Sunday, July 17, 2016

Great news !!! It's finally happening!

I received word from the Calgary Parks Foundation that after quite a few years of planning and scheming between us, Jason's Memorial is going to become a reality.

The final spot for Jason's Memorial is going to be directly on the south side of the Edworthy bridge and will be a Fitness Park for adults located close to the Children's Playground. It will also have a piece of art containing a plaque describing Jason and the idea behind the Fitness Area.

I will post some drawings of the area and will be announcing a date when we can do an unveiling!

We will use any proceeds from this year's JayLap Memorial Cycling Weekend (we still haven't received final bills yet) to ensure we have a balance in case anything last minute is required. Thank you to all Alberta Cyclists for supporting the now classic JayLap event. It will be great to see something physical result from it and hopefully create an increasingly healthy atmosphere for families using the Edworthy Parks!

A special thank you to the Crankmasters who have continued to support this with us as well.

I'll have updates soon!



Andres Perdomo said...

That is amazing in so glad is happening!

Emily said...

Awesome news!

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