Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First race fast approaching

April 7th will be the first race of the season for most of us. It is the 20km ITT in Indus.

Please leave a comment here if you plan on attending. People can either car pool, or ride out there.

I hope to do those clinics soon, and get our Cat5 pack ready for Bicisport Crit on April 28th. Are Sat. mornings good for everyone? If we do the clinic in the morning, people are still free to do their real workout the rest of the day. Sound good?

For the ITTs, you DO NOT need to wear SpeedTheory gear. I say this just in case our gear isn't in yet. I would prefer if everyone wore their kit, but if we don't have it, then that's pretty impossible.

Here are the dates of the first couple races:

ITT 20 km
Moment of Truth Hwy 22X East

ITT 20 km
Balzac Blaster Hwy 546 East

May-5 & 6
Velocity Stage Race

Bicisport Race City Calgary SE

ITT 20 km
Bicisport Strathmore


Anonymous said...

I will be at the Indus TT on Apr. 7th. I will most likely ride there as I live in the deep south. I hope our kits are here otherwise I will have to wear my crankmasters gear. I don't want to confuse anyone after my defection.

Rod M.

And Sat. mornings are fine for the clinic. Do we do any club group rides or plan to in the future?

Trev said...

I hope to get some Group Rides going soon. We'll have to wait and see when it's possible to ride outside again.

I will probably start up group rides on Tues and Thurs leaving from Extreme Bean or Speed Theory at 6:10pm.

I know Rob was going to lead some too.


Anonymous said...

Hope to do moment of truth... But plane lands at 10:20, race starts at 11:00 Hmmmm


Trev said...

If you're organized with your bike in the car already, then it is totally possible. I can sign you up and tell them to put you down as last rider. That way you have until 11:40 or so. Call me on Friday night and tell me 'go' or 'whoa'.

Peter Lawson said...

I'll be at the ITT's on the 7th and 22nd. Although I have to do my clinical practicum hours for school every Sat ending March 31st so I won't be able to make any cycling clinics on those days in March. :(

Definitely in for the Tues/Thurs evening rides!

Mike "Chewy" said...

I have to work on the 7th and doing the Police Half on the 29th. But I'll definitely wnat to do the Balzac Blaster. Looking forward to outdoor rides.

Anonymous said...

I will race the 7th and the 29th ITT.


paul c said...

I should be there for the 22nd & 29th, possibely the 7th too.

Alex Shaw said...

I will be there for the 7th for sure, and hopefully for the 22nd and 28th.

It all depends on work.

Anonymous said...

Bici crit and TT are now on May 12 & 13

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