Thursday, March 9, 2017

STC Indoor Race #3 (March 18th) Other clubs welcome.

We had a great time with the 21k race and a huge turnout! Several people gained valuable time with the beer rule.  Unfortunately I'd need to have like 3 beers to really make a dent in some of those times!
Ok hold the date!

Next Saturday the 18th of March.

Warmup for heat #1 starts at 5:45pm and race starts at 6pm sharp!
A second heat is a real possibility and as this is a long one, we'll add a heat every hour or so.

This month's joy de vie, is the infamous 14.6km Latigo Hill climb.  A hotly contested Strava segment, inside and out.  Bring your "climbing bike" as this baby is 14.6km uphill.

Again, (because it was so much fun) we will be inviting a few members from some other clubs to increase the quality of trash talk.  If you have little people, bring them.  There will be toys, games, crafts and food for the little ones and some monitoring from some very responsible tweens.
We'll make sure the music is loud.
Pizza and beer haters need not apply...


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