Monday, November 28, 2011

Compress yourself.

A patient of mine is the distributer for CEP compression garments and they are having a cycling products launch.

Learn about how medical grade compression can help you as an athlete.

We are launching our NEW CEP BIKE compression products at our Warehouse Sale at Entrix. The public sale is Dec 2 and 3. Please pass this along to any coaches, friends, teammates, etc.
It is the one time a year we open to the public, take advantage of this special opportunity.
We have introductory pricing deals on:
- CEP compression bike shorts, bibs and socks
- Custom built recovery tights
Plus, a limited number of Cycling Bundles at 55% OFF

Click here to see the invite:


Lockie said...

I've been loving the full-leg compression tights I got this season for recovery and wearing while travelling. Be interested in hearing about people's thoughts using the shorts for training!

Jeff said...

do we need to rsvp to anyone or do we just show up at the event? been thinking about getting some compression lately!

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