Friday, February 16, 2007

And so it begins....

...wicked, the Tour of California starts on Sunday and Ivan, Jens, Fabian, and PAULO, are all in it. The start list is PACKED with stars. Start list

My friend Kirk O'Bee will be duking it out with all the Heads of State of cycling. Awesome.

That would be cool if Tom D. could show his head in some climbs.
On another note: Peter, Pablo, and Rob, you guys forgot to sign a section of your license, so the ABA is sending it back to you, and all you have to do is sign it and throw it back in the mail. Make sure to be quick in doing this as we will be racing in about a month !!


Peter Lawson said...

crap sorry mate, must have missed it.

I'll fire back to the ABA soon as I receive it.


Rob said...

Darn it. I've got to read the entire form. Hopefully they get them back to us stat. The big dance starts in a couple of weeks. . .

Anonymous said...

Looks like your buddy has caught the right break the last couple of days. Hope he does well today but there is still a 120 km to go but you know what happens on the run in with 5 km left.
Rod M.

Anonymous said...

you can watch the race live at
Rod M.

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