Thursday, January 31, 2013

AGM tonight! and 2013 clothing order is up and running!

Team, hope to see most of you tonight. Looking forward to catching up over a few beer. Be here at 7:30pm!

If you are a POTENTIAL member and want to come meet the crew and find out what this being part of a cycling club is all about, please come out tonight, have a beer, and meet a few of us. We will not bar the doors and ensure you sign up before leaving :)  This is a casual get together to get pumped for the coming season!

Thomas has put together this year's clothing order database and ordering center. It is now live and ready to be used. If you have any questions, you can email me or Thomas. Here is the link to the order center. You must be a 2013 registered member to order clothing.

Please look at the sizing charts carefully and the descriptions of the clothing on the Champ-Sys website. We don't 'stock' clothing, we order exactly what is prepaid for. There are several different 'levels' of jacket, so it is worth knowing which one to order. As for the bib shorts, we are offering Champ-Sys' best short as an option this year, the 'RAZOR'. Thomas and I tested it out last year to ensure it's quality and it is worth the extra expense if you find the current shorts don't live up to your expectations. I find all the shorts to be good quality and long lasting, so it is entirely a personal preference thing. Bigger dudes may find the RAZOR with the 'endurance' pad to be better comfort-wise.

WOMEN:   ONLY ORDER THE ENDURANCE PAD!!  Please don't say we didn't warn you! :)

Technical 'running' shirts are available this time around as well. I have had this request several times to include this as something comfortable to wear before and after events and when at the gym doing weights or stretching. Champ-Sys call them 'Technical Performance Jersey', but they are really just tech running shirts.

Make sure to thank Thomas for all his hard work and expertise putting this order website together. The club really appreciates him offering his skills to make everyone's ordering process easy and seamless.

See you tonight,

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