Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Misc news

We SPIN again tonight, thanks Kim for agreeing to make the playlist. I just got back from Victoria and wouldn't be able to make a new one.

We would like to continue to increase our team (and spin) interactivity and get to know each other better.

We hope to have a social very soon for the team to all meet each other and relax before a dominant race season.

We will also have another 'competition' on this blog due to the great success of the 'Thigh Naming Competition', we just have to think of one.

Also, all the trash talk on here is whole-heartedly encouraged.


Anonymous said...

We could have a competition for the largest saddle sore and then a naming contest.
Rod M

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mandy gave me the head's up... I will bring the tunes. I'll have to put it together at the last minute - not enough time for a masterpiece but I'll do my best.


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