Friday, February 7, 2014

Clothing Order ! First round for 2014. CLOSES Feb. 22nd at midnight.

Guys, we have our first round clothing database up and collecting orders!


We are keeping the same overall design as the last few years, so if you still have a couple jerseys in great shape then you don't need to get new ones.

Please realize that the club does not stock 'extra' clothing. When you make the order, the clothing is made for you and shipped to my house. Then a few of us volunteers sort it all and make it available to everyone. So please read the sizing charts carefully and realize you are purchasing a custom made garment for you specifically. We make a 'buy/sell/trade' forum available to club members if they end up with something that doesn't fit and members usually can sell their kit to someone who missed the order or just joined. So please realize you can not simply 'return' these items. This club has nothing to do with the store Speed Theory when it comes to clothing. This clothing is not available at the store, it is only available to CURRENT members of the club!

The clothing order ends on Feb. 22nd to give us some time to get the order together and send it to the company and have it before spring outside riding. We have to close the order this early so people get their stuff. There will be a second clothing order in April, but those clothes won't arrive until June sometime.

Steps to order:
1.) Read above paragraph.
2.) If you not a current member: Register here
3.) If you ARE a current member: Order clothing here!

Note:  I use this opportunity to collect orders for my own company called 'The Doctrine Training'. If you are an STC club member, you require an STC jersey and can order anything else as desired. Most people order STC short/bibs to go with their jersey for example.  The Doctrine kit, and Doctrine Women's kit is available to you, but not required at all to purchase when simply joining the club.


Marc said...

Posted a Large Mens SPEEDSuit Long Sleeve to the Buy/Sell Forum.


aztrpt said...

I remember last year there were also fleece bib knickers and some other sorts of things available on the first order. Is this the selection for this year, or will other goodies be available on the second order?


Trev said...

You can get those for sure, but I wanted to simplify the list of ordering for Thomas. I culled the list to what most people get to keep it simple for all of us. If you want something that isn't there, then email me directly with the exact name and size and I will order it by hand.


Meghan B said...

I posted a NEW Women's long sleeve skin suit (large) in the buy/sell forum.


Darryl said...

I just re-joined the club, because I think I'll be out in Calgary for a couple of races this summer. I also placed an order for clothing. I know it will be a pain to send things out to Newfoundland, so I'll send you a postage paid envelope when the clothes are due. Thanks, and sorry for the hassle.


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