Monday, February 20, 2017

Fun turnout for #2 STC Race Night!

We had a great 'invitational' on Feb. 18th to do the 20.1km Course made famous on the Kevin Costner's best movie 'American Flyer'. The Coors Morgul-Bismark lap!

We had representatives from STC (of course) and Velo Cafe and The Crankmasters!

Thank you to Gilles Brassart for organizing his club and to Marie for hosting the fun evening.

The front row:  Cranky, ST Mechanic, Velo Cafe, STC VP....  great to see everyone racing together!

Gilles would have been faster if he was actually trying hard!
Great to see families cheering on in the background

Baby Jane made an appearance, but wasn't quite sure if it was fun.

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