Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our club members on The Board at the ABA and Shawn Bunnin is our new President!

The ABA AGM was last Saturday. It was great to see club members Darcy Gullacher and Charles Bougie run for spots on the board and racing committee. Rob Armstrong of the Crankmasters also ran for a position on the board.  Congratulations to all for successfully being voted in.

Darcy Gullacher and Rob Armstrong are now on the Racing Committee
Charles Bougie is now a 'Member at Large' meaning he has voting rights directly on the board.

Another big change (the biggest change for the ABA) is that Deadgoat Shawn Bunnin has vacated his seat at VP of Racing and was named as President of the ABA. Congratulations Shawn for stepping up and accepting this position.

The club thanks all of you for your support of Alberta Cycling and your dedication to our sport.

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