, kind of a cross between a Pub and a Lounge. It would be great to see everyone out there, get caught up and at least in a small way help some people whose lives have been decimated.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a note at work

Cranky ritzy WNS evening at the Glencoe.

Brad from the Cranky's wanted me to get an estimate of the St'ers attending the Feb. 6th evening at Glencoe Club. They are hoping the award winners will be there. It will be a great way to have a fun free evening in a place the average dude doesn't get to hang out in. I haven't seen a lot of you guys since the glaciers descended on the Calgary roads.

Please leave a comment if you are coming.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Speed Theory Women's Team

Speed Theory Women's Team is now recruiting! We are a grassroots team with plans for future growth. Our goal is to develop both our racing teams and training teams. We will be holding an open house on February 2 at 6 pm at the Speed Theory Store. Plan to stop by and meet other team members and ask questions. Find out why Speed Theory is the club for you! No experience racing? No problem, we will help you prepare and feel confident for your 1st race!

A few things we are lining up for the year include:

· Twice a week training sessions. One of these will be a skills session. We will cover basic skills such as drafting, pack riding, cornering, crit riding, etc. The second session will be a long easy ride where there will be a no drop rule. Riders will be divided into abilities to accommodate all types of riders. We will teach you what to eat and drink on long rides and provide great riding routes around Calgary and the mountains.

· A Race team for both A and B riders. We will be asking those that want to be part of a race team to choose 3 out of 5 races to attend. This will ensure that we have a good selection of women at each race. Our goal is simple- to create an atmosphere of Speed Theory riders who can work together at races.

· Our training sessions will be open to all club members whether you are part of the race team or a non-racing member. We want to ensure we are offering riders a forum to improve their skills and grow the sport of women in cycling.

· You will also be invited to attend the Speed Theory May riding camp in Penticton.

Join us on February 2 and learn more about Women’s cycling and the Speed Theory Team.

If you have questions please contact any or all of the following:


Testing with benefits.


I work in the Human Performance Lab in the University of Calgary and am currently performing some prototype adidas cycling suits for adidas. For the testing I require experienced cyclists to come into the lab on two separate occasions.

For the first session cyclists will come into the lab and have oxygen consumption collected during cycling.

For the second session, the cyclists will have to come into the lab and maximal torque and power output will be collected during cycling. Any cyclists who agrees to participate will be given free adidas apparel.

Thanks,Bill Wannop (email in link on name)

Human Performance Lab

University of Calgary

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stay Tuned

Attention all current and potential Speed Theory Women's Team Members! A couple of us from the team have been chatting and we will post information shortly about a get-together where we can meet-up, talk about the team and the up-coming season. We have some great ideas for spring training and the 2010 race season! Also, we will be looking for some help from the more experienced riders (male and female). If anybody is interested in helping out, please let me know!


Friday, January 15, 2010

School of Hard Knocks 5

Paul is going to book a block of tickets for this event for the club. It will be a fun evening of MMA with Pros and Amateurs on the fight card. Leave a comment if you are 'in' and we'll make sure you have a ticket.

More info can be found here.

Should be a fun night.


Ritz it up at the Glencoe.

If you raced or were just a member of the Wed. Night Races Series, meaning you were a 'secondary' member of Crankmasters, you are welcome to attend the fun evening at the Glencoe Club on Feb. 6th. Exact times will be coming.

Come out and enjoy a relaxed evening courtesy of the Crankys. Also, Rick, Darryl and Slayer will be getting awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd results in the CatA of the races. Mike and Darcy will be getting awards for 1st and 2nd in CatB, and our fellow spinner, Brad Barron won the CatC division.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Program

Ladies and Gentlemen of Speed Theory. Ryan Saranchuk has offered the club some great deals on winter training programs and complete testing packages. Ryan utilizes the Training Peaks website to plan your workouts, check on your progress, and offer guidance. This website also allows you to track your calories and nutrition and along with Ryan's tutelage holds you accountable.

Please see the attached document for more details.

In addition to these packages Ryan has also offered yoga and/or strength sessions that can be done as a team if the demand is out there.

If you are interested in any of the packages or require any additional information please contact Alex Shaw via email at

Likewise if you are interested in the yoga and/or strength sessions you can either leave a comment of send me an email. The cost, location, and time of these sessions will depend on the numbers.

Training Ride Saturday

See the Training ride forum for details

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing around with the HERO Cams.

I am learning how to use the video from these better. I had a friend wear the 2nd one yesterday and got two views of the race. Check it out. I can't wait to do this for a Crit or a CX race! It would be awesome to have a view of someone in the pack and someone in the breakaway or something.

Nose_Creek_XC_2010_Dual from Nerd Williams on Vimeo.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Race Across the Sky Movie

Anyone planning to see this movie:

Movie night perhaps?

Finally... !

... a judge willing to give a realistic punishment for assault with a vehicle.

One of his charges is 'mayhem'. Man, that sounds like a charge 'The Joker' in Batman would get. I have never heard of it in the real world. But I am glad he got charged with it.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just a reminder... is now 2010 and there is warm weather ahead this weekend. I just want to remind those of you that are interested that unless you are a registered 2010 ST Cycling club member, your ABA training insurance is now expired. By no means should you not ride, but just know you are not covered if something were to happen.

I hate this insurance stuff and I hate to even have to bring insurance up, but as Ringleader, it is my responsibility to make this clear to our membership.

Race Hoster??

