Thursday, November 3, 2011

Edmonton Indoor Track city survey

This is a message from Alan Schietzsch, he is heading a committee that has worked very hard the last 4 years to get an indoor cycling training facility in Edmonton. He has this request for the Calgary area cyclists.

We have a chance to have an indoor cycling track included in a new Rec Centre proposed in Edmonton. Having a track at this proposed high-profile facility means cycling is more in the public eye, more visible, and more respected by regular Albertans. That helps ALL cyclists, whether you Tri, TT, road race, MTB or just love bikes. CALGARY can help - fill out: 
For Question 1: Choose 'Other' and write something like: "I live in (Calgary or Cochrane or _____) and want to come to Edmonton to use a cycling track. 
This will help the city will see the value! Thank you!And that’s ammo for YOU - you can then say “Edmonton has one, CALGARY deserves one too!” – good politics!

Please ask anyone who supports cycling to send the City of Edmonton a very short online question form so they hear from cyclists:
Question 4 is the important one. You can check "I support this concept with the following suggestions________"
and fill the blank with something like "Yes it is important to include a year-round cycling track".

We try NOT to use the “V word” (velodrome). It is easier for the public to understand and support a “TRACK”.)

Please share so you and your friends are in the loop.

P.S.: If you are into TRIATHLON, think of the potential:
The centre that could have a cycling track is next to the Coronation POOL, and the Groat RUNNING trail to the River Valley – NEED I SAY MORE?


- Alan
Alan Schietzsch, Past PresidentAlberta Bicycle Association

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