Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great progress on our STC charity project!

Team, along with being part of a great exciting group, you can be proud that we as a club are making a positive change to Calgary.

I had an extremely exciting meeting with the Parks Foundation Calgary on Friday about the charity that our cycling club has been championing for the last 2 years. The plan is to create a useful athletic facility for novices to elite athletes alike that is also family friendly and accessible by all. Coupled with the amazing Calgary Greenway Project (which will be essentially a 113km safe training area for cyclists!), a rubberized interval running track of two lengths (400m and 800m) will be created with a youth park at it's center and a warm up area that includes an informative exercise interpretive center for youths and novices. The idea is to have a fun place for children to play within eyesight of their parent's exercising/training. This way youth can grow up watching their parents take self-development and exercise seriously and hopefully follow in their footsteps. The interpretive center will be designed to encourage older youths and adult novices to use the facility by including tips on etiquette, sample progressive training routines, suggested lifestyle ideas, and intermediate fun goals to achieve along their way to ingraining exercise into their life habits. There will be a Jason Lapierre Memorial overlooking the children's park, the cycling pathway and the running track outlining his work and commemorating the importance of great youth athletic coaches to our society and will include a unique design that tries to capture his passion for skiing, running, and cycling. I am extremely excited to see this project through completion. Our club has been slowly but steadily raising funds for this through the registered charity umbrella of the Parks Foundation Calgary and has its own account named the Jason Lapierre Memorial, account #400960. From anywhere on the Calgary Greenway, which will eventually encompass the city, a family will be able to ride their bikes (with a Chariot en-tow) to the facility, have a safe place for their children to play, and watch their parents exercise. This will be a fantastic resource for Calgary  and I am honored to be part of its creation and honored to be part of a club that encourages and values this type of development in our city.

I will bring the plans to the party on Thursday night for people to have a look at!



Kyle Marcotte said...

This sounds great! Any idea where the park will be?

Kyle Marcotte said...

Also, could you post a link as to how we can donate directly to the fund?

Trev said...

It will be in Mahogany, right beside Auburn Bay. They are in the extreme SE, but the pathway will lead right there. So you can ride through Fish Creek, then up and over the 22X on a pedestrian overpass and into those communities.

Trev said...

The link I have highlighted on 'The Greenway Project' has a donate button, however, that would just go into the total pool for the Greenway. You can call the Parks Foundation and make a donation using the account name and number. You can also write a cheque and put the account name and number in the 'Re' line. It is fully tax deductible and you will be issued a receipt if it is bigger than $25. (I may be slightly off on that value).

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