Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Planning Rides? -- Training Ride Forum

New (and veteran) STC Members,

I've been getting some questions about scheduled club rides. Now that the riding season is on us, here's some tips and hints for setting up rides with fellow STC members.

- Because we're spread all over the city and a lot of us have family responsibilities and other life stuff, we've found that a "set" weekly club ride doesn't serve everyone well. So...

- Use the Training Ride Forum above to set up up rides. Get into the habit of checking the Forum, post rides in the Forum, and don't get discouraged if some of the rides are small in numbers. Life happens: people have schedules and families. It's nothing personal.

- A lot of the posted rides start up in the NW at the Bearspaw Lions Club on Nagway Road. We've found that it's easy to get to for most people, and the Club is cool with people parking in the lot (as far as we know).

- A lot of people who live in the south meet at 22X and 37 Ave. There's a little parking lot there, and you can head straight south on the Road to Nepal.

- When posting, make sure to give the start time, route, and if the ride is drop or no-drop.

- Don't forget about the Wheeler's Ride. It's a weekly inter-club Saturday morning fast ride welcome to all. You are expected to know the route, since it is a drop ride.

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