Just got word from Cam that the ABA wants to host a Spring Series of 3 road races. These would be just like our Wed. nighters, so the prep would be very similar. (Very small). The dates are Mar. 27th, April 11, and April 18. Does anyone want to take one of these? It would be all 'cash-n-show-n-go' so no technical guide, no Karelo, no food, no medics. I would handle the insurance, you would handle finding the loop, giving me the course description (in MapmyRide or GoogleMaps or something) and then hosting. I would suggest making it an uphill finish so there is no sprint and less chance of injury since there won't be medics at the scene. Leave a comment if you want to do this. You would have lots of support.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cycling in Australia

After a cruisy 120km charity ride beside surf beaches (that should probably say: trading max effort pulls with insanely fit 50 year olds...hey, sounds like Calgary!) I recovered with my cycling buddies by the water, watching the pros hammer in the second day of races in a multi-stage crit race, the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. Awesome!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Racing Photos !


Prairie Roubaix

2011 Current Members of Speed Theory Cycling

Stephen Pickett
Jay Rankin
Bob Woodward
Doug Jamieson
Simon Forman
Tom Kenny
Mike Healy
Brice Peressini
Eric Wen
Darryl Parry
Rob Mott
Andy Hill
Scott Mcgeachy
Kelvin Ng
Jeff Ng
Brent Seefried
Steve Waters
Simon Spanswick
Derek Jobson
Carl Lapointe
Reinier Paauwe
Ian Watts
Micheal Howard
Keith Ingstrup
Brent Thumlert
Alan Oickle
Mark Shand
Neil Symington
David Miller
Mark Michalski
Jeremy Luntley
Dave Taillefer
Darren Engels
Andres Perdomo
Aryeh Rosenberg
The Big Brad Wolff
David Baker
Waleed Al-Rabeh
Peter Regier
Wayde Bymoen
George Colbert
James Curran
Rob 'Socks' Woolley

Jackson Reed

Women's Ringleader: Marcy 'Dr. Quads' Kimpton
Julie Dixon
Marilyn 'Combine' Taylor
Melody Switzer
Loretta Murphy
Shelley Bender
Erin Taylor
Amy Noel
Tanya Soloman
Emily Jobson
Cathy Rankin
Julie Boyle
Anna Rogers
Jennifer Joss
Kelly MacGregor
Lesley 'Lel' Matthews
Tomo Tsuchida
Laura Bennion
Marie Michalski
Kelly-Lynn O'Toole
Rhonda Jewett
Cheryl Oga
Jennifer D'Aoust
Connie Henry

Rob Welch
Micheal 'DJ' Godfrey
Mike Hoang
Stephen 'Relentless' Kenny
Patrick Brick
Carlos Salas
Michael Waldhuber
Larry Welsh
Paul Rosenburg
Jason Buijs
Dan 'Slayer' Sigouin
Rick Courtney
Peter McCrory
Darcy 'Polka-Dot' Gullacher
Matt Joss

Clarke Ellis
Jason Wall
'Handsome' Rob Lukacs
Ryan Murray
Chris Hooper
Dave Holmes
Ferenc Jacso

Jared Green
Trev Williams
Dennis Bland
Charles Bougie
'Fast Legs' Frank Woolstencroft
Kyle Marcotte
Thomas Yip
'Almost as Handsome' Harley Borlee

Training Member
Paul Anderson
Alex Shaw
Tyler Williscroft

2010 Current Speed Theory Cycling Members

Total Members: 97

Cat2 (11)
Carson Bannon
Keith Bayly
John Bence
Dennis Bland
Charles Bougie
Jared Green
Lachlan Holmes
Kyle Marcotte
Alex 'A-Train' Shaw
Trev Williams
Frank Woolstencroft

Cat3 (6)
Harley Borlee
Clarke Ellis
Rene Fournier
Rob Lukacs
Ryan Murray
Jason Wall
Thomas Yip

Cat4 (14)
Patrick Brick
Jason Buijs
Rick Courtney
Ed Gillmor
Michael Godfrey
Alejandro Henry
Carl Miiller
Paul Rosenberg
Carlos Salas
Dan Sigouin
Joel Souchotte
Larry Welsh
Simon Williams

Women (23)
Tanya Hopping
Lisa Matthews (Mensink)
Tanya Salomon
Marilyn Taylor
Diana Abernethy
Ginnette Becker
Shelley Bender
Laura Bennion
Kailee Boyle
Kim Christie
Natalie Cormier
Shawna Donaldson
Lori Downey
Marcy Kimpton
Emilie Langevin
Evangeline Leclair
Gina Lengyel
Monique Moore
Karalee O'Brien
Kelly-Lynne Otoole
Jennifer Runke
Melody Switzer
Sandra Yaworski

Cat 5 (41)
Jevon Almond
Anthony Bozzi
Dallas Cain
Mike Chui
Phillip Elliott
Simon Forman
Sean Fournier
Scott Fulton
Darcy Gullacher
Mike Healy
Andy Hill
Mike Hoang
Dave Holmes
Chris Hooper
Mark Jessee
Chad Johnston
Matthew Joss
Tom Kenny
David Lalicich
Carl Lapointe
Kyle Mackay
Matt Mackay
Dennis Marineau
Matt Marshall
Rick Metzger
David Morgantini
Alan Oickle
Reinier Paauwe
Darryl Parry
Stephen Pickett
Peter Verburg
Jay Rankin
Rui Reis
Mark Shand
Murray Stewart
Steven Waters
Robert Welch
Dan Williams
Brad Wolff
Bob Woodward
Robert Woolley

Member Emeritus
Stephen Kenny

Penticton Training Camp Members
Paul Anderson
Krista Anderson

Training Members
Lindsey Clapperton
Sue Hill
Mitzi Metzger

